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Kissing Snowflakes ❰Read❯ ➫ Kissing Snowflakes Author Abby Sher – This fun sweet wintertime book is filled with humor and romance The picturesue mountain ski lodge is the perfect place to spend winter break if you have a boyfriend Otherwise that cozy leather couch i This fun sweet wintertime book is filled with humor and romance The picturesue mountain ski lodge is the perfect place to spend winter break if you have a boyfriend Otherwise that cozy leather couch in front of the crackling fire looks a lot less inviting Good thing that there are lots of cute blond sweater wearing ski instructors around to choose from.

10 thoughts on “Kissing Snowflakes

  1. Heather Heather says:

    i had such high hopes for this book i was craving a winter read and i was soon disappointed within the first few pages of this bookthis is the kind of book you have to force yourself to finishi put this book down and then started reading two other books because i just didn't have any desire to finish this thing why would you cram divorce into a short winter book? then we have to deal with the stepmom and all that crapi just don't think you should put that in a short book that's supposed to be a winter readsome of the stuff in this book iswellwronglike 'hot snow stud' and 'ook me out'she's one of those authorswho say things like 'felt like my mouth was full of fuzzy marbles' and us readers are sitting there saying what does that even mean?and who 'listens to the sky' or 'kisses snowflakes'? when i first read the title i thought it was just figurativelyjust a cute title for a winter booknot people literally kissing snowflakeswhat is kathylike 40 somethin goin on 6?? what a ditsy airheaded idioti always wanted realrelatable characterswho don't look perfectbut when i finally get one like thatits stuff like this i have long droopy earshair like mud and stringy arms and legs'a little too realif you ask meeveryone in this book either had droopy ears or droopy eyesor saggy lipsif the author left that out then she described people like this one guy was shaped like a big rectangle with huge shoulders and a tiny headone was pear shapedwith huge legswth is up with this author?ive never looked at a guy and said he's pear shapedthis is another one of those characters who thinks winter break is all about romance trying to hook up with someoneits like those romantic comedies where all the girls want to hook up with someone on their vacationsthat's not what i think about over vacationsthe main character asks for someone 'to share the sky with' how about just someone to fall in love with?why the heck did she keep calling herself by her middle name how weird she started out making fun of drew because he was so good looking and he knew it and then starts makin fun of everything he sayswhich teenage boys don't say anyway i mean has the author even been around boys?because no boy on this planet talks like thatwhy was she so caught up with aaronwho hadn't said one word to her? then she liked that one guy from the play they were both indrew was constantly calling her dumb names stuff no guy sayslevy or samor we the heck her names was makes over him while alternately making fun of himshe's one of those girls who after the guy asks a simple uestion like 'are you ok?' she's like i hope he wouldn't keep checking up on me i mean what the heck duz she want??i hate characters who drinki mean she just goes along with everyone elsewho she just meti was even disappointed with the book after that1st she gets talked into drinkingactually there was no persuading because sam just went along with it blindlythen her and a guy she just met start makin out and almost do itthen she's like levy what did you just do?u cud have had sex with a guy in a hottubwho does that with someone they just met? then she's like i had a hangover like an adultif that's what growing up and being an adult means to you then i'm so glad im not that waythis girl was STUPIDall this made me sorry for the guy she ended up with 2have2 get stuck with this girlthen that brainless idiot drew who says things like 'one hot mama' was supposed to know what impetuous meanti swear its just like love on the lifts by rachel hawthornei know sam's ramblings were supposed2 be funnybut they weren't at allim sick of these unrealistic storylines where all the girls wanna do is hook up with someone on their vacationwho thinks like that?what friends tell their friends they should do that?when sam told off that woman in the lobby for yelling at eric i was like r u serious? that was telling sum1 off? i could have done better without even tryingsam couldn't tell anyone in this book offit was so stupidthen she sed eric was weird for drawing in the dark when i don't even remember it bein dark 2ndsams the weird onecompletelytotally weird and yet she kept throwing around the word weird at everyone elsethe electrocuted dance just did me inthat was like the final straw on her weirdnessi just couldn't take itwhy don't u just flip ur hair around instead of flapping ur arms around and running around like you got electrocuted?something else that was stupid im starting to lose count tote hilare and tote fabu wth who talks like that? actuallywho talks like anyone in this book?no1 in here talked appropraitely for their ageu just know the author is really like her charactersbecause you couldn't make all this weirdness up otherwisethe way the author describes stuff is ridiculous and so off baselike everything turned pink and my head felt like it was on backwardsthen i opened my eyes the sky turned greenwhen it was really just erics eyeswhen has anyone confused that for the sky?then little swimmy monsters in the sides of my visionthis girl was all over the placemost ppl would say just give me 10minutes but in here she says give me just 10 minutesnever really resolved the whole stepmom thingdon't put it in there if you aren't going to resolve it in the endthen almost at the end of the book she throws in a new problem that her best friend likes the guy she used to likebut they never solved that eitheri mean wththe conversations in here were stupid wackadoo and yupyeah and goodgood yeahyeah goodgreat yeahmuch there againwho talks like that?

