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Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind ❮Download❯ ➿ Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind ➺ Author Chavisa Woods – Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind is a collection of short stories focusing on the formative and tumultuous moments in the lives of two women as children and adults whose relationship to one anothe Not Make eBook ´ Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind is a collection of short stories focusing on the formative and tumultuous moments in the lives of two women as children and adults whose Does Not Make Me Gentle PDF or relationship to one another is cast in an ambiguous light Love Does PDF or and whose characters are abstracted within the context of each story Primarily set in rural America and other transient realms this book combines realism with elements of meta fiction magnifying the extraordinary interpersonal worlds created by the circumstances of their outer reality.

10 thoughts on “Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind

  1. Brent Brent says:

    Chavisa Wood's stories and the voices she employs to tell them are powerful self assured and poetic Echoing Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son this is a ragged surreal cry from the dark underbelly of the American heartland I wish and expect a strong future for this writer whose wisdom and techniue are ahead of her years But here I must reveal one of my prejudices I have to admit the annoyance I feel when the rudiments of copy editing and book formatting are ignored The broken rules act as a distracting screen between me and the writer's expressions She worked hard on this stuff; why put up barriers when the technological tools to create a perfect book are so readily available? Chavisa should reuest from her publisher a revised edition that comes closer to basic industry standards This is work that deserves better

  2. Kelley Kelley says:

    my inscription on my copy is just the first of the most amazing things in this book i love it when my friends show off their total brilliance and creativity and here's an absolutely lovely example chavisa's vision of life growing up ueer in rural illinois is deliciously twisted and incredibly resonating i recently read a right wing rant against this book about the homos the ueerness and the buffaloes and i knew it was the review chavisa had most wanted

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    Raw talent in some remarkable stories brutal brave and unexpectedRead my complete review here

  4. Akeiisa Akeiisa says:

    An odd collection of short stories about love and the many twisted forms it can take Not always easy to read these stories do make you think about how complicated love can be

  5. Angela Angela says:

    A solid collection though it did not call to me nearly as much as Things To Do When You're Goth in the Country The theme here is love in all its grotesue painful unconventional or just plain heartbreaking forms Not just romanticsexual but also the sometimes ugly love of parent and childThe stories had often a dark folkloric touch that I appreciated Pretty much all the stories were ugly and poignant together written in beautiful language A couple went over my head I'll admit that but they were easy to get lost in I didn't dislike any though the middle rating is because I wasn't as blown away as I was by Goth in the Country is it fair to judge a work by comparing it to an author's other work? I don't know but I rate based on my feelings and I definitely consider 3 a good rating I'm eager to check if Chavisa Woods has other collections she definitely excels at short form

  6. Molly Roach Molly Roach says:

    Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind by Chavisa Woods Boy oh boy These stories werea lot Very very heavy subject matter coupled with fantastical storylines made for a rollercoaster of a read The stories are intertwined telling the story of two girls from childhood to adulthood It takes a few stories to understand the interconnectedness as there is a lack of explicit character names but once it clicks so does everything else Overall a good read My favorite story was ‘Never Enough’45⭐️

  7. Melanie Page Melanie Page says:

    Recommended for deep thinkers philosophers feminists fairy tale lovers college classrooms and abstract artistsThis short story collection took me longer to get through than most others Chavisa Woods has a way of being difficult with her stories whether she presents an abstract image or begins in one place and ends somewhere totally different The I read though the it became clear that this is not a woman who fits into the collections I'm used to fiction collections are getting too cutehomogeneous She's different She's stops you and makes you think when you thought you wanted to be entertained And I liked thatRead the rest at Grab the Lapels

  8. Joanna Joanna says:

    I can't remember where I read about this author or these short stories but I'm really glad to have found this wonderful collection This is an author whose voice is so thrilling and vibrant that I want to seek out her other writing immediately Not every story in this collection worked but the honesty with which the author addresses difficult love is impressive and refreshing Her obvious empathy with characters fighting bias is compelling and vulnerable at the same time

  9. Sabrina Chapadjiev Sabrina Chapadjiev says:

    This is a brilliant debut by an intensely talented writer The language is gorgeous the genre shifts are haunting and topics of race class gender and sexuality are musically woven into the seemingly innocent scenarios Read it

  10. Donna Donna says:

    Chavisa Woods' writing is absolutely gorgeous and trilling But she's far too intelligent for me to follow and I have absolutely no idea how these stories connected but I loved them all for what I could gather

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