Harold Shipman - Mind Set on Murder: Why Shipman Killed,

  • Hardcover
  • 248 pages
  • Harold Shipman - Mind Set on Murder: Why Shipman Killed, and Killed Again - The True Story
  • Carole Peters
  • English
  • 13 December 2016
  • 9781844425877

6 thoughts on “Harold Shipman - Mind Set on Murder: Why Shipman Killed, and Killed Again - The True Story

  1. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    I had to read about this one sooner or later because he’s the only serial killer born in Nottingham my town and not only that born in the suburb of Sherwood Nottingham where I live And not only that but he’s the serial killer with the MOST number of proven victims in the whole world according to Wikipedia Yay Nottingham right? You thought we were all just Robin Hood and the Sheriff and Maid Marian but no we have Shipman too But he wasn’t what you’d call a Merry Man No If ever there was a guy with an obsession it was Harold known to his friends and family as Fred He was a family doctor called GPs in the UK and what he would do is he would write prescriptions for diamorphine for his patients who had cancer then he would give them half and keep the rest for himself and in this way he would build up a stock of diamorphine Then he would drop in on a little old lady one of his patients and tell Edith or June or Phyllis or Elsie or Dora or Ethel that he needed a blood sample He would get them sat in their favourite chair all comfortable and they were always thrilled when their caring doctor turned up without them even asking him they all thought he was wonderful and he would shoot them full of diamorphine and they would die it would only take a couple of minutes And later that day either he would pretend to make a further call or a friend or relative would find them and call him the victims were almost always found fully dressed in a chair looking very peaceful with the television on and Dr Shipman would come round again and write out a death certificate – heart attack old age whatever And then he would go back to his surgery and log on to his computer and fake their medical history so that it appeared they had congestive heart disease for years when they hadn’t at all And that would be that no uestions asked at all although some professionals in Hyde Manchester where all this happened over 20 years got rather suspicious that so many of Dr Shipman’s patients were dying suddenly But they just kind of shrugged I mean who would think that a family doctor is actually knocking off his elderly patients? No one would think that and no one didHe started with one or two in the late 70s then he was up to around 10 12 a year by the late 80s In 1992 he set up his own sole practice and the murders really took off then By 1995 7 it was 30 per year Finally he did something stupid so stupid that if it was part of the plot of a movie you would complain about the poor script – “so unrealistic nobody would do that” etcWhat he did was he knew one of his old ladies was loaded and so he faked a will really badly Then he diamorphined her The fake will left her entire fortune to Dr H Shipman and disinherited her daughter who just happened to be a lawyer So she was let us say a little distressed and than somewhat suspicious It took not that much digging and the cops were able to discover Shipman’s little plot Worth pointing out that never had he ever stolen anything or tried to from any other patient If he hadn’t done that he could have kept on diamorphining his patients till the cows came home So let that be a lesson for all you murderous health professionals out there Don’t be greedyThe public enuiry into his crimes concluded that he murdered 215 patients for sure with another 45 as probables Of the 215 only 41 were men not surprisingly most were in their 70s and 80s but he would kill the odd 50 year old on occasion I suppose when the whim took him A FEW UOTESThe author says Five years after his conviction most people were at pains to tell me that despite his horrendous crimes Dr Shipman had also been a caring and dedicated GP Even those who are relatives of his victims have stories to tell about what a good doctor he wasA fellow doctor said I found him as his patients did very approachable very friendly very open with his opinions I found him an extremely affable colleague and he certainly seemed to be a competent doctor He fitted in very well with the other doctors in this groupA relative of victim said In our own little cul de sac he killed about six ladies He killed three times within twenty yards of my front doorLIMITLESS BANALITIESThis is a very repetitive account of a complicated case It can hardly not be repetitive Shipman was performing the identical murder over and over and over again for 20 years The author loves her criminal psychologists and “profilers” a little too much for me and uotes their limitless banalities endlessly Man these people get money for old rope Just listen to their pearls of wisdom What you can see clearly is the particular strength of the relationship Shipman had with his mother The influence of a strong mother character in their early lives is something a great many serial killers have in common It is clear that the shaping of Shipman’s personality had begun in his childhoodThe psychologists told me that we are all capable of killing once from rage from fear to protect ourselves and our loved ones; we can even kill twice for the same reasons But then we stop because we don’t enjoy the experienceSO WHY DID HE DO IT?The author says I believe euthanasia or assisted suicide is practiced by many GPs One expert calculates that at least 18000 people a year are helped to die by doctors who are treating them for terminal illnessI have no idea about how many but I agree that doctors will do this regularly it will be a tacit thing done when the person is in their last few days probably But Shipman was not doing this The great majority of his victims were old but reasonably healthy They had years left in them These were murders of a completely different type than your usual sexually related Bundy stuff In all cases Shipman was sending these old people peacefully – indeed blissfully – into the great beyond There was not the tiniest hint of violence or aggression in his conduct The subtitle of this book is Why Shipman Killed Again and Again but the author doesn’t get anywhere near to an answer Once he was caught Shipman never admitted any guilt and never gave any explanations After a couple of years in jail he hanged himself

