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The Universal Tone [PDF / Epub] ☀ The Universal Tone By Carlos Santana – The intimate and long awaited autobiography of a legend In 1967 in San Francisco just a few weeks after the Summer of Love a young Mexican guitarist took the stage at the Fill Auditorium and played a The intimate and long awaited autobiography of a legend In in San Francisco just a few weeks after the Summer of Love a young Mexican The Universal PDF \ guitarist took the stage at the Fill Auditorium and played a blistering solo that announced the arrival of a prodigious musical talent Two years later after he played a historic set at Woodstock the world came to know the name Carlos Santana his sensual and instantly recognizable guitar sound and the legendary band that blended electric blues psychedelic rock Latin rhythms and modern jazz and that still bears his name Carlos Santana's unforgettable memoir offers a page turning tale of musical self determination and inner self discovery with personal stories filled with colorful detail and life affirming lessons The Universal Tone traces his journey from his earliest days playing the strip bars in Tijuana while barely in his teens and brings to light the establishment of his signature guitar sound; his roles as husband father recording legend and rock guitar star; his indebtedness to musical and spiritual influences from John Coltrane and John Lee Hooker to Miles Davis and Harry Belafonte; and his deep lifelong dedication to a spiritual path that he developed from his Catholic upbringing Eastern philosophies and other mystical sources It includes his recording some of the most popular and influential rock albums of all time up to and beyond the sensation Supernatural which garnered nine Grammy Awards and stands as arguably the most amazing career comeback in popular music history It's a profoundly inspiring tale of divine inspiration and musical fearlessness that does not balk at finding the humor in the world of high flying fame or at speaking plainly of Santana's personal revelations and the infinite possibility he sees in each person he meets Love is the light that is inside of all of us everyone he writes I salute the light that you are and that is inside your heart.

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  1. Debbie Zapata Debbie Zapata says:

    SantanaI just hear his name and I feel like I am back in high school Oye Como Va Black Magic Woman Evil Ways They were all over the radio back then and even though I morphed into country music by the time I graduated in 1976 I still loved that distinctive Santana sound I love it to this day and this book explains how he developed his style where his influences came from and also shares his life story From a little pueblo in the state of Jalisco Mexico to Tijuana in Baja California Mexico to the USA he only wanted to play his music to create the sound he felt in his soulThe book is awesome but there is a lot of name dropping going on both of musicians and of songs This is not a bad thing because you get to hear the music that touched Santana enough for him to incorporate into his sound and you get to know his heroes But it is tricky to stop reading every page or so and go look up this or that person or song So I started a little notebook of everyone he mentions the songs he points out and what I am supposed to listen to for in each one I will have a nice little side project here for a few weeks but I am looking forward to becoming a bit educated about blues and jazz neither of which I have ever truly listened to Santana's love and respect for Music itself comes through on every page but besides that he discusses his own spiritual journey which shows his love and respect for himself and the world He shared many opinions about society about trying to be a better person about the state of the world these days compared to what we of a certain age wanted it to be thought it could be still believe it should be I could go crazy uoting from the book but I'll do something a little different instead On page 85 he talks about the difference between jazz and the blues On page 220 he has a lovely paragraph about true hippies and how people need to think for themselves Page 327 where his father in law asks Santana if he believed in the Universal Tone one note that can connect heaven and flesh This paragraph I have to uote From page 453 To this day I detest anyone who tries to indoctrinate others into hating people because they are different and trying to get ahead and uplift themselves I detest it as much as I did when some Mexicans were trying to get me to hate gringos That's what they tried to tell me in Tijuana and I didn't buy into that lie either We're all people The other stuff like flags borders third world first world that's all illusion I like the idea of one global family under a single flag a sun and a silhouette of a woman a man a little girl and a little boy All this other stuff keeps us stuck in the same place we were ten thousand years ago Neanderthals fighting over some damn hillWith his music Santana has tried to bring this vision closer Rock on manThis is an intelligent thoughtful and thought provoking book I am looking forward to my music study and want to say thank you to Carlos Santana for sharing so much of himself for all of these years You are my hero Peace and love brother

  2. Gail Wenger Gail Wenger says:

    A story of my times and music It was interesting to see how is spirituality developed at a young age and kept him from ODing on myself to become the artist and humanitarian he is today Long book and enjoyable as I knew the characters but had to skim some

