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  1. Tim Tim says:

    Before I sing the accolades of this book let's examine my experience with it Before reading The Triple Package I think The Triple Threat would be far memorable sticky and therefore a better title I had read Suketu Mehta's February 3 2014 Time article titled The 'Tiger Mom' Superiority Complex Mehta made some convincing arguments that the populations examined in the book were largely due to sociological factors making her argument invalid Without him saying he effectively states that the groups in uestion primarily immigrant groups discussed were the best and the brightest and that immigrants from a different wave can be an entirely different make up I'll give you an example Jews that fled Europe prior or during WW2 verses perhaps Mexicans sneaking across the border In the first case the intellectual savvy and capable resources smarts etc make the group automatically likely to succeed in spades whereas the border crosser is likely to be poor uneducated and desperate as the well off have no reason to flee and therefore will find themselves lacking relative to Jewish émigrés I realize I'm talking about two eras here I'm just trying to illustrate the argument To make this long paragraph short Amy Chua tackles most of this issue up frontA second review of TTP that I read appeared on RealClearBooks The article titled Are the Tiger Parents onto Something? by Robert VerBruggen He correctly pointed out that the sociological populations in uestion are prone to survivor and self selection bias if a new member lacks in attributes of the community they'll remove themselves VerBruggen uotes Charles Murray as do Chua Rubenfeld Interestingly Murray's viewpoints are not undermined in either article nor are they undermined in TTP Actually uite contrary Mehta's contention that cream of the crop immigrants rising in the USA against the relative lack of upward mobility by downtrodden immigrants that cannot rise sounds like it supports Charles Murray's views uite well Chua and Rubenfeld strongly support a key argument in Murray's The Bell Curve poverty is not an independent variable but a dependent one I believe it is this theme that has TTP suffering the most backlashAfter reading those two articles without having read TTP myself I expected the crazed Tiger Mom to put up a weak sociological argument several grades lower than a Malcolm Gladwell bestseller In my defense in her last book she had left me thinking she was a nut job mother screaming at her daughter Lulu every other minute for minor deviance against the perfect idealIt was for this reason that my jaw dropped reading the first chapter of The Triple Package The picture that was in my mind imagine sitting behind home plate at a St Louis Cardinal game circa 1998 On the first pitch to juiced Mark McGwire he smacks the ball into the center field upper deck and you're sitting there jaw dropped wondering if that was perhaps the hardest hit ball you've ever witnessed It probably isn't but the mere fact you're asking yourself this is a testament to the uality of what you're seeingThe middle of the book where it discusses the second two tenants of The Triple Package were somewhat dull but the book managed to come back strong in last third of the book It's overall argument was very thought provoking insightful and fresh In Shawn Achor's Before Happiness he advises readers to seek signal and avoid noise; noise by his definition is information or content that does not lead to changes in behavior The Triple Package for me is nearly all signal For these reasons I have to give it five stars One criticism of The Triple Package is that it is short on remedies if you find yourself excluded from the elite groups that have it and will achieve higher than average because of it Because it is so thought provoking I don't find this to be an issue at all Use your mind and get creative The Triple Package is1 Superiority some sort of belief that you're special come from a special lineage or have some advantage over others2 Insecurity this would be better named Drive More on this in a second3 Impulse Control in one word Spartan FWIW this is the newfangled attribute in education circles Executive Function etc though my word encapsulates the conceptWhile discussing Insecurity the immediate example I thought of was Michael Jordan whose drive and motivation were as legendary as his success on the basketball court One way to have insecurity according to the authors is to have a chip on your shoulder MJ had this as soon as he was cut from Varsity as a Sopho MJ used the chip on the shoulder his entire career to push himself to greater and greater heights of accomplishment Apparently he grew accustomed to this and couldn't put his grudges down long after putting the basketball away as his Hall of Fame induction speech illustrates I felt the authors could have done a better job at using examples like this to make their point They do briefly mention Michael Jordan but for a different reason than what I just mentioned More information on how to implement TTP can be found in an unsuspecting book that I happened to read not too long ago Choke What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To by Sian Beilock has several ideas you could apply to The Triple Package For instance both Beilock and Chua mention how stereotypes influence test outcomes but Beilock takes it a step further and reveals what the research says about turning those stereotypes around You don't belong to a superior group? No problem as Beilock tells you how to associate yourself with superior characteristics characteristics that would make Angela Duckworth grin The Triple Package is not a flawless book or a flawless thesis but it is extremely insightful and useful I highly recommend it to anyone interested in achievement

