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    This book is about how to be real and use the best parts of your higher nature love and empathy and caring about other people to get better at finding ideal solutions for people When you find or create solutions that exactly fit people's true needs they'll naturally buy them from you and you both win This idea is uite a departure from the usual marketing advice to use power words generate a lot of exaggerated enthusiasm and false scarcity and hit people over the head as hard as you can I've always suspectedhopedwished that you could sell stuff without selling your soul This book says you can and talks about how to do it well Loved it Reading this book was like a big hug of inspiration HighlightsLoc 154 55 | Tuesday March 25 2014 0723 PMI read two amazing books changed the way I sold to people The Power of Nice and The Power of Small by Linda Kaplan Thaler Robin Koval Loc 323 26 | Tuesday March 25 2014 0737 PMThat really is a basic almost caveman like example but it does such a great job illustrating that the approach to ‘selling’ the pen was 1 Responding to a demand and 2 Helping to fill a need Loc 327 34 | Tuesday March 25 2014 0737 PMHow can you adapt this ‘helping’ mindset? Two ways 1 The next time you’re having a sales conversation—over the phone on email in a sales page—the uestions to ask yourself first are How is this helping? How can I help? How much value can and will this add to this person’s life? How can I show them how to find meaning in it and use it to help them achieve or get what they want? 2 Always think about it as if you were the person you’re talking to Instead of imagining—be them Walk yourself through a day in their life Better yet ask them about a day in their life This is a techniue actors use when they start to create their characters Loc 345 | Tuesday March 25 2014 0739 PMImagine the uality of your life if you took the time to understand people that way Loc 452 53 | Wednesday March 26 2014 1229 AMYou must take the time to establish trust—even if it takes awhile How? Be very specific about how you can help solve this person’s problem Loc 476 80 | Wednesday March 26 2014 1232 AMSomething very important to note here is that you want the other person to feel as if buying from you is THEIR idea The truth is nobody really wants to buy anything from anybody But people will pay premiums and then some to fix their problems Your only job is to show them exactly how what you sell can do that—and better yet let the customer take a look at what you’re selling and ask them for their advice and how you can make it even of service to them At that point a sales conversation is hardly necessary They will buy without you saying a thing—they will have gone and sold themselves Loc 607 9 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0113 PMI’ve been passive aggressive about asking for what I want I’ve been ashamed to ask for what I want and I’ve thought that the other person didn’t care about what I wantedall because of a deep seated belief I didn’t deserve to ask for what I wanted Loc 614 16 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0114 PM2 And the second thing is that all I had to do was be very clear and concise about what I wanted think a sentence or two and explain how it will benefit the other person if they do something for me Loc 640 43 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0115 PMJust as we discussed above you saying ‘no’ now doesn’t necessarily mean ‘no forever’ And all you’d really have to say is something as simple as this “Thank you so much for thinking of me for this I have to tell you though I’m focusing my time elsewhere right now Have you thought about reaching out to ‘X’? I’d be happy to introduce the two of you” Loc 670 71 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0327 PMI use this when I’m cold emailing or cold contacting someone I say to them that I think they are an extremely interesting person and I tell them why Then I close the 2 3 sentence message by asking What are you the most excited about working on this year this month etc? Loc 678 80 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0328 PMHere I like to email people who I’ve invested a significant amount of time learning about Maybe I’ve read through their site purchased their products listened to an interview read their book—something that indicates I’m than a stranger Then what I’ll do is I’ll email them to tell them what I learnedand exactly how I applied it and what results I got Loc 684 85 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0328 PMBonus A great subject line to use could be “3 amazing secrets I’ve learned from you about ‘X’” Only speaking from experience but it works J Loc 689 90 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0329 PMI may cold message someone and tell them who a mutual friend of ours is or that “so and so” turned me onto them Loc 712 14 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0331 PMDesignerswould love to have A list copywriters to refer their clients to Business coacheswould love to have a slew of service providers designers copywriters developers etc to refer clients to Realtorswould love to have an amazing landscaping service to refer clients to Loc 737 39 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0333 PMDon’t assume that no one wants to help you or refer work to you Offer yourself as solving a problem of theirs they didn’t even know they had When the opportunity arises you’ll be the name that’s top of mind for them because you were the one who offered yourself in the first place Loc 838 44 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0850 