  3. Mark Mortensen Mark Mortensen says:

    I’ve always enjoyed a wide variety of music It was Santana’s mature black and white photo on the book cover that drew me in to comprehend his life story Born on July 20 1947 Carlos Santana’s roots came from the Mexican ghettos of Autlan and from age 8 to 15 in Tijuana residing in a partially constructed home that was void of windowpanes and doors His father a carousing musician violinist with a very loyal following in the surrounding Mexican communities provided for the family by playing in clubs and for tourists but in the process he was often absent from home Santana acuired his gift of music and street savvy air of confidence from his father His mother was very influential trying her best to keep him on a straight path and close to the Catholic Church As a youth he played mariachi music attired in fine clothing to both learn music and gather pocket money From there he expanded his music by filling vacancies with an adult group playing background tunes in popular strip club In the early 1960’s at age 15 his family immigrated to America for freedom and opportunity settling in San Francisco Santana would be held back in school to get a better grasp of the English language The 60’s music era topped the charts with the British Invasion led by the Beatles and Rolling Stones Motown from Detroit and the Beach Boys in California It was not uncommon for Santana to take a high school date to a dance and become frozen on the dance floor focused upon a guitarist’s melody Upon receiving his first electric guitar Santana acuired a thirst for blues music Guitarists BB King Miles Davis Stevie Ray Vaughn Jimi Hendrix John Lee Hooker and many others caught his attention He strove to perfect his own creative techniue as the best always have their own style Similar to other artists Santana shunned mainstream society San Francisco was pioneering a hippie cultural revolution in the Haight Ashbury section a few blocks from his home Santana was comfortable with who he was He was no saint but rather a rebel immersed in music and now experimenting with a variety of drugs His personal psychedelic perception was that a hippie “ was a rainbow warrior a reincarnated American Indian You know who was the original hippie? Jesus – the ultimate multidimensional multicolor nothing but love hippie”At age 19 he graduated from Mission High with the class of 1967 The Grateful Dead Jefferson Airplane and other local groups were getting their start playing in the city at the Fill One month after graduation Santana’s group initially called the Santana Blues Band received their big stage baptism at the Fill as the opening act for the Who They would meet again two summers later when the band simply called Santana would play alongside the Who at Woodstock Santana did not gravitate to the antiwar protest movements as he shunned the politics of both republicans and democrats During high school his three month hospitalization for tuberculosis officially kept him from service in Vietnam He simply wished to live life carving music “Black Magic Woman” is one popular hit but Santana favored songs without lyrics such as “Soul Sacrifice” and “Samba Pi Ti” By 1972 Santana was in love with his future wife Deborah Enriched with discipline he gave up experimenting with drugs and entered into spiritual experimentation with the meditation of Sri Chinmoy After 34 years the relationship with his first wife fell apart and he was forced to reassess the top priorities in his life; family and religion A second marriage begins another circle of opportunityThrough his autobiography Santana offers a glimpse as to what is was like to walk in his shoes as a minority rising out of a ghetto We live in an imperfect world Santana rightly points out the ills of society that impacted him and he openly mentions “angles” that helped guide him through difficult situations Today Santana continues on the cutting edge to perfect his “The Universal Tone” with music flowing through his body Artists known for singing lose their vocal range as year’s progress however Santana’s guitar sound has aged like fine wine I’m not surprised that some of his views do not align with mine as I wish he were a bit patriotic but that’s the makeup of society Most of all I appreciate that he is humble and strives to both give back to society and become a better human being each dayI graduated high school three years after Santana and as member of the senior prom committee we looked to book a first class band to play at Castle Hill on the seaside Crane Estate which we rented for the evening The final choice was between Big D and the Marcels a popular greater Boston stylish dance band or the local up and coming J Giles Blues Band with original music later known as the J Giles Band Two great sounds but for the prom with chandeliers sparkling and outside torches lit we picked Big D over blues music to dance the night away

