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  1. J.L. Leslie J.L. Leslie says:

    Dreama's Destiny is a new take on paranormal romance for mewith a Scale and a sexy hybrid vampire Dreama is a Scale which is a witch who is supposed to keep the balance between light and dark She starts out in the beginning of the book claiming to be shy but I didn't really see that characteristic in her Her actions don't really portray her as being shy for me If anything maybe she wanted to be guarded and that was possibly due to her past relationship but the moment she meets Zane all of that is out the window I will say that I think the fact that she wanted to be guarded and to protect herself made her come across as a little indecisive when it came to Zane but they definitely had chemistry Wow I love the twists in the plot of this book The writers keep you guessing and the book flowed well for it to be written by two authors The villain Jake is eerie and creepy the way a villain should be He makes your skin crawl I was a little confused about Dreama's interactions with him at times though She originally seemed very afraid of him but then would be okay being around him There is a jaw dropping moment where I thought What are you doing Dreama? but I think we all have those moments and it made for good drama in the book which I love I do love how she seemed to grow stronger as a female as the book went on She seemed sure of herself and what she was destined to be as both a woman and a Scale by the end of the book The action suspense and love scenes were great and I love the paranormal destiny aspect weaved into the plot We glimpsed just enough of the secondary characters especially Garrett to want of them I definitely recommend this book to paranormal lovers who are wanting than just a typical vampire love story If I were to change anything at allit would be the coveronly because I think Dreama looks a little too young on the cover and makes the book appear to be YAwhich from those steamy sex scenes it is definitely not I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  2. Ramneek Ramneek says:

    Thanks to the lovely authors who sent me a free copy in exchange for a review'Dreama's Destiny' is a fast paced and thrilling paranormal book which is thoroughly enjoyable and can be a great uick and short read for anyone The novel is completely captivating from the beginning and you find yourself sucked in by the mythology of the supernatural creatures The book revolves around Dreama and Zane Dreama is a witch a very powerful type and Zane is the darkness to her light a vampire Not only are they at their strongest when they are together but they are destined to be together forever And to think this all started when Dreama kissed Zane at a club for a dare Sex on a dance floor answered Brooke And it was so much hotter than the almost sex on the barstoolDreama is a captivating character she was very strong and sure of herself but there wasn't a lot of depth to her emotionally so many awful things happened to her and I felt like her reactions could have been written better I loved the fact that the authors mixed up the usual dynamics of the heroheroine as in this book Dreama was the one saving Zane's ass which was really awesome and different to read aboutZane was of course being a vampire a bit of a swoon worthy hero sometimes it got on my nerves the way he treated Dreama but hey no hero is perfectThe third person POV in this novel was written really well and the way it alternated focusing on either Dreama or Zane was done very cleverly and at the perfect times I really enjoyed the mythology in this book however the authors started to reveal it 14 of the way through the book and they told both the witches and the vampires back story one after the other so it was a lot to take in and maybe should have been revealed slowly but other than that I really loved the reasons why Dreama and Zane were brought together Overall anyone who enjoys Adult Paranormal Romance would love this novel it is a short uick and sexy read that will have you itching to read about the characters especially after the way that the book was left

  3. T.R. Horne T.R. Horne says:

    I really enjoyed Dreama's Destiny by Hines and Bigham I felt like I kept trying to find my way back to the book when I had things going on in my life that tore me away Dreama and Zane have a very special love story that takes place in a span of three days You almost ask yourselfwow has it only been three days? I lot occurs in the timeframe between Dreama and Zane's first meeting and their fate of defeating an evil they didn't fully understand I thought the authors did an amazing job of writing this novel as it was easy to read and had a good flow Not too fast paced and not too slow very even keel I really liked Zane's personality because I could identify with him than Dreama because she made silly decisions throughout the book One decision of the double date almost had me upset and wondering why it was written in Luckily the authors seamlessly kept the action going and I moved on past the thoughts of WTF? to a place of wondering what would happen next I also found it smart the way the authors have the series heading It doesn't give too much overkill in Dreama and Zane's relationship but opens Pandora's box to a whole area no one knew about If I could give one additional critiue it would only be to change the cover of the book This book is so vibrant and sexy that the cover gives it a dreamy uality instead of a sexy vibrant cover preferably with Zane in it Other than that I was very pleased reading this book and can't wait to see the next book TR Horne author of Breaking Mobius and Crazy Dirty Love Book reviews posted on wwwragingbookreviewswordpresscom

