Semi Homemade 20 Minute Meals Sandra Lee Semi Homemade

  • Paperback
  • 237 pages
  • Semi Homemade 20 Minute Meals Sandra Lee Semi Homemade
  • Sandra Lee
  • English
  • 28 February 2016
  • 9780696238161

10 thoughts on “Semi Homemade 20 Minute Meals Sandra Lee Semi Homemade

  1. Katherine Petersdorf Katherine Petersdorf says:

    This Book was Read at Library Not Purchased on I love books like this Being a college student and a business owner author I don't always have time to make things from scratch Semi Homemade works for me because it is fast simple affordable and easy I love Sandra Lee I watch her shows all the time and she really inspires me to want to blog and write about solutions for the busy woman wife andor mother Normally I would give a book like this a 5 star rating because I loved the theme and writing style so much However I wasn't a fan of the recipes There were a lot of flavors in this book I didn't want or couldn't try I can't have shell fish and since it cooks so fast she used it a lot I don't mind subbing in something else like chicken or a normal fish but I like books with things I can eat I also can't eat mint and she uses that a lot She make a lot of dishes that are very common too and I don't need to know how to make them because I cook often but someone people might notIf you're a busy woman I'd suggest this book to you It is one of the books you'll keep on yourself and use from time to time to make your shopping lists and monthly meal plans Since the idea of Semi Homemade is 70% from the middle of the store dry canned frozen and boxed and 30% fresh you can shop ahead and stock your pantry A lot of the dishes call for things you should keep well stocked up on anyway like Pasta Canned Veggies Canned Fruit and Spices You can also find her recipes on her website and sign up to get free new ones that she doesn't publish outside the newsletters I would totally suggest this book to friends but I wouldn't buy it myself I don't like to have cookbooks on the shelf that I can't use 90% of due to allergies

  2. Samantha Penrose Samantha Penrose says:

    She's got the time to write all these books but she hasn't got the time to make an actual homemade mealShe must make aaaa llllllooooooottttttt of money on endorsements each and every recipe's ingredients list tells you what brand you must useThis semi homemade style of cooking is not very earth friendly either When you cook from scratch you will find that you have very little to throw awaywhen you crack open a tv dinner you have a box and a tray when you make a semi homeade meal you are left with bottles and bags trays and cartons galore It aint cheap either

  3. Tara Carpenter Tara Carpenter says:

    We liked most of the recipes we tried from the first Semi Homemade cookbook And they are pretty fast even if you don't use the store bought ingredients called for It only takes a little time to chop your own garlic or saute chicken breast chunksOur favorite recipe was Chicken with Peanut Curry Sauce and I really liked the Broiled Salmon with Pesto Mayonnaise which was soooo easyI will definitely check out another of her 20 Minute Meals at the library maybe the crockpot one next I even bought this as a birthday gift for a friend

  4. S S says:

    Not only do these recipes not sound appetizing but I just can't get into the idea of using so many canned frozen and pre mixed ingredients I like watching her show but I don't think I'll ever cook like her

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    We found a lot of the meals in this book to be tasty most were winners As for the 20 minute claim I think it would be truee if you followed the pre made ingredient list We tend to like fresh stuff so we still chopped our own veggies ir used fresh instead of canned or frozen ingredients

  6. Jami Jami says:

    The recipes in this book are delicious but if you are weight conscious I would recommend a different cookbook A lot of her meals in this book are heavy and high in calories and fat

  7. Carol Carol says:

    Haven't had a chance to try many of the recipes yet but os far so good

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    Liked the first version of her 20 min meals This one wasn't as good We didn't enjoy the recipes we tried and ended up giving this one away Stick with the original

  9. Chris Chris says:

    A handfull of recipes in this book have become family favorites The pasta alla vodka is the best I've had

  10. Gayle Kee Gayle Kee says:

    wonderful lots of great recipes

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Semi Homemade 20 Minute Meals Sandra Lee Semi Homemade➾ [Download] ➻ Semi Homemade 20 Minute Meals Sandra Lee Semi Homemade By Sandra Lee ➷ – In Semi Homemade 20 Minute Meals 2 Sandra Lee delivers another delicious collection of timesaving shortcut meals that use the 70% store bought and 30% fresh or homemade formula The cookbook features 6 In Semi 20 Minute Kindle Ò Homemade Minute Meals Sandra Lee delivers another delicious collection of timesaving shortcut meals that use the % store bought and % fresh or homemade formula The cookbook features perfect meal pairs Semi Homemade PDF \ so there is no time wasted guessing which main dish will go with which side dish And if the occasion calls for it there are chapters on tempting Treats and Starters all designed to maximize flavor and Homemade 20 Minute Epub á minimize your time in the kitchen.

About the Author: Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee 20 Minute Kindle Ò Christiansen is an American television chef and author known for her Semi Homemade cooking concept Librarian's note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.