  2. Deborah Markus Deborah Markus says:

    “Certain groups do much better in America than others – as measured by income occupational status test scores and so on” Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld state bluntly in the introduction to The Triple Package Why is that? And can we even discuss why without being a bunch of racist anti Semitic eugenics loving jerks?I hope so I think Chua and Rubenfeld do I don’t know if their conclusions are scientifically sound – this isn’t my field – but I don’t think their book is offensive It’s a fast engaging read that raises some interesting ideas and leaves the reader with a lot to think aboutI think it’s safe to say that some reviewers of Triple Package were pre affronted “Amy Chua has come out with another book whose basic message is the same you suck and I am better” says Khanh Ho at HuffPost I read Tiger Mom and I don’t think that’s what it said Chua obviously isn’t suffering from any lack of self esteem but she pokes fun at herself freuently and uotes her daughters making hilarious remarks at her own expense How sad is it to be Jed Rubenfeld by the way? Okay not terribly He’s married to a beautiful intelligent wealthy woman and isn’t doing too badly himself in the looks brains and cash department But let’s face it The Triple Package is being read and reviewed as an Amy Chua title If she’d written it alone it would still be a bestseller If he’d written it alone – who knowsAnyway Speaking of being predisposed to despise In her review of Triple Package Daria Roithmayr at Slate describes Tiger Mom as “a memoir in which Chua extolled the virtues of harsh disciplinary ‘Chinese’ parenting” Again not exactly Chua probably wouldn’t have felt the urge to write about her parenting experiences if her younger daughter hadn’t fought “Chinese parenting” to the point of making Chua uestion her own ideas And “harsh” is a harsh word to use about someone who in her own book makes it clear she’s all barkNevertheless when these reviewers are done rhymes with itching about Amy Chua they do point out something I noticed in her first book which is a certain obliviousness to money Triple Package definitely discusses how well groups like Mormons Chinese Americans Cuban immigrants Nigerian immigrants and others are doing in America; but Chua and Rubenfeld don’t point out how much cash in hand a lot of members of the groups in uestion arrived with in the first place If the reviewers I mention have their facts straight this is a critical omissionI happen to think that Triple Package is an interesting work regardless The anecdotes from people who’ve been loaded down with a simultaneous superiorityinferiority complex are fascinatingMy main issue with the book is this The authors rarely uestion the idea that the sort of educational and material success they’re describing is worth what it takes to get Chapter 6 “The Underside of the Triple Package” is the shortest in the book In spite of its title it’s still a pretty loud cheerleader for the concept of working your butt off to get the highest test scores so you can go to the best college and get the highest paying job – and your reward is to push your child to do exactly the same thing all over again Can we really look at the current state of the economy in America and then look at how it got to be this bad and then accept that premise without uestion?Chua and Rubenfeld discuss at the end of their book how everyone can make a triple package out of whatever they happen to have lying around the house I may be paraphrasing slightly They never ask if we should want to If part of the price of success is agreeing with the idea that you and your group are superior to all others is it right to encourage a cultivation of that sense of superiority? Given how much racism and sexism we’re still fighting shouldn’t we be trying to make a new path to success – and maybe redefining success?

