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Renegade The Making of a President [EPUB] ✻ Renegade The Making of a President Author Richard Wolffe – During his presidential campaign Barack Obama himself told veteran political reporter Richard Wolffe 'You'll get access than anyone else' and Renegade is his uniue story of how a political newcomer wi During his Making of PDF Î presidential campaign Barack Obama himself told veteran political reporter Richard Renegade The PDF/EPUB ² Wolffe 'You'll get access than anyone else' and Renegade is his uniue story The Making of ePUB ↠ of how a political newcomer with no money and an outsider's name grew into the world's most powerful leader But it is also a uniuely intimate portrait of the person behind the iconic posters and the man codenamed 'Renegade' by his Secret Service protectors Wolffe portrays an historic candidate and his until now inscrutable character and campaign in untold stunning detail from his university lecturer's office in Iowa to the Oval Office in Washington With unprecedented access gained over a dozen exclusive interviews with Obama Wolffe shares with us his front row seat We fly on the candidate's plane and ride in his bus on an odyssey across a country in crisis; we stand next to him at a bar on the night he secures the nomination; and feel the tension backstage as he delivers his convention speech to a stadium crowd and a transfixed TV audience Renegade is not just an election epic but is also an insightful biography of the new President of the United States.

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  1. Bettie Bettie says:

    I will be all over the graphic version when it comes out

  2. Anna Anna says:

    I cried reading this the first time at work and I cried rereading it now It's a little fawning over Obama butit works for me This will sound cheesy but I'll read the part about election day a lot because I never want to forget that day or that moment I think it will be one of those days like when JFK was assassinated or 911 when people ask each other for the rest of their lives where they were at that moment I'll always remember and I like to read about that moment from Obama's perspective ish And of course about everything else that happened up to that moment

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Of all the self styled pundits on television Richard Wolffe is the smartest most low key and circumspect Come to think of it he is the ONLY smart low key and circumspect teevee talking head That's why when I heard he'd written a book about Obama I had to read it immediatelyGlad I did too In addition to the fact that he had direct and freuent access to Obama throughout the campaign and after which means of course that he has lots of inside stuff to tell us he weaves various timelines and storylines together competently patiently and methodically The result is surprisingly compelling even though we know the ending before we beginApparently Obama suggested to Wolffe midcampaign that he write such a book as this one Wolffe dismissed the suggestion for a while but changed his mind thank heavensIf you're an Obama fan you'll be glad to learn that Obama is indeed the decent good and scary smart person you thoughthopedbelieved him to be and that he wasis truly committed to changing the tenor of American political discourse If you're not an Obama supporter you probably won't be reading this book anyway so the facts as Wolffe presents them won't be challenging your preconceptions This is an important record for the rest of us

  4. Chris Ziesler Chris Ziesler says:

    On the face of it Renegade tells the story of the Obama campaign for the primaries and the historic Presidential Election of 2008 This in itself is a story worth telling In fact it presents a much profound and interesting story than merely providing us with another campaign account Wolffe was granted unrivaled access to the Obama campaign He used that access wisely and well Wolffe with his journalist's eye for detail and his sharp ear for the telling phrase narrates his way through the critical months of Obama's rise to power interweaving vital biographical background to provide us with satisfying and complete picture of the candidate than any other commentatorWhat makes his account uniue are the numerous personal asides comments and insights given by Obama to the author as they trek together through the arduous months of the campaign trail Of course we all know the eventual outcome of one of the most iconoclastic and improbable campaigns of modern times but Wolffe's major success is in bringing alive the key moments of the campaign such as the setbacks like losing the New Hampshire primary the intimate details of the campaign Biden pounding on McCain's door in anger because McCain had refused to take a phone call being one of my favorites the moments of genuine doubt and of course the eventual triumph An interesting recurrent theme in the book is Obama's love of and dedication to basketball He had played good high school level ball and had even dreamed of trying to make the professional grade Although he ultimately found an outlet for his energies and skills elsewhere he never lost his passion for the game His love of basketball was something he shared with Wolffe who had also played at high school and college There a numerous instances in the book of Obama grabbing a few free moments to play some pick up ball with his team to get away from the intense pressure of events to mentally recharge and to reconnect himself with the tangible ideas of teamwork dedication skill and common effort towards victory that are so familiar to anyone who has ever played a team sportThe victory was in large part due to Obama's personality his directed intelligence his calmness in a crisis his ability to sum up difficult situations and take decisive action to effective address the problem his discipline and hard work and above all his ability to motivate and lead a team towards achieving a difficult objective Wolffe also reflects that one of the purposes of the long election process in the US is to stress test the candidate for their ability to cope under pressure It may be an imperfect process but it certainly has merit in testing the metal of a candidate over a prolonged period for their fitness to hold the highest office in the land and the most powerful elected position in the world It is very instructive in following the 2016 presidential campaign to consider which of the two presidential candidates displays similar traitsAs we discover right at the end of the book the original idea was to provide an answer to the uestion with which Wolffe challenged Obama as the campaign drew to a close just who is Barack Obama? Wolffe succeeds admirably in answering that uestion in depth and in detail