  4. Myra Espino Myra Espino says:

    I was given a copy in exchange for an honest reviewDreama’s Destiny is a great book I love the concept of the story It’s interesting and I was intrigued not just on the story but also in the characters The flow of the story is also good it’s easy to understandThe characters they are well written and I love their personalities They are easy to love and like I love how they complemented each other The chemistry of the characters is easily felt Dreama I love her attitude she’s may be a bit shy but the way she dealt with Zane from the start is really great Loved it Dreama is a very special person and I was really intrigued about her how she’s special and all Zane on the other hand he’s sweet and bad ass hot So loved him Really a guy you can count on and drool lolThe story I really loved it From the start up to the last it really holds my interest There are no dull moments The revelations of the characters are unexpected and I loved it For me everything is perfect The way the story ended is also GREAT Loved it I’m not disappointed on how everything went out The authors really did a great job in creating a book like this interesting good story and amazing characters

  5. Brandi Hines Brandi Hines says:

    I received this book free from the author who happens to be my sister in exchange for an honest reviewA young woman who has kept her secrets safe for years betrayed by her own family begins to realize the past has a way of catching up with you no matter how far you run Her destiny although unknown to her has guided her through life keeping her safe while protecting the balance between good and evil When Dreama meets Zane they form a bond that cannot be broken not even when her ex lover tries to come between themDreama's Destiny starts out by grabbing your full attention and as the story progresses you find yourself captivated by her world and unable to stop turning the pages I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who has a passion for fantasy and adult romance Once you step into Dreama's Destiny you will be awaiting the second book as much as I am

