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  1. Yodamom Yodamom says:

    I expected to hear some common French phrases I’ve heard over the years but I got some really unknown ones I think I’ve heard maybe three of all these The French language is so beautiful you can say the nastiest thing and make it sound like a love poem Knowing these little phrases should be fun “Etre tout sucre tout miel” being all sugar and honey Which basically means somebody who is being all fake overly nice and sweet when they don’t really feel that way One of the weirdest to me was “ Pedelar dans la choucroute” Peddling in Sauerkraut LOL to means being in over one’s headI found myself really enjoying these little phrases after I got a bit into the book There is the brief description and a fun little way to use it in conversation at the bottom I can see my snarky self using many of these in the future I love commenting something that really only hits home with me There are even recipes included that tie in with some of the phrases Bonus beautiful water colors and color slashes make the page bright and pleasant to look at After you finish the book there is a little uiz you can take to see what you rememberI plan on buying a copy of this for my son who travels to France and is a major foodie It is a perfect gift for the French student traveler or food enthusiast

  2. Siria Siria says:

    This charming little book illustrated with some eually charming watercolours gives the history and meaning of fifty different food related French idioms I hadn't heard of than a handful of them before but I'm now going to try my best to work être comme un co dans pâte or avoir un cœur d'artichaut into my conversational French There are also some delicious looking recipes that will likely reward further exploration

  3. Laura Laura says:

    This book is a bit of whimsy I am curious about languages and love words On each page is a French idiom and translation with an explanation of its origin and how to use it in a sentence On the opposite page is a beautiful watercolor that somehow illustrates the expression I love the pictures; they are a perfect pairing to the idiom like a rooster in dough which means cozy I don't know if this idiom works well with the context but was the best one to describe the marriage of words and art Being in uarantine to prevent the spread of the Corona virus I have found a few that I might use For example I play cards and lose to my family I am in the cabbages coming in last Etre dans les choux No need to write tartines; I will end this review now Ecrire des tartinesbe wordy

  4. Aurora Deshauteurs Aurora Deshauteurs says:

    Wonderfully illustrated interesting historical descriptions of food relation French sayings Pure joy for the foody and French lover

  5. Gail Richmond Gail Richmond says:

    Gorgeous illustrations A brief explanation of many collouial phrases ans slang expressions the French useall based on food

  6. Glennis Glennis says:

    This is the perfect little gift book for the foodie or language lover in your life The book provides a nice color drawing of the food in uestion and a short description of the saying in French and gives some background how it might have developed in the language Instead of the usual coffee table book a cute book to have in the kitchen or the nearby breakfast bar to flip through while waiting for something to finish cooking Digital review copy provided by the publisher though NetGalley

  7. Dana Dana says:

    With lovely watercolor illustrations this is a beautiful book of French edible idioms idiomatic sayings about food The author explains the background and meaning of each idiom There are also a few French recipes in the book as well I received this book free to review from Netgalley

  8. Libraryassistant Libraryassistant says:

    Les bons mots and charming watercolors make up this engaging book The background on some of the phrases gives interesting insight into the differing perspective of French and English speakers when it comes to food

  9. Elaine Elaine says:

    Lovely little book with scrumptious French sayings each accompanied by simple but beautiful watercolor paintings I would totally buy this book the next time I go browsing on

  10. Janie Janie says:

    Don't botherThe only reason to pick up the book is the few drawings in the book that are enjoyable This person is not a writer

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Edible French [EPUB] ✶ Edible French By Clotilde Dusoulier – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The idiosyncrasies of language can tell us a lot about a culture In this delightful book Clotilde Dusoulier creator of the award winning food blog Chocolate Zucchini delves into the history and meanin The idiosyncrasies of language can tell us a lot about a culture In this delightful book Clotilde Dusoulier creator of the award winning food blog Chocolate Zucchini delves into the history and meaning of fifty of the French language’s most popular food related expressionsAccompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations by artist Mélina Josserand Edible French explores whimsical turns of phrase such as Tomber dans les pommes falling into the apples fainting Se faire rouler dans la farine being rolled in flour being fooled Avoir un cœur d’artichaut having the heart of an artichoke falling in love easilyA treat of a read for Francophiles and food lovers alike Edible French is the tastiest way to explore French culture—one that will leave you in high spirits—or as the French say vous donnera la pêche give you the peach.