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The String Diaries ❰PDF❯ ✐ The String Diaries Author Stephen Lloyd Jones – Selected for the Radio 2 Book ClubHe has a face you love A voice you trust To survive you must kill him The rules of survival are handed from mother to daughter Inherited like the curse that has stalk Selected for the Radio Book ClubHe has a face you love A voice you trust To survive you must kill him The rules of survival are The String ePUB í handed from mother to daughter Inherited like the curse that has stalked Hannah and her family across centuriesHe changes his appearance at will speaks with a stolen voice and hides behind the face of a beloved waiting to strikeGeneration after generation he has destroyed them And all they could do was to runUntil nowNow it is time for Hannah to turn and fightTHE NEW NOVEL BY STEPHEN LLOYD JONES IS AVAILABLE NOW THE SILENCED A DARK AND GRIPPING THRILLER.

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  1. karen karen says:

    hmmmm this is a tough one to reviewfirst with the basics the story begins in a car where a woman is racing to a safehouse in snowdonia with her sleeping nine year old daughter in the backseat and her gut stabbed husband losing blood in the passenger seat things are not looking goodas the story unfolds it takes the reader back in time to the late 1970's at oxford and then even further back to the late 1800's in hungary and the narrative will weave between these time periods and stories like a slow moving snake tightening around you yeah i made a simile BOOMit is a story about an ancient race of supernatural ish beings in an invented hungarian mythology called the hosszú életek which means long life they are not strictly speaking immortal but they have certain powers the most useful of which is to be able to change their appearance to that of any human which is great for getting girls oh and healing that is also pretty useful but the shapeshifting is the most important for our purposes today one of these creatures is known as jakab who is different from others of his raceand his ostracization turns him into a very bad man with violent and obsessive tendencies his actions have conseuences that are long and far reaching and lead to the formation of the eleni society a group devoted to ridding the world of the életekwhile his people are being hunted down jakab becomes infatuated with a woman and spends a great deal of his long life stalking and tormenting her family and the different manifestations of her through their generationsenter hannah and her family and their racing carhannah has been raised knowing the history between her family and jakab and has been instructed from an early age how to verify a loved one's identity she knows how to handle herself in a dangerous situation and she has a number of safehouses at her disposal basically she has been training her whole life for a confrontation that has finally come to passthere are several great and visual scenes that stand out in my mind a car accident a tense scene in a kitchen the amazing final showdown as groups converge with conflicting purposes and the freuent heart fluttering realization that you might not be speaking to the person you think good shivery stuff it's a difficult book to write about without giving too much away but for a debut full length novel it is completely solid and engaging and although i would have liked of the oxford and eleni storylines this was a good book to close out 2013come to my blog

  2. Paige Bookdragon Paige Bookdragon says:

    Let me correct the assumptionThis is not a page turner This book is a chapter turnerI admit there are moments when I just skipped some paragraphs because the descriptions bore me out But wait until the chapter ends and you'll want to throttle the author because either he did another cliffhanger or he shocked the hell out of you The story revolves around some mythical beings from Hungary and I've never heard of them before I'm interested in mythology especially the Greek Mythology because their lives are full of tragedy it makes me feel good about my short miserable life Sorry Bitter muchBack to what I was sayingThere's this guy who was sooo not right in the head and due to some unfortunate events which I will not discuss this creature which we will call The motherfucker who everybody wants to die decided to stalk this family for almost a century This dude put the word STALK into a whole new level Then the motherfucker who everybody wants to die originally fell in love with a girl and because even though this is part mythology the tragedy still follows those who are fucked up Some things happened and he decided to follow the girl and all her descendants who looked exactly like her till the end of timeI love the way the author tells us the whole story in three different era I'm not familiar with the Hungarian folklore but I'm all good with learning new stuff I tried googling the word hosszú életek but I came up with almost nothing Isn't that weird or what?

  3. Brandon Brandon says:

    Hannah arrives at a safe house in the middle of nowhere with a sleeping daughter and a bleeding husband In a frantic attempt to save his life she invites in a complete stranger to clean and close the wounds Shortly after she settles down Hannah notices an all too familiar mark on the stranger’s hand that may bring to light his true intentions You see Hannah is on the run and what’s chasing her may not be recognizable at firstThe book is about a lot than that trust me but to fully divulge the plot would most certainly risk spoilers so you can imagine that Stephen Lloyd Jones’ debut novel is a difficult one to talk about it There’s a lot going on within these four hundred plus pages and while there are a few intense action scenes and thrilling moments don’t trust that guywomanthing the whole plot feels like it’s going through the motionsWhile the scattered timeline narrative used in Jones’ novel is often something I have issues with – obviously no fault of the author just a preference on my part – it fit well given the subject matter I liked the use of travelling through time so to speak to expand and flesh out the mythology surrounding the villainous Jakab and his relentless pursuit of Hannah and her predecessorsOverall I felt the story was OK but didn’t particularly knock my socks off Jones is a hell of a writer when it comes to frenetic action – I’d love to see of that from him in the future In my opinion he’ll definitely be an author to watch in the coming yearsAlso posted Every Read Thing