  6. Nicolas Wilson Nicolas Wilson says:

    Review by Nic's wifeI wish this book or the reviews for it had included a trigger warningTo be honest I really struggled with this book the writing was somewhat above average for the romance I've stumbled across but the authors didn't put enough effort into providing the characters with personalities outside of their relationship once they'd met and there were so many problematic plot points that I frankly felt ueasy half the way through and barely made it through to the end I don't care for the rich controlling alpha male stereotype anyways though so much romance features it that it's no longer an active dislike just a hunh again? But the authors' uniue twists on it left me grateful than ever for my empathetic dialogue loving husbandIf you like paranormal romance divergent takes on vampireswitches alpha males and submissive women you may enjoy this But for me it was one of the most unpleasant reads I've encountered this yearIt could use a solid proofread because there were multiple homophone errors Your you're etc errors in comma usage and errors of the type that spell check wouldn't catch Causality vs Casualty omitted words his vs him etc Not the worst edited thing I've seen but a far cry from the bestTrigger warningSubstantial portions of the plot were not believable Substantial portions came across as subtly hostile to women particularly sexually active women and sexual assault victims The writing was above average outside of that but still had some rough edges I was peeved by the authors' repetition of some phrases especially during sex scenesMost importantly though this book left me feeling as though I had been assaulted despite the competent elements of the writing There's some intriguing elements to the story and worldbuilding which is why I told Nic I'd likely finish it before he could polish off a chapter But I had not at all expected all of the problematic portionsI'm hesitant to post so many spoilers but it's pretty integral to explaining why I had the reaction I had and why by my thinking survivors of abuse and sexual assault and those who work or live closely with them as well as those who identify as feminists may want to avoid reading this book The book heavily eroticized and romanticized sexual assault in psychologically damaging ways and to my mind both of the sympathetic male characters are little better than the villain sexually assaulting the character Consider this your last trigger warning if you need one view spoiler#1 Substantial elements of the book were written with judgmental language and plotting like slutshaming and portions that caricatured sex workers and strip clubs in ways not seen since Striptease hit theaters Included numerous references to weak loose moraled women being forced to give the manager uh favors while he conducted business and narration euating strippers with not having self respect even when one was supposedly a sympathetic character as Dreama the main character's roomie and friend That stereotype is old and tired and shows a lack of research Diablo Cody Lily Burana anyone? as well as being demeaning and dehumanizing to women who really do that kind of work It was unpleasant but over fairly soon If only all of the other miscellaneous judgments about women's sexuality had been too#2 The heroine was sexually assaulted not once but twice by her ex during the book The first time her current beau and the fellow he'd gotten to watch her apartment Creepy were aware of the attempted rape as it happened but neither one of these sympathetic males even struggled with the decision to interrupt it they just let it happen and let the plot play out after the fact because#3 Her watcher was told to just watch and reports his findings to her boyfriend to get him to forgive her for being a slut as her ex has convinced her new guy she is But he doesn't attempt to help because he was told to just watch her Just watch Even when he's watching a man attempting to force himself on a woman Worse yet she has a psychic connection with her boyfriend because their first tryst was the right kind to magically mark her as his and now her body is ahem sealed to her attacker which is the only reason the rape doesn't happen He experiences her struggle and agitation but doesn't consider helping her because he'd rather assume it's her being pissed about not being able to do it with her other partner then make the logical connection about what he notices her experiencing The male ownership inherent in the idea of marking her is outdated in the first place but his reaction is an unsympathetic justification leading to my being completely unable to see his friend as a sympathetic character or him as a romantic hero only as a jerkwad who ignores sexual assault especially in light of the following#4 The second sexual assault happens when her ex having already attempted to rape her in #2 forces her into going on a double date with him and her new beau and her roomie by dint of his threat to kill any of them if she doesn't adhere to his rules Not once upon finding out that her ex is dating her roomie does she attempt to warn the girl that he nearly raped her THE NIGHT BEFORE or tell the girl that she has a restraining order against him During the double date he coerces her into dancing with him which infuriates her current beau in a creepy way since he KNOWS why she's going along with it and then her wannabe rapist follows her into the bathroom when she tries to get away from her lover's hurtful actions forces himself on her as best he can considering her sealed state and then the rest of the novel is spent with her current lover forcing her to apologize for the guy assaulting her by letting him punish her sexually and emotionally This is uite painful to read and only gets worse when#5 Her current beau has angry sex with her as part of his challenge to her to redeem herself and then ushers her out the window to enact his plan to catch her ex and remove the threat without discussing ANY of it with her or treating her as anything other than a game piece Why the didn't he set his plan up for before she got sexually assaulted or attempt to rescue her during especially given the earlier laid out connection they have? Or at least not force her to blame herself and prove her loyalty to him for the bad decision of having put herself in a situation for the assault Not direct uotes but inferences from the dialogue of the text rendered over multiple paragraphs through the last 13 14 of the book She is forced to apologize multiple times multiple ways for daring to go along with the guy who she believes could and will kill her's plans because it made her poor new husband uncomfy That kind of man doesn't deserve to call himself a husband The double date was not justified well enough in the story but she made the decision in an effort to protect her friends and sexual assault is still sexual assault Not any of the framings set out after her not being faithful enough or not being considerate of her guy's feelings or of it just being her body still responding to an old flame or her deserving blame for agreeing to the double date and thus setting herself up for itDreama's fieriness in other aspects of the narrative made her willingness to accept the blame for the problematic portions of the story especially disappointing It was disappointing seeing Dreama consistently cut out of any ownership in her future plans especially once her guy knew that she was frankly powerful than him and better euipped to deal with the threat Keeping her in the dark served no purpose other than to reinforce his dominance which was already repugnant because of the problematic portions of the story that rendered him an unworthy receptacle of that kind of trustI recognize that not all readers will have the problems I did with it But consider yourself warned if you have issues reading about sexual assault hide spoiler