  2. The Candid Cover (Olivia & Lori) The Candid Cover (Olivia & Lori) says:

    Kissing Snowflakes is a wintry drama with plenty of skiing The serious topics in the book balanced out the fluff and the resort setting is so peaceful However I found the main character to be dislikable so I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I had hopedThis book tells the story of a ski trip celebrating the remarriage of the main character’s dad On the trip Sam meets a cute ski instructor and finds herself falling for him However the time she spends with him the she realizes that he might not be the one for her I loved the resort setting and the relaxing winter break vibes There is also a good mix of drama and fluff I was actually surprised to see topics like divorce discussed in the story since books like this one aren’t typically too heavy Kissing Snowflakes is overall super cosy and perfect for the winterI didn’t really like Sam’s character I found her to be too clingy and naive and the way she acts can be so immature I also didn’t like the way she treats her best friend from home and how she doesn’t even give her stepmom a chance Some of Sam’s actions are understandable but most of them are pretty frustrating I would have preferred if she was considerate and listenedKissing Snowflakes is a cute and wintry read filled with skiing and drama I enjoyed the relaxing resort setting but the main character didn’t satisfy me I would still recommend this one though it would be better suited for those new to the YA genre

  3. Fuzzy Gerdes Fuzzy Gerdes says:

    Before I say anything about Kissing Snowflakes you should know that a I am not in the target demographic for this book being neither a teenager nor a girl and b I'm friends with the author Abby Sher improvista essayist and now novelist Having gotten those caveats out of the way it's wonderful Samantha Levy is headed to a Vermont ski resort with her brother father and brand new step mom and without her best friend Can anything good come out of the trip? Maybe Drew the handsome blond ski instructor? You'll find in alphabetical order art betrayal caddish behavior a dog drinking friendship kissing literature mom issues talk of sex and some skiing

  4. Taylor Taylor says:

    I really liked this book It was the first romance book I've ever read

  5. Natalie Natalie says:

    25 stars I wasn’t really into the story and I didn’t like the main character that much She was whiny and really immature and she ran hot and cold with everyone I liked the love interest he was my favorite character but I couldn’t see what he saw in someone as unpleasant as Sam It’s also wintery than Christmassy but it was overall okay

  6. Trisha Trisha says:

    This was very cute A great winter read about a winter vacation in the beautiful mountains full of skiing and winter romanceExcept there is also drama Sam is on vacation because her dad just got remarried and she isn't really sure how to handle itSo I did like this book it's pretty adorable But Sam is pretty fiery and I wasn't always happy with her reaction to things But it was pretty realistic at least

  7. Stefanie Stefanie says:

    re read in 2018 so it still manages to keep some of the charm that I enjoyed four years ago and I’m finding I’m not liking as much young adult as I once did Original 2014 review love books like this that make you happy when you read Always love a fluffy happy read that just happened to be a perfect December read

  8. Isha Isha says:

    I had high hopes for this book but in the end I thought it was just really immature I read a lot of YA but this just felt very underdeveloped and childish in all the bad ways I did not like Sam at all I found her to be overdramatic whiney immature and a brat The other characters weren't developed either What really bugged me was how she either very naive or held grudges the entire time There was no in between Phoebe view spoilerIt was so frustrating that Sam could not forgive her They didn't really make up at the end even after Sam has clearly moved on with Eric hide spoiler

  9. Sam Sam says:

    This book was a very fast read partly because of the large type in the book and the fact that I didn't think it was very long The story was okay typical teen drama unfolds all focused on 'will he kiss me??' 'Is he the one??' The fact that I am no longer 15 thank god made this book kind of boring and blood boiling It wasn't anything than a 'harleuin' novel for teens and the fact that the main focus seemed to be about getting kissed made me want to throw the book in the corner However probably the redeeming factor was that the main character Sam was smart and did not give in to peer pressure which I liked no damsels in distress for me So overall 2 stars the writing was ho hum the story was ho hum but I liked Sam and Ericcute couple

  10. Lauren Lauren says:

    I thought this book was uite a typical ‘fantasy’ teenage romance book I have read many books with the same kind of story line A girl whos parents are split the girl is dragged on holiday with dadmum and new step mumdad and meets a jok goes out with the jok and all he is a player then some other uieter guy comes along and they fall in love For this reason this book was not as enjoyable but for someone looking for a book on that story line this is the perfect book I did not enjoy this book as it was to cliché and predictable I did not find the plot interesting and at all a tiny bit realisticeven though it was fiction

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