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The House of Six Doors ❰Epub❯ ❧ The House of Six Doors Author Patricia Selbert – Serena at the age of thirteen leaves behind her home and her beloved grandmother Oma on the colorful Caribbean island of Curaçao when her mother ambitious impulsive and emotionally unstable takes her Serena at the age of thirteen of Six PDF/EPUB ì leaves behind her home and her The House Epub / beloved grandmother Oma on the colorful Caribbean island of Curaçao when her mother House of Six PDF ✓ ambitious impulsive and emotionally unstable takes her and her sister to the United States to pursue the American Dream They drive from Miami to Hollywood where their money and luck run out and a Ford Galaxie becomes their first American home The narrative moves between seedy Hollywood in the s and tropical Curaçao The timeless wisdom of her grandmother becomes the compass by which Serena negotiates the complex journey of an immigrant and a young girl’s coming of age.

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  1. Lauren Lauren says:

    Subtitled as an autobiographical novel this emotional coming of age story begins in the Customs line at the Miami Airport Immediately the reader is with teenage Serena along her mother and older sister who have just immigrated to the US from Curaçao in the early 1970sYoung Serena narrates the multiple trials of coming to a new country largely against her will taken away from her beloved grandmother and adult siblings in Curaçao Interspersed within the stories in the US are the rich memories of life on the island the enduring love of Oma and descriptions of the island and the architecture of the landhuis The House of Six Doors a bright blue heritage plantation house that the family owns and maintainsSerena struggles in school as she learns English from television and from the few friends she is able to meet One of my favorite parts of the novel is when Serena is in a pharmacy in Los Angeles and recognizes a Dutch accent She approaches the woman and is so happy to learn that she is from Suriname neighboring Curaçao on continental SA north coast and they speak together in Dutch and Papiamentu languages of the Dutch Caribbean As a language lover this was yet again a beautiful testament to the power of language words and linguistic cultureMy first literary journey to Curaçao and I hope to return again with some translations from the Dutch Caribbean

  2. Nancy Black Nancy Black says:

    From the first page I was sucked in I've been in publishing for a long time I've reviewed books interviewed authors and am on many a press list A lot of people ask me to read their booksI was intrigued to learn about Curacao a place I'd only vaguely heard of enough to know it was an island in the Caribbean The colorful history and traditions of the blend of cultures that form Curacao permeate the story from Dutch slave traders and colonists to slaves and their descendants to the Arawak people who were there first They all find themselves wrapped into the backstory of one familyThe plot of the well woven tale involves a young girl whose mother spontaneously uproots she and her sister to emigrate to the US arriving with nothing to discover a whole new world Through the twists of a girl coming of age we see Los Angeles in the 70s from the backseat of the Ford Galaxie that provides their first American home I lived in LA Harbor in San Pedro on a sailboat in the 70s It was as the author paints itI was left with a sense of acceptance new possibilities despite great odds and a re discovery of the concept of home It's a cautionary tale we can all relate to And the book also completely revived my childhood love for goats I highly recommend it

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    For starters let me say this isn't a Christian novel I found the mother and grandmother's superstitions uite intriguing if not a bit disconcerting at times The House of Six Doors is a coming of age story and is truly hard to put down I just wanted to keep reading until I finished the book I liked the part early on where they traveled through Tombstone Arizona in 1972 looking for ghosts because it was labeled a ghost town at the time I found that funny I live near Tombstone so that was a plus for me I was intrigued by how they survived at first and how they sacrificed to help each other sometimes to their detriment The mother's manipulation and her guilt inducing behavior is not uncommon in families It was intense at times and the way the author showed the negative impact on the daughters was powerful The story really picked up for me and grabbed my heart when Serena met Sandu Their story was beautiful and heartbreaking I loved the occasional flashbacks where Serena remembered things from the past before she went to live in California that made up who she was I found Serena to be a strong and wise girl in then end even though she started out fearful and insecure as a young teenager Her struggles to fit in and make friends in a country where she didn't read and write English was well done I loved the illustration of her life and how it matched the strangler fig tree Her older sister gave her perspective when she needed it most and her Oma provided her with the encouragement she needed to mature over time Everyone needs an Oma in their lives who makes sense of the world and loves you regardless I found the ending bittersweet and yet empowering Serena did find her place in the world and it was rewarding to see her grow once she decided to make something of her life She did the right thing in many situations despite the obstacles she came up against I disagreed with how she dealt with several things early on but the author did a wonderful job of showing her intense pain and fear She was only fifteen and felt desperate and she grieved with Sandu because it was not something that could be easily healed or taken back I don't agree with the religious beliefs of the people in the book like the souls and spirits reentering people and reincarnating etc but I still found this novel intriguing I loved reading about their culture and how they saw the world Bottom line I really enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to people who aren't sueamish about reading stories that involve superstitious beliefs knowing that is not a Christian book Some stuff was sadly funny like the get rich uick schemes that existed back in the 1970s I remember some of them and since I grew up in the 70s and 80s I found some of the descriptions nostalgia inducing There are a lot of things that can be learned from this story and for that reason I enjoyed it This novel made me think about life and I cared about the characters That always makes for a powerful read in my opinion Your emotions will get involved while reading this story The book was very well written too and makes you think about all of the things in your life and in the past that make up who you are today

