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  • Hardcover
  • 434 pages
  • The Skin Collector
  • Jeffery Deaver
  • English
  • 05 May 2016
  • 9781444757453

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  1. Harry Harry says:

    Book ReviewI'll start by saying that I've read some very good books by Jefferey Deaver and those books are part of this series I've handed out a few 5 star reviews for them and you should read them And I can immediately conclude that thought by saying Jeffery Deaver has also written some bad books This is one of them If you look at the chronology of his writing career you'll find that long ago he wrote novels that in my opinion are mediocre Then something happened Deaver came out with his Lincoln Rhyme series an instant success starting with the Bone Collector a major motion picture and concluding in this latest installment The Skin Collector And therein lies the rub Could Deaver and his publishers not have come up with a creative title for the book? Was it really necessary to steal it from his first? And that's just the beginning of my bitchin' sessionAfter The Kill Room which also failed in regards to the rest of the series I am thinking this series is now dead All the steam has gone out of the Lincoln Rhyme series almost as if in tandem with the passing of my favorite villain the Watchmaker Rhyme reflects morosely on his passing in this novel Perhaps someone can tell me if his Kathryn Dance novels have suffered the same fate since Deaver took a holiday from Rhyme between 2010 and 2013 to begin that series And this instant mediocrity literally happened between #9 and #10 in the Rhyme series Perhaps it's just writers fatigue with a series I've seen it happen before Connely has to be careful too in this regard Deaver unfortunately kept on writing the Rhyme series Like the pre Rhyme novels the characters are now flatly drawn we saw this happen in The Kill Room and we see it in The Skin Collector the plot is a hopeless mess where for over three uarters of the novel Deaver takes us along a poorly inked timeline only to suddenly drop the entire plot structure and introduce a brand new plot hastily put together to save face and force a badly concocted surprise on the readers Characterization and the associated psychology of the characters make no sense at all and isn't believable No one collects skin And perhaps Deaver should read some of his Scandinavian colleagues' work for a better insight into the psychology of humans involved in crime as a matter of lost inspiration And as my friend Yelena points out the narrative had contrived and forced set ups; page after page of exposition Well you get the picture As a painter I have had it happen that 34 of the way through a painting I can't make it work It's a luminous moment for an artist knowing he's gone down the wrong path for a work of art I get a little pissed And then scrape all the paint off the canvass and go sulk in a corner somewhere wondering if I have enough money left to buy new oil paints I think I'm done with Jeffery Deaver Series ReviewI'm going to take a slightly different tack with this series review for the Lincoln Rhyme series It is best explained as a personal journey where I've had to wade through some bad stuff and some good stuff It was also a journey hindered by both the publishers and the authorJeffery DeaverIt started with the film The Bone Collector That's how I learned about Deaver and his Lincoln Rhyme series And since I'd already seen the movie I didn't bother with the first novel in the series because when you're talking thrillermystery half the fun is gone if you know the outcome In any case it was a personal decision to skip it I jumped immediately into The Coffin Dancer and I was intriguedJeffery Deaver is the one author with that uncanny ability to develop plot twists and very complex characters that leave you stunned to the end If you've seen the movie trust me the books are far ingenious and developed as compared to what we were presented with on the silver screen Reading his novels I am reminded to never commit a crime The science has gotten too good After reading the exploits of one serial killer I moved on to the next one The Empty Chair Love betrayal distrust animosity coupled with dedication science and a vengeance for justice moved this one along uite nicely it pits Sachs vs RhymeHaving assimilated two novels so far in this series I'm pretty sure the Bone Collector is as good though I didn't read it I began to see Deaver as this master at creating interesting and very uniue villains a bone collector an insect boyreally? His writing was astute it took its time developing the serial characters that appear from book to book and Deaver displayed an uncanny ability as to plot I moved onto the next one The Ghost and the next one after that; the enigmatic conjurer in The Vanished Man So far so good I'm pretty much gobbling up the novels at this point You know the drill munching on snacks late night hours in bed early mornings with a cigarette and coffee during short breaks at work in the car while in stopped traffic Most who know me know me to be a serial reader I like really really long stories that span mutiple books I like to hang out with the characters from book to book They're like family It didn' take me long to get to where I needed to beThat's when I met the Watchmaker perhaps Deaver's finest villain yet IMO Did I say I was devouring these books at this point? Yah there's a point to that which I'll make shortly I'd read The Twelfth Card and came up for air before attempting The Cold Moon in which the Watchmaker is featured I mean folks when I got into that book I was rooting for the Watchmaker As devious as Rhymes if not soThen The Broken Window came out and I began showing up a little late at work Folks if you think data mining and information gathering is a benign business then follow along with Deaver as he shows you what havoc is created when data mining falls into the wrong hands Scary Or have you read the news about what might happen if our electrical power grid is hacked? I'm sure Deaver read the articles Let the author take you there in The Burning Wire And right about then something happens in Deaver's life Not sure what it is Wait I do he goes off on a tangent with the Kathryn Dance seriesbut no further Rhyme novel appeared until 2013 his The Kill Room You can read my take on that one here In this period I too decided to see if he'd published stand alones I mean they had to be good if the Rhyme series were any indication right? And certainly a few of them The Devil's Teardrop was highly acclaimed I'd heard were goodI read a few of themcan't name them because they were that forgettable It was as if I was reading a different author all together Flat characters ok dialogue I meana couple of them I had to put out of their misery Sad sad I just couldn't understand it So with a little digging I found out these were pre Rhyme much older novels that had been republished by the publishers I'm sure they were counting on sales on the back of the Rhyme novels' success Nice shiny new covers new art work and sucking up to the Rhyme series and the publication dates seemed to indicate they were recently written My bad I stopped reading DeaverThen The Kill Room came out At the time the latest in the series I couldn't resist I knew it'd be good All the other Rhyme novels were great so why not this one? And again Deaver threw me for a loop It was as if that younger less accomplished author had come back from the dead I gave the book a 3 rating but perhaps I was being generous Gone was the dynamic tension and empathy I had for the main charactersmy family Flat characterization a dubious plot a hurried ending and the villain was justoffI tried my luck one time and you can read that reaction above at the top of this review To potential readers of this series don't let my journey dissuade you from reading some really great mysterythriller novels This is a great series up to the point mentioned; but a series that has unfortunately now fizzled

