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Fresh and Light [Reading] ➿ Fresh and Light ➶ Donna Hay – Fresh and light is my answer to my own best efforts to juggle for the perfect balance Designed to complement my existing repertoire it′s full of new recipes that combine the freshest ingredients pan Fresh and Light is my answer to my own best efforts to juggle for the perfect balance Designed to complement my existing repertoire it′s full of new recipes that combine the freshest ingredients pantry staples and my personal tricks for a lighter touchI′ve never been a fan of diets and this book is no exception I don′t even like the thought of anyone being on a diet For me it′s always been about balance Fresh and Light Fresh and PDF \ is mindful of fat and carbohydrates but is focused on flavour and variety without the guiltDivided by meal Fresh and Light is a solution packed book of recipes loaded with power foods to give you the balance you need across your week There are light breakfasts tasty lunch box tips and fast dinner solutions to give you ideas for every time of the dayWe all have our guilty pleasures in life Fresh and Light lets you enjoy them and is for all those times when you′re seeking something a little virtuous And that′s really the best kind of indulgence of all the one with balance.

  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • Fresh and Light
  • Donna Hay
  • English
  • 15 July 2016
  • 9781742707440

About the Author: Donna Hay

See this thread for informationDonna Hay is an Australian food stylist author and magazine editor Her food recipes and styling focuses on basic ingredients simply prepared and beautifully photographed – hallmarks of her work which have set the benchmark for food publishing worldwide and inspired a whole new generation of cooks.

8 thoughts on “Fresh and Light

  1. Angie Richards Angie Richards says:

    Hands down my favourite cookbook of all time Every recipe is something you could feel good about eating without being over complicated The cookbook is clearly laid out and includes family friendly recipes that are healthy without feeling 'diet' because they are not Real and wholesome food is the star in this cookbook and its amazing

  2. Sylwia Sylwia says:

    Brilliant cook book Recipes are so simple and don't involve load of ingredients It's perfect for busy people fast to make and tastes delicious Also the great thing about this book is even if you can't cook you can't get these wrong

  3. Rona Rona says:

    Мне очень понравилось много простых но приятных рецептов которые я могу воплотить в жизнь Красивые картинки и удобно читать единственное неудобство картинка и рецепт всё время на разных разворотах

  4. Simon Simon says:

    Really excellent and exciting possibilities for fresher and crunchier meals and snacks Keeping things light so we can enjoy indulgences

  5. E G E G says:

    Meh I don’t like this as much as some of her other books

  6. Pam Pam says:

    I have over 200 cookbooks and I have of Donna Hay’s cookbooks than any other chef She never ever disappoints me and I don’t hesitate to purchase her books With her latest Fresh and Light once again she has lived up to all of my expectationsThe recipes are simple and full of flavor and each and every recipe has a gorgeous photo to accompany it For recipes that lend themselves to variations six seems to be the magic number Not just one banana bread recipe but six banana breads – and a photo of each oneI have already made three of the recipes from the book loved them all and have marked so many to tryThe book is divided into 8 sections listed below along with recipes that I’ve tried or marked to tryBreakfast Whole Wheat Honey and Ricotta Pancakes Basic Muffins – with 6 variations and Power Smoothies – with 6 variationsLunch and Salads Summer Rolls 6 variations – from Chicken and Mint to Beef and Radish Roasted Brussels Sprout and Pear Salad which I’ve made and it was fantastic 6 Bruschetta recipes from Roasted Garlic and Asparagus to Arugula Salmon and CaperFast Dinners 6 Frittatas – I’ve made the Pea and Ricotta Frittata – so good I’ve marked to try the Lemon and Goat’s Cheese Roasted Chicken Thai Green Curry Chicken Skewers with Ginger uinoa Lime and Chilli Fish Tacos 6 no cook pasta saucesDinners I’ve made the uinoa Roasted Chicken with Olive Gremolata which was the perfect one pan weeknight meal I’ve marked to try the Grilled Steak with Green Salsa and all of the 6 variations of the pizza toppings for the whole wheat pizza baseSnacks and Sides Spiced Chickpeas 6 varieties of humus from Roasted Carrot and Fennel to Edamame and Wasabi Spiced uinoa Pilaf and 6 different ways to cook and flavor edamameDesserts and Treats 6 varieties of Granitas 6 versions of banana breads and 6 different creamy popsicles plus a panna cotta recipe I can not wait to tryBasics Basics that are parts of other recipes such as whipped vanilla ricotta vanilla yogurt and 6 salad dressings are all on my list to tryThe book ends with a very extensive glossary and indexI can’t say enough good things about this book

  7. Ninja Neko Ninja Neko says:

    Gorgeous pictures as always but recipes not my thing seems to be endless variations on poached chicken and uinoa

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    Vintage Hay fresh simple perfect food and lovely photography

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