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Not that Kind of Girl ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Not that Kind of Girl Author Lena Dunham – “If I can take what I’ve learned in this life and make one treacherous relationship or degrading job easier for you perhaps even prevent you from becoming temporarily vegan then every misstep of m Kind of PDF Å “If I can take what I’ve learned in this life and make one treacherous relationship or degrading job easier for you perhaps even prevent you from becoming temporarily vegan then every misstep of mine will have been worthwhile This book contains stories about wonderful nights with terrible boys and terrible days with wonderful friends about ambition and the two existential crises I had before the age of twenty About fashion and its many discontents About publicly sharing your body having to prove yourself in a meeting Not that ePUB í full of fifty year old men and the health fears tinnitus lamp dust infertility that keep me up at night I’m already predicting my future shame at thinking I had anything to offer you with this book but also my future glory in having stopped you from trying an expensive juice cleanse or having the kind of sexual encounter where you keep your sneakers on No I am not a sexpert a psychologist or a registered dietician I am not a married mother of three or the that Kind of ePUB ¹ owner of a successful hosiery franchise But I am a girl with a keen interest in self actualization sending hopeful dispatches from the front lines of that struggle”.

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  1. Jill Jill says:

    For someone who has branded herself as “not that kind of girl” by titling her first book Not That Kind of Girl Lena Dunham is still a very specific kind of girl with a very specific kind of girl fan just not that kind Lena Dunham is the kind of girl who can write a sentence that makes you guffaw “That can’t possibly be true and yet you believe it A sentence like this He called me terrible names when I broke up with him for a Puerto Rican named Joe with a tattoo that said mom in Comic Sans She’s the kind of girl who observes reports analyzes and reanalyzes until a situation is both gravid and devoid of meaning She’s the kind of girl who’s self indulgent self involved yet self aware so you can’t fault her for it The kind of girl with a lot of self for better or worse And therein lies her ineffable charm Lena is a self A voice to be adored hated broadcasted muted screamed over listened to raptly A voice to be heard It’s refreshing to hear someone so young believe and argue that she has something to say This confidence in self has led to hordes of fans other girls full of various selves they want to share but don’t exactly know where or how or even if they can because it might be scaryI just wish Lena had taken this platform that she has built and decorated and adorned with Emmys and haters galore by age 28 and said something relevant? It's a haphazardly constructed book assembled like a 3rd grader doing papier mâché for the first time ideas glued together but no idea uite full enough to stand alone no idea uite properly connected to the one attached to it People who have big bursting selves that they are eager to share with a world that is not ready to receive them freuently become bloated on their own raucous tales When I meet people I say barely anything about myself and pepper my partner with uestions I am a listener and I’m completely content living my life this way But sometimes you meet people who take advantage of your proclivity for listening Lena I expect is one such person Sure I agreed to read her book which means I willingly consented to listening to the mundanities and brilliances of Lena Dunham for at least two hundred pages But it was too much at times I don’t want to hear about that one time at summer camp when you were 14 years old unless you were my 14 year old cabin bunkmate during my 14 year old summer at Camp Birch Trails and we’re reminiscing And maybe not even then Midway through the book tempted to skip another essay rehashing the same old topics that I stopped caring about one hundred pages ago I asked myself are there stories that don’t need to be told? As a lover of storytelling my knee jerk response is to say no loudly and declaratively But I’m reconsidering Not every story has some latent meaning awaiting discovery and retrospective analysis decades later Not every story deserves to be shouted from rooftops or graven on paper Some stories are just things that happen To us they’re important We should keep them love them learn from them And then we should pack them in boxes in the backs of our minds mature and aware that there are simply some parts of our selves that we don’t need to share

  2. Crystal Crystal says:

    Why do we care? Actual wisdom none Humor meh Self involved girl writing about her self created problems Got to where she is via luck and privilege Girl bye

  3. susie susie says:

    I'm not this kind of girlI want to love Lena Dunham I'm going to put aside the whole lack of inclusion of any kind of race or ethnicity in her filmic work because she doesn't have any friends who fall outside the privileged upper middle class white demographic so this is what she writes about and that's sad and sort of symptomatic of a new hey i'm cool with people who aren't white I just don't have any friends who aren't white racism – but this is who she is and it's been discussed endlessly and fruitlessly and depressingly and it's sort of like the eually cartoonishly white John Hughes 80's high school movie franchise so let's just talk about this bookShe's a fantastic writer Great turns of phrases her ability to capture a moment is representative of her friend and role model Nora Ephron When she's funny and relatable she reminds me of some of my dearest wittiest pals Her memory or imagination serves her well recreating authentic detail upon detail of childhood experiences with a clarity mine certainly can't Her stories are often shocking and freuently depressing a lot of weird family and sex stories and a lot of simultaneous romanticization of and nostalgia for a life she's still living Expect hefty doses of TMI about both the shocking and the mundane Generally I think it's good to see her success The spotlight is so rarely on a woman and even rarely for her intellectual talents and not her looks So I'm reading this And I'll be knee deep in an essay when she says things likeI still have a lot of guilt for screaming at Jimmy when he ate a banana I had been saving especially since he died of AIDS a few weeks later The summer after sopho year of college I became convinced I too would die of AIDS I simply waited and asked myself uestions was I strong enough to be an activist? What would it feel like to be the face of AIDS in the industrialised world? By the end of summer I was officially living with AIDSSpoiler alert I was fineUh Why would anyone yell about a banana even if it wasn't at someone dying a horrible slow visibly painful and tragic death? Is this supposed to be funny? Relatable? Is that banana anecdote supposed to make me laugh and say Lena is so refreshingly honest I can't count the number of times I've yelled at AIDS patients about bananas? And then to go overboard to immediately skip hop over a real death to narcissistically view herself as the potential face of a disease as serious as AIDS were she to have it? Is that supposed to be funny? Relatable? Deep? Are we supposed to be taken aback at her honesty about human behavior and stupid sometimes impulsive ugly behavior like this? and the dark places our minds go when thinking about death and the unknown? Is this refreshing and new? In my opinion it isn't Her writing shows a life led with some of the worst kind of privilege – self centered and lonely and generally indicative of a lack of empathy toward the suffering of others and a hyper focus on the problems of her charmed life like food diaries and long distance dating woes Expect nothing about the glory of getting to bring your own TV show to life; but do expect stories about making out with the camera man and her private liberal arts college's parties Maybe she's too cool to share the excitement and the very real admirable and hard work behind having her own show but she is not too cool to share with you what she ate for lunch literally every day for several days in a row in excruciating detail Good lord WhyAnd I guess that's the rub with Lena Dunham and maybe the problem with the over sharers of the world being granted autobiographies So often I just don't get why these things are thought or said aloud or why I take the time to read them hoping for something with substanceIt was written and recorded because of her confidence several times throughout the book she says or implies that she's always waited for the moment the world discovers her brilliance and talent which she believes is visible in her every word even when she's talking about her relationship to her therapist andor therapist's kid andor teacher andor teacher's kid Not that she shouldn't be confident but a surprising number of people feel this I am amazing and everything about me is admirable and special way about themselves just look at your instagram feed and note the uantity of selfies Maybe even note the uantity of people you know who relate or look up to Lena Dunham Doesn't it feel like the opposite is true? That they put themselves out there so much because of some kind of insecurity and need for validation?But the problem isn't really Lena The problem is the publishers and the execs and the interviewers and the media who put this work out or highlight it touting its cultural significance and representation of an entire generation's worldview and over documenting the up to the minute every thought and idea enabling her and other confident career driven self declaratory geniuses to hold the cultural spotlight as firmly as she does crotchety old voiceThis kind of writing used to belong on one of those blog things which were sort of like books although they didn't pretend to be culturally significant or important enough to be printed bound and ranked by the New York Times That's where people used to do all the writing they had to do about what they had for lunch or what makes them feel guilty when they close their eyes at night File Under BLOG Maybe they don't make those anyHey get off my lawn