  3. Bookish Bookish says:

    Racist poorly researched tripe This book was clearly written to be sensational and make a buck by being controversial Poorly written book with a racist POV Won't be reading any of her others

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    If not anything else this book was interesting I enjoyed the cultural aspects learned a lot about different groups' attitudes and history and I do agree with some of the premise of this book What it all boils down to is your own personal definition of success Do I admire people who go to great lengths to accomplish almost seemingly impossible things? Yes Do I begrudge anyone for trying to make a better life for themselves or their family? Absolutely not But my definition of success is not driven by this unuenchable need to be the top the best or the richest The uality of your life cannot be defined in absolutes weighed by Ivy League schools and calculated by a pay check Interesting theory about motivation Personally I would love to see our country as a whole strive for But on a personal level greatness can't only be measured by social class and drive Compassion civility morality and goodness count for a whole lot

  5. Andrew Andrew says:

    A book written to stoke controversy and speak taboos But carefully backed up with endless sociological researchAlthough that won't stop professional grievance takers from criticizing it for its conclusion or even its existence Which ironically for them is only going to sell copies There's a very simple thesis here cleverly told superiority complex social insecurity discipline often euals success And immigrant groups intrinsically tend towards these characteristics Which of course is going to annoy peopleFollow me on Twitter DrATaubman