  7. Colleen Bratley Colleen Bratley says:

    Dreama's Destiny was a love fantasy fueled by heartfelt fire A fire so intense you'll feel it to your soulJennifer and Mindy scorched the pages of this book and the story didn't disappoint either The storyline was fascinating and captured your interest from the start Literally From the very first pageThe story and main character kept you stuck like superglue to each page unable to put the book down I'm actually not sure if it was the storyline or the unabashed way it was told The writing draws you into the character's heart and insists you feel exactly as she does Is that fantasy at work? I'm not sure but you want to fantasy to work for you before you finish the bookI don't think the story was so intense you lost sight of the whole picture but you certainly did have to take a breath at times Great loves stories that are written as this one is do that to you And they make you search for ; another story just like this one Thankfully Jennifer and Mindy are still writingI do have to admit though and this is a spoiler of sorts When Zane turned out to be a vampire I thought oh dung Vampires are not something I like to read about That has just never been my cup of comfort But how these authors wrote that into the story not only surprised me it melded it into a perfect okay for me Seriously I would have dated this character That in itself is earth shatteringDreama had a huge mountain to climb in several aspects of her life but she did it with a determination and grace that made you admire her She showed those who sought to harm her that she would not be defeated and in fact would be a force to be reckoned with You felt her fears loved her courage and wanted to help her shore up any intimidations she felt or cheer on Zane to do just thatZane her love and soul mate You felt the fire of their love written so there would be no doubt; written so you could touch their souls and feel their hearts beating as one Zane did have his own demons or shall we better put it than 100 years of being a single noncommittal vampire with an I don't need anyone attitude that he fought to deny was stripped by a single kiss from Dreama That loss felt like he lost perspective and control putting him in the I will conuer attitude which just made it all the funThe story is about the life of Dreama but yet it is so much Dream's destiny is just a breath as the story unfolds into the fantasy world of what that destiny really is; what all her abilities encompass and what they really mean Jennifer and Mindy immerse you into their lives letting you feel their emotions live their pains sorrows love and hope When a story captures your emotions it is one you remember Even if you don't enjoy it you will still remember itThis book is not only one you will enjoy but I am very certain in will remember Some of it you will remember explicitly It's that moving creative and exciting and one you want of I can't wait for the next one The ending leaves you hoping the second book will be out tomorrow

  8. K.C. Gray K.C. Gray says:

    Whew This was one hot and steamy read This is an erotic fantasy with supernatural beings vampire and witch for this book than a fantasy book with sexual scenes Even still the world building kept me interested and the smooth and easy writing style allowed me to fall into the narrativeAs always with an honest review there are some negatives I feel obligated to outlineThe biggest issue for me were the overabundance of grammatical errors Yes the writing style was easy meaning the rhythm of the sentences they created really allowed for a fairly easy read but missing commas and homophones throughout pulled me from the narrative from time to timeAnother issue was the alternating POVs Point of Views The story alternated between Dreama and Zane and there were spaces signaling with the narration switched from one POV to the other but the formatting of the ebook left some of those spaces unnoticeable which translated into apparent sudden POV switches which sometimes pulled me from the storyLastly I had a bit of an issue with the crafting of the characters For the most part I could handle the fact that the main characters felt one dimensional Dreama and Zane are madly in love with one another and that's pretty much all the audience hears about Zane owns his own business and Dreama is a painter but aside from the initial introduction to the characters the first couple of chapters they are not shown doing anything other than each other for some strange reason I was okay with thisAlong those same lines in the beginning of the novel it felt like the narrator was painting Dreama as a shy passive person but all of Dreama's actions in the book only showed a self sure aggressive woman Many of these scenes began with a sentence or two speaking about how Dreama was usually passive but at this moment she was too tiredpissed offworn outetc and so she acted in a aggressive manner Don't get me wrong I like aggressive Dreama and her character is interesting in some respects but either she should be shown to be passive in the beginning and then allow the audience to see howwhy she started being a bit aggressive or she should stay as she is and the narrator shouldn't try so hard to convince the audience that Dreama is passive when never once is she shown to actually be that wayEven with the negatives I still had to give this four stars After all I finished it in one read and never once could I pull myself from the story

