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Tell Me [Read] ➲ Tell Me By Joan Bauer – The unofficial town motto is Nothing bad ever happens in Rosemont where  twelve year old Anna has come to stay with her grandmother Mim hoping to forget her worries about her parents' troubled marria The unofficial town motto is Nothing bad ever happens in Rosemont where  twelve year old Anna has come to stay with her grandmother Mim hoping to forget her worries about her parents' troubled marriage  She'll be busy with the town's annual Flower Festival a celebration with floats and bands that reuires weeks of preparationsBut before long Anna finds herself involved in a very big problem When she observes a girl her own age who seems to be being held against her will Anna can't forget the girl's frightened eyes and she is determined to investigate When you see something say something she's been told—but what good does it do to speak if no one will listen Luckily a take charge girl like Anna is not going to give upTold with Joan Bauer's trademark mixture of humor and heart Tell Me will enthrall her many fans and win her new ones.

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  1. Kelly Hager Kelly Hager says:

    As an FYI this is middlegrade I point that out to say this while this book deals with human trafficking it's a really good introduction to it in terms of explaining what it is without scarring young readers for lifeI love the message of this book which is that anyone can do something to make the world a better place Anna is a girl who pays attention and so she notices something that maybe not many people would And even importantly she gets involved She doesn't just shrug and say Not my business and go on about her day When the police don't pay enough attention she keeps going until she finds someone who will listen and helpYes I love Anna We need AnnasRecommended

  2. Sarah-Kaitlyn Sarah-Kaitlyn says:

    I feel that this is a book for all ages that everyone should read the book has such a strong character and also a amazing story all I can say is OGM if you want to know what that means read the book'

  3. Melanie Melanie says:

    I have officially read a whole book novel in a day basically in one sitting I wasn't sure I would ever get to claim that but here I am reading really is what sick days are forthis one turned out to be exactly as charming as I had expected with a heavier dose of do gooder ness to top it off overall I probably wouldn't have read the whole thing if I hadn't been sick when I started it then realized how uickly it was ending

  4. Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth says:

    I am a big fan of Joan Bauer and have read and recommended many of her books to middle grade and middle school readers That being said I found “Tell Me” disappointing I think the book did a good job as far as introducing and explaining human trafficking to middle grade students without going into overly graphic and frightening detail but I found the plot line forced and the main character Anna too mature determined talented outspoken and sure of herself for a twelve year old girl having trouble understanding and dealing with a father with serious anger issues and her parents troubled marriage She is sent to her grandmother as her parents separate and consider divorce She is anxious worrisome and biting her fingernails from stress but when she observes a very uick and somewhat unusual situation and sees the frightened eyes of the child involved she is convinced she is responsible for uncovering the truth behind the situation and tracking down the frightened child She never doubts herself nor do the adults she consults ever uestion whether she has perceived the situation correctly It just didn’t seem believable to me Similarly I struggled with her father’s sudden change The troubled and explosive man is suddenly able to control his anger and becomes a supportive warm and loving person Not up to the high standard I have come to expect from Joan Bauer’s work

  5. Jackie Paul Jackie Paul says:

    I recently read a very interesting and inspiring book called Tell Me by Joan Bauer The genre of this book is realistic fiction It is realistic fiction because it is not a true story but it includes events that could happen in real life The setting is at Anna's grandmothers house during the flower festival It is during present day life The main characters are Anna Mim Taylor and Anna's parents I rated this book 5 out of 5 stars because this book was really interesting and inspiring to me I would recommend it to one of my peers The story is about a girl named Anna Her parents get into a fight so the family separates for a while and Anna gets sent to her grandmother Mim's house While she is with Mim she tries many new things Along the way she discovers a girl that seems to be being kidnapped She does investigation and saves the girl and her family