  4. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    Not That Kind of Girl like Not My Kind of BookHonestly the only thought that continuously ran through my head throughout this novel OH THANK GAWD I did not buy this one #LibraryLoveThe cringe factor on this book was almost too much to bear I normally listen to audiobooks out loud but I found myself constantly turning down the volume because the content was so sex heavy that it was honestly embarrassing There's her sexual exploits as she blossoms from a girl who wants sex to a girl who has sex with guys that demean her and finally to a girl who has sex when and how she wants Hurrah And I couldn't have been the only one who was extremely weirded out by the sister molestation scenes Before you turn away this happened when both Dunham and her little sister were younger Essentially Dunham offered her kid sister candy if she could kiss her lips for five seconds Another anecdote was about how Dunham would curiously spread her sister's legs open to peer at what lay between She found pebbles The exploration bit happened when Dunham was 7 and her sister was 1 Now after a cursory google search that may be age appropriate curiosity but why would that be in her memoir?There's no way she could've imagined people reacting positively to that and to expose that bit of family history to the entire world? It felt like an attention grabThe other part bribing for a kiss occurred when they were both older I believe Lena was around preteen age and fully capable of knowing that that isn't right then I got to the scene where she went to town on herself while sharing the bed with her younger sister I physically cringed away from my phone while muting the audiobookThen there's a few essays about how Dunham was raped She mentions how she's an unreliable narrator and then proceeds to give different versions of her own story One where the guy forgot the condom one where she was forced to have sex etc Essentially she didn't realize she was raped until years later because of all the lies and stories she told herself to convince herself that it was consensual Her flippant tone from the audiobook took away any sense of seriousness and her constant backtracking threw me off on what to believeThank goodness I did not purchase this one I could not imagine a book I would want less on my shelves Audiobook Comments She read her own book and was fairly good at conveying emotion throughout Not particularly memorableYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  5. Deborah Markus Deborah Markus says:

    If you read the comments on negative reviews here on Goodreads these are some recurring themes you'll run into You didn't read this whole entire book so you're not allowed to rate or review itSome reviewers are obviously just looking for an excuse to trash booksIf you don't like a book why go on and on about it? Put it down and get on with your life already Think about the things you could have done in time you spent writing this reviewClearly you're just a very negative personI loved it Clearly we didn't read the same bookWhy did you read a book you don't even like?The fact that the last uestion on that list directly contradicts the first is a clue to what's going on hereWhat's going on here is that some readers are treating books they love like sacred textsA friend of mine once got in touch with another friend he hadn't seen in a while She was now devoutly religious and urged him to convert to her faith She was happier than she'd ever been she said and she wanted him to be happy too She gave him a copy of what was now her holy book Please read this she said Then you'll understandHe read it He still didn't want to convert to her religionWhy not? she askedHe attempted to engage her in conversation to discuss issues the book in uestion had brought up for him He wanted to hear her opinions to see how she would answer his uestions She was confused and dismayedThat's not how you're supposed to read it she said You're not supposed to pick it apart like that You're supposed to read it with your heartIt doesn't matter which holy book I'm talking about Everyone who's read any of the livelier comment sections of any of the negative reviews on Goodreads knows that in terms of the attitude I just described I could be talking about Jane Austen or Jane Eyre or the latest YA bestseller People who love these works are sometimes not content with loving the books they love They have to convert the heretics who are refusing to bow to the greatness that stands before themI read this book because I saw people being trashed for disliking it solely because of some understandably infamous passages – uotes that got around so widely that even people who can't remember Lena Dunham's name know some things she claims to have done to her younger sisterYou're taking those uotes out of context commenters insisted You can't judge this book unless you've read itThe short answer Fine I read the book I saw some very good writing I also saw some very repulsive writing And those infamous uotes are to me every bit as creepy in context as out of itThe longer important answer You didn't really mean that you thought the reviewers in uestion should at least read this book before commenting on it You meant that you wanted them to read this book experience a Saul on the road to Damascus blinded by the light conversion fall off their high horses and sing Lena Dunham's praises in exactly the same key you doI watched some clips from Girls I'm planning to see Dunham's film Tiny Furniture because it looks wonderfully bizarre I understand that Lena Dunham is an extremely talented writer actor producer and directorI still don't like this book and yes those uotes are still way creepyThose dots stand for the time it took me to get up and check how many separate copies of Pride and Prejudice I currently own I counted 7 I may not have caught them allThat's too many even for someone who's researching Regency England with an eye to setting a novel there which I amI have an entire set of shelves dedicated to books by and about Austen Not a shelf an entire bookcaseClearly it's time to call the authorities if you can figure out which authorities deal with this sort of madnessI have friends who don't enjoy Austen I have a friend here on GR who specifically dislikes Austen and she's a former English major who's now a university professor Of English literatureI love her comments and reviews and I love her that much for having that spot of inexplicabilityHere are three things I think are true1 If a book is still in print decades or even centuries after it was published you don't have to like it But you should try to understand why it's still around What does it have to offer and to whom? Why is this particular title still in print when the vast majority of books ever published die swift and silent deaths? What made this one different? If you can figure this out and still not like the book you'll have learned something valuable about reading writing readers and writers2 If you write something and you ask someone to please read it and tell you what they think you shouldn't necessarily make all the changes they suggest Maybe you shouldn't make any of those changes But you should ask them why they want you to make the changes in uestion and you should listen very carefully to their answers You should understand completely why they're saying what they're saying And then you should seriously consider their suggestions Even if you end up throwing each one of those suggestions out the window you'll have learned something valuable about reading writing readers and writers3 If you can't understand even a little bit why people like some things you hate and hate some things you like you should take a vow of silence and that includes Internet silence until you figure out how to live in a world full of people whose opinions are different from yoursThere is some good even brilliant writing in this book I can understand why this book is not merely infamous but loved and admiredI don't like this book at all and I sympathize with every person who read the passages about Dunham's sister Grace and said OH HELL NOThose people have a perfectly valid point and provided they're clear and upfront about how much of this book they read and why it skeeved them out they're as entitled to post a rating and a review as anyone else isFor everyone who wondered why I tortured myself reading this book I've had a lot of these ideas on my mind for some time now and this particular review seemed like the ideal time to put them togetherFor everyone who thinks this doesn't count as a real review deal with it