  6. Book Book says:

    The Triple Package How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America by Amy Chua and Jed RubenfeldThe Triple Package presents a provocative thesis that when three distinct forces the Triple Package come together in a group's culture they propel that group to disproportionate success Thankfully these forces or set of valuesbeliefs are accessible to anyone who choose to incorporate them into their lives Yale Professors and best selling authors Chua and Rubenfeld provide the public with a riveting book that is sure to inspire a cultural debate This controversial yet fascinating 304 page book includes the following eight chapters 1 The Triple Package 2 Who's Successful in America? 3 The Superiority Complex 4 Insecurity 5 Impulse Control 6 The Underside of the Triple Package 7 I Institutions and Upward Mobility and 8 AmericaPositives1 A well written well referenced book A page turner2 A fascinating and potentially incendiary producing topic in the capable hands of Professors Chua and Rubenfeld A good use of world history and research to make provocative claims In general I found their observations to be fair and even handed even when they leaned on their own personal cultural experiences3 The book is very provocative and is not afraid to touch on very sensitive topics Overall I think the authors went out of their way to be as edgy as possible without crossing the line Throughout this book we will never make a statement about any group's economic performance or predominant cultural attitudes unless it is backed up by solid evidence whether empirical historical or sociological4 A great job of defining explaining and supporting arguments in favor of their thesis of the three elements of the Triple Package 1 A Superiority Complex 2 Insecurity And 3 Impulse Control Most importantly how these elements work together to instill drive and deliver on defense Superiority plus insecurity is a formula for drive Superiority plus impulse control is a formula for hardship endurance When the Triple Package brings all three elements together in a group's culture members of that group become disproportionately willing and able to do or accept whatever it takes today in order to make it tomorrow5 An interesting look at America's most successful groups as measured by conventional metrics such as income and academic accomplishments If there's one group in the US today that's hitting it out of the park with conventional success it's Mormons Find out what the church holdings aresignificant comes to mind Enlightening sections on Cuban Americans Nigerian Americans Asian Americans and American Jews American Jews are disproportionately successful by pretty much any economic measure The authors focused on a total of eight ethnic groups6 Controversial conclusions The success of Nigerian Americans and certain other black immigrants who face many of the same institutional obstacles and prejudices as African Americans is significantly due to cultural forces7 The book is full of surprises and fascinating tidbits Find out who the most highly educated ethnic group in the United States isI won't spoil it for you8 Interesting observations on religious groups particularly concerning how Mormonism ties into American exceptionalism and how it departs on key theological points from most Christian denominations In particular Mormons reject the doctrine of original sin Also a look at Protestants and the Amish9 Some uotes are memorable I don't consider myself an immigrant I am an exile I did not leave Cuba for economic reasons I left Cuba because of Communism I left because I had to10 A mesmerizing discussion regarding superiority and inferiority as it relates to race African Americans in every stratum of American society including the most successful repeatedly testify to the internal burdens of being black in the United States and `the sheer force of will' reuired to succeed `while being condescended to under the best of circumstances'11 The need to redeem parental sacrifice Impulse control exemplified in Chinese American parenting Excellent examples from different cultural groups12 I really enjoyed learning about the sources of pride from some of the lesser known groups The Lebanese he writes are `descendants of the ancient Phoenicians' a Semitic people who like the modern day Lebanese were famous for being commercially successful wherever they went13 The importance of how to deal with failure The book does a good job of discussing the factors that lead to success Now confirmed by numerous studies the correlation Mischel discovered between impulse control and success is nothing short of jaw dropping There is also a fascinating new wrinkle on the famed marshmallow test14 Eye opening observations Success in America today comes often to groups who resist today's dominant American culture15 Understanding the price to pay for the Triple Package the most glaring pathologies The Triple Package works by making people very good at attaining conventional success so everything depends on how much you think conventional success is worth16 Upward mobility in perspective Rising remains the rule in America not the exception Very good cognitive inducing points though the authors do acknowledge that upward mobility is shrinking17 The causes of success and nonsuccess Many myths debunked including myths involving innate higher I among Chinese American immigrants as a reason for their disproportionate success If Asian students were truly genetically superior to other students they would not be spending twice as much time on homework each week as their peers in order to outperform them Drive predicts accomplishment better than I and the Triple Package generates drive18 Interesting case studies on Appalachians the Amish They aim not to show the world but to be separate from the world and of course Holocaust survivors This one uote moved me Representing six million dead is a grave responsibility and a terrible burden for a child to carry19 A broad brush portrait of the current Triple Package trajectory in America and how to reverse it America declared war on both insecurity and impulse control By 2000 all that remained of the American Triple Package was the superiority complex which by itself leads not to success but to swagger complacency and entitlement20 Justice Sotomayor's success puts a smile on my face Sotomayor's story illustrates just how extraordinary a persona has to be to overcome the odds and institutions she had stacked against her21 Comprehensive notesNegatives1 Sometimes misrepresents the mainstream liberal thinking Example Everyone is eual to everyone else As a progressive thinker that is not what we espouse It's about eual opportunity not eual outcome2 Notes were not linked up A real shame3 We are products of our genes and the environment that we grow up in The focus of the book is on specific cultures but how does biology play into it?4 The authors did a very good job of stating their case that America remains an excellent country for upper mobility but did not discuss in any significant detail the big elephant in the room increasing ineuality gap5 Some comments come across as presumptuous and they were doing so well6 No formal bibliographyIn summary I really enjoyed what turned out to be an enlightening and provocative book I am of the progressive persuasion but a lot of the arguments resonated with me This is a book that hopefully inspires civil conversation on sensitive issues In my view the authors have gone out of their way to be edgy without being disrespectful You don't have to agree with every conclusion to enjoy a book you may not even agree with the tone but you would miss out dearly if you skip this book Why give this book five stars when I clearly didn't agree with everything in it? Because I love books that enlighten inform provoke inflame and bring new ideas to the table I highly recommend itFurther recommendations ASIN1451639619 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R Covey Getting Things Done by David Allen ASIN081298160X The Power of Habit Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg ASIN1583335080 The Willpower Instinct How Self Control Works Why It Matters and What You Can Do to Get More of It by Kelly McGonigal PhD ASIN0307352153 uiet The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain The One Thing by Gary Keller ASIN0374533555 Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman ASIN0307956393 Decisive How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work and Switch by Chip and Dan Heath ASIN0061789089 Power Why Some People Have It and Others Don't by Jeffrey Pfeffer ASIN0316017930 Outliers The Story of SuccessASIN0345527836 Rebounders How Winners Pivot from Setback to Success and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell Rebounders How Winners Pivot from Setback to Success by Rick Newman and ASIN1594484805 Drive The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H Pink

