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  1. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    5 LOVINGLY VULNERABLE STARSThis is the story of two very damaged individuals learning to love and trust for the first time My favorite type of story the first love The hero uinn is a single dad trying to do his best to raise his son alone He is a Wyoming rancher and he has no time for the young thing next door whom he thinks is his neighbor mistress Amanda is a pretty young singer who is trying to find her way back after a tragedy She has had very little love in her life and is as guarded as the hero with her emotions None shall passThey could not be wrong for each other The hero hates rock music and she is a rock star The heroine is afraid of strong men and he is very strong So how can they find a way to make this work?Read the book and find outHere are a few uotes from the book I am not available as a living model for SEX education Said AmandaSuit yourself But it's a hell of a loss to my eductionSays uinn before he explains that his wife had never had sex with him and that Elliot was not his biological son you and I have in common than a lack of techniue He said Amanda you aren't the only virgin on the place Now I should point out that this book is really dated Back to a time when a woman was concerned about her reputation and a man or woman would smoke without issue However when you look beyond this this is truly a worthwhile read I loved this story with all its funny twists and turns The ride was slow at first but then it was really intense At the end of this book I was left with a hopeful happy feeling of well being I never dreamed I'd find anyone like you I'd given up on women On life too I guess I feel like it's all a feverish dream Says uinnYou aren't dreaming We're married and I'm going to love you for the rest of my life Answers AmandaThis book allows you to seehow two troubled and damaged souls have finds their way to each otherhow they become brave enough to admit their mistakes and move past it Believe me when I say that the story is way complex than I have indicated here I wanted to leave some drama for you guys hereOn a personal note for me Diana Palmer was one of those authors that could bring out my emotions with her basic country way of expressing herself through her characters I could feel the emotional connection so strongly that when something happened to a characters it felt like it was happening to me I LOVED THIS BOOK AND HAVE REREAD IT MANY TIMES If you have not read it and you like county stories first love and ranchers then you really should Safety no cheating both virgins some pushing and pulling with no OMOW drama

  2. *TANYA* *TANYA* says:

    At first I was NOT into this book and then BAM It turned out to be super cute Cheesy cute

  3. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    I’m getting homesick for Jacobsville This is the second book in a row of the LTT series not set in Texas It takes place in the mountains of Wyoming and the only connection with the LTT is that uinn the hero is friends with Justin from book 2But that’s okay there is plenty of story without the LTT gang Heroine is a “rock” singer who lost her voice after a fan died at one of her concerts She has retreated to her aunt’s boyfriend’s remote cabin in the mountains a uestionable choice since it’s the middle of winter The hero lives close by with his 12 year old son and a ranch handcookolder friend He thinks the heroine is the cabin owner’s newest mistress and the insulted heroine lets him think that Of course The hero also tells the heroine that he hates women He might as well I have said “I’m Kurt and I’m incorrigible” But we’re not even out of chapter one before the heroine is sponging – yes I said and DP said sponging– the hero’s matted hairy chest as he writhes in a fever The H’s son asked the heroine to help because he thought women knew how to help sick people Hero is turned on by the heroine’s long hair brushing his hairy chest and her gardenia scent This is the second heroine with this scent – will look for patterns in the next books That bothers him since he ’s incorrigible hates women and so he snarls and slut shames until the heroine is driven back to her cabinBut they aren’t parted for long; a storm comes and the heroine loses power Hero brings her to his house since they have a generator Heroine gets to know the H’s son and starts teaching him how to read music She helps feed baby calves and cries when one dies She also helps the ranch hand cook and mends the H’s shirts while dreaming of chest hair H is grumpyintrigued – doing his best Disney Beast imitation Heroine is so attracted she tries to tease the H out of his bad mood by sitting in his lap and kissing him Hero roars in anger Heroine is reminded of her drunken father who physically abused her so she runs out in the snow in fear Hero feels terrible and is afraid she’ll run into the bear traps under the snow and tackles her This begins our virgin whisperer portion of the story Except there’s a twistCan you guess? view spoiler Hero is a virgin too Hero was in lust with his fiancé who was already pregnant from her married lover and duped him into marrying her They never consummated the marriage Hero thought he was too ugly to get a woman before the marriage and he was too angry after the marriage His wife ran off with her lover leaving the baby behind They were killed in an auto accident for their sins DP does know how to smiteH’s son knows he’s not the hero’s bio kid but feels secure and happy in their relationship So kudos to the H for that Hh spend a lot of time on second base but it’s written a bit differently since the hero isn’t condescending with his virgin – they are both learning together and it’s kind of endearingawkward They decide to delay sex until marriage But all good things must come to an endThe hero hates rock n roll music and even confiscated his son’s tapes one with the heroine’s photo on it Heroine has told him she’s a musician so he’s okay with that But she hasn’t told him she’s a Grammy winner and super famous and rich H’s son knows thoughWhen the heroine invites the H and his son to a benefit concert where she is performing one song the hero goes thinking she’s backup keyboard or something – not the sexy singer He walks out in the middle of her song Heroine realizes it’s all over because she didn’t tell him the truth Why didn’t you heroine? and now the trust is goneShe does call the hero before she is leaving on a charter plane to join her band for some other gig He tells her he never wants to see her againAaaaand the plane crashesI know right?Hero straps on his skis He was training for the Olympics when his wife ensnared him and skis to the remote crash site not wanting the heroine’s body to be in cold snow overnight But – only two died Everyone else is okay except for the h who is in a comaSki patrol comes and the H skis the h down to a helicopter It’s the end of the story so h’s recovery has to be speedy She wakes up the next day and demands hero marry her Three days later they marry They have a first time sex scene that is written to avoid body parts naming and still imply penetration and orgasm I have included a snippet here for my own notes and to give you a sense of her writing style This was from the point of view of the virgin hero The book had been very thorough and uite explicit so he knew what to do in theory Practice was very different He hadn’t known that women could lose control too That their bodies were so soft or so strong That their eyes grew wild and their faces contorted as the pleasure built in them that they wept with it Her pleasure became his only goal in the long exuisite oblivion that followedSnip He pushed hard She moaned a little but her body accepted him instantly and without any further difficultyHer eyes brightened Her lips parted and she breathed uickly and began to smile “It’s gone” she whispered “uinn I’m a woman now”“My woman” he whispered back The darkness grew in his eyes He bent to her mouth and captured it held it as he began to move his body dancing above hers teaching it the rhythm She followed where he led gasping as the cadence increased as the music began to grow in her mind and filtered through her arms and legs She held on to him with the last of her strength proud of his stamina of the power in his body that was taking hers from reality and into a place she’d never dreamed existedThat’s one thing I’ll say for DP – she’s not afraid to write sex scenes She writes to demystify the act and to celebrate it Many times the prose is purple – but she is always sincere in tone I thought this story had a better explanation for the hero’s grumpiness and for his change of heart than the other reversals in the first three books H did want the heroine but he didn’t feel he had much to offer her when he saw her adoring fans hide spoiler