PMThat’s really interesting What about it made you feel that way? They go on complaining Hmm You know I’ve never thought about it that way Hey maybe you’re right Insert complaining here less gusto this time What would have made it better for you? Ah Now they have a chance to insert their own opinion Watch how their perception changes—even if it’s just a little bit Watch for it Loc 847 48 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0851 PMI can give you that OrIf I can give you all of that would you buy it at ‘X’ price? Loc 883 98 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0854 PMThis is a sales process that you might try and use Pick the right people to sell to Those who you know are not only interested in the problem your productservicecoursebook solves but who are willing to pay for it Even better people who have already paid for it very recently More than that you should be interested in doing business with these people on an emotional level What ualities about them do you find admirable? What makes you like them as a person? This is how you match your genuine enthusiasm with being able to ask for the sale Plant the seed Tell the person how you are trying to help them by offering them your service or product Even if they are not interested right in that moment give them the details that talk in terms of what this person wants Make yourself available to answer any concerns they might have And how are they doing? How is their family? What have they done that’s fun lately? Keep up the personal side of the relationship Check in This is a form of following up but let’s reframe it as you actually caring about them You wanted to see if they were interested maybe this time in testing out the product or getting on the phone with you You can also provide them with real client stories or a piece of informative material that educates them Show them how they can get exactly what they want Ask for the sale This is the moment where you must be fearless and ask directly for the sale “It seems like this would be the perfect fit for you solve your problem and help you get ‘X’ just as we talked about Would you like to purchase it? Loc 987 94 | Wednesday March 26 2014 0901 PMWhy don’t you “X”? Would you mind helping me “X”? Do you think it’s possible for us to “X”? I would love your expert advice on “X” I love what you say here about “X” because it shows that you’re X Y and Z Working with you is always a pleasure because “X” You are under no obligation—we’re just having a conversation here What do you think about “X”? If you feel comfortable with it I’d love to do “X” I noticed “X”here’s what I’d like to do to fix it You are such an interesting person because X and Y No seriously Here’s why I’d love to let you in on “X” Wouldn’t it be fun if we “X”? Wouldn’t you agree that “X” is the best solution? I will take care of you I promise ßThat’s a favorite I was thinking of you recently and noticed you were up to “X” How’s that going? Loc 1035 36 | Wednesday March 26 2014 1155 PMHealth Money Love Success The desire to be appreciated and praised and have influence Loc 1026 27 | Wednesday March 26 2014 1155 PMIn Ratatouille it was about this man brittle and soured by experience and age who suddenly felt safe Who felt loved Finally through a plate of food he was understood Loc 1068 70 | Wednesday March 26 2014 1158 PMTake This Away You are not just selling a plate of delicious food You are not just selling a car a pen or a life insurance plan You are selling the outcome—the satisfying of an intense desire someone has with what it is you have to offer Loc 1072 73 | Thursday March 27 2014 0704 PMThe very simple trick to being persuasive—if you’re not interested in learning the science or principles behind it—is this Make it 99% about the person you’re talking to Loc 1100 1112 | Thursday March 27 2014 0707 PMWhile I did start off with ‘I’ statements I framed it so that it was about them “I wanted to know if I could ask you a few uestions via email” Everyone enjoys being asked for their advice and expertise However I could have delivered a better introduction of myself While it was a LinkedIn message I could have at least told them what my name was up front and mentioned something about them or their work that I liked which was why I chose to reach out to them The personal you can make an email the better I also could have made “marketingadvertising” a lot specific The truth is I simply didn’t know what to ask for at the time so I came up with something generic I could bet a fair wage though that if it had said something like “copywriting” or “account management” I would have gotten an even greater response Something else to note is how I asked if we could start our relationship over email or LinkedIn instead of asking for a phone conversation This was done on purpose I knew these people were busy and getting on the phone reuires a different kind of time investment on their part With that being said about 75% of the people who I talked to proposed that we get on the phone for 15 30 minutes—conversations which turned into as long as an hour Loc 1113 16 | Thursday March 27 2014 0708 PMBut notice something important at the end I remind the person that we don’t know each other personally but that I’m invested in developing a professional relationship That is an indicator that I wasn’t just someone asking for uick advice I proposed an ongoing conversation which invited them to use their expertise to help me You would be amazed by how many successful people are interested in passing down their knowledge to others Loc 1116 27 | Thursday March 27 2014 0709 PMHere are other examples