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Slow Twitch ❮Reading❯ ➶ Slow Twitch Author Liz Reinhardt – It's summer in Sussex County and things are heating up for Brenna Jake and SaxonGolden couple Brenna and Jake are worlds apart Brenna's in Ireland on a creative writing course and Jake's in New York m It's summer in Sussex County and things are heating up for Brenna Jake and SaxonGolden couple Brenna and Jake are worlds apart Brenna's in Ireland on a creative writing course and Jake's in New York meeting his real family who are super wealthy and seriously obnoxiousSex and getting drunk are pretty much all Saxon's life is about until he runs his allowance dry and is sent to the middle of nowhere to learn some real life lessons He might just be surprised by what he learnsIt's a summer full of romance breaking up making up and looking to the future But who will end up with who and will all that unresolved chemistry finally get put to bed Slow Twitch is the third title in the Brenna Blixen series.

  • Paperback
  • 528 pages
  • Slow Twitch
  • Liz Reinhardt
  • English
  • 21 February 2016
  • 9781782951384

About the Author: Liz Reinhardt

Liz Reinhardt is a perpetually homesick NJ native who migrated to the deep South a decade ago with her funny kid motor head husband and growing pack of mutts She's a fanatical book lover with no reading prejudices and a wide range of genre loves but her heart will always skip a beat for YA In her spare time she likes to listen to corny jokes her kid reads to her from ice pop sticks watch her.

10 thoughts on “Slow Twitch

  1. Calia Calia says:

    Have you ever wanted to be in what I like to call “Book Coma”?? I’ve wished for it several times It’s pretty simple I’d write down some of my most Favorite all time novels Book coma would hit I’d grab my “Book coma list” and discovery the glory of reading my favorite booksseries all over againOn my Book Coma Worthy List Brenna Blixen Series would be amongst them At the top I had a feeling about this book And that was why I stalked Liz Reinhardt’s FB author page for updates on Slow Twitch I can now clasp my hands together raise them above my head and do a victory cheer because “BAM sucka I was right” Slow Twitch is focused around summer time for JakeBrenna and Saxon And a lot of things are changing for the three of them Brenna is away in Ireland for a few weeks Jake goes to New York to meet his fathers side of the family and discovers a lot about himself Saxon is sent to his Aunt’s home when he gets in big trouble back home and ends up falling hard for the bosses daughter When everyone is back together things have changed Even for the short time that they were all apart Slow Twitch was a lighter read BUT at the same time it held a lot of changes for our characters If you’ve read the other two books I think you’ll agree with me that this is the exactly what we’ve been waiting for This book could have went one way or the other I usually only like books with just the girls‘ POV But out of all the POV’s Jake Brenna and Saxon’s I still can’t decide which one I liked best I was able to find their separate voices real and not only that authentic and completely their own Jake A huge change in him in this book There was a lot of self discovery for each character and his was a slow process In the first two books we’ve watched him put himself down and deal with his past regrets But he comes to the realization that he has a lot worth and has a life outside of Brenna I was glad for that Brenna Still a character that I enjoy SO much Her POV always rushed by for me I think anyone who was peeved off at her in Junk Miles will really love her in this book ‘Cause you see the one thing I love about this author is she makes her characters so unuestionably trueAnd this time around Brenna is fighting off a little bug called jealously Jake has always needed her Saxon’s always wanted her But in ST Brenna realizes that Saxon could possibly be moving on is starting to become happy Jake might perhaps find other girls pretty The jealous side of Brenna comes out and I think it makes her even relatable to us readers We’ve all experienced it yeah it’s not pretty “He was like this wild animal you saw and had the overwhelming urge to tame”I think that uote from Brenna is the perfect description of Saxon Saxon What’s with this guy? He’s an addictive character He might be my most favorite to read don’t get excited I’ll change my mind in 24 seconds His voice had me smirking And his descriptions of Cadence had me GIDDY Yes Giddy I was than ready to see my most favorite fictional bad boy be roped down by a girl Ah His POV has the most growth to me The biggest turn about And come on we’ve all been waiting to see this amorous side of him Cadence and Evan Two girls that are introduced to the series that are great characters Cadence is a fiery outspoken girl who captures Saxon’s attention Evan uickly becomes close friends with Brenna but has issues of her own Issues that I’m dying to read about That sounds horrible but I don’t care Liz brought me to this point She sucks me in and has me wondering about things And can I say how I didn’t think it was possible for the Blixen Series to get anywhat’s the word steamer hotter? The romance lets not even go there right now it was amazing This whole entire series is like a gift that keeps on giving and you never want it to stop Basically I’m saying this series should NEVER end I mean it I’ll have a PTDCD moment if it does Post traumatic Double Clutch disorder about 95% of the people who have read this series suffer from PTDCD Liz is on the cusp of something amazing here There’s this whole new world of Mature YA and her books along with a few others are breaking ground for this genre I really can’t wait to READ what she writes next