  5. Gerry Sacco Gerry Sacco says:

    I very much enjoyed this book It read as a very fair and accurate portrayal not just of a once in a lifetime campaign but also on a once in a lifetime president I’ve always been a Barack Obama supporter my mom was much later on as she was a Hillary supporter But we both have a great adoration for the man now From saving the economy to helping push marriage euality to giving millions including my mom the right to healthcare he has achieved many great things But to get there he needed to win And this book is uite the journey of just that his historic winIt was so interesting seeing someone who is so brilliant be flustered and even annoyed at times Someone who is so charismatic fail to win over people It’s also really something else to see someone have the guts to continuously refuse to go low in the campaign trail and even go so far as to yell at his staff when they do it behind his back and then make sure it never happens again It’s also beautiful to see him invite his secret service members to thanksgiving dinner table because they’d be away from their family’s to protect his and why wouldn’t you? Only to then find out it was a big deal because no one had before My girlfriend likes to put uotes in each of her reviews And honestly of all people how could I not? It’s funny because I compare him a lot to JFK and in this book the same comparison is drawn a few times So of course you could have uotes for daysI guess the one I would pick is “It is not enough to give health care to the sick or jobs to the jobless or education to our children But it is where we start It is where our union grows stronger And as so many generations have come to realize over the course of the two hundred and twenty one years since a band of patriots signed that document in Philadelphia that is where the perfection begins”I very much enjoyed his discussions about religion and race His honesty and earnestness were exactly what I’d expect

  6. Jana Perskie Jana Perskie says:

    On March 18 2008 presidential candidate Barak H Obama spoke to the American people from Philadelphia He addressed race in a manner that has rarely been discussed in a public forum before But Barak Obama was a historical candidate running for the presidency of the United States of America in extraordinary times And he spoke as someone from both inside and outside the African American experience Two days after this address he approached award winning journalist Richard Wolffe who had been covering the Obama campaign for Newsweek Magazine ever since the candidate announced his run for the presidency on January 16 2007 Wolffe while interviewing Obama told him that his story was largely unknown even though he had written a bestselling memoir Dreams From My Father A Story of Race and Inheritance Wolffe said People want to know who you are Who are you? That's the uestion people are going to ask six months from now and six years from now The candidate agreed with Wolffe's assessment and asked the journalist to write a Theodore White kind of book about the campaign Mr White won the Pulitzer Prize for general nonfiction in 1962 for his book The Making of the President 1960 about the campaign between Richard M Nixon and John F Kennedy He then went on to write outstanding books about the 19641968 and 1972 presidential campaigns Wolffe dismissed the notion of authoring a Making of a Present type book He said there was already too much press coverage He told the future president to my great dismay that publishers want partisan screeds nowadays They don't want reporting Wolffe then went on to say or think Teddy White How archaic The poor man Obama doesn't understand the media The condescension of the author is outrageous as he terms obsolete the ever relevant Mr White and the what sells in print naivetee of Obama That was a real turn off for me Given the very nature of candidate Barak Obama his lovely family the historical significance of an African American man entering the presidential campaign with a woman Hillary Clinton as his leading contender his eventual opponent John McCain with his own historic and dramatic story and the unlikely choice of Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential candidate a journalist would have to be a total flop to write a bad book about such events And Richard Wolffe is certainly no slouch Drawing on some twenty four months of coverage and countless interviews with Barak Obama Wolffe has attempted to answer the Who is he? uestion Because of all the media coverage of all the candidates and campaigns there is little that surprised me in Renegade which by the way was the Secret Service's name for Obama during his candidacy There are a few new tidbits especially about events surrounding Hillary Clinton's appointment as Secretary of State I did find myself wishing for a Theodore White kind of book however with objective coverage about both Democrat and Republican campaigns their conventions and platforms and gossipy details of infighting etc from behind the scenes Renegade gives us a biased look at the amazing story of Barak Obama's presidential run and his big win in November 2008 The reader is given a ring side seat to the candidates long journey from freshman senator 99th out of 100 senators in seniority who had trouble gaining admission to the Democratic convention in 2000 to President of the United States What a ride Yet there is something lacking here perhaps the tension and excitement which would have come from a bipartisan coverage I enjoyed the read but I was a Hillary supporter long before I fell in line and campaigned for Obama I would have liked to read at the very least an Obama staff summary of why she lost the nomination What were her biggest mistakes? The biggest mistakes her staff made? I'd like to know why in the world John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate There are portions of the book however which are uite moving I learned that the future President Obama is in fact a man of moral character a family man and a brilliant man with a natural ability to lead and the strength to tackle difficult issues with tremendous energy and an openness and realistic optimism that inspires There are passages like His memoir revolved around something and someone not present in his childhood his African father and his African American identity Even that was a partial view obscuring the role of his mother and grandparents the white family that raised him He was obviously black yet he grew up with a white perspective He was American yet he grew up with an international perspective He was a Democrat who sought to understand the Republican perspective He was a moderate who spoke the language of radical change and a progressive who spoke in moderate tones Now that is wonderful descriptive writing and right on target Unfortunately Mr Wolffe's prose does not flow He is all over the place with his timelines In one paragraph he writes about an incident which takes place during the campaign for the Democratic Party's nomination and two paragraphs later he has the now president elect making cabinet decisions A few pages along the reader gets excerpts of Obama debating McCain and then we are back at the Iowa and Nevada caucuses There are few segues which allow the reader to smoothly make the transitions in time and place I really expected from this journalist whom I respect and admire And I would like to know who edited the book So if you are an Obama fan as I am try to buy the book used or borrow it I won't tell you not to buy it at full market price because I did and am really not sorry I would have been hard pressed to wait for the paperback edition I give it 35 Stars for the writing and 4 Stars for the content

