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Faling It [Reading] ➼ Faling It Author Lydia Michaels – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Sheilagh McCullough has been pretending to be someone else her entire life When she takes her rebellious act too far her overbearing brothers decide it’s time for her to grow up and face her future Sheilagh McCullough has been pretending to be someone else her entire life When she takes her rebellious act too far her overbearing brothers decide it’s time for her to grow up and face her future After six years of procrastination and parties Sheilagh is finally going to collegeDr Alec Devereux is an ethical man but when.

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  1. Tink Magoo is bad at reviews Tink Magoo is bad at reviews says:

    Re reading because AlecThose sharp little flutters in my chest are happiness I love when he tickles me that wayI love this book so much It has everything EVERYTHING It just makes me want to dance I'm like a silent but deadly fart You never know when I'll strike but once I'm out there no one's safe Eventually I'll get youI'm as happy as a pig in shit The writing the sex ALL the characters I even want to read Luke's story I hated him the first time I read this but especially Alec I would completely violate that man if I could LOVE LOVE LOVEOriginal review When I started this I was a bit wary because it had such good ratings off people I follow The writing isn't what I usually go for and it took a while for me to get into but when I did this book was a gem It's hard to say what's different about the writing style but I lean towards it being a bit old fashioned The sex was hot but in a sensual way new writers are all a bit brash in their scenes these days and there's a lot of kink about The whole book just had a mature writing style and I ended up loving it and Alec Alec Alec Alec sigh

  2. Mandy Mandy says:

    There are not enough words for me to describe how much I LOVED this book I have a couple of things I really like in books older manyounger woman teacherstudent and this book had them all Alec is a professor and Sheilagh is a student Sheilagh is brilliant but gets in her own way of success She's 24 and just started college Alec is 40 I loved the age difference between these two Their connection was solid and they had really fantastic chemistry from the first moment they met The steamy scenes were hot but really beautifully written There was something special about this book and I don't even know how to explain it but it's one of those books that pulled me in from the beginning and I just didn't want to put this down until I finished it I'm adding this to my favorite books of all time list and I plan on re reading this again in the future This is the first book I have read by this author and I can't wait to read

  3. Maayan Maayan says:

    Sigh This book was AMAZING Truly amazing I loved the heroine so much She was wild funny smart vulnerable passionate and brought happiness to Alec life The hero My god What can I say about him? He was perfect He was there for her every step of the way and the way he loved her? It's something all of us can wish to find LOVED THISSafety gang view spoilerAlec the hero is divorced He was married in the past and turned out that his wife was gay She asked him for divorce and he agreed Now she's living in England with her woman lover She was a no show For my lovely ladies who don't like a hero who loved before At first he said that he loved his ex wife but even while saying that he wasn't hang up on her or anything After he fell in love with the heroine he realized that whatever he felt for his ex wife was nothing in compared to what he feels for the heroine He even said that the happiness he felt before was merely an illusion for what he was feeling now He dated here and there but nothing serious He hasn't been with anyone in two years The heroine she was in love with her childhood friend for a long while When she found out he was gay and in some kind of relationship with her BROTHER It messed with her head She started to sleep around and drown her sorrow with sex and whiskey Then her brothers made her go to collage and she started to clean up her act She suffered from depression and the way she was acting was mere results of the mental illness We weren't told when was the last time she was with anyone but I'm certain she wasn't with anyone during her stay in collage and no one else after meeting the hero for sure There was a part in the book where Tristan her gay crush kissed her The kiss was brief no tongue involved and she pushed him away She didn't felt anything for him either She told the hero right away and it was resolved pretty fast That's the only unsafe part in the book hide spoiler

  4. sara j sara j says:

    325 stars from my sidehero is so good but he is not alphathe one I Likehe is betahowever I love heroineshe is too gudwriting is excellent as Lydia Michaels is authorbut I am cutting 2 stars just bc I want hero to be alpha