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    In this 11th book in the 'Lincoln Rhyme' series the uadriplegic forensic scientist is after a sadistic serial killer who kills with poison tattoos The book can be read as a standalone A serial killer is plaguing New York City He creeps through the disused underground infrastructure of Manhattan which unknown to most people connects with the basements of various retail shops restaurants hospitals office buildings etcOnce the murderer snags a victim he tattoos himher with poison ink resulting in an excruciatingly painful death The tattoos contain numbers and seem to be conveying a message but the meaning is inscrutable On the killer's trail is famous uadriplegic crime scene investigator CSI Lincoln Rhyme and his team Rhyme's assistant NYPD detective Amelia Sachs trawls through crime scenes collecting evidence which is analyzed in Rhyme's state of the art forensic laboratory Rhyme believes this new serial killer has been inspired by a deceased serial killer called 'The Bone Collector' Meanwhile another murderer Rhyme helped apprehend called 'The Watchmaker' has recently died in prison Hoping to uncover 'The Watchmaker's' associates Rhyme sends rookie cop Ron Pulaski undercover to see who picks up the cremation remains At the funeral parlor the inexperienced rookie bumbles around a bit but manages to meet a person of interestWanting to learn as much as possible about tattooing Rhyme interviews an expert and gets a uick education in 'body modification' which helps the CSI profile the killer This and other clues allow Rhyme's team to track the perp and to foil some attacks but the killer always manages to get away The murderer who seems to be preternaturally clever and capable is infuriated by this interference and targets Rhyme and his crew While this is going on Amelia has an additional worry Nineteen year old Pamela a girl with a horrible childhood that Amelia took under her wing wants to uit college and travel the world with her boyfriend Sean Arguments over this drive a wedge between the women and distract AmeliaThe story is told in alternating sections from the point of view of the killer and the point of view of Rhyme and his associates The reader learns that the killer named Billy Haven is following instructions in a detailed manifesto and that his ultimate objective is bigger than just killing people with poison tattoos The story is skillfully told with twists I didn't anticipate On the down side the complexity of the scheme that drives the plot REALLY REALLY strains credulity I have a couple uibbles with the Lincoln Rhyme series as a whole First in every book the serial killer goes after the CSI and his associates which seems unlikely to happen in real life Just as an aside this also bothers me about Patricia Cornwell's 'Dr Kay Scarpetta' series where the serial killer always targets the medical examiner and her familyfriends Second the Rhyme books have an 'incestuous' feel since we hear about the same serial killers time after time Though this story is about Billy Haven the tattooer we also read a lot about 'The Bone Collector' and the 'The Watchmaker' I kind of wish Jeffrey Deaver would let these guys rest in peaceReservations aside the book is an exciting page turner with a wide array of interesting characters Reading previous books in the series would be preferable but the book works okay as a standalone Recommended for mystery fans especially people who enjoy the Lincoln Rhyme seriesYou can follow my reviews at

