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Bird Cat Dog ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ Bird Cat Dog By Lee Nordling ❄ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Look out A bird escapes from its cage and flies out the window A napping cat wakes up hungry and tries to catch a snack A dog stands guard in his backyard ready to bark at anything that comes near Fol Look out A bird escapes from its cage and flies out the window A napping cat wakes up hungry and tries to catch a snack A dog stands guard in his backyard ready to bark at anything that comes near Follow the tales of three animals Bird Cat PDF \ on one wild afternoon In this clever wordless comic each animal is a hero in its own story and all three stories are connected Lee Nordling's simple storytelling engages young readers and provides a gateway into understanding multiple perspectives and points of view.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Bird Cat Dog
  • Lee Nordling
  • 02 December 2014
  • 9781467745222

About the Author: Lee Nordling

Lee Nordling is an award winning writer editor and creative director who has worked on staff at Disney Publishing DC Comics and Nickelodeon Magazine His book The Bramble won the Moonbeam Gold Medal for Picture Books ages and BirdCatDog was chosen by Kirkus Bird Cat PDF \ Reviews as one of the best children's books of He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Cheri and numerous pets that e.

10 thoughts on “Bird Cat Dog

  1. karen karen says:

    BIRDCATDOGthis is a cute little graphic novel that is all pictures and no words so it is appropriate for any age perhaps not for babies a few hours old but you get me and for speakers of any language it is the great eualizer it follows three creatures on the adventures of their day a bird a cat and a dog viz title the stories run atop one another on each page in concurrent narratives with some overlap as the animals cover the same ground and their stories intersect the reader can opt to read each story separately following one storyline to the end before flipping or scrolling back to follow the next one or it can be read page by page top to bottom my advice is to read it page by page which is how i read it the second time through i personally thought it worked better that way because of all the echoes of experiences between the stories and the way they encroach upon and blend into each other but you do as you wish this is YOUR reading experience in the stories there are several parallel experiences an initial escapeexploration a meeting up with something bigger that wants to eat our hero or something smaller that our hero wants to eat encountering and fighting another member of the hero's own species evasion and a return home it's a cute little book and while i think the illustrations skew a little younger reader it's an interesting way to tell a story and i think it will appeal to older fans of graphic novels for that novelty alonei was intrigued enough to want to check out nordling's earlier book The Bramble which looks like that perfect combination of cute and creepy i'll let you know

  2. Erica Erica says:

    This is pretty much the story of my backyard Well not the bobcat and wolf part but the rest? Yes This happens in my yard dailyIt's cute but a bit too repetitive for my tastes That would be my Tastes As A Reading Adult not my tastes as a person who sits around reading books to children I don't do that I suspect people who DO do that will find this story much palatable to their tastesEach animal is the hero of its own story as we all should strive to be and they tell you this on the endpapers Canary kittycat dog hawk bobcat wolf and suirrel All heroes of their stories How can this be? That's one of the talking points of this book in case you are having a book group discussion with second gradersLet me just tell you that the canary is a moron This is how my cats are so easily able to catch birds and eat them Birds make poor decisions thus the derogatory term bird brain The suirrel is highly realistic though The wolf not so much I'm not sure why a wolf would follow a dog home just to have a confrontation It should have been a coyote really Do you know what coyotes do? One will leave the band to go undercover and befriend a neighborhood dog They'll play together for weeks and be BFFs and then one night the coyote is all Hey dude I know where there's a great party Let's jump the fence and I'll take you just like in movies about high schoolers And the dog is all willing because he's a dog and dogs are easy to talk into things and also because the dog and the coyote are BFFs by now so of course he's all Hrr hrrr hrr ok Let's go and the dog follows the coyote off into the rock pile and then the rest of the band of coyotes all jump out and they kill the dogSo the lesson here is that coyotes are really neat animals and fun to watch but never EVER trust them because they will turn on you in a heartbeat This is the same lesson you're supposed to learn about popular kids in movies about high schoolersThat's why the wolf in this story should have been a coyoteBut maybe it wasn't a wolf at all maybe it was just a wild dog like maybe a black labGerman shepherd mix that was abandoned and went feral Maybe it followed the collared dog home because it wanted a place to live and a family to loveAt any rate I got bored with the Nature vs Domesticated chasing All three stories ended up being the same and the message that I got out of it is that it is always safer to stay home in your suburban neighborhood because that is where you belong Leave everything beyond the fence to the wilds I like that message when it pertains to development but not when it's used as a fear tactic to enable agoraphobiaThere's a chance I read too much into this book with no words

  3. Allie Allie says:

    I like this graphic novel in principle but it left me wanting I won't hesitate to recommend this because the different ways of reading the story are really fun and kid friendly

  4. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    Such potential in this concept to have three parallel stories we read on each page as we go Ray Fawkes has experimental graphic novels The People Inside One Soul Richard McGuire's Here all experiment with simultaneity in narration These dudes mighta looked at some of that work Disappointing

  5. Andréa Andréa says:

    Such a clever idea to tell a story from multiple points of view all at once The layout enables you to read the full story straight through or to focus on an individual character and follow only them through the story The lack of text enables everyone to enjoy the book regardless of language or reading ability but it also allows readers to interpret events their own wayThe illustrations are excellent full of bright colors The animals are so expressive that it almost feels as though there are words describing the action you can read it so clearly on their facesI hope there will be three story books to come from Nordling Bosch Note I received a digital galley of this book through NetGalley

  6. Nancy Kotkin Nancy Kotkin says:

    Concept story line 3 starsIllustrations 3 starsThe format is the most interesting part of this full color wordless children's graphic novel The three rows of panels on each page can be read through separately and each represent a different POV But the pages can also be read seuentially in the ordinary fashion providing the full storyEach of the three stories have a full arc but they are very similar to one another and all are repetitive

  7. Bryan Robbins Bryan Robbins says:

    BirdCatDog is a wordless graphic novel with 3 parrallel stories The art of each story has its own color scheme but the art style is the same having fine lines with smooth shading

  8. Dylan Magoon Dylan Magoon says:

    this was extremely uick read for a wordless book it was one of the best i have read the characters are a bird a cat and a dog that run around and do noting the art was very good though and funny to watch what the author wanted to make these animals do would recommend for a uick read

  9. Jessica Jessica says:

    A cute wordless story about a bird a cat and a dog told in three separate parts It can be read across with each character's story being followed or all at once to watch how the characters expand into one another's space and story Each animal is the hero of their own story so watching the stories flutter into and away from one another is an interesting exercise Didn't impress me much but I'm not a huge reader of books for young children It was certainly cute and appropriate for readers of all ages The art was well done with different colors for each character's portion it just wasn't complicated enough for me I guess It didn't leave me feeling anything just eh that was a book I'd recommend it for young readers even those who don't know how to read yet though hopefully those who do know how to turn pages nicely It would also make a good exercise for someone just learning to read comics or tell stories of their own I received a digital galley of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  10. Bekka Bekka says:

    Thanks to Graphic Universe and Netgalleycom for early access to this titleThis is a cute wordless book I liked the way the story was told you could either follow each animal's individual adventure or read them all together Each animal bird cat and dog has a real adventure I liked the illustrations and the way each animal's story was told in a different color tone I think kids would really enjoy this book

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