  4. Eh?Eh! Eh?Eh! says:

    It's been a long time since I've burned through a book like this in one day and snapping at my dear mother for not letting me ignore the family during dinner and just read so while I'm not usually drawn to suspenseful stories like this I've got to recognize how gripping this was I was uite gripped It's hard to describe this without giving away the many payoffs The synopsis did a pretty good job of giving the intro bits only The story skips around in time and for once they were all compelling enough that I didn't feel too tempted to skip ahead in order to stick with the one I was on This would make a jump and twitch inducing movie if it were ever picked up by those people I found the character descriptions much vivid than the ones for scenery which I had trouble visualizing because the people were standing out in such high relief Towards the end I got a little disappointed by some of the stock mass market plot elements introduced but by then I was hooked through the gills I'm not looking for books like this but it was a solid read

  5. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    This is one of those books; that you can tell from beginning that it’s going to be gripping that it’s going to develop into something much than it initially appears The prose is superb and beguiling the language eclectic and captivating The opening scene is imprinted in the mind’s eye in an eeriness that captures the nature of the treat they face Jakob Jakob is an immortal shape shifter with psychotic tendencies He is completely delusion and possessive over a family he never had Over the last three generations he has hunted down the decedents of an old love’s line in a twisted attempt to replicate his temporary happiness This obsession has spanned decades Hannah and Nate in this hair raising tale must protect their daughter from the threat they’ve long feared The book is told from three time frames Hannah’s parents twenty years past Hannah herself present Jakob’s origins several decades past This interlocking of narratives adds suspense to the novel as they begin to become entwined and the links explained The first chapter of the 1979 zone was masterfully done I found myself laughing at the meticulous nature of Professor Charles probably because I could relate to it a little bit too muchOverall an entertaining read; it’s a good stalker like thriller that keeps you grippedGood reads winner

  6. Monica Monica says:

    Final is 35 ✴ Overall the story was engaging but lacked the power to keep me enveloped Using three different timelines was a good tool especially with the Hungarian folklore added I felt there was a lot of missed potential but I'm also interested in finding the seuel So this novel isn't a total loss Just not spectacular either

  7. Dor Dor says:

    This book was provided to me in all its white shining POD glory by the publisher Headline in return for nothing than the warm fuzzy feeling that act of generosity gave them They were able to do this thanks to Bookbridgr not because they've been stalking me That I know of I've been keen to read The String Diaries ever since I read about the publishing deal being struck A book about family relentlessly pursued down the generations by a man who can change his appearance at will? With their only tool for survival the knowledge of the family members gone before written in a pile of tattered diaries held together with string? Ooooh yes please From the off TSD has itself set to the highest gear possible alternating chapters between the present in which Hannah Wilde is trying to find her way to a safe house in Snowdonia before her husband bleeds to death in the passenger seat and late 70's Oxford where Professor Charles Meredith meets a mysterious French scholar who nicks his seat in the library It's dramatic if you're British She's also deathly afraid of some bloke who's been pursuing her all her life and her mother before that but that's really no excuse Such divisions naturally mean it takes a few chapters to get into it especially as there's also a third timeline but despite the rather in my view over dramatic cliffhanger chapter endings it works very well skilfully passing the necessary exposition to the uieter chapters to allow Hannah's timeline to maintain its pace I was drawn in fairly uickly and interested in all three stories I also loved the idea behind this and its mythology I have no idea if the Hosszu Eletek are a real folk story Google only brings back this book There's such potential but its suandered weakened by two dimensional characters and a by the numbers plot for the set up In a fair or unfair point depending on if you as I are attracted by that particular aspect of the blurb the string diaries of the title have little to do beyond existing and that was a great disappointment The main story is Hannah's the dramatic escape but I found her to be a deeply boring character who did little than scream weep worry and think to herself that she must protect her daughter and husband There is a fine line between legitimate emotion and having a heroine who succumbs to inertia consider The Hunger Games the fear and PTSD was one of the bits it got really right but Katniss still went out and got things done Here Hannah's actual actions what there are of them happen before the book has started; throughout things are done by the male characters around her When she does finally act it is not in the way of somebody who has had the chance to spend their life preparing for the possibility she'll have to Then there is Gabriel a character straight out of any romantic comedy starring an Irishman over friendly? Check Turns rebuffs into jokes and ignores them? Check Uses a small child to trap the object of his affection into spending time with him? Check We'll grant some bonus points for Hannah's epically stupid reactions to him What's that? You are on the run from a man who can change his appearance at will there's a mysterious Irishman who is determined to be your friend he makes your spidey sense tingle with mistrust your husband almost died the day before and is lying prone on the sofa vulnerable to the aforementioned man who's hunting you and you ARE going to go for a ride with the mysterious and hunky stranger? The final nail in the coffin is Jakab himself the man who's spent over a century tracking down Hannah's family In the beginning he's done excellently but his obsession is ludicrous its explanation overly simplistic and as he doesn't appear to exist off screen let alone develop as a character over his lifetume We have a faceless Big Bad who deserves his endlessly screaming target It's even annoying because what he does is so utterly horrific but the book is not; Jakab's victims only emotionally respond to the fear of violence but Jones has possibly inadvertently created a creature whose MO taps into a very female fear I would be less annoyed with this book if that aspect had been borne in mind throughout Books like this are a dancing centipede if I hadn't looked down three uarters of the way through this would probably have been 35 stars However I did and if I hadn't then I really ought to have done It has a strong start but progress is unoriginal checking in with Things Which Will Be Important Later passing Things Which We're Told Can't Happen Manage To For Reasons and giving a jaunty wave to Holding Out For A Seuel on the way past Mentally comparing this to my other scores I'm going to settle on 25 stars until it all fell apart it was very good but once it did it was a brainless Hollywood summer blockbuster and I'd really really hoped for