  6. Emma Gomes Emma Gomes says:

    Joan Bauer tells a great story about a 12 year old girl Anna Anna's family is going through some tough times so she was sent to live with her Mim for a few weeks Anna is anxious to go visit her grandmother because she won't know what's happening in her hometown when she gets to Mim's house she settles herself into The guest bedroom Mim lives in a small town called Rosemont The motto here is nothing bad happens here After a week of staying with Mim I don't know just something that didn't seem right She was sitting outside the library when a white van pulled up She could see a man in the driver seat a woman in the passenger seat and a girl in the backseat looking out the window with a scared look on her face And I kept watching as the woman dragged the girl out of the van and into the library The girl was scared and I could see that in her look Anna followed them inside as the woman dragged the girl into the bathroom She knew something just wasn't right so when the van drove away she told the libraryan Winnie what had been going on She said she saw it too Anna uickly went back to Mims and told her the whole story Mim told Anna that is was probably nothing She ignored what she said and set off to find out what's happening Anna went to the Sheriff and told the story he said that they would look into it The Sheriff needed information so he had Anna come in to talk to a sketch artist After on I gave the artist the information about the van the man the woman and what she knew about the girl she had A better chance of finding them After a few days of searching a piece of evidence was found a notebook with a address on it It read Star nails salon Mim took Anna to the salon She noticed all of the women working there looked miserable But acted like they loved it The sheriff came to Anna and told her that they had found the girl Also that all of the woman working in the nail salon are being forced Anna meets the girl and sets off back to her home town with a big pot twistThe author did good with making sure the story didn't get boring Not one time did i get bored of reading Instead I was always waiting to read Joan Bauer also did good with the characters and their personalities Every character had their own uniue self No two characters were the same I noticed this story has a connection with another book I read Wish Connection is both of the girls went to live with family they didn't know that well Both after having troubles with their family At the end of both of the stories things end up Ok the girlsand they both feel like they make made a difference in someone else's lifeI recommend this book to anyone looking for a inspirational story This book tells a great story about a girl who just wants to make a difference Over all this was a fantastic book I recommend it to anyone

  7. RuthAnn RuthAnn says:

    Recommended for younger readers and their adults to dig in to a tough topicAnne Bogel recommended this middle grade book to me on What Should I Read Next and I think it's a great pick for younger readers and their adults to be exposed to the concepts of human trafficking without being graphic or scary and broadly how you can use resources at hand to pursue that not right feeling This story is a good gateway for conversations about what to do if you notice something off who trusted adults are and how it's not okay for kids to be in a situation of coercion or abuse I appreciate that this book touches on how human trafficking is largely invisible and there are signs that you can look for but its very nature is covert I also really like how the heroine here is young and she's advocating for a young victim Raising that awareness early is so important Yes the plot is very tidy but that's appropriate for the middle grade audience She was lucky it was you who saw her AnnaYou won't let it go text from Lorenzo to Anna 88Mim tells me When you've done all you can do rest in that 100Winnie the librarian Was the girl being controlled by someone or did it seem she could go where she wanted?Anna The lady had her by the arm She even went into the bathroom with herSo Winnie says the answer is someone else seemed to be in control of this girl She takes a big breath Brad says that can be a sign of kidnapping or human trafficking which is a form of modern day slavery 111I look around Why are we at the library?Mim slaps the dashboard This is where things get done 157A little army that really cares can beat a big one Dad 168I get paper and write KEEP HOPINGTHINGS ARE HAPPENING 182

  8. Mary Kim Mary Kim says:

    This book is an amazing book I definitely enjoyed it and I am most likely going to put it on my recommendation list This book is so interesting and filled with fun and mystery I can't wait for other people to read this book It's truly amazing I recommend this book to anyone who feels like reading and they want to read something fun This book is a realistic fiction book but it also feels a little like a mystery book too mary

  9. Kristen Kristen says:

    A cute short read that's full of important themes written appropriately for younger readers divorce anxiety anger management human trafficking patience Anna is an adorable narrator and even though she reads a little younger than 12 at times I still think this will appeal to my middle schoolers

  10. Jillian Neyhart Jillian Neyhart says:

    Well I liked the underlying theme of the story paying attention to what's going on around you and sticking up for what's right But this book had too many contexts I felt like throwing in'human trafficking' was out of place in this story and made it less realistic to me Overall a cute story for lower level readers

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