  4. Christopher Kanas Christopher Kanas says:

    This has not been my first rock star autobiography by any means but it is by far my favorite I will admit there are several Santana albums I have not heard over the span of his career but I was intrigued by the man Carlos Santana than I was by the band Santana A what a beautiful man Carlos Santana really is A man who you can see from his earliest days to where he now is a spirit of genuineness and kindness He has a real humble sense of humor as well and I found myself smiling and even laughing at some of his stories as he pokes fun at himself and laughs with his audienceI admire men who recognize within themselves that they have what is needed already available to them for no cost and further for what no money can buy Carlos is a very spiritual man but not condescendingly so He makes a difference by his gentleness and has been a magnet to several other men and celebrities who recognize that he has something that they want which is an inner peace that is so evident on the pages of his lifeHe doesn't subscribe to any one religion but most would probably place him into New Age as he speaks about raising consciousness and awareness of the light within He does delve into Christianity and some Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism well but never instructs one to subscribe to any but rather to keep of the path of enlightenment of communityIf you want juicy rock star stories of loud parties romantic or unromantic interludes copious amount of drug usage then well Carlos Santana isn't your style He does talk about drug usage a bit but often than not the negativity of it and it's destruction to one's soul There is virtually no sex in the book I believe Carlos was completely faithful to his wife as it's not in his personality to be any sort of hedonist playerHis talks uite a bit about other major influences in his life such as Bill Graham Miles Davis and John Coltrane and you feel you get a mini biopic on those individuals If there is any criticism of the book it would be that he can spend too much time going over musicians in his various bands which can be a bit too many names of unknown people But then you realize Santana is a man full of gratitude to so many that he doesn't want to not include people who have been with him through his career helping him enjoying crafting music on his journeyOverall I read this book with many smiles as I turned the pages Carlos is one of the good guys in the world I also learned a lot of his music and purchased a lot of his music as he went through his own favorite albums He is very indebted to his biggest album sales wise Supernatural and speaks about it with gratitude But you can tell his own favorites in his career by a round about admission is the period of Caranvanserai and Welcome Not any albums with radio singles but free flowing music that comes straight from the soul Which in reality is really Carlos Santana A free spirit

  5. Anirban Anirban says:

    You know who was the original hippie? Jesus—the ultimate multidimensional multicolor nothing but love hippie He never said “It’s my way or the highway” How many people can claim that they were on first name basis with Miles Davis Buddy Guythough he used the surname of the author often Wayne Shorter and many such legends and yet be humble and down to earth Even when he picks up a project of writing his autobiography Very few can Carlos Santana is one of them He had proved this earlier with his words and music and once again he proves that through THE UNIVERSAL TONEWhat is the best deal one can get from this book? The one which says that if you read this book you will not only get to read about the life of Carlos but also the reader will get a short and concise course on the life of Miles Davis John Coltrane and Bill Graham Carlos Santana almost speaks with a childlike joy when he starts on Miles and Coltrane He gives away the vibe of an awestruck fan when he discusses their life and their music He speaks like a music addict high on his drug as he brings Buddy Guy Otis Rush Bola Sete Gabor Szabo in his pages He creates a book which not only talks about his life his spirituality his vision but also gives the readers about his idols his favourite “cats” as he calls themHis friend Andre Agassi spoke about his addiction in his book aptly named OPEN Carlos speaks about once hitting a woman speaks about the infamous Woodstock based “Electric Snake” incident without any shame He speaks about shunning cocaine and accepting marijuana On how he felt the cool vibes coming from Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Wilson Pickett Or how he still considers Frank Zappa a wonderful musician even after the latter almost parodied Carlos in one of his song He is open about his admiration for Guru Sri Chinmoy his friendship mixed admiration for Armando Peraza the man who urged him to take control of his eponymous band Santana He speaks about his divorce from Deborah Santana his devotion for Cindy Blackman His admiration and anger towards his mom and dad This book could have been a five star if not for some minor glitches One he speaks almost nothing about Raul Rekow the ultimate congero in the Santana family or Orestes Vilato the timbalero who along with Raul and Armando created the best rhythm section of that day I did skip a few pages where he talks about Alice Coltrane I never synced up to Turiya’s music and never went through the pages with her in them That took away a star Even though this still will be a must have for a Santana fan

  6. AR AR says:

    For fans onlyPros good behind the scenes stories about albums and performances that I have loved for a long time and still listen to he conveys good ideas for being a musician and playing with others For example I enjoyed how he decided that when he was playing with another big name guitarist that he would not compete but complement That if the other person played fast he would go slow etc He has a good attitude about music and many of these ideas are helpful and inspiring I learned of many other musicians and albums that I wanted to check out musicians that Santana listened too and who influenced him it got me to go back to many old Santana albums and appreciate them anewCons goes on too long about his spirituality and political beliefs he loves certain musicians and his family which is nice but then his writing about them often becomes hagiographyI'm glad I read this but I would not recommend to anyone who isn't connected to Santana already as a music fan Many sections I just skimmed through to get to the good stuff

