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The Runaway Highlander ❴Reading❵ ➽ The Runaway Highlander Author R.L. Syme – Anne de Cheyne has a choice She can play the dutiful daughter and allow her mother to sell her to a greasy English sheriff or she can take control of her own life and find her own match After a fright Anne de Cheyne has a choice She can play the dutiful daughter and allow her mother to sell her to a greasy English sheriff or she can take control of her own life and find her own match After a frightening run in with her promised husband reveals a dark secret she makes a desperate choice FlightAedan Donne needs easy money and no uestions asked When Milene de Cheyne offers him enough to pay all debts reuests complete silence and pays half up The Runaway PDF/EPUB or front just for a simple recovery he can't believe his luck until he meets his mark Anne’s beauty and passion ignite something Aedan can’t ignore even as she leaves him in the dust Suddenly he finds himself wanting to capture the runaway Highland lady for himself.

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  1. Amy Yingling Amy Yingling says:

    What a truly terrifying position Anne finds herself in her mother is evil and the man her mother betroths her to is a monster thank goodness she is a fighter In this house of terror Anne meets Aedan for the first time when he brings a prisoner in to the sheriff for the bounty Trying to escape for the first time Anne actually knocks Aedan out and when he comes to the sheriff will not pay him the bounty and Aedan leaves downtrodden Opportunity to escape a second time proves successful for Anne and pretty soon Aedan is on her trail to bring her back to her mother for the bounty that he needs Once Aedan catches up with Anne all bets are soon off as they fall for each otherThe Runaway Highlander was a page turner I just had to know what happened to our two sweethearts so I stayed up to 3 am to find out Yep read it all in one sitting well minus bathroom breaks and raids of the snack cabinet I think my love of historical fiction and non fiction is what draws me to historical romances than the modern day ones and this one did not disappoint It was a wonderful read

  2. DeniseF DeniseF says:

    Likes This was a no nonense suck you in immediately kind of read There was action and adventure that began in the first few pages and followed through to the very end; I definitely could not stop reading The characters were great and I like that the story wasn't predictable There were a lot of twists and turns that made for an exciting read I also liked how the romantic aspect of the story didn't overpower everything else that was going on It had the best of both worlds good romance and good actionCharacters Aedan was a cool hero He was a good guy who had to engage in uestionable activities in order to help his sister I didn't always agree with his actions but he was incredibly likable I do think I have been watching too much Game of Thrones though Aedan has a scarred face and I had a hard time not picturing the Hound as Aedan in my mind Whoops Anne is a tough little cookie though at times she made rash decisions that got her into trouble I think that added to her appeal in my mindMilene and the sheriff were excellent villains The sheriff was so freaking awful and Milene was such a heartless word I won't put in my review They were so bad that they were 'good' I love when a writer can make you feel a strong sense of hatred toward the villains in the storyOverall This was a really fun read that would be a perfect addition to your summer reading list 3 stars

  3. Ash P Reads Ash P Reads says:

    Anne de Cheyne was promised to Broccin Sinclair but when he chose to fight for Scotland and was stripped of his title and exiled her mother decided to seek other suitors for her; or rather sell her to the highest bidder At one of these attempts to make a match for her is where she meets Aedan Donne a scarred gun for hire His disfigurement does not deter her from falling for him because she can see the man behind the scarWhen an opportunity arises that would help her escape the bought marriage and secure the safety and futures of herself and her sister Anne jumps at it Soon she becomes embroiled in a plan to help her former fiance escape from prison and finds Aedan hot on her heels; paid by her mother to bring her backBut convincing him that she is better off running for her life with the Renegades than going back to her mother and betrothed puts a whole new plan in motion; one that has Aeden dreaming of a future with AnneARC provided in exchange for an honest review

  4. Kari Kari says:

    The Runaway Highlander is the second in Highland Renegades series I hadn't read the first bookbefore diving into this one The story is an exciting book with lots of adventure bad guys and swoon worthy Scotsman It's definitely worth trying out My only complaint was that I wish I had read the first book in the series In the beginning I felt like I was missing back story But despite that I enjoyed reading Aedan and Anne's story I felt so badly for Anne and her sister and their situation I was really hoping that their mother and the Sheriff would get what was coming to them I loved Aedan the most He is just trying to do the right thing for the people he loves even if it means selling his sword and his life to the highest bidder What he did in the end for Anne was incredible I urge you to give this author a try and and see if you fall in love with Aedan like I did

  5. Nicole Laverdure Nicole Laverdure says:

    Charming Medieval romanceThe Runaway Highlander is the first book that I read written by RLSyme This is the second novel in her Highland Renegades series It’s the Scottish love story of Anne de Cheyne and Aedan Donne Let’s start with Anne; she has two choices either marry the sheriff an old man she doesn’t love or run away and choose herself a man Aedan is a man in need of money and will accept a bargain in which Anne is involved but little does he realizethat they could fall in love What will happen to these two Highland runaways? Just follow their journey and see what will happen If you like medieval Scottish romance this book is perfect for you Ms Syme’s next book is The Pirate Highlander This book can be read in a day

  6. Lee Lee says:

    Great book It's set in historical Scotland in 1297 and there are an awesome set of characters who I get involved with right away I'm looking forward to reading in this series of books The author really brings you right into the medieval times along with all of it's class warfare and separation I felt for the women of the times and what all they went through if they weren't of privileged class There also was an awesome love story in this book between Aedan and Anne soldier and lady It only took a day to read and I enjoyed it a lot Thanks to goodreads for the free copy to read and review I definitely recommend this book and author