of uestions you can use in your email copy that work For an interview The information about topic they love you talk about would be an invaluable resource for my readers because specific reason—what might your readers need help with? Would you mind if I interviewed you and asked you # uestions on very specific topic? For a book testimonial After reading x x and x—show that you care about them and their work about you it seems like this topic is one you enjoy immensely Do you think reading my book would be useful for you and only if it is would you mind endorsing it? For ‘You’re my hero’ Be extremely specific about what resonates with you about them and then you can swoop in with your uestion with something like this I thought I might ask you a uestion that you could provide a uniue perspective on Insert why you’re thinking about this—and why them The uestion I wanted to ask is Your uestion here Loc 1137 39 | Friday March 28 2014 0520 PMWinning sales pieces consist of are Specifics Simple concise language that the target can relate to and grasp onto What the features of the thing that’s being sold are The benefits What people can do and how they can buy A story A personality Loc 1143 51 | Friday March 28 2014 0522 PM1 Employing a level of exclusivity and scarcity This is so compelling because we truly don’t know when we’ll get the chance again to buy something or work with someone Though I advise you to please please use this ethically There’s nothing worse you can do for your brand or business than ‘say’ something is a one time offer then offer it again A friend of mine and life coach Rachel MacDonald is a great example of using this techniue—though she didn’t even know she was ‘using’ it at the time What Rachel did and does is simply take a look at her calendar and she’ll see that her entire month is booked She then tells the people who read her blog and buy her products that her month is booked and if anyone’s interested she’s planning for the month after and scheduling a few people in Know what happens? She gets reuests to work with her Loc 1156 60 | Friday March 28 2014 0522 PM2 The Steve Jobs Techniue This is one of my favorites because it reuires a certain level of showmanship which is extremely hard to resist What Steve Jobs used to do when he revealed a new Apple product is this Towards the end of his presentation he would begin to lead up to showing his audience the new product And he would say something like “Now this doesn’t cost 2000 It doesn’t cost 1000 It doesn’t even cost 700 It costs499” Loc 1313 14 | Sunday March 30 2014 1103 PM“If I pay attention to other people—if I am compassionate and understanding—I bring happiness richness and add a depth to my life; deeper than I could have imagined doing it any other way”

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Selling for Success [PDF] ✈ Selling for Success Author Felicia Spahr – Don't you think that it would have been a good idea to 'know how to sell' before you ever Started a businessso that you could go from an idea to making money Went into an interviewso that you could 's Don't you think that it would have been a good idea to Selling for PDF \ 'know how to sell' before you ever Started a businessso that you could go from an idea to making money Went into an interviewso that you could 'sell yourself' Had to express an idea to your boss or managerand actually influence them to go with your recommendation And can you think of any other instances where you found yourself wishing you knew what to say so that you could Make people instantly like you Write persuasive emails that actually made people want to help or do something for you Make friends easily Your Situation Here The common thread in ALL of those situations happens to be SELLING But if you're like most peopleyou cringed when you saw that word And when people describe their hate for that word this is what they usually say to me It just feels ICKY It feels too cold and direct Ugh it just feels so slimy and cheesy Seems like a scam I feel like I'm manipulating people Do You Feel That Way About Selling Too EXCELLENT I Wrote This Book for You Let Selling for Success be your ultimate guide to sell persuade and get anything you want in life with complete ease No matter what business you're in who you are or what uniue situation you're in the myth is selling is hard But with this book selling will be the most natural thing you'll do 'Selling for Success' is filled with great insights that can benefit anyone not just sales professionals I'm a business lawyer and I’ve incorporated several takeaways into both my business and personal life I found the sections on ‘how to get people to rave about you’ and ‘how to say ‘no’ so it feels like a ‘yes’’ to be particularly helpful David T The best thing about it is that even with my experience in fitness sales and marketing this book unearthed new gems for me to tuck into my marketing and sales arsenal I resonated with the stories so much Especially the hockey team sales rep who put his customer satisfaction before their and felt human for doing so So freakin' good What you taught me was this That we're all one and the same The way you apply the basics of human nature to every interaction and story brings home that we all just crave to feel heard and loved Meeting people where they're at means you have to walk down streets you normally wouldn't have Going that extra mile will put you in top position when they're ready to buy Oh and 'Emails worth thousands' and ' phrases that add to the total sum of human happiness' will be my go to guides for communicating Cynthia S.

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