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Jezebels Lion (Sin City Shifters, #2) [Read] ➵ Jezebels Lion (Sin City Shifters, #2) Author Hazel Gower – When her two best friends forget her birthday crushing her Jess is amazed when one of the infamous Pride brothers shows up apparently wanting nothing than to sweep her off her feet Jezebel’s life wi When her two best friends forget her birthday crushing her Jess is amazed when one of the infamous Pride brothers shows up apparently wanting nothing than to sweep her off her feet Jezebel’s life will never be the same and though she is sure the relationship is only temporary Jezebel embraces the attention Brandon showers on her Brandon has found his mate He is overjoyed his lion content but then he suddenly finds all is not easy in love at least not when you are a lion shifter with a human mate totally unaware of the paranormal world Now Brandon must not only reveal the existence of shifters to his mate but also tell her of the very real threat they fight against Will Jezebel be able to accept everything that comes with being a shifter’s mate Or will the truth be too much sending her running back to the familiar safe harbor of the human world.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 107 pages
  • Jezebels Lion (Sin City Shifters, #2)
  • Hazel Gower
  • English
  • 21 February 2014

About the Author: Hazel Gower

I’m a mother of fourI started writing down my story ideas in high school and never really stopped Writing I have to say is my salvation After I've gotten all the kids in bed and have cleaned up I sit at my computer or sometimes a notebook with a pencil and relax write and escape I am a member romance writers of Australia romance novel center You can find me on FacebookI love to hear.

10 thoughts on “Jezebels Lion (Sin City Shifters, #2)

  1. Emily Emily says:

    Jezebel Jess is devastated when her two best friends forget her birthday One is preoccupied with lusting over a girl who is taken and the other is lost in his own thoughts When they get invited to a party Jess decides to wallow in the booze that is available and forget how hurt she is When Brandon arrives though she can't help but be briefly mesmerized by the handsome man but Jess knows he would never give her full figured self another lookJess couldn't be wrong Brandon sees Jess and knows she is her mate The only problem in his way is she is human and knows nothing of their shifter waysI was a bit torn on this one I liked the story overall and it had some very unexpected twists The issue I was torn up about is she is eighteen and still in highschool granted she is of age so that is out there but I wished she had been like 20 Maybe if I did not have kids around the same age it wouldn't have bothered me as much because I am old fuddy duddy but I will say the story is handled with care Brandon is fantastic he is sweet and so protective of her you know she is wonderful Overall excellent read

  2. Reader Reader says:

    GOOD STORYEverything that didn't uite work for me in the first book of this series the over the top possessive hero the woman who's human and his intended mate and their age difference were all better done here In fact it was just better all round I liked the characters the chemistry between Brandon and Jess was far potent and passionate The other characters I liked as well but especially Jess's two friends Zeke and Travis I liked the little twist with them I'm looking forward to the next book

  3. Katie Katie says:

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except when your the mate of a Pride shifterWhat better setting for a sexy shifter romance than the city of sin itself Apart from the romance I find the creatures that shifters fight such as goblins and leprachauns an exciting addition to this fun series The author has their own spin on these creatures and even the shifters themselves that make them uniue While I love the bit of action we get to see the thing that really makes these books shine is the amount of drama and sexy shifters that get packed into the pagesThe heroine Jezebel is a very relatable character She is not perfect by any means but rather than dwell on this fact she does her best to live life to the fullest She also doesn't let the ignorance of others get her down I really admire her kindness and courage so it is easy to see how Brandon could so easily fall for her The best part was getting to see the growth in Jezebel throughout the book At first she was a bit insecure and although she didn't take crap from anyone else she still didn't believe she would ever deserve someone like Brandon By the end she knew that she deserved all that and just like everyone else and let those who said otherwise know it I couldn't have been proud Brandon is a sweet and patient man who knew what he wanted and went after it I loved how caring he was and that he always let Jezebel know how beautiful she was and never let her get down on herself He cherished and protected her what could a woman want He wasn't perfect by any means but a bit of growly possessiveness from your very on alpha isn't so bad The heat rating on this book is through the roof and if a smokin hot romance is what your after look no further than Jezebel's LionAlso be sure to check out the first book in the Sin City ShiftersSasha's Lion

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    Aaawwwhhh I just finishedso sweet an epiloguesappy grin Despite the fact that Brandon is supposed to be the level headed one he loses it when it comes to his mate To him she is the most beautiful most loyal and most wonderful woman in the world He's not afraid to show her and tell her but he is afraid of messing up and perhaps losing her Having been around a LOT of beautiful people her whole school life Jess has developed a bit of an inferiority complex She is much curvier then the girls at her high school she is not as model attractive and some of the bitches and assholes have been cruel She has had two best friends most of her life both boys until Sasha came to the school and they became friends also While helping Sasha to celebrate her success in a competition and help her cheer up from being a little down she meets Brandon her mate Jess does not know about the shifter world so has no idea about the significance of Brandon's feelings toward her He is immediately possessive and protective There are several issues for this couple to overcome and it's a wonderful ride for the reader I shed a tear for Jezebel's pain from a betrayalThe word wooing is used a fair bit and I found that a bit odd but that's just a personal preference and not a big issueWe find out who Britney's mate is and he is one tough arrogant wolf I hope to read their story soon

  5. Amy Miller Amy Miller says:

    The Pride family story continues on Brandon Pride shows up to his brothers place to check on Sasha Savron's Mate when he meets Jezebel his mate Jezebel has always had a thing for the Pride brothers and when she meets Brandon she is extremely attracted to him However Jezebel thinks Brandon is out of her league him being a very good looking man and her not being supermodel thin Together they embark on a journey that will change their lives togetherI really love the dynamic of the Pride family They have such a great loving relationship with each other And the magnetic pull of the whole mating bond is described so deliciously When Brandon says Mine just made the whole story for me Great story and I'm looking forward Brittney Pride's story next

  6. Rochelle Rochelle says:

    I loved this book I love a possessive alpha male and Brandon was all hat and which showed in the way he loved his mate unconditionally I loved Jezebel she was loyal and lovable and it showed in the way she cared about those who were important to her Jess Brandon were a perfect couple and they had great chemistry There were a few hicups like spelling mistakes which at times were a little annoying but in no way hindered my reading this book A fantastic addition to this series and I'm really looking forward to the next book

  7. Doris Doris says:

    A great read This one is considerably hotter than the first book and we get of a glimpse into the world the author is creating in this seriesI must say I love the premise of this series and I hope there will be many books to come not just of the Prides but also all the other sectors we're introduced toPlease don't make us wait too long for the next one

  8. Angie Angie says:

    I couldn't put this book down I really enjoyed Brandon and Jess's story Brandon did things kind of backwards and Jess's friends didn't help anything It was hard watching Jess listen to Travis Brandon was a great guy I am looking forward to Britney's story

  9. Bambi Fogleman Bambi Fogleman says:

    ove this wonderful series I can't wait for book 3 hazel is a great author and story teller and her sexy shifters always leave you well pleased This lions are a great read and pleasure awaiting page turning awesome Must read for shifters and it shows plus size is sexy to

  10. Connie Connie says:

    This book was so much better than the first one in this series I found myself hating for it to end Loved Jess and Brandon's characters and their chemistry I especially enjoyed how the author shows that not all eighteen year olds are not whining and immature

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