  7. Mof Mof says:

    So a Chinese woman married to a Jewish guy figures out that the Chinese and the Jews are chosen races?Great My suggestion for her is to go to China go to Israel go to Nigeria or go to Cuba There are smart people there mediocre people there and rather dumb people there Then come back and tell me there is a chosen race There is something about stereotypes or heuristics or racism or whatever you want to call it However it is far from a complete explanation of anything But it does help her sell books

  8. Rachel Terry Rachel Terry says:

    I loved Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and I probably would have liked The Triple Package if I hadn't gone into it with such high and specific hopes The premise of the book is that success in modern America depends on three traits Superiority Insecurity and Impulse Control This thesis is backed up by statistical and anecdotal data about 8 cultural groups I'm not sure how Mormons were selected as a cultural group because all the other groups were ethnic groups A religious group like the LDS church spans all kinds of ethnic groups all over the world and doesn't fit neatly among the very specific ethnic groups chosen for the book I can't speak for the assumptions made about Cuban or Lebanese immigrants or Asian Americans but there were some pretty strange assumptions made about the group I belong to Mormons so it makes me skeptical about the rest as well For example Success in business is for Mormons not only a way of proving the superiority of their values and way of life It's also a proof of their divine favor Huh? All in all there is plenty of interesting data in this book but it feels like an article length argument lengthened into a book by way too many statistics and uotes many of which seem to leave you scratching your head instead of pushing you along to a decisive conclusion

  9. Christina Dudley Christina Dudley says:

    Rounding up from 45 stars I read this book in one afternoon Not sure what the flap is about The authors argue that conventionally successful ethniccultural groups share three characteristics 1 a sense of pridesuperiority 2 a sense of INsecurity and 3 impulse control ability to delay gratification As a child of Chinese immigrants even tho' my mom was pretty mild about the whole Chinese thing my tiger dad took off after the divorce the discussion of the Chinese was true to life I knew all about the superiority thing how the Chinese had invented everything worth inventing and the insecurity thing I didn't apply to Stanford as an undergrad because I suspected they preferred white students and the impulse control You get good grades you go to college you get a decent job But the book touches on a variety of immigrant and native groups with the Triple Package including Cuban Americans Mormons and Iranians Totally fascinating Can America recover its mojo? China's world power ascendancy may restore our Insecurity and a crappy economy might help impulse control so we shall see

  10. Margaret Sankey Margaret Sankey says:

    Malcolm Gladwell is contagious Here using the standard best selling formula Chua clearly smarting from criticisms of Tiger Mother lays out three cultural characteristics her Yale Law seminar on Law and Prosperity isolated as making for American success an innate belief in the specialness of your group Cuban expats Nigerian princes Jews as the chosen an individual drive born of family expectations and fear of persecution and an upbringing stressing impulse control and discipline The history offered as evidence is slapdash as is the unspoken trail left for a reader to construct the real message of the book a criticism of lazy entitled American WASPS who suandered their advantages Chua knowing she'd be accused of racism was uick to include a section on how the American system can deliberately set out to crush these traits as well as foster them

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The Triple Package [Read] ➼ The Triple Package ➹ Amy Chua – Yale Law School professors Chua the Tiger Mom herself and husband Rubenfeld argue that the triumph of certain cultural groups in America eg Mormons in business and the highly paid Chinese Americans an Yale Law School professors Chua the Tiger Mom herself and husband Rubenfeld argue that the triumph of certain cultural groups in America eg Mormons in business and the highly paid Chinese Americans and Jews results from three principles members of such groups believe the group is exceptional still feel they must prove themselves and work for future goals instead of immediate satisfaction.