  8. Constance Constance says:

    What a piss poor excuse for a thriller It has lots of fun elements that could have come together well shape shifters secret societies narratives spanning lots of history etc But it has no plot or substance or urgency The book unfortunately goes into the evil shape shifter's origin story which makes no sense don't read on if you want to read this shitty book as a youth he's kind of an outcast and gets rejected by a girl he doesn't know at a party and then he goes out and shape shifts and RAPES somebody out of nowhere ?? And then he gets outcast and later falls in love with a human but has to leave for many years so the human marries someone else And then he haunts all her future generations of women and tries to shape shift into their husbands and sleep with them and kill everyone because the women descendants LOOK LIKE the human he fell in love with What? Unclear his ultimate motive except he's just evil and deranged because everyone else keeps saying he is And the other parts of the book set among two different generations of these bewitching women that look exactly like the original woman are so boring I never thought a thriller could be this boring the entire conflict for hundreds of pages is oh no is that the real person or the shape shifter pretending to be the real person? This is so hard Let's move locations Blah Lesson don't read intellectual thrillers Stick with Harlan Coben see this fascinating article that I've previously posted or any of the other experts

  9. Rinn Rinn says:

    I received a copy of this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Also posted on my blog Rinn ReadsA uotation on the cover of this book claims that it is too terrifying to read late into the night Now I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to horror films and television or even video games but not normally books With books you can imagine scenarios exactly how you want toThat techniue did not work with The String DiariesIt’s been a long while since a book seriously creeped me out This got to the point that I had to stop reading it for several days whilst my flatmate was away because I couldn’t read it in the evening knowing that I would be alone in the flat that night It was that bad The idea of Jakab the antagonist being able to take on the appearance of anyone at all replacing the lives of Hannah’s friends relatives neighbours her closest loved ones without her knowing was truly terrifying Give me monsters demons whatever – human beings are the scary onesThe String Diaries is set in various locations across several generations From present day Wales and France to 1970s Oxford these chapters mentioned my workplace so I heartily approved to nineteenth century Hungary the story weaves its way through the lives of one family and how one man has hunted them over the generations Initially I did not enjoy the chapters set in Hungary as much but as they built up Jakab to be this terrifying character and demonstrated just what he was prepared to do I found myself and enthralled And despite spanning several generations and countries the book felt almost claustrophobic to me as if I were the one trapped in a cabin on a Welsh mountainside rather than HannahI enjoyed The String Diaries a lot than I expected – and I also did not expect to feel that terrified by it To me that shows that Stephen Lloyd Jones is a great writer although the ending of the story felt a little like a deus ex and left me unsure as to how the series could progress However I would definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for something scary or something that incorporates folklore

  10. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    If in doubtRUN Set over several periods of time the String Diaries is a wonderful thrill ride of a mythology story one you could almost imagine had been written by the Brothers Grimm should they be alive and publishing today Following Hannah in the present day as she struggles to keep her family safe through flashback we learn the reasons for her paranoia and fear Charles in 1970's Oxford meets a mysterious girl who fascinates and intrigues him but little does he know what pursuing her will bring him With a rich vein of folklore running through the narrative each new chapter brings its own rewards and uestions who can be trusted? Who should be fearedOk so if you follow my reviews you know that I do love a clever book and this book is just that Clever Keeping you on a knifes edge even in its less manic moments if you are the type of person who totally loses themselves in a story you will find yourself looking at your loved ones and feeling a vague sense of uneasebefore returning to devour as many words as possible before real life claims you back I had the added pleasure of knowing some of the locations utilised I live in Oxfordshire and many happy holidays are spent in Snowdonia so a lot of the time I was really literally there with the characters And that isnt hard They are all wonderful even the less salubrious and we all know that great characters you can love or hate are the key to a fantastic bookI'm wondering if there will be novels from Mr Lloyd Jones set in this world The last time I read a book that made me want in the way that this one does was way back when I first picked up The Straw Men by Michael Marshall which became one of my best loved to this day trilogies in fact The String Diaries has inspired me to make that novel my next reread to review on my site However the author has given us a well rounded and completed tale the ending was satisfying and perfect in conjunction with what had gone before but it does leave you wanting Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy of this book to review sometimes I love my life Over to you Mr Lloyd Jones Brilliant Happy Reading folks

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