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About the Author: Jet Mykles

Jet is a writer of sexual fantasy with a firm belief that all men are at least partially gay that vampires are just people with a liuid diet and shapeshifters live on every block.

7 thoughts on “Key To Me

  1. Gigi Gigi says:

    Can you believe this is my first Jet Mykles story? I know I'm an idiot I now fully realize that Wow Just WOW This was one of those right up my ally BDSM books You really can't say an awful lot about it without giving the surprise away but I absolutely loved it and thought it was incredibly hot and ended on a nice romantic note as wellI'm so excited to read a bunch of Jet Mykles books now This one really got to me fans self

  2. Amy Amy says:

    Loved it Super sweet very kinky A perfect short story when you're craving a little BDSM

  3. JustJen "Miss Conduct" JustJen "Miss Conduct" says:

    45 star review by The Blogger GirlsWhat a fun sexy sweet story this was Noah has a secret admirer He receives mystery gifts each a little suggestive and kinkier than the last He is desparately trying to figure out who the sender could be He is intrigued and turned on and the mystery and suggestiveness of the gifts is really getting him going Does he want what the gifts are asking? Should he? Thankfully he does and though the mystery man keeps him and us in suspense through a few actual encounters they are extremely sexy and fun Noah is shocked than surprised by the reveal and it wasn’t a total surprise for me but it was exciting nonetheless This was a really uick read that I really enjoyed The writing was smooth and very well paced I loved that we were led along for just enough to not be too frustrating and then able to watch it all play out in a sweetromantic ending I’d definitely pick this one up for an afternoon delight

  4. Charly Charly says:

    Warning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 910 PROS This story is mushy and unbelievable but deliciously romantic Scene after scene after scene had me thinking “aww” The plotmystery isn’t really very mysterious at least I figured it out very early on in the story which I’m sure would be the case with most readers but I still loved it NOAH doesn’t figure it out of course so there are some cute scenes when he’s adorably clueless about the identity of his secret admirer I found the sex scenes to be both super sweet and super hotCON When the identity of the secret admirer is finally revealed Noah is very excited about who it is But he hasn’t had a single wistful thought about this guy earlier in the story no “he was hot too bad Noah couldn’t have him” comments anywhere So the speed with which Noah proclaims love for the guy felt a LITTLE rushed to me

  5. Mopest Mopest says:

    One of the oldies I reread Short and sweet Noah is looking for his secret admirer who makes him hot by the gifts he has been sending The revelation will surprise him But also explains how the secret admirer knows Noah's deepest desires and darkest secrets and gives him exactly what he needs while demanding what his own heart wants It's not difficult to guess the identity of the secret admirer for the reader there are only a few possibilities but the fun is in Noah not knowing until the end

  6. Eiko Eiko says:

    ホテルのバーで働いているNoahはゲイであることをオープンにしている。恋人は作らず、束縛されない関係を楽しんでいた。そんなNoahが最近心を捕らわれているのは、送り主不明のプレゼント。ホテル宛に届くそれは最初はキャンディなどのありふれた贈り物だったのだが、次第に手錠などの性的なものを想像されるものへとエスカレートしていく。友人たちと面白がってプレゼントを楽しみにしていたNoahだが、カラーと一緒に入っていたメモには密会場所が記されていた。危険だと友人たちは止めるが、Noahはプレゼントの贈り主を突き止めたいという好奇心を抑えられず。プレゼントを送ってくるmysterious loverは誰なのか? その目的は? という謎解きだけがテーマの短編。面白かった。Noahの友人が数人登場し、その中の誰がmysterious loverであってもおかしくないようは描写をされているので、この中の誰だろう? とわくわくしながら読めた。友人たちとの会話も面白く、最後まで楽しく読めた。

  7. Caroline Mcconnell Caroline Mcconnell says:

    This is one awesome story that I can read over and over again

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