  7. Jo Ann Jo Ann says:

    I listened to 9 of the 16 CD's it's long of this audio book and I just can't finish it It seems so repetitive and I find myself snoozing through it There's a lot of names that are mentioned and I only recognize a few I still can't believe you were only 22 when you performed at Woodstock I on the other hand was barely 2 This would probably make a great read for a fan who is familiar with the 60's and the hippie movement of the time I really am very sorry Mr Santana but I still love your music and now I can't seem to get Oye Como Va out of my head

  8. Sandy Gaines Sandy Gaines says:

    I loved this book As a musician it inspired me As a human being it inspired me Sometimes in the weeds of words Carlos presents a bloom of beauty to rest upon until the mind can process Thank you

  9. Audrey Audrey says:

    I appreciate Carlos's ability to write an autobiography and not make it a nasty tell all It's not surprising the book reads like a symphony Having always been a fan of Carlos Santana he came across as passionate charming and spiritual in this book

  10. Rod Rod says:

    This book is kind of like finding out your favorite actor clubs baby seals for fun and then doesn't even eat the meat do baby seals HAVE meat? You can never look at their artistic efforts the same way again But that is a comparison to his religious foolery and values I'm sure Carlos would be the first to invest a million dollars in making a safe baby seal habitat to preserve their god consciousness and future potential as all animals are eual to humans Except Chicken Even religious nutters eat chicken Although there's not a lot of baby seals in Las Vegas where Santana livesmaybe that's why he's there to avoid the temptation?Throughout the last 30 years I've tried to be a Santana fan It almost happened around 1990 when Carlos recorded his Rockin' album Spirit's Dancing In The Flesh Still a good album I listened to it the other day But even then I knew spiritually this guy was a fruitloop and seriously confused by world religions and hippy propaganda So indeed all of that is splattered throughout this bookThe best part of this stroll through memory lane is hearing Carlos chat about the music legends he came to know Although you'll never think of Miles Davis the same way again lots of crazy bits about him And to hear him chat about Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker was worth the effort OF course we get the gossip on the Woodstock Festival and the summer of love crap with the Grateful Dead and other NOW DEAD hippy musicians and ventures Sorry everyone love and peace through music was a myth and a lie even the musicians just wanted fame and the spoils of war endless drugs alcohol and sex for the self centered hippy cause You'll see that perfectly played out on the written page Gladly Carlos kept family a huge issue in this writing not that I fully trust rockstars to reveal the horrible truth but Carlos made an effort to keep it all together way better than most musicians Sadly his Guru chasing wife eventually left him for? Something Typical hippy ending there hopefully Carlos has better luck the 2nd time Just keep an eye on those Indian Guru's and spiritual insanities Of course maybe it was Carlos and his smoking habits it really does give people horrible breath I'd leave Carlos for just that reason Sorry Buddy Maybe she just wanted a hamburger and a mintLike usual in Rockstar Biographies Carlos mentions the actual craft of music and music gear minimally He mentions an amp or two and a few guitars he owns But I wanted MORE He's really of a poetic guy than a nuts and bolts player it seemsReminds me I just watched a concert on Youtube of Carlos doing a gig with Phil Lesh from the Grateful Dead and Warren Haynes from Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule Poor Carlos was out of his element He got some good licks in on occasion like throwing Jello at a wall to see what might hopefully stick But Carlos always has passion And occasionally he has an amazing guitar tone As long as he doesn't go on babbling about this UNIVERSAL TONE nonsense Almost hate to tell him His guitar noodling will NOT bring unity and enlightenment to the world That's just silly left over hippy crap Sombody needs to show Carlos that all Bob Marley really did was give the stoners some music to smoke pot to and to help them ignore their children and other priorities But it's normal for a successful musician to BLOAT their self importance and legacy This shouldn't take away from Carlos being known as a really nice guy though But lets keep Miles Davis and Coltrane in their proper place Audio Entertainment And this is coming from somebody who REALLY loves musicSo for anyone who cares let's rip into Carlos and his religious understandings PLEASE somebody get this guy to a comparative religions course at a local Bible College For some ludicrous reason Carlos assumes you can mush all the religious leaders of the past together into one big happy divine Pizza I realize he gets this idiotic understanding from his Indian Guru spiritual