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The Poems ➸ [Read] ➳ The Poems By Patrick Branwell Brontë ➽ – First Published in Routledge is an imprint of Taylor Francis, an informa company First Published inRoutledge is an imprint of Taylor Francis, an informa company.

10 thoughts on “The Poems

  1. James Kelly James Kelly says:

    Whilst this is the only commercially available edition of Branwell s poems, we are lucky that it is such a decent edition Winnifrith presents a decent cross section of Branwell s work, warts and all, enabling the reader to see both his poor early work and his masterful later pieces Winnifrith does not annotate and comment much on the work, however, presenting only the text those who want to delve deeper into the Bront brother s work will find here a good starting point only.

  2. Sheri-lee Sheri-lee says:

    This was not my favourite poetry It wasan exercise I will say about this edition that the typeface chosen made it much less enjoyable It reminded me of old carbon copied things Ugh I really should give it a higher rating for its scholarship and thoroughness, but unfortunately I was not super interested in the scholarship and thoroughness.

  3. eddie street eddie street says:

    Dreadful wasteThese are not by the lad Branwell, they are his father s rubbishy doggerel Can I have my money back please

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