  2. Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister says:

    Very sweet ending to an incredible series Brenna Jake and Saxon have grown tremendously throughout these books and have formed a bond with one another that's not always harmonious but remains unbreakable nonetheless   Slow Twitch is told in the alternating perspectives of Brenna Jake and Saxon and I completely loved being able to delve inside the heads of these characters that I've grown to adore and admire This was an emotional loving fun sexy and inspiring  journey that concludes with the lovely happily ever after I was hoping for but also leaves options open for storyfingers crossed Terrific read 

  3. Abbi Glines Abbi Glines says:

    Adored this book All the things I'd hoped for in the previous two books which I also loved happened in this book I've always been torn between Saxon and Jake but WOW All I can say is read it If you haven't read Double Clutch and Junk Miles yet READ THEM first Fantastic series

  4. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    Briefly I enjoyed this even though the story meandered uite a bit I was surprised by how smooth the transitions were between Brenna Saxon's and Jake's POVs and it was kind of fun to be in the boys' heads for once I wasn't so crazy about all the Brenna is so hot comments again and again though and I do think poor Jake gets the short end of the stick a bit since he isn't given that much to do and Saxon's story is so much interesting Rambling thoughts I like the new friend even though I think we spent a little too much time with her This always happens when a new spinoff character is introduced in a book though I'm glad that Saxon view spoilerfinally managed to move on and I like his new GF I thought the way things were left between him and Brenna at the end was nicely done and it struck the right note hide spoiler

  5. Jess Jess says:

    Going to keep this one short as wellI've just finished Slow Twitch and it was amazing Not only do we still read from Brenna's point of view but we get to be inside Saxon's AND Jake's head It was just completely amazing that I'm still in complete awe about the whole bookI honestly didn't think it was possible to love these three characters but its true I love them I loved every moment of reading this book My favourite moments where reading from Saxon's and Jake's heads We see a completely different side to both boys and if you were trying to pick a team it is completely hard However it's in this book finally that you accept that Jake is the one from Brenna And it was awesome that Liz introduced the new girl Cadence to the story not leaving Saxon sad or alone I've always loved multiple POV's and sometimes if it's than two it gets a little confusing or it takes a while to get into the transition Not with Slow Twitch Reading from three points of views was extremely easy to transition into having been through a lot in the last two books with all three charactersSlow Twitch was wonderfully written and paced just right from each character that it never left you bored and always always left you wanting I think this was most definitely my favourite of the three and I think that's due to not only Liz's wonderful writing but the multiple POV's that were included This one blew me away completely and when I wasn't reading it I was thinking about it and I was thinking about both boysNow on to the uestion Team Saxon or Team Jake? Well for me I'm still very much neutral However deep within me I know Jake is the right one for her and the ending to Slow Twitch confirmed it I'm neither Team Saxon nor Team Jake I love both boys too much to be able to pick one for myself for Brenna Jake is the obvious choiceThis was a superb read And if you haven't read this trilogy by Liz then I suggest you pick them up right away I really cannot wait to read Inherit her new Mature YA Paranormal novel coming in the Summer Suee Note This book contains hot teen sex and should only be read by the older YA demographic 16

