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Going Commando [EPUB] ✻ Going Commando By Mark Time – Like my time in 'The Corps' this account is full of fun exposing the calamity as well as recognising the great But please don't expect tales of derring do I will leave that to the heroes At 16 Mark Ti Like my time in 'The Corps' this account is full of fun exposing the calamity as well as recognising the great But please don't expect tales of derring do I will leave that to the heroes At Mark Time wants to become either a geologist or a Royal Marines Commando Despite his love of basalt he chooses the career that teaches him how to kill and shit in plastic bags Knowing his weak body will have to shape up to complete weeks of commando training Mark prepares for the Royal Marines by sleeping in his shed wearing only plastic bags He braves pain by ordering his mate to attack him while trapped in a sleeping bag He even starves himself in a stupid urban survival exercise turning down the offer of his favourite crispy pancakes from his mother He knows about cold he can endure pain and he can resist crispy pancakes He is ready Some might say for the nut house Often hilarious and yet shockingly sobering Going Commando is the true story of a boy who joins one of the world's most elite military units with only naivety and incompetence eualling his will to succeed As the first book in the 'Bootneck Threesome' series it will appeal mainly to military enthusiasts and any formercurrentfuture military personnel Humorous in tone the book will also be enjoyed by lads' mag readers and audiences worldwide will be able to relate to Mark Time's story for whilst the military is the book's subtext it is really a motivational tale of spirit; of a young man who will go through anything to reach his dreams.

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  1. Lucy Lucy says:

    The book was very interesting for my curious self I also appreciate the author's sense of humour

  2. Dante Gallo Dante Gallo says:

    I love how even the author's name is an inside joke for people in the military'Going Commando' is a young Royal Marine's account of how he survived basic training and I use that word survived uite literally as he regales us with stories from the longest infantry training programme in the world The title of Royal Marine is held in the highest regard across the world and after reading this book I have no doubts as to why I won't give this book a full review as I think nostalgia goggles clouded my read of it somewhat I was surprised with how similar some things were for the author going through his basic training in the eighties compared to what I experienced in the modern day His may have been a touch harder perhaps compared to my Army experience But the similarities were there none the less This will be a massive nostalgia trip for anyone reading it who also 'survived' their military basic training but even those without will still find enjoyment from reading this book

  3. Bettie Bettie says:

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  4. Joseph Spuckler Joseph Spuckler says:

    Going Commando by Mark Time is a memoir of one man’s time in one of the most respected military organizations in the world The Royal Marines Even as a United States Marine in boot camp we learned that we were related to the Royal Marines We are sort of younger brother following in the same footsteps This book did bring back memories boot camp for me Drill Instructors never ending pleasure of making one suffer inspections after inspection and the beat down of physical training all came back to me and of course some smiles I was also caught up like Time in doing something that I was told I couldn’t do I waited until the end of high school before joining; Time was 16 when he joined Likewise we were both readers and loved maps Time describes boot camp or Commando training which is essentially Marine Corps boot camp Marine Combat training and Advanced Infantry Training I was also surprised that the Royal Marines used the USMC physical test as part of their training Time also brings back memories I have of combat boots with the plastic “cheese grater” inserts yells of “Pain is weakness leaving your body” and “It doesn’t hurt once the pain is gone” Marines are tight knit group on both sides of the Atlantic In America the Marines have the lowest ratio of officers to enlisted men of any of the services In the UK it goes a bit further Royal Marine officers have no special academy and routinely are in the same classes as recruits We both share that elite service aloofness It seems that we both enjoy picking on our air forces and in the 1980s the Royal Marines stepped it up One of the popular t shirts “You can turn a frog into a prince but you can’t turn a prince into a Royal Marine” commemorated Prince Edward washing out of Royal Marine training This book was a rare pleasure It let me learn about the Royal Marine's training and at the same time remember my experiences This book is a great read for those with military experience and even those with some interest in the military will enjoy this book Time tells his story and with some humor about facing a very difficult task and succeeding Blood sweat toil and tears One thing that that caught my attention is the author’s name Mark Time In Marine Corps close order drill the command “Mark time march” means marching in place The term carries a meaning off the parade deck too It means doing nothing or waiting staying in one place Clearly this Mark Time was not making time in the Royal Marines Semper Fi