  9. Cheer Papworth Cheer Papworth says:

    Dreama's Destiny starts with an outrageous dare; a dare by Dreama's friends to go up to a handsome stranger in a bar and kiss him Dreama takes that dare and in the process gets than she bargained for in the form of the smoldering Zane a vampire A series of fated encounters find Dreama and Zane crossing paths again and again These paths lead to only one destinationsex sex and paranormal sexAs far as writing goes the authors definitely know how to build serious sexual tension between Dreama and Zane but I guess I'm a romantic at heart and would have preferred a little less moaning and thrusting and a lot relationship and character building It seems to me Dreama and Zane's relationship is built on three things sex fate and a paranormal connection but it might as well just be sex sex and sex because the word porn overshadows the story The otherworldly aspect of the book was interesting to me than the insatiable redundant sex This book has a descent plot outside the bedroom but as it stands it's kind of like Twilight on ViagraWhen it comes to characterization I thought Dreama had a strong background story family outcast abusive ex boyfriend a little shy and wary but I never felt like I knew Zane outside of being a jealous real estate mogul and vampire If I'm going to buy the real connection between these two especially with declarations of love I need to know who the heck they are Fifty Shades of Grey wasn't just about the sex there is a strong relationship and love story too and that point was weak in Dreama's Destiny One thing that irked me I really hated the scene with Dreama and Jake in the bathroomreally? He's a crazy ex and a stalker but he knows how to push all of Dreama's buttonsyuckPutting aside the bombardment of sex banality and profanity I need to rate this book outside of my personal taste and judge it on technical merit so it deserves four stars undoubtably If you like paranormal erotica I'd say you have yourself a winner with Dreama's Destiny

  10. Jada Ryker Jada Ryker says:

    A Dare Changes Dreama's Destiny When Dreama's friends dare her to kiss a handsome stranger she decides to step out of her comfort zone and into his arms With the raucous sounds of the bar filling her ears Dreama finds her kiss returned with scorching interest by the man of her dreamsTall dark and dangerous Zane is shocked when a beautiful stranger boldly kisses him on the lips He's determined to explore his attraction to her As a wealthy businessman with a secret vampire heritage Zane is accustomed to getting what he wantsDreama worked hard to leave her past behind her Born into a family gifted with magic Dreama thought did not possess the magical gift After her family agreed to give the fifteen year old Dreama in marriage to a stranger in return for power Dreama ran away to make her own lifeNow Dreama wonders if a strange woman's prophesy will come true The woman told her would grow into a very powerful Scale Unlike normal witches Scale powers aren't given at birth Rather they are earned by choosing right over wrong good over evil The Scale are the justice the balance between light and dark human and supernaturalWith a stormy relationship with Zane building the shadow of the abusive ex boyfriend Jake reaching into her present and her Destiny on the horizon Dreama has important decisions to make Decisions which will shape her DestinyDreama's Destiny the first book in the Strangers of Darkness series is an excellent story by Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bingham With adult themes and explicit scenes as well as magic the book offers both romance and the paranormal in one well written package

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Dreamas Destiny ❴Reading❵ ➿ Dreamas Destiny Author Jennifer Hines – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk This is the first book in the Strangers of Darkness series Dreama had ran from her past since she was fifteen but it wasn't until after her twenty third birthday she realized that her escape had been This is the first book in the Strangers of Darkness series Dreama had ran from her past since she was fifteen but it wasn't until after her twenty third birthday she realized that her escape had been an allowed illusion When things from her past circle around into her present she is forced with the realization that there was never anywhere she could have gone that would have kept her hidden from the man who had purchased her from her family eight years earlier Everyone has their calling For Dreama it was being a Scale a witch who kept the balance between light and dark good and evil So discovering that Zane the man who had swept her off her feet after a dared kiss that lit a fire deep within her being a vampire was not entirely a shock to her system but the sudden return of her ex Jake was Zane was a wealthy businessman and a vampire hybrid He was content taking blood from unsuspecting strangers and the occasional one night stands Until one night during a business meeting at a local club he was surprised by the lips of an enchanting woman who captivated his senses with her sweet vanilla taste After that one kiss he knew he had to have her to possess her ADVISORY Dreama's Destiny Strangers of Darkness Book One is a paranormal romance novel with explicit sexual content and adult language Recommended.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 175 pages
  • Dreamas Destiny
  • Jennifer Hines
  • English
  • 01 December 2016

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