  4. Guilie Guilie says:

    For eleven years ever since I came by accident to live in Curaçao I've been looking for books about this island's rich history and people And for eleven years I found nothing There's plenty in Dutch or Papiamentu neither of which I read and even if I did most of it is non fiction drab and clinical that doesn't come close to doing this magical surreal place justiceAnd then I found Patricia Selbert's House of Six Doors The book has flaws it is after all a debut novel but richness of setting isn't one of them Neither is emotional charge which comes across clear and sharp without drama without falling into maudlin o woe is me I teared up twice the second time uncontrollably yeah near the end But I laughed too And I learned so much about this place I've called home for over a decadePatricia's knack for narrative touches a nerve at the same time ubiuitous in today's world and strangely seldom mentioned the multicultural personality In our current globalized reality multiculturality is the new normal mixed race families migration children growing up in cultures diametrically different than their parents' the cultural exchange that border breaching technology makes possible And yet we continue to focus on race skin color place of birth to define each other and ourselves And we continue to ignore the impact of culture especially multicultureSerena the book's protagonist and narrator is light skinned which in skin color über sensitive Curaçao awards her a special place in society She's the one child that gets taken to visit her father's family on Sundays but this family Netherlands born Dutch reject her with cruel pettiness Her mother see comes from a mixed race family Arawak native black slave Portuguese Serena's life revolves around Oma her maternal grandmother a tall sculptural black woman with eyes that shine like a meteor shower in the night sky When Serena's mother takes her and her sister to the US in search of the American Dream it's Oma that Serena misses above all She finds little to like in this new country so hostile to the three women but it is here amidst tragedy poverty and heartbreak that she discovers not only herself but the depth and breadth of her cultural multicultural rootsThis is a story that will resonate with every immigrant whether from Curaçao or Timbuktu It has everything a mother daughter relationship that crackles with tension and betrayal a yearning for what was the childhood we've all lost a discovery of what it means to grow up and let go and perhaps above all the realization that nothing and no one we love is ever truly lost It's a beautiful beautiful book

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    It's strange that a book like this a young adult novel centered on a female character would resonate with me seeing as I am just a teenage guy but this really was a great book I enjoyed reading it and that's saying a lot because I can never finish a book I really loved the parts about Serena and her sister learning how to grow up and function in the new culture they found in Los Angeles I hope other young guys will give this book a shot because it was really great

  6. Chris Ligrano Chris Ligrano says:

    This book was a fantastic read I really enjoyed the humorous parts when Serena and her sister got into some sticky situations I felt like I was able to get a sneak peek into the mind of a young girl how she felt in her first relationship and what it was like to move to a foreign country I definitely recommend this novel to anyone interested in understanding women a little bit

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    Simply put its EXCELLENT All immigrants can relate to the story An immigrant like me i completely understand the hardships of moving to the US The culture shock the challenge of amalgamation among other things I truly enjoyed reading this book and i recommend it

  8. Michelle Khzouz Michelle Khzouz says:

    Thank you Godreads for this copy Beautifully written story that speaks to the heart of mother daughter relationships immigration coming of age and finding oneself Enjoy

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    With Patricia Selbert's The House of Six Doors I stepped out of my comfort zone when it comes to books considerably and thankfully enough it was well worth the risk Because The House of Six Doors is not only uniue but also full of great messages and plenty of vivid descriptions to keep nearly any reader intrigued as well The House of Six Doors begins the day Serena and her mother and sister land in the beautiful and vast America the land of promise and success Serena is not too happy with the move because not only has she left her beautiful Curaçao behind but her beloved grandmother as well However Serena's mother promises her a life of luxury so she goes At first everything goes horribly The people at the airport treat them with little kindness Her mother loses her cool than once and their first house uickly becomes their car as they make the trek from Florida to California on the search for happiness After a while everything begins to go better Serena makes a good friend named Sandu who maybe could be something However at the same time her mother and sister are slowly falling apart After a traumatic event leaves everything askew Serena begins to uestion everything in her world such as what is love and when have you gone too far for a person you love and what does happiness truly mean money or the people who make you that way? Will Serena ever find her place in this crazy crazy world? Only time and pages will tell in this richly told coming of age tale from Patricia Selbert The thing I adored the most about The House of Six Doors was the setting From the sunny and richly described Curaçao to the glamorous and sultry California plenty of descriptions were given that never failed to take me to the place described I simply loved finding out about Curaçao and Serena’s childhood there as well as Serena’s coming of age in California In addition talking about Serena I adored her character as well I warmed up to Serena uite easily because she truly is the definition of a scared and lonely child who does not know who or what she wants in life Patricia did such a great job of giving her regular problems associated with not only teens but also people who come from different countries to a new one and I feel most will be able to relate to her desire and need to fit in Better yet I enjoyed the different relationships that took up places in The House of Six Doors between not only sisters and mothers and daughters but romantic ones as well Because not only did they bring up some great and common uestions within Serena but also it was always interesting to see how Serena dealt with each problem that came with them The one thing I was not too pleased about in The House of Six Doors was the overall plot It was often slow moving in the beginning and middle While it did speed up towards the end I was still left with the feeling of wanting However the characters and setting details over shadowed this minor flaw greatly Full of emotions rich settings and a main character whom you cannot help but root for The House of Six Doors is the perfect read for older fans of YA Grade B

  10. Diana Mcneill Diana Mcneill says:

    The House of Six Doors is filled with wisdom and honesty The passages when Serena remembers Curacao are winsome woeful and wonderful at the same timeThe character of Mama is difficult to identify with however I did find myself feeling for her which is the mark of a solid character and a victory for an author Even the evilest of villains contain some trace of humanity in them that is what makes their evilness so compelling because we can identify with them in some way even if we are ashamed to admit it Sometimes our revulsion with a character is telling about our own shortcomings than a character that we easily identify with I loved what this book did for the new nation of Curacao It painted a romantic portrait of a relatively unknown island that definitely sparked my interest in the cultureI hope to see from Selbert in the future I hope the insights that I gained from reading this novel can be shared by all

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