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Target America [Reading] ➺ Target America ➰ Scott McEwen – From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller American Sniper comes a heart pounding military thriller in which the fabled Special Ops unit is activated to stop a group of terrorists from laun From the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller American Sniper comes a heart pounding military thriller in which the fabled Special Ops unit is activated to stop a group of terrorists from launching “suitcase” nukes somewhere in AmericaWhen Chechen terrorists manage to smuggle a Cold War–era Russian nuke across the Mexican American border the President is forced to reactivate the only unit capable of stopping them Navy SEAL sniper Gil Shannon and his brash team of SEALs and Delta Force fighters First introduced in Sniper Elite One Way Trip hailed by Publishers Weekly as a “meaty thriller” with “snappy dialogue and well timed humor” Shannon and his team were run out of the military after defying direct orders and instead choosing to save the life of one of their ownIn Target America Gil and his team many of whom had gone rogue are reunited as an off the books Special Ops unit that must race against the clock to save the country from nuclear destruction New York Times bestselling author Scott McEwen once again delivers a gripping and fast paced adventure that illuminates the shadow world of clandestine military operations.

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  1. Ed Ed says:

    US Navy Seal Gil Shannon and friends search for a suitcase nuke somewhere in the US presumably ready to detonate by evil Chechen terrorists Complicating the hunt is a duplicitous US President and a cowardly political adviser with conflicting agenda's in this rush of page turning action I loved it Gil Shannon's character will make you forget Jack Reacher Mitch Rapp Jason Bourne John Rain Jack Ryan and all the other terrorist hunting good guys we read This series is just outstandingEd

  2. Glen Glen says:

    Chechen terrorists smuggle a suitcase nuke into America The Sniper Elite was disbanded after the last book for political reasons Now the CIA has to get them back together because they're the only ones that can stop the terroristsMeanwhile back at the ranch a hit team is after Gil Shannon's Sniper Ace #1 family as if he didn't have enough to worry aboutThere's enough action to keep things going uickly even though the end is a little cheesy IMHO

  3. Nick Brett Nick Brett says:

    A military thriller that will delight fans of Vince Flynn’s Mitch RappThere is a nuke in the US and the only hope of finding it might need some rules being broken For that The President calls upon the team he disbanded following a previous mission where they ignored his orders So plenty of action and White House politics in another excellent thriller from the author Really did remind me of the best of Vince FlynnReally good series this clever action packed and engaging

  4. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    OkayI know down graded the rating from the first but it happens This is a good bookfinally I liked it and it's actually chock full of a certain realistic feel and a very realistic climaxThat said the book takes forever to finish it's setup I don't know how a book that opened with a nuc going off in a tunnel under the AmericanMexican border could slow to the point I almost abandoned it but this one didWe open with a good plot set up The characters are getting lined up so to speak but then we bog down in so much convoluted plot spread so to speak that you'll be head scratching Why go thereI get it already We watch the terrorists plotsuabblego through angst about failing in their religious duty We get to hearsee them pontificate Meanwhile we're watching the political machinations of those on top playing CYA as people are dying or going to dieI was really close to setting the book asidesad because I liked the first pretty wellAll that said however once we did get to running toward the climax we had a good book over all with a no punches pulled finish On the whole I can recommend this novel though I do think it bogs down rather badly as it tries to spin out multiple story threads and then sort of loses control of themfor a whileOver all I can recommend it

  5. Donna Donna says:

    I started this book 3 different times before I could actually stay with it I enjoy a great hook at the beginningit gives me a feel for the kind of ride I'm about to embark upon and gives me a little anticipation This book didn't have that It was kind of slow on the set up But once it got there I enjoyed it This is my first book by this author I liked the details given about the characters and the situations I never felt lost Even though it dragged a bit there were some great twists So 3 stars

  6. Corey Corey says:

    A great kick ass and at the same time powerful work of military fiction and excellent follow up to A group of Chechen Terrorists have managed to smuggle a Cold War era Nuclear Weapon into the US across the Mexican American Border with their attempts to detonate it somewhere in the US on the anniversary of 911 With not a whole lot of options the President has no choice but to reactivate the only unit capable of finding and stopping them legendary Navy SEAL sniper Gil Shannon and his team of ST6 and Delta Force who have now gone Black Ops Once again Shannon comes back into action to take on America's enemies playing by his own rules and getting the job done Can't wait to dive into book #3