  7. Anthony Anthony says:

    This book tells the story of a freshman senator with a funny name and no money and how he overcame insurmountable odds hurdles and obstacles to make a successful run for the presidency of the United States Given the code name Renegade by his secret service team Barack Hussein Obama provides a series of exclusive interviews while on the campaign trail an up close ground level look into who he is in the public eye and during his private moments

  8. Brian Ayres Brian Ayres says:

    I must admit that I voted and support Barack Obama which might cloud the issue of why I read and enjoyed Richard Wolffe's analysis of his rise to power However Wolffe's book while a touch long is well written and well sourced and is not simply a blow by blow account of the 2008 primary and general election campaigns Wolffe does steal a lot from Obama's two books particularly Dreams from My Father his autobiographical struggles with his racial identity Wolffe uses Obama's words and experiences to illustrate just how Obama rose from Illinois obscurity to the presidency Yes Wolffe is a homer having been given a dozen full length interviews with Obama over the course of the campaign I did find it a bit much when Wolffe continued to illustrate the literal emotions Obama evoked from senior staff like David Axelrod and Marty Nesbitt after speeches or rallies But Wolffe does successfully show why Obama was a POLITICAL renegade He did not wait in line after Hillary Clinton and took what he felt he could win And he did it with his ideas and style It is in this regard as to why Obama is angering those on the progressive left of the Democratic party particularly by not overreaching on health care with a single payer plan or upsetting teachers' unions by devising strategies to fire bad teachers Don't let the Audacity of Hope rhetoric fool you Obama is a realist and wants to keep winningI like Obama not only for his ideas and intellect but because he was willing to turn pages on certain history particularly the old tired arguments of the 1960s While his win was truly historic and Wolffe's account amounts to a first draft it is my hope that Obama's victory in 2008 will lessen the implicit biases of race and party Call me naive but isn't that what Hillary Clinton and John McCain called Obama until he won?

  9. Gary Charles Gary Charles says:

    RenegadeThis book is interesting because it actually put you in the shoes of the president through everything The pressure the elections and the life as president This book is detail in how things works in the white house In this book there is only one main person I whould like to be and that is barrack Obama Because it is a bibliography on one specific person it is hard to choose When I read this book I felt somewhat inspired to try my best because reading this book makes you realize that not everything in life is easy The book showed how Obama was little living with his grandparents and how he had to work every day But while working he still managed to have time for school I complain all the time on how my life is so hard but this book showed me that my life is easy compared to what some people had to do because I know if I had to go through all the stuff that Obama did as a child I would not know how to handle it My favorite line is actually a uote that Obama told to a group of students in Washington He said “in school you are taught a lesson and then given a test In life you're given a test that teaches you a lesson” and I have never heard that uote before but when I read it I was somehow instantly connected and understood the message that he was trying to put out to the kids When Richard Wolffe wrote this book his intentions was to educate people on political life and the struggles of becoming president The part of the book that caught my attention was the part in the book when Obama became president Well since the book was about Obama and his Life I could somewhat predict how the book would end and that him being president of the United States of America

  10. Miranda Miranda says:

    Disappointing I was expecting mostly a descriptive behind the scenes narrative of the campaign What I got was of an argument and a pretty oppressive one at that for why President Obama is so awesome A subset of that argument is most definitely how awful all the other options were Clinton McCain former President Bush It's fine to provide nuance or correct some misstatement propagated by Obama's opponents but this was invariably followed by a dig at the aforementioned other options For example Obama misspoke at an event but his misstep was NOWHERE NEAR AS BAD as the TERRIBLE FOOLISH MISTAKE made by Senator McCain Why is that necessary? Unsurprisingly the author's bio on the jacket insert notes that he appears freuently on the Keith Olbermann showThe author does provide some amusing andor interesting tidbits and stories that were at least new to me Interesting is a relative term though I would not characterize this as a page turner Also the organization was thematic rather than chronological It wasn't difficult to follow because I followed the campaign but it was choppy and might become difficult for a reader as time passes Just further indication that the real point of this book is to praise the renegade less to report on his story

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