  6. Katie Katie says:

    So the good news is Lena Dunham is wrong She's not the voice of a generation as her thinly disguised version of herself on her TV show once stated Nope she's just the voice of over indulged narcissists who have been so praised for every shit they've ever taken in life that they no longer smell the stink Someone needs to let her know that acting like an annoying precocious child when you're in your late twenties isn't adorable funny or impressive It's too bad because Dunham has flickers of insightful moments on these pages There are some smart observations such as when in a chapter about losing her virginity she notes how permanent virginity feels and then how inconseuential There are some funny moments too like when she writes He had a lot of time to cook his job editing the newsletter for a nonprofit that promoted the global language of Esperanto was 'flexible' Funny right? And self aware enough to partially trick me into thinking she's in on the jokeBut to contrive this book of essays some free form because this girl doesn't abide by RULES as things she's learned makes me cringe There's nothing remarkable about what she writes neither in the content nor in how she tells it It's like a never ending blog post by someone who can't utter a sentence without the word me or I in it In closing I'm going to recount the unintentionally funniest scene from the book After reading an early version of this essay about death and dying my friend Matt asked me Why are you in such a rush to die? I was shocked by the uestion even a little pissed This wasn't about me This was about the universal plightOH THE IRONYLena Lena Lenayour problems are simply not that interesting important or uniue PS I'm not getting into the whole privilege debate You can't help who your parents are and besides forget privilege my personal opinion that everyone on Earth has been waiting for is this chick's upbringing was like a social experiment gone wrong Regardless when your parents have friends in high places you should make sure you're worthy of the favor they're pulling Otherwise it's just extended nepotism

  7. Diane Diane says:

    This book reminded me of that scene in an action movie when an older man performs a stunt and then he mutters to himself I'm getting too old for this shtI am indeed too old to have any patience for this kind of shtty self indulgent writingI had wanted to like this book I like the idea of having a voice like Lena Dunham in the world telling a different story of womanhood And I thought the introduction to this book was good It had this uoteThere is nothing gutsier to me than a person announcing that their story is one that deserves to be told especially if that person is a woman As hard as we have worked and as far as we have come there are still so many forces conspiring to tell women that our concerns are petty our opinions aren't needed that we lack the gravitas necessary for our stories to matter That personal writing by women is no than an exercise in vanity and that we should appreciate this new world for women sit down and shut upI agree with that sentiment however I don't need to read drivel about a silly email you wrote to a boy or about weird boyfriends or all the times you shared a bed with a guy but didn't have sex or your burgeoning interest in exhibitionism or entries from your food journal blah blah blahAfter a strong introduction this book uickly became painful to read and I had to skim to get through it It's a hodgepodge of essays that are fine for a blog but it doesn't make for a compelling read in print I cannot recommend this