fruitloops Apparently all of them are too lazy to actually read The Bible The uran Buddhist literature Hindu literature religious history and the branches that fall off of it But they all seem to find plenty of time for Deepak Chopra and books about God consciousness and self divinity See Deepak's The Third Jesus Basically everything Carlos preaches from the stageSorry Carlos but somebody needs to properly inform you that ALL religions are exclusive at their core YES next time you mention Jesus please recall that Jesus said He was the ONLY WAY and that you will be judged for your sins by HIS FATHER It's heaven OR HELL Carlos doesn't like that idea at all But the problem is Islam ALSO mentions hell as does Buddhism If you look basically all religions proudly declare it's THEIR WAY or Actually it's always THEIR way But Carlos is perfectly normal for a guy who gets advice from JJ Hurtak a metaphysical historian and multidimensional archaeologist pg 469 apparently this is serious stuffYes Carlos has surrounded himself with people who are thought adjusters and enlightenment accelerators You get what you pay forand i'm curious how much money Santana has given them??? Nobody does this kind of con for free Which reminds me of Carlos and his New York Guru buddy Sri Chinmoy I read the book Cartwheels in a Sari A Memoir of Growing Up Cult by Jayanti Tamm She mentions Carlos and the attention he received from the wannabe musician enlightenment Guru leader Basically Carlos got to break all the rules and still get divine treatment anybody else in the cult would be disowned or banished if they did the same things Rockstars got away with The Jesus of the Bible doesn't play that game which is why Carlos really hates A God who actually has organized religion with standards and Cosmic justice But we can't totally blame humanity Carlos shares with us his personal Angel Metatron an archangel of course nobody would want just a normal angel to visit a celebrity musician This is the part where you shake your head and just laugh But it's okay Metatron is the celestial form of the Jewish Patriarch Enoch So there It all makes sense now pg 469So here's the problem Carlos keeps mentioning Biblical people and spirituality But like all Cultish believers The Bible means absolutely nothing to him On page 454 He is proud of his daughter for mocking her Catholic school religious teachers by stating You guys don't believe this stuff do you? when chatting about Eve coming from Adam's rib by the Creator of all life and existence Carlos is a proud to boast That's MY girl Then Carlos goes on to insult the Catholic church in general AS a side noteEve being created from Adam's rib by God is not really that ludicrous Actually systematically it makes sense Not much harder than believing 7 billion people came from 2 I wonder how Carlos's daughter then deals with 2 people 1 female 1 male then shrunk back to 1 person? OR better yet how 1 person with Consciousness and purpose came from a lifeless planet and non caring Big Bang? Now I get to say You guys don't believe this stuff do you? I'll just stick with the Biblical account while science endlessly flounders and mocks and readjusts based on peer consensus YES you must not upset the publishing Guru'sI'm fine with him not appreciating the Catholic Biblical understanding But then don't be a hypocrite and send your daughter to a Catholic school for education And please uit mentioning Jesus like he's a buddy of yours who agrees with you about doctrine and theology Biblical sources state that Carlos and Jesus are world's apart in their understandings of Divinity and Purpose Carlos even boasts of His God consciousness He must be a Deepak Chopra follower pg 418 Ask God to help your music connect with all hearts on this glorious planet and remind them of their own divinityBut any 1st year Bible student should know that Jesus is the King of Kings Lamb Slain For the Sins Of The World Redeemer and Savior and Messiah and very God of God Carlos does not think he NEEDS a savior he thinks we humans have goodness and light and can save ourselves The Bible shows differently Mr Santana Please read it someday Then you'll uickly realize that you and Jesus have NOTHING in common spirituallyBut then again I do recall Satan saying in the garden For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil Ummmh it's best NOT to know evil Or to assume you are divine or godlyAS much as Santana claims to appreciate Gospel music he has proven he has ZERO understanding of what the Biblical Gospel actually is Sadly many Gospel musicians seem to have this flaw too busy being Rockstars and celebrities I am thankful when they sing a Christmas song or two thoughI dug through my basement boxes and got out my Santana LOTUS cassettes I purchased over 20 years ago It's a very interesting concert recorded in Japan in July 1973 Old school RAW Santana Sadly Santana's gods have failed and my cassettes are warped and won't play Hmmm? A sign from the Cosmo's perhaps? I'll stick with Eric Clapton and Skynyrd

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