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  1. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    35 starsUnexpectedly funSome humans managed to wait out the zombie apocalypse in the ruins of their houses but now prey is becoming and scarce These last few humans are climbing out of the woodwork and into the clutches of some very very hungry zombies B Smith your friendly neighborhood zombie and her team of Angels also rather friendly have their very first superhero mission guarding a group of very human humans through the streets of a very zombie infested London Piece o' cake right? Note it was not a piece of cakeThey have to make it through the heart of London and to New Kirkham a human settlement all the while dodging the brain munchers zombie hunters the Big Bads and whatever else life throws at them The mission breathed new life into this series I really enjoyed B growing as a person and her rag tag team becoming a close knit family I'm definitely not a fan of Rage one of the fellow Angels he's uite the oily slick of a guy isn't he?Definitely looking forward to the next oneYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

  2. Faseeh Ilahi Faseeh Ilahi says:

    It is the 7th book in the Zom B series so if you guys haven't read the first 6 books then stop reading this coz It might spoil those books for youThe story starts where the 6th book ended when Brian was rescued by Dr Oystein and the angels and was bought back to country hallThere she is putted into the groove tubes so that her injuries could repair faster When she has recovered she starts training with Master Zhang again and learns a lot of new skillAfter a few week she along with the other angels are send on a mission to Hammersmith to escot Emma and her son to a survival group thereThe series started really slow and was really boring at the beginning but now I am enjoying it a lotLike I said in my precious reviews these books are really gruesome They contain a lot of blood shed and some really creepy illustrations

  3. Dan Dan says:

    I think this might be the best book of the series so far No longer are we sat around County Hall talking and training but here the action really begins as B and her Angels are sent on a mission to transport some humans to a safe community Suffice to say this is easier said than done What I liked about most about this book is how it expanded the Zom B universe We've spent so much time with the revitalised like B and until now haven't really been told how the standard humans are doing In terms of surviving it appears some of them are not doing too bad as we are introduced to the community of New Kirkham Shan does a great job here of making it convincing imagining everything a post zombie apocalypse community would need to consider in order to surviveWe also are given some big shocks during the progress of this book The first comes uite early on and involves one of the series' most likeable characters Mr Burke There's a scene involving him which is both completely unexpected and at this point completely unexplainedOur other shock comes towards the end when the drama really escalates Unlike what one might expect it doesn't involve Mr Dowling who is notably absent here once again and it looks like it might set up the direction for the series from this point It looks as though the racism storyline from the first book is important than it first appeared considering what B has to face now I am still a little frustrated with the format of these books though It means here we are given a cliffhanger which I always feel shouldn't happen in a book I would have preferred a longer book with the next volume coming out laterA great addition to the series which ramps up the action and starts to prepare us for what I feel is going to be a superb and exhausting rest of the series

  4. Brooke ♥booklife4life♥ Brooke ♥booklife4life♥ says:

    At A GlanceGenre Young Adult; ZombieLove TriangleInsta LoveObsession? noCliff Hanger yesRating 3 starsScore Sheet All out of tenCover 8Plot 7Characters 8World Building 7Flow 6Series Congruity 9Writing 8Ending 8Total 7In DeptBest Part B's softer sideWorst Part Dragged a bitThoughts Had soccer; finally; oh snapConclusionContinuing the Series yesRecommending yesShort Review I'm glad that you get to see the softer side of B is this book She gets to playing soccer with her fellow Angles which is nice since she usually stays to herself and hasn't done a single fun thing since her heart was ripped out Review in GIF Form

  5. Sharon Mariampillai Sharon Mariampillai says:

    Actual Rating 335 This was an okay read I thought this one was not as good as the previous three books However I did like reading about the softer and vulnerable side of B's impressive character Also I enjoyed the part where she played soccer with the other Angels Also I thought the issue of racism was incorporated into the story well with Vinyl's character I liked the friendship between Vinyl and B as well I hope the series does get better I can't wait to read the rest of the series Overall a good read

  6. Louise Jones Louise Jones says:

    i enjoyed this as was a uickish read and showed the different direction the series is in bringing us to meet the town New Kirkham and how they are reacting to the invasion it is good that B shows the side of friendship and that the racism thread has not been forgotten abr looking forward to reading the next instalments