  3. Cheryl Whitty Cheryl Whitty says:

    It's always a pleasure to read a new Jeffrey Deaver The only problem is you have to finish and then you enter a period of mourning This is a classic Lincoln Rhyme thriller it keeps you guessing to the end

  4. Gail Strickland Gail Strickland says:

    Despite all the five star reviews of others this one to me wasn't one of Deaver's best efforts Maybe The October List left a bad taste but the characters here seem one dimensional and the set ups forced To much was made of a connection to The Bone Collector that had nothing much to do with the main story line and seemed simply a way to set up a future book Deaver can almost always come up with a nasty bad guy and doesn't disappoint there but Lincoln and Amelia are beginning to get on my last nerve

  5. Ardent Reader Ardent Reader says:

    All good until the odd appearance of Watchmaker which made the story a bit complexOtherwise its good as his previous books with full of unexpected twists and surprises

  6. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    A follow up to the first Lincoln Rhyme story The Bone Collector in time honoured style it follows the tetchy forensic criminologist and his team as they chase down another bizarre murderer this time one who tattoos his victims with poison Some humour lots of twists and regular recaps of the evidence captured so far Yes the format might be getting a bit tired but I do tend to take the view that if it ain't broke don't fix it And ok there are some unlikely deductions made by Rhyme and maybe too many twists for some though if you're a regular follower of this series that'll be no surprise and just when you think it's over you realise there's another 100 pages leftI've probably been a little generous in the marking but I feel that's warranted when it comes to Deaver He's an inventive and entertaining crime fiction writer one of the best in my view

  7. Alan Cotterell Alan Cotterell says:

    Glad to see this is back up to form after the previous book The only thing that stops me awarding 5 stars is the same as before A bit of a lull in the middle and maybe a few too many twists

  8. Monnie Monnie says:

    Ah the joy Ah the discovery of a book that's enjoyable at the beginning the middle and the end And ah the thrill of the chaseYes folks Jeffery Deaver has done it again Created an interesting exciting even book the latest in his series featuring uadriplegic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme and his friends including the beautiful and talented Amelia Sachs This one is even special it seems because it involves a new killer who's apparently being inspired by the case that introduced Rhyme The Bone Collector This time though it's skin not bones that's the attraction for what is presumed to be a serial killer His method of killing is bizarre; he tattoos his victims with mysterious messages using ink that's laced with some kind of deadly poison Message to me Definitely not a fun way to goAs the case evolves it becomes clear there's to the story than death by design and that in turn creates some serious situations for Rhyme Sachs their police cohorts and even the citizens of New York City Can the team determine the real motive and find the killer before thousands are killed? And what are the ties if any to a former deceased nemesis?If I had a complaint it's that Rhyme's methodology and deductions which he swears are based on evidence not intuitions are a bit too right on the money to be believable; the leap from Point A to Point B tends to be a chasm no human even one as talented as Rhyme possibly could jumpBut hey it's all in good fun and the result is another great novel from one of my favorite authors