  5. Tracey Tracey says:

    Im the mother of a 17yr old recruit marine who is about to do the 30 miler for me reading this book allowed me to share a little in what happens behind the gates of Lympstone CTC

  6. Chris Thrall Chris Thrall says:

    The Real Making of a Royal Marines Commando Mark Time has written a long awaited account of what it takes to become a Royal Marines Commando further enlightening as he tells it through the eyes of the sixteen year old he was in training Mark writes with such an accomplished easy flowing style employing insight and an ever present self effacing sense of humour that `Going Commando' will appeal to discerning readers whether they have ties to the forces or not With page turning prose Mark puts us in his shoes telling us what it's like for a kid with no education an unstable family life ten uid in his pocket and the clothes he stands up in to alight from the train at Lympstone Commando to join an elite fighting force to run the endurance course on Woodbury Common utterly physically and mentally exhausted from thirty weeks of intensely demanding training; to wade across Peter's Pool up to your neck in freezing cold water carrying a weapon and ten kilos of euipment; to crawl through hundreds of metres of claustrophobic underground tunnels full of knee shredding stones animal muck and so much water you have to scrape your nose against the corrugated iron roof so as not to drown Then lungs bursting wet kit doubled in weight and carrying injuries such as fractured shin bones tendonitis busted knees hideous blisters and red raw webbing burns that scream above the effects of the strongest painkillers you look at your watch and realize if you don't run the four miles back to the camp's rifle range in under forty minutes you're going to get binned from the Corps and go home a failure In `Going Commando' Mark Time captures the supreme personal effort reuired to become a Royal Marine and the attributes an individual needs to join this elite band of brothers When I read his book it all came flooding back the fear of not making the grade the corporals `beasting' the living daylights out of you while screaming blue murder the fieldcraft weapons drill speed marches grueling outdoor exercises mostly uphill cold and wet the smell of Brasso boot polish rifle oil hexamine and the infamous `Dutchy's' burger van the highs and lows of recruit life the camaraderie the uniue bootneck humour and at times downright sick behavior the fights with local heroes and most pertinent of all when the adjutant bellows the order across the parade suare `Royal Marines to your duties uick march'Well done Mark Superb effortChris Thrall is a former Royal Marines Commando and the author of the bestselling memoir `Eating Smoke One Man's Descent into Crystal Meth Psychosis in Hong Kong's Triad Heartland'

  7. Exeterman Exeterman says:

    While I may be biased being a former Royal Marine and still living within earshot of COmmando Training Centre I write this from purely a literary point of viewuite simply a tour de force in the military genre I found this book gave the personal touch that so many of this genre lack It is certainly the truest account of military training out there a true warts and all account and shows that it is not all about being a 'Rambo' or Andy McNab of this world that make our Forces what they areWhile it is a military book it is written in a manner that crosses many genres and encompasses many ethics of modern society and shows rewards are rarely won easilyMy wife took a motherly approach to the author's trials and my teenage son found him inspiringWell done Royal cant wait for book 2

  8. Exeterman Exeterman says:

    Read this based upon its reviews All I can say is that it is the funniest book I have ever readOK So I am a former Royal Marines Commando and I still live within earshot of Commando Training Centre so slightly biased but this reads like no other military book out thereWitty thoughtful full of contrast and emotion it is a book that should be on the shelf of anyone with links to the military and anyone who has never read such a genre could do worse than read this as a well written conduit into life in the militaryIt is the antithesis of Andy McNAb et al and therefore the truest account of a military man you will ever read No BS it tells it like it is and I shuddered as his writing brought back all those memoriesuite simply brilliant

  9. Karen Gibb Karen Gibb says:

    Eye openerI've always loved reading and watching everything that the Royal Marines do and being what I would never be able to be and reading this book with wonder how on earth they got through than a week I finished reading it with envy and a word of good luck to any one heading down this lane still

  10. Michael.hillan Michael.hillan says:

    I served in the Royal Marines and know what it takes to become a member of a very exclusive club This book is the best I have read regarding the training that you do You will laugh until you are crying and can't see to read but you will also feel the pain and believe me there is a lot of it I am looking forward with great anticipation to Marks next books

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