  7. ElaineY ElaineY says:

    REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; DECEMBER 12 2016Narrator Brian HutchisonThe Narration I don't know if I would have enjoyed this book as much if I'd read it instead of listened to it As it is as an audiobook Target America was excellent I'm so glad Hutchison is narrating the other books and hope it stays that way His accent is neutral and his voice suits an actionthriller appropriate to the age of the MC Gil Shannon who is in his early 40s unlike Guidall Hill Ferrone et all who sound rather elderlyThe Story Some weak parts at the start I couldn't uite connect some of the early scenes but my confusion was shortlived There were also many characters and as I can't remember the details of the first book I'm not sure if all of them are recurring ones or newWhat I Liked The main plot was simple not always the case for me and I could follow it easily This was especially good for me because in some books an action scene may be very intense and suspenseful but I may not completely understand its connection to the plot or may have unanswered uestions pertaining to the scene a result of overly complicated storylines Brad Thor's books tend to be like that for me as well as some of Brad Taylor's But to my delight McEwen's plots are just right like the Mitch Rapp books before Kyle Mills took overAt the start of the book Robert Pope Director of SAD the CIA's Special Activities Division has tasked Gil Shannon with hunting down and taking out two Al aeda in the Arabian Peninsula AAP operatives At the same time one of the suitcase nukes has detonated Prologue on the US Mexican border between New Mexico and Chihuahua devastating a border town and sending radioactive dust and debris heading towards El Paso Texas Needless to say the two kiloton blast sends the White House into shock especially when it is learnt there is a second RA 115 already in the US The military is now at Defcon 2 The reverberation isn't only in terms of physical damage Russia's President calls on the US President and warns that its intel has verified that North Korea will launch a surprise attack on South Korea should there be a nuclear attack on Washington DC Gil Shannon who is in Casablanca when the first bomb detonates accomplishes his mission and heads home to find out what is going on Meanwhile we switch scenes to two spec ops guys Medal of Honor recipient Green Beret Daniel Crosswhite whom we met in Book 21 and Navy SEAL Brett Tuckerman These two are roped in to join Gil when Seal Team Six Black is reactivated to locate and neutralize the second RA 115 DC is evacuated and the military is now at Defcon 1Of course there's the obligatory fragile marriage and wife who can't handle her husband's job However in this case Marie Gil's wife is a woman who can handle her own Though traumatized and in acute distress when the Al aeda ops attack their family home she shows she's no shrinking violet Kudos to her Ditto to Oso Cazador the family's Chesapeake Bay retriever Some good people die here and that saddened meDespite the freuent location and scene switches I was never lost and found this installment unputdownable No fillers no navel gazing it was moving forward at every new scene and each picking up from the earlier the suspense building up right to the end A rather sad but realistic end I hate it when good guys dieSo yes I loved this one

  8. John John says:

    Imagine a really good Stephen Hunter book crossed with a so so Tom Clancy book and you've got Target America Gil Shannon is back from his adventures in Afghanistan and he's out of the military game But not for long because Chechen terrorists have teamed up with a branch of Al aeda to smuggle nuclear weapons into the US When their first bomb goes off prematurely at the US Mexico border Gil is tasked with reassembling his old team to track down the second by any means necessaryAt the same time the Al aeda operatives that Gil battled in the first book have made things personal staging multiple attacks on his house in Montana That part of the book works a lot better than the bomb tracking partOverall the book was pretty solid very gritty and realistic or at least it seemed to be Gil works best when he's playing at Bob Lee Swagger and less when he's playing Jack RyanJohn Clark

  9. H00DEDRIOT H00DEDRIOT says:

    Amazing book that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let you go

  10. Kevin Findley Kevin Findley says:

    Brutal death and destruction at the hands of America's finest on the worst the world has to offer What's not to love and binge read on a Saturday morning and afternoon? Gil Shannon is an Operator's Operator So good at what he does one of the sub plots is the bad guy's trying to take him out as revenge for a previous mission and to keep him from interfering in detonating Soviet Era nukes on US soil Unfortunately for them Gil has already been called in and their assassination attempts uickly go tango uniform If you're unfamiliar with that term look it up The ending is winlose with the bad guys only getting a fraction of what they want The loss side is the creation of teams whose only mission is track down and eliminate those who want to try it againOne thing that irritated McEwen refers to a Galaxy cargo jet flying on AVGAS It's jet fuel Scott specifically JP 8 Find it Buy it READ IT

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