  5. maggieandteddy maggieandteddy says:

    yes That's right5 stars Youngest McCullough Sheilagh's story My expectations were all wrong for this bookI thought Sheilagh was the kick ass go getter that was in her brothers' stories I loved this book right from the get go As the title says Sheilagh is faking it going through life so far putting up a front On the outside she seems confident super intelligent assertive etc Sheilagh IS super intelligent but a basket case on the inside She's 24 and hasn't left home gone to college done anything with herself except get into mischief and pine after Tristan her brother's friend She's persuaded to go to college Princeton and apply her great mind to college studies She meets Alec her Philosophy professor Sheilagh's been doing well in her studies and taking a FULL load of classes Alec gives an assignment to the class on Plato's Republic which Sheilagh is confident she will ace This is just the beginning of Alec and Sheilagh butting heads He wants her to reveal what it means to her personally She doesn't want to reveal anything of what is on the inside The real Sheilagh is not what she wants anyone to know There is no easy solution Will there be a resolution? Alec realizes she's been coping with depression This is why Sheilagh has been such a wild child impulsive No prior relationships There is such a sadness that comes out towards the middle of the book There are a lot of philosophy and psychology terms that in my opinion fit right in with the plot Alec is 40 and I was worried that he would get too preachy and high and mighty he really never did in my opionion but he did some evolving also There was a related side plot with Sheilagh dealing with Tristan and Luke I liked the ending kind of uirky and original The epilogue was brief but has an HEA Alec is now my favorite hero in these books and Sheilagh is my favorite and so real heroine in this series I want an update on them I would like to see where they are in the next year or so

  6. Iliada Iliada says:

    50000 stars for this hero The man is utter perfection I don't know how Lydia Michaels managed to create a hero with almost no flaws and still make him look real and masculine You've never read about a man like AlecI was annoyed at Sheilagh at first but her combination of strength and vulnerability have made her an unforgettable heroine for me She is a study in contradictions and I loved this girl's fiery spirit

  7. Lisa Cody Lisa Cody says:

    Faking It is Book #4 in Lydia Michael's McCullough Mountain series I received an ARC of the book which will be available for purchase on March 12 on the Secret Cravings Publishing website and all other sites around March 19thAs I've come to expect Lydia Michaels delivers a super sexy romance in Faking It What I didn't expect and had me thoroughly enraptured was the straightforward and yet delicate way in which she addressed an issue not commonly found within the pages of a romance So as not to give any of the plot away I will refer to the final line of the synopsis written by the author herself Faking It truly is A courageous journey of the soul that confronts one woman’s fears of love and embraces the truth in her heartThe story was as compelling Sexy and compelling It's something I've come to expect from Ms Michaels and something on which she ALWAYS delivers Her characters and situations are realflawed and because of that utterly perfect Not only could I identify with Sheilagh pronounced Shee lah and her struggles but I've either recognized or empathized with each one of the characters in the McCullough Mountain series I KNOW these people and you do tooLet's round back to my comment about the book being compelling I'm the type who reads a few chapters and sets the book down until the next time I have a free moment Not so with this book Housework and errands fell by the wayside as I found myself unable to put the book once I started it It's that good A delicious meal that you want to devour and savor at the same timeFaking It drops on March 12 at Secret Cravings Publishing and all other distribution points on or around March 19th While you don't HAVE to read books 1 2 and 3 to enjoy Faking It if you haven't done so already I highly recommend it The McCulloughs are a crazy sexy bunch that you'll want to make a part of your fictional family

  8. J J says:

    I liked this book even though it started out with kind of hokey situation involving the h just know the book gets way betterThe H is a 40 year old philosophy professor at Princeton and the h is a 22 year old student that can't believe the professor gave her a D on a paper she turned in She rewrites it and then receives a D Seems the professor thinks the student is just faking it and not really using her obvious cerebral capabilities to deliver an outstanding essay she had the highest SAT ever recorded at her high schoolSeems our h has been skating through life for uite awhile She knows it but doesn't really know why This book is an interesting story about the tenets of various philosophies and how it relates to human life specifically forms of depression and how our H helps our h understand herself in a totally different wayThis sounds very deep for a book about a large family of backwoods hillbillies and I think that's why this story was such a good read It does get fairly deep in philosophical musings and then turns around and talks about how the father shot a new son in law in the leg when he eloped with his daughter Stark contrast great MC's loved the older British professor and the young feisty Irish lass and a crazy crazy family Apparently there are several McCullough mountain books but this was my first one I am looking forward to reading another one