  9. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    My rating 25 of 5 starsA woman is discovered dead in an underground passage after being tattooed by poison with only a partial message “The Second” Is this the second victim or is it only a partial message meaning that deaths are in the works? The killer known as Billy Haven is seemingly killing at random and is constantly two steps ahead of the brilliant NYPD detective Lincoln Rhyme It’s discovered that the killer has not only been researching Rhyme and Saches and their past cases together but one case in particular receives the most attention; the one where it all began The Bone Collector The two killers modus operandi seem entirely different and the detective is left grasping at straws in an attempt to collect clues for one of his most difficult cases to dateI do so hate to criticize a lifelong favorite of mine but we all have our off days right? I’ve been reading the tales of Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs for well over a decade but this mystery was completely lacking in ways than one I found the killer tattooing people with poison to be definitely crazy and creepy and it kept me guessing for sure but there was a second storyline that was actually ongoing from a previous installment in the series where the man that Rhyme caught had just recently died in prison It was completely unnecessary and forced setups that we all could have done without The tattoo killer mystery keeps you completely in the dark for the majority of the story only to give you an ‘ending’ but oh wait Just kidding Forgot that pesky second storyline okay let’s just combine the two stories even though neither seems to have a single bit to do with one another And then we’ll have the reuisite bad guy at the end tell all to make it all seem super legit I had a similar reaction to another longtime favorite of mine I read last year and it makes me wonder if I’ve simply read too many of these authors works and at this point I’ve become bored with their tried and true formulas or if they’ve just lost their spunkAre there installments to come? No doubt after that ending Will I be picking it up? I’m a sucker for continuing a series after this damn long I’d love to see Deaver get back to his roots where the bad guys were sick and twisted and the mysteries weren’t so bizarre and outlandish that they ended up falling apart at the end The Coffin Dancer The Empty Chair and The Stone Monkey are the best of this series and I’d love to see installments along those lines

  10. Mark Mark says:

    A long overdue return to the writing of Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme and his crew This seuel to the Bone collector where it all started is well written and like everything Deaver wrote there will be twists when you least expect them and even the end proves to be a different beastie than expectedThe story starts with the demise of the serial killer contract killer the Watchman and a loonie who attacks a woman and leaves her death with a tattoo that is done on her which in essence did poison her to deadWe get the cat and mouse game between Rhyme and his team and the serial killer The writer does give us insight in the killer writing his experiences in the various chapters confronting the chapters about the work done by the police It does give an fascinating dialogue between both sides and yet Deaver manages to keep delivering the various suprisestwists in this tale of murder and mayhemDeaver proves to be a master story teller and that his skills in the eleventh Rhyme novel still not leave with a stale taste after this book As I was used to before Deaver dis write a page turner that I really enjoyedGreat reading entertainment

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The Skin Collector[PDF] ✅ The Skin Collector By Jeffery Deaver – A new type of serial killer is stalking the streets of New York one devious and disturbing than ever before They call this butcher The Skin Collector a tattooist with a chamber of torture hidden deep A new type of serial killer is stalking the streets of New York one The Skin PDF/EPUB ² devious and disturbing than ever before They call this butcher The Skin Collector a tattooist with a chamber of torture hidden deep underground But instead of using ink to create each masterpiece the artist uses a lethal poison which will render targets dead before they can even entertain the prospect of escape Drafted in to investigate NYPD detective Lincoln Rhyme and his associate Amelia Sachs have little to go on but a series of cryptic messages left etched into the skin of the deceased.

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international bestselling author of over thirty novels and three collections of short stories The Skin PDF/EPUB ² His books are sold in countries and translated into languages His first novel featuring Lincoln Rhyme The Bone Collector was made into a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie He's received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world.