  7. Erin Erin says:

    I will admit that I am a friend of the author and that this is not my normal genre to read However having said that I think this book was easier to follow than the first I enjoyed the introduction of the new characters and I am looking forward to reading how their plots further intertwine with the characters from the first novelI am also very excited about the next installment Pirates Who doesn't like pirates? This will be a lovely summer read

  8. Jsga914 Jsga914 says:

    The Runaway HighlanderI loved the complexities of the characters The mother was a horrible witch with no love of family only greed

  9. Krystal M Krystal M says:

    Spoilers aheadmild trigger point Anne De Cheyne is a Scot who finds herself in England Her father deferred to the “enemy” and now his family is the one paying the price I say pay the price because his wife is running amock trying to sell off her daughters Mainly Anne as she is of age and she is not insane as her sister Elena isGreedy is her mother and she will do anything and I mean anything to marry her daughters off favorably So she flirts with Sheriff Simon Alcock and sells Anne to him She has promised him a virgin wife but he waits to accept her as he is making sure that Anne isn’t pregnant by another man During that “wait” a man named Aedan brings to Simon a rebellion traitor who Anne thinks is her childhood fiancé Broccin When she speaks up about him and it is apparent she doesn’t know the man that Aedan brings in he feeds her the man’s name William Campbell From there a string of events occurAedan is a Scot and a mercenary hired out by Simon to fetch him all the men who are bringing a small war to him Aedan accepts these jobs because he is badly scarred in his face and doesn’t see any other alternative since everyone recoils from him Except Anne He believes that she may like him despite his scarring but everyone brings him down and makes him doubt Anne’s interest in him He finds her beautiful but knows he stands no chance Despite these claims he still helps Anne in any way that he can But he also has his sister to think of He will add helping Anne to freeing his sister to his list of things to doWhen Anne discovers that Broccin is in the dungeon at the Sheriff’s home she makes it her mission to escape the sheriff and free Broccin Her attempt at helping William escape backfires and ends up in her being promised to Simon Which then leads to him take her forcefully After that she decides that she needs to free Broc and his men and in turn her and Elena This time it is partially successful She ends up out of Simon’s reach but leaves Elena in his dirty handsNow she has to go back to rescue Elena She comes up with a plan that includes Broc and marriage Though she cares for Broc she doesn’t love him but she will do anything to get Elena away from Simon and her mother Milene On her way back she comes across Aedan who was hired by Milene to “rescue” Anne from the men who abducted her She assumed that Anne would be disgusted by the man so she wouldn’t bed him making Aedan the safest betAedan promises to help rescue Elena once he frees his sister from his father and his gambling ways He asks her to wait a couple of days and she does But she could only wait so long and goes after Elena by herself A few skirmishes and misunderstandings later they find themselves rescuing Elena During this rescue mistakes were made and now they are on the run for their lives To protect Anne Elena and his sister he ends up joining the Army for the King believing Anne didn’t love him and even though she says otherwise he wants to give her an out Finally he is convinced of her love when he fakes his death and sees the grief and sorrow in her face that can’t be fakedNow this story has so many smaller stories within it that it just feels like so much is happening in a little amount of pages There is nothing wrong with that though it made this story complex and intriguing with the deception and lies tossed around I decided to give this 4 stars rather than 3 because I got all the way through the book without noticing that it was the second in the series It can stand alone just fine because there were explanations given as to why some things were happening It would have gotten 3 otherwise because again there is just so much happening that if you don’t pay attention you can get lost

  10. ysar ysar says:

    Anne knows her mother means to sell her in marriage to the fat English sheriff but she knows better than to try to escape her fate  As much as she wishes she were anywhere else she can't leave her flighty innocent sister Elena to become the next pawn  But when a Scottish mercenary shows up with a wanted man she begins to wonder if there is a way out after all  If she helps free the men in the dungeon perhaps they will take her and Elena with them somewhere they won't be sold in marriage somewhere like the green hills of Scotland where they belongBut After reading The Outcast Highlander I was pretty sure I knew what to expect  This would be a love story set in the midst of EnglishScottish conflict any bedroom scenes would fade to black and the characters would live happily ever after  However it was a lot angsty than I anticipated and there was one very disturbing scene that really soured my opinion of the whole book  I know that unless someone else mentions plot points in an online review one can never really get a content warning when it comes to books but had I known about it ahead of time I probably would have just avoided the book altogether  That's not to say it's a bad story just something I would not have chosen for myselfThe Verdict Despite my misgivings due to one particular scene The Runaway Highlander is a sweet romance filled with adventure and a sense of constant danger  It takes place during the time in The Ouutcast Highlander when Broccin left Kensey at home so it was interesting to get a different perspective of that story as wellAnne has been handed a rather difficult lot in life with a mother who cares little for her daughters than what she can gain from marrying them off but Anne is surprisingly resilient and doesn't lose her spirit or hope for a better fate even when things get rather darkAiden is mysterious and conflicted selling out his own people in an effort to free his sister from his father's debts and while it may seem he's a traitor one can't help but sympathize with him  Given a choice between national  or ethnic loyalty and our own innocent family members who among us would choose otherwise?His romance with Anne is slow to build as they both resist their feelings in favor of everything they must accomplish for their families but there's clearly a strong attraction and there are moments of levity when Anne's fighting spirit makes it clear just how determined she is to reach her goals even if she can rely on no one but herself  It's a great historical romance for anyone who doesn't mind things getting a little gritty with an incredibly sweet happy endingFicCentral received this book from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours for free in exchange for an honest review Even so we're far too opinionated to let a freebie influence our thoughts or the contents of the reviews we post here

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