  8. Callie *Fights Censorship* Callie *Fights Censorship* says:

    There is nothing gutsier to me than a person announcing that their story is one that deserves to be told Really cause I think that there's nothing narcissistic when you are under 30 and are best known for being naked a lot Seriously unless you are Anne Frank you have no business writing about what you've 'learned' sorry but I'd rather have the perspective of someone who has lived a few decades I'm a woman and I'm tired of hearing about the female struggle Sorry were you sold into human trafficking? Were you homeless or orphaned or abused? No you came from money and wouldn't know suffering if it bitch slapped you in the face Yes everyone has down days and their own tough times but guess what that's part of life it doesn't make you special You weaken the sex when you talk about us being victims I'm not a victim and neither were you Get some perspective

  9. Claire Keating Claire Keating says:

    Yeesh Snooze Snooooooooze Things I like better than this book 1 The critically acclaimed TV show Girls2 Interviews with Lena Dunham3 The illegally released proposal for this book4 The cover of this book5 Toledo The typeface

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    Go find the brattiest most privileged self involved neurotic girlfriend you have you know the one you keep around because every once and a while she's entertaining and because her parents have a great mountain house or drug supply or whatever it is that tickles your fancy and ask her to talk about her childhood After 15 minutes you're bored and yet a little fascinated that someone with so many advantages and so many many many years of intensive therapy could suffer from such little self awareness And that's basically Lena Dunham's new bookI should admit here that I've never seen an episode of Dunham's critically acclaimed show I know very little about her aside from the fact that she really could use a stylist I came to this book genuinely curious about this much heralded voice of the Millennials And after spending part of my weekend reading it cover to cover I just have this to say NO No the self involved protagonist here doesn't deserve to have this moniker because she's giving actual Millennials a bad name From the perspective of both a writer and a reader I can say with than a little confidence that this was a disastrous project How did it get made in the first place? Of course as you read the book you discover that her super elite upbringing at the center of the NY art scene and family connections with oodles of the rich and famous probably has than a little bit to do with her success What great insights does she offer? Not many as it turns out She trots out bitter feelings left over from middle school tells us time and again how precious she is because she befriends grownups rather than kids goes on and on about her anxiety disorder and intensive therapy three mornings a week for years beginning as a tween anyone?? and proudly announces that she was a total slacker throughout her educational career Cute right? I half expected her to tumble out of the end flaps and curtesy all dolled up like Shirley fuckin' Temple Ironically of courseIt's a shame she wasted her college education and cut class for her writing major because maybe if she had gone to class she would have learned that books need things like you know narrative arcs This one is a collection of barely interesting stories about her young life a weird series of lists things my dad taught me why I love New York City what I'm afraid of etc and lots of angsty navel gazing She devotes most of one chapter to reciting for us her food journal from 2010 The most interesting stories aren't hers they're her families' So little struggle has happened in Lena Dunham's life unless you count the time she and Mommy fought about her inappropriate fashion choices for a visit to the Vatican don't worry though she won and scandalized all the stupid religious tourists that she has to borrow her sister's coming out story I tried to suint a little and entertain the notion that Dunham was just being all ironic and edgy but then I'd stumble across earnest little gems like this I missed making things the meaning it gave this long march we call life or horribly overthought efforts to be funny like this For a few weeks we sit at my new therapist's desk and focus on organizing my backpack which looks like a crack addicted hoarder with five toddlers took up residence in its front zipper pocket And so I came to the irrevocable conclusion that she's neither ironic nor edgy but a classic sufferer of special snowflake syndrome Anyone who honestly thinks a fight with her mom is grounds for an emergency call to her therapist ON VACATION really has delusions of grandeur Bottom line Lena Dunham is NOT the best the Millennial generation has to offer I know this because I'm a college professor and I spend most of my working days engaging with students who actually are funny wry bright curious and enthusiastic about the world they're inheriting Dunham doesn't make the grade

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