  2. Pete daPixie Pete daPixie says:

    I like where I live The broad sunlit uplands of the Pennine chain The misty twisty moorland Every landscape however has a blot My pixie dell has rather a large blemish to it's reputation I live a stone's throw from Ian and Myra's garden and not too far away from the general practice of Dr Shipman The latter holds the dubious distinction of being Britain's foremost serial killer The inuiry into this case looked into a total of 887 deaths throughout the whole of the doctors career Spanning than thirty years the final estimate of murders he committed is in the region of 260'Harold Shipman Mind Set on Murder' written by Carole Peters published in 2005 is a fascinating account of the frightening career of this Doctor Death The author writes for television and has directed TV programmes on this subjecteg 'To Kill and Kill Again' The book contains interesting analysis from criminal psychologists police detectives involved in the case a senior FBI forensic profiler as well as extracts taken from the excellent Dame Janet Smith who led the Public InuiryHaving personal experience of the psychotic persona I found the psychologist's detailed explanations of the killer's modus operandi uite interesting 'Psychopathy is the psychological term used to describe someone who has no capacity for guilt for conscience or for empathy' Also 'The thing that I think you have to be so careful about is not to assume that those characteristics in those combinations are only found in people who kill They're not If you look at the boardrooms of some of our successful companies you see exactly those combinations present' How very trueOn the downside of this book the text seems to be taken from some of Carole Peters annotated tv scripts Any publishers in this case Carlton Books lack of proof reading always diminishes the enjoyment of reading and this book is littered with errorsEven so it is a sobering read The appendix contains eight pages of the list of names of victims and suspected victims My surname appears than once and could uite easily be personal

  3. Julia Connor Julia Connor says:

    Very detailed life and crimes of Dr Harold `Fred` Shipman Thought it was very good that Carole Peters named each confirmed and suspected victim and the evidence regarding their murders The book gives praise to the relatives police journalists and medicalFuneral Directors who finally brought Fred to justice It is respectful and sympathetic towards the family and friends of the victims and there are glimpses of how the crimes have also affected the author Well written with some pictures

  4. Paul Paul says:

    An interesting book about the worst serial killer the UK has ever had some 240 deaths It's especially interesting because the killer was a doctor GP who had a reputation of being dedicated to his patients and making house calls He usually killed them with morphine and often left them in their homes for someone else to discoverTo me the fascinating thing was how blatant a path he left buying extraordinary amounts of morphine He admitted to be addicted to pethidine early in his career claimed to have been cured and clean but then moved on to a different city from where he started and killed patients by the score It was his profession as a doctor and his reputation of making home calls that led people to giving him a break He kept his own records; he was in a solo practice Yet people died like crazy old middle aged mostly women and no one did a thing until they finally inspected the number of deaths on his watchThe credibility that was accorded him was similar to that accorded to Roman Catholic pedophile priests Surely Father wouldn't have done THATThe best parts of the book are the analyses from various scientists The worst parts are that the author insisted on writing down several paragraphs about each single death That became repetitive and tiresome fairly uicklyInteresting if you want to see how much longer it takes to catch professionals in fields that are supposed to be helping patientsparishioners than it does to catch someone like Ted Bundy whose only trick was to murder women in different states where the police departments didn't share any crimes or statistics

  5. Kay Wall Kay Wall says:

    This book is a riveting read even though you 'know what happens' I read it in a couple of days while on holiday It's jaw dropping when you consider the extent of Harold Shipman's murders The fact that he murdered so many people over a couple of decades and no one noticed Well some people did but they either didn't have the courage to accuse the doctor understandable or they weren't taken seriously However the title is a little misleading because the uestion of 'why' he killed is never answered It can't be because Shipman never admitted to his crimes and committed suicide so we'll never know The author offers a few suggestions but she doesn't really know and her reliance on psychologistspsychiatrists didn't hold any water with me It's all just guess work no matter how much they talk about his childhood But I'm a sceptic who doesn't believe there's an epidemic of ADDD there's just a whole lot of lazysoft parents who would rather give their kids drugs than put some hard work into them

  6. Anne Vaughan Anne Vaughan says:

    good in depth into one of Britain's worst serial killers

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Harold Shipman - Mind Set on Murder: Why Shipman Killed, and Killed Again - The True Story[Download] ➻ Harold Shipman - Mind Set on Murder: Why Shipman Killed, and Killed Again - The True Story Author Carole Peters – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In 1998 the graveyards in the market town of Hyde had some unusual early morning visitors Greater Manchester Police were exhuming the bodies of the elderly patients o a local doctor The doctor concern In the graveyards in the market town - Mind PDF É of Hyde had some unusual early morning visitors Greater Manchester Police were exhuming the bodies of the elderly patients o a local doctor The doctor concerned had been their GP for years and had a reputation as the best in the area But Dr Harold Frederick Shipman was a serial killer A public inuiry has spent nearly four years Harold Shipman Kindle - investigating Dr Shipman's crimes They have traced them back than years and calculated the number of murder he committed to be in the region of As director of ITV's To Kill and Kill Again Dr Shipman Carole Peters was given uniue access to the public inuiry's database and she has also conducted her own investigative research cut and will appear in this book for the first time Shipman - Mind PDF/EPUB » Transcripts will reveal the doctor's arrogance during police interviews while exclusively obtained prison letters provide a revealing insight into his mind And with the help of criminal psychologists and those most closely involved in the case this boo examines the clues and provides the answer to the uestion why Why Shipman chos to kill and kill again.