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  1. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    A Norwegian story – a tragedy really – set in the 1800’s A man flees his home village after his girlfriend commits suicide because of him and starts a new life by marrying a widow in a distant village The village is far enough away that he will never see his family again The widow is a relatively wealthy landowner so he has an opportunity to practice his school learning about improving crop yields through fertilization crop rotation selective livestock breeding and swamp drainage The problem is that the hired hands the resident cottagers peasants and the village folks are so tradition bound that not only do they not have an interest in modern farming they actively conspire to defeat his plans based on their tradition bound old ways and superstitions Meanwhile his wife dies and in an 1850 ish version of a witch hunt the village gossips speculate that he was having an affair with his teen aged step daughter and that he was responsible for his wife’s death A little slow but a good readThe book has a lot of local color of rural Norway in its era There is a lot of information about class differences at the time – peasants vs landlords and timber owners religious movements and mid Nineteenth Century agricultural improvements This is a good companion book to Dina’s Book by Herbjorg Wassmo also set in rural Norway at about the same time Both are translated from the Norwegian The Troll Circle is a Norwegian classic originally published in 1958

  2. Louis Cassorla Louis Cassorla says:

    As with Nabokov's Lolita I found this to be a good read but not terribly brilliant until the last 50 pages which absolutely made it worth the wait Likewise while I would always recommend Pale Fire ahead of Lolita I would recommend The Road to the World's End ahead of The Troll Circle If you've already read some Hoel and want to tackle something a little on the heavy side have at it Otherwise I'd say start out with The Road to the World's End I can't imagine not loving that one I can imagine not loving this one

  3. Dianne Dianne says:

    A tragedy with lots of portents not like in a novel by one of my favorites Thomas Hardy but a wonderful Romantic novel as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary a literary artistic and philosophical movement originating in the 18th century characterized chiefly by a reaction against neoclassicism and an emphasis on the imagination and emotions and marked especially in English literature by sensibility and the use of autobiographical material an exaltation of the primitive and the common man an appreciation of external nature an interest in the remote a predilection for melancholy and the use in poetry of older verse formsMuch of that definition fits but certainly not an exaltation of the primitive and the common manHoel's hero is the modern man a scientific man an idealist whose goal is to improve the lives of the cotters who live in the parish by teaching them modern farming These efforts are not only scorned but openly savaged The good will Havard tries to extend to them is not reciprocated and he is judged the outsider The common man and woman in this book are petty spiteful ignorant and evil Havard won my heart by his kind treatment of animals his inability to watch the slaughter of the farm stock and his deep love of natureI wonder if there is a comparison of The Troll Circle and The Growth of the Soil which I recently read by Knut Hamsum Hamsum's hero is a supermensch who toils and wins and expands his conuest over the rough land alone with his wife Hamsum was a racist and a Nazi sympathizer I see his book The Growth of the Soil as an expression of thisbut maybe I am being too critical Hamsum died in 1952 and Hoel died in 1960 so they were contemporaries Hamsum won the Nobel Prize but was called a ghost that wouldn't stay in his grave I prefer The Troll Circle to Growth of the Soil but that's just me

  4. Asya Asya says:

    Короче все умерли

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Trollringen ❀ Trollringen kindle Epub ❄ Author Sigurd Hoel – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Trollringen is at once a historical saga murder mystery and domestic tragedy Sigurd Hoel's last novel is set in the early nineteenth century following Norway's independence from Denmark and during the Trollringen is at once a historical saga murder mystery and domestic tragedy Sigurd Hoel's last novel is set in the early nineteenth century following Norway's independence from Denmark and during the country's struggle to escape Danish domination It was inspired by his discovery in childhood of an executioner's block used in the beheading of a murderer in From that image grew the story of a utopian a young farmer named Havard Viland whose struggle in his time against religious bigotry mindless conformity and political and intellectual stagnation has implications for whatever or whoever can be branded as radical in our own time This English translation by Sverre Lyngstad introduces the work of a major Scandinavian writer to a wider audience As Lyngstad points out in his afterword Hoel throws the light of modern psychoanalysis on the ancient legends myths and superstitions surrounding the uest of Havard Viland The farmer wants to bring hope and dignity into the lives of everybody even the lowliest cotter but he is an outsider in his backward rural community Tricked into marriage gradually cut off pushed into the position of scapegoat and deliberately misunderstood Havard becomes the personification of stifled goodwill and strangulated progress It is shocking that he becomes the victim of a circle of aggressive neighbors and officials intent on maintaining the status uo by sticking to the old accustomed ways and business as usual politics.