  4. Kiki Kiki says:

    1 trope that I really passionately hate MCs realising they love each other when the other fights deathIn this one hero very cruelly dismissed the heroine I don't see any chance of reconciliation because he is an asshole who doesn't give a shit about other's feelingsHe only realises his love for her when he sees news of her death he really thought she was dead when he realised his feelings So what use do I have as a reader for this kind of love?And not only that even after heroine recovered SHE did all the work reassuring him that they'll be fine Promising to leave her career as a celebrityNot only he didn't grovel he also promised her NOTHINGEven a virgin hero can't save a Diana Palmer book

  5. Aayesha Khatri Aayesha Khatri says:

    375 stars

  6. Feminista Feminista says:

    Rating 35 out of 5

  7. Pam Pam says:

    35 This book had good parts and for me not so good parts loved the kid and the Heroine's story I realized i am not found of the virgin hero prefer a seasoned alpha male I still thought the end was a little incomplete There was a bunch about hero not having money and never taking hers but the end never mentioned that or a resolution to the issue

  8. Ann Ann says:

    Wonderful book hard man uinn meets his match when he meets Amanda towards the end I cried scared that he was going to lose her but love wins in the end can't wait to read of this series

  9. Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter Colleen (NerdyWoman) Kayter says:

    Of all the stories Diana Palmer has written and labeled as Long Tall Texans stories the most compelling and most poignant happens to be about a hero who was bred born and raised in WyomingBut what sets Sutton's Way apart from countless others of the sweet contemporary romance genre is that both the hero and heroine are virginsAbused as a child she ran away to find fame and fortune as a musician and singer only to retreat to the mountains to recuperate from a concert tragedy She's afraid of menHe was a shy awkward youth persuaded to rescue a pregnant girl but their marriage was never consummated After the birth of her son she was killed in an accident with the child's father leaving our hero with a little boy who is not his own He's now 30 and all he knows about sex is what he's read in booksThe story is well told and so uniue it stands out in one's memory long after the reading is done

  10. Cheesecake Cheesecake says:

    uinn and Amanda I had to double check that this was actually a Diana Palmer story it is so unlike anything else I've read by her Sure uinn starts out as an over the top asshat but it was almost curmudgeonly cute how he growled at her all the time And he even apologizes several times view spoiler He's also a virgin hide spoiler

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Sutton's Way [PDF / Epub] ☆ Sutton's Way By Diana Palmer – Wyoming WildcatTragedy had sent music superstar Amanda Callaway to the Wyoming mountains to heal What she found was another battle to fight uinn Sutton Snowbound at his ranch Amanda was glad uinn was Wyoming WildcatTragedy had sent music superstar Amanda Callaway to the Wyoming mountains to heal What she found was another battle to fight uinn Sutton Snowbound at his ranch Amanda was glad uinn was unaware of her real identity With a chip on his shoulder the size of the Tetons the rugged mountain man had no use for the opposite sex especially city women who ran in the fast lane But what uinn didn't realize was how special his world seemed to Amanda Battling his misconceptions about her she vowed to prove she shared the same old fashioned values and desires When he learned who she was though would she lose him forever.