  6. Kellie Maddox-Ward Kellie Maddox-Ward says:

    Brenna and Jake are still hopelessly in Love 3 She wants to take the next step in the relationship Yep lose the BIG V Jake doesn’t want too He’s past still haunts him too much Brenna is off to Ireland for a writing course for a few weeks She makes great new friends there Her writing has never been better She writes a poem that can cause Serious problems with her and Jake Jake however is off to spend some time with his real Dad and his family Who is ridiculously loaded Will the money change him? Turn him into Saxon? Will he cheat on Brenna with the pretty rich kids? Saxon however is in deep shit He’s been caught with Cocaine He’s been sent to WORK in one of his Dad’s restaurants He has to stay in his Aunt’s run down house Work for free And well Actually do something for once Problem number one He has to work Problem number two He’s away from Blix Problem number three He has no car Problem number four Cadence She won’t have a bar of him Is not reacting to any of his charms and has a boyfriend He’s in trouble alright This book was my favorite of the three Not only are we in Brenna’s head We are also in Saxons and Jake’s To read about what goes on in their heads was awesome A great HEA that really did make me smile I’m going to miss this bunch if kids and their crazy friends I’ll leave you with a uote from Saxon Twinkle Twinkle little star I like pickles in a jar Salami’s good don’t eat it dry Yellow mustard you should try Twinkle twinkle little star I like pickles in a jar”

  7. Sharon Sharon says:

    More of my reviews at wwwobsessionwithbooksblogspotcomWowza The Brenna Blixen series isn’t one I ever expected to love because I am so anti love triangles and it focuses on three teens thrown together and Brenna’s love for two boys who happen to be brothersIn Slow Twitch we see Brenna spending her summer at a writers workshop in Ireland Saxon on family enforced probation and Jake getting to know the wealthy Mclean side of his family namely his father who abandoned him and Saxon as childrenA lot happens in this book relationships progress decisions are made and mistakes occur it portrays the teens realistically and in a believable way that isn’t all love and roses Ms Reinhardt has weaved a story that will leave you laughing crying angry and happy all within a few pages I love the varying emotions evoked and how they are handled; her writing is flawless and the plot thoroughly entertainingThe main characters are each fleshed out perfectly; I adore Brenna who is intelligent compassionate witty and switched on; she really knows what she wants in life which I think is wonderful Saxon really matures in this book and at times I didn’t know whether I liked this side of him I love his wild ways his uick wit charm and sarcasm but we really see some big changes from him in Slow Twitch and Jake was amazing What a sweetheart he is; I loved seeing his relationship progress with Brenna and the positives coming his way academicallyWe also meet a few new characters Evan female who reminded me so much of Saxon with her wild and carefree ways I would love to see a spin off about her We also meet Cadence who is Saxon’s new love interest I resented her initially because she wasn’t Brenna but I eventually warmed to the idea of her being with and taming SaxonLiz Reinhardt’s writing is absolute brilliance; the dialogue is amazing and the details she provided vivid Slow Twitch is also told from each of the main characters POV’s which I loved I can’t recommend this series enough; there is romance drama and ongoing conflict that keep you turning the pagesSlow Twitch is definitely for the older teen as it contains sex language and drug and alcohol references I have my fingers tightly crossed there will be another in this series – I need

  8. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Wow What a journey I adore Saxon Jake and Brenna If this is really the last book I have to say I'm sad and I'm going to miss them but I don't know how much my heart could take anywayI was pretty nervousskeptical going into this book Double Clutch was so good so sweet and everything I love about a high school romance story Surprisingly the love triangle did not bother me Junk Miles however fell into the dreaded book 2 curse I did not hate it but I did not love it like Double Clutch So Slow Twitch had a lot to live up to and in my opinion Reinhardt did just that She managed to weave a fantastic story line smoothly alternate points of view introduce new and very likable characters tie up some issues between the 3 main characters in a way that I think did them all justice and manage to still leave me wanting Even if my heart is telling me NO MORE Haha

  9. Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner says:

    What to say about this book? I am not sure how I feel about itdo I like itor not? One thing is certainthere is a lot of action in the bedroom wink Also Saxon is a changed man Hallelujah I still love Jake It's not as good as the first but it's better than the second So I give it 3 stars

  10. Stormy Stormy says:

    After all the chaos I endured through theother two books this one feels calm andlike everything is falling into place for themIt was like the moment when a roller coaster comes toa stop and your coming down from the high of the rideLoved it Love the new Saxon

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