  7. Cameron Cameron says:

    Personal ResponseI like the book Zom B Mission because this book was good for its reading level The book had many great moments during it It had a big cliffhanger that I didn't really likePlotThis book starts with B and a few other revitalized zombies taking survivors to a safe haven B and her friends are excited for their mission to get out of the H They begin the mission and escort the survivors across town battling zombies away They reach a bridge and take a break from walking to let the kids play A bird flies onto a branch just above the kids who were playing in a tree A drop of blood that was on the birds beak lands on one of the kids head The little girl starts to turn into a zombie from the infection They isolate the throbbing body and kill it before it could fully turn The journey continues after the incident They reach the fortress that they are relocated to They deliver the humans and get a thanks then kicked out On the way returning from the mission the group notices a dog watching them B starts to walk out to it and the dog runs away B chases it until it reaches a campsite where KKK members were lodged up loading up trucks B runs away to tell the group about what she saw They decide to go back to the fortress and warn them about the threat As they come upon the fortress again the doors are open and gun shots are erupting The vans from the camp are entering the area and attacking the minorities rounding them up and keeping them for slaves The group get into the fortress walls and attack the KKK members and zombies that are breaching in They manage to control the outbreak and force the vans to retreat while losing some civilians B decides to chase the vans and manage to catch one She stops and opens the cage that holds hostages She advances to the next truck but she is thrown off by the driver and then the van pulls up on her The KKK members climb out of the vehicles DanDan looks underneath with a gun pointing at her They attempt to take her with so DanDan can toy with her Rage comes and manages to grapple Dan Dan and deal a trade the next book overRecommendationI recommend this book to someone who likes a lot of action The person who reads this should have an open mind about what could happen in the book I recommend that the person reads the other books before this one to get the full understanding of it

  8. Emma Emma says:

    Review by Amelia 1415Zom B Mission is about a zombie apocalypse which causes massive disruption between the living and the dead Also there is a twist there is not just the living and the zombies there are angels too and whose jobs are to safely escort the living to camps where they are safe from being bitten or eaten by the zombies They encounter a lot of obstacles whilst they are delivering a bunch of humans to a camp across townThe main character is a girl called B who works for HMS Belfast on the Board which gives the angels jobs to take the living to compounds which is a ‘safe haven’ for the living Whilst on a journey to escort the living to a compound in New Kirkham she bumps into an old friend whom her dad did not like her being with because her friend was black and her dad was a racistMy favourite part of the book is when a bird touches a child and infects it and turns it into a zombie the reason that this is my favourite part of the book is because it shows that nature also plays a part in any world and it makes the whole story realistic Also the fact that B’s dad is a racist also makes the story realistic because even a zombie apocalypse will not change people’s disgusting attitudesThe only thing I disliked about the book was the fact that you had to wait until the middle of the book for it to start getting exciting with all the actionI think that one of the ‘angels’ should of actually been a zombie disguising which would add a twist to the journeyI would recommend this to others around teenagers because there are some swear words and disturbing scenes throughout the bookI would give this book 55

  9. Haley Haley says:

    This series is just getting weirder and weirder I honestly don't even know what to think any This book was about B getting her own mission and getting humans to a safer compound with others Mr Burke is in Timothy's apartment trying to learn new things about Owl Man and Mr Dowling when he comes back to the compound crazy He brings a gun and tries to kill Dr Oystein calling him a demon It doesn't make any sense but makes me uestion Dr Oystein There may be than meets the eye when it comes to him Emma and Duncan are back in the story and they are the ones that the angels have to transport to a new compound B finds out that Vinyl is still alive How crazy The story just went into a strange area where the KKK group is forming and raids the compound where everyone is I just don't really understand the plot so much any but maybe it'll get interesting I'm not sure

  10. Meg McGregor Meg McGregor says:

    Becky B has gone through uite a lot in her short life She lived with an abusive father and then she became a zombieNow she has revitalized and has faced numerous other challenges A demented clown called Mr Dowling a man with extraordinarily large eyes she calls Owl Man starved and beaten and forced to fight other zombies for her life in the arena are just a fewYou would think that would be enough No now in this book she faces racism at its worstThis is my favorite so far I know I say that about most of them but it is true Here in this book B has to confront her own racist behavior in the past and attempts to redeem herself by rescuing survivors in New KirkhamI so look forward to the next book in this series

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Zom B Mission [KINDLE] ❅ Zom B Mission Author Darren Shan – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk What has happened to the world since the dead took over Where have the humans gone to hide Who do the living most have to fear B Smith is heading for unknown territoryLeading a group of humans through What has happened to the world since the dead took over Where have the humans gone to hide Who do the living most have to fear B Smith is heading for unknown territoryLeading a group of humans through London and out into zombie infested suburbs sounds like suicide but not for the undead Even so the horrors of the journey will be beyond anything B Zom B PDF or has yet seen 'Do not underestimate the dangers of this mission Other zombies will not ignore you when they catch the scent of fresh brains You will almost surely be called upon to fight The city and countryside are full of angry bitter people who are trying to execute as many of the undead as they can They will not distinguish between a revitalised and a revived Most do not know there is a difference And most would not care'.

  • Hardcover
  • 219 pages
  • Zom B Mission
  • Darren Shan
  • English
  • 28 June 2016
  • 9780857077769

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