  9. Joymzz Joymzz says:

    Cast Okay first and foremost i have to thank you to a fellow Goodreads friend Maayan for telling me about this book When i started reading it i was expecting a good book base on the blurb i read but it was so much It comes without saying that everything related to student teacher romance i enjoy like crazy but not all of them are a hit not every book like this leave me feeling a satisfy with a book as with this one Very few actually hit the spot Thank you again girl because this one is a winnerSo the story started a little bit weird my first though when i started reading Sheilagh's POV if that she was a little bit over dramatic and a little too old to want to be the center of attention but as i read on i truly started to like her characters At one point i even saw a little bit of myself in her which is crazy but true I saw how hard she struggle to act like someone else so hard that everyone else around her though that was who she really was when the truth is that she was so different from that I was elated when she found someone like Alec a man that saw her for so much and challenged her every step of the way They relationship was very realistic which most studentteacher romance lack I liked reading about their time together and how the got to know each other Tristan I HATED HIM BAD I am so sorry but throughout the book i just coun't bring myself to like him not even a little bit Not even when Sheilagh forgave him and they ended thing up for good in a good note I just felt like he was the most selfish one of all he kept acting like a jealous boyfriend when it came to Sheilagh but he was going out with her brother Luke? To me it felt like he wanted her to be always in love with him while he was sleeping with her brother That's why i was so happy things didn't work out for them Luke What can i say about him? I really can't feel bad for someone that picks a guy over family like that specially a little sister that obiously is being let on my his one boyfriend like COME ON I don't believe he NEVER so what Tristan was doing with Sheilagh And what really piss me off when when Tristan Kiss her and she ended up being the bad one Luke needs a reality check because he is the one that has been hurting his sister from the start Let me stop ranting because i can go forever when it comes to this two characters Wes I liked him and i wished he had interaction with Sheilagh throughout the book I liked how fun their crazy relationship was and how funny it was when she found out he was Alec's son Some part of the book reminded me of the movie Sweet Home Alabama the fact that her family was a crazy bunch redneck as she called it and the fact that Sheilagh was the same way when she was around them Shei devil as they called her lol It just felt a little bit like the main character of Sweet Home Alabama i don't mind since i loved that movie Over all this is a great book The character even the two i hated where very interactive and never flat The plot not overly dramatic but it always kept me on my toes and wanting to know And the underlying problem that for me was how Sheilagh struggled with depression was interesting This book even made me look up the book The Republic lol

  10. starsaga starsaga says:

    45 stars a beautiful romance and also a book about sadnessI thought this book ws one of the most genuine stories I have ever read It touched something deep inside me to see Sheilagh's inherent sadness and dissatisfaction with herself I was not too crazy about the philosophy talk a little of that goes a long way in my opinion and I always enjoy reading about people who would rather build their own philosophy for life rather than discuss somebody else's but it was ok in this book There was a lot of introspection in this book mostly on Sheilagh's side but it is also true that many young people of her age are dissatisfied with themselves and lack goals sheilagh represented this by being self absorbed for most of the book and never seemed to do anything for anyone else it was just herself all the time The same with her brother Luke who right now is not on my like list at all The great thing about this story was the hero Alec he brought this story up for me he was a bright shining star that did not seem to know how to fade even when the worst did happen to him I loved that this author wrote him they way she did he was everything a man of his age should be tolerant sweet willing to love endlessly intelligent and wise and that he was hunky was the icing on the cake Sheilagh was a very very lucky girl and i loved that she got him 100% of him At the end i think that this story did take a turn for the better and for me it was about the beauty of their love story less about the myriad issues and l ended up loving this book I give it 45stars because I can never see myself reading it again the sad parts were too sad but otherwise it is a great addition to this series

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