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    I won this book on Goodreads, thank you This is a very fun, interesting, sexy book It is well written, witty and has a good story Really enjoyed the characters of Frankie and Sean I love the way alcohol aff...

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    This book is so good It has suspense, romance, and laughter Since Francesca s mother is high up in the FBI in New York, she makes sure Francesca has non life threatening cases to work on Francesca is so frustrated with her mother, she transfers out to Las Vegas Francesca is funny as she always seems to get in trouble in Las Vegas without trying It seems like ev...

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    I loved this suspenseful novel, from the characters to the action, and it was a treat to have a female agent as the main character I highly recommend the whole series but start with this one My Rating 5 stars

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    Special Agent Francesca by Mimi BarbourSpecial Agent Francesca Donovan was thrilled to be moving to the Las Vegas FBI branch to escape her powerful, domineering mother Kathleen Donovan held the position of Special Assistant to the Director of the FBI in New York City She had always made sure Frankie was assigned soft cases So when a position in the bureau opened in Las Vegas, she jumped at the opportunity to move than halfway across the country Frankie chose a hotel away from the glitz and bright lights of Vegas to familiarize herself with the underbelly of the city On her first night in town, before Frankie checks in with the bureau, she gets between the hotel owner and a couple of goons who are out collecting protection payments in the seedy area for their boss.Craving the chance for real undercover work, Frankie grabs at the opportunity to be involved in cleaning up gang corruption in the nasty neighborhood In the sting operation, to lure out a Vegas kingpin, she is to pose as the new hotel owner along with Sean Collins, a Psychiatrist and LVPD Profiler, as her loving fian...

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    FBI Agent Frankie Donovan went undercover to take down a crime boss threatening local businesses She went in as a hotel owner and even had a fake fianc.Frankie had been an undercover agent for quite some time but never had a chance to be really good at it because her mother always made sure she had easy cases Her mother had a lot of pull in that area since she was very high in the FBI Wanting to get away from her mother s interference was the reason she transferred to another city Frankie never knew who her father was but the transfer prompted her mother to finally tell her because he lived in the city she was going to and was a detective there, too She wanted her daughter to be prepared, in case they ran into each other I loved the way he and his family welcomed Frankie into their family And his children were thrilled to have a new sister.I liked how good Frankie was at her undercover work, and th...

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    This is a potboiler novel, and there is nothing wrong with those, but unfortunately it was not even well written, and had very poor editing and lots of typos All in all, a rather cringe worthy romantic thriller with a flaky plot full of holes and corny language I m afraid I will have forgotten it even before finishing my review I found that one of the most annoying things for me was that the author constantly confused psychology and psychiatry and alternatively made one of her protagonists a psychologist one minute and a psychiatrist the next, rinse and repeat every few pages It made me mad, as it sh...

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    Francesca is a talented, determined, focused undercover cop who manages to blend easily into the gritty underworld of Las Vegas.She has lived under the microscope of her domineering, perfectionist mother Her father is unknown but through a series of intriguing events her secure world is turned upside down.She meets Sean Collins, a gifted police profiler and her life becomes...

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    Love the characters and the fast paced action in this story Francesca is as unique a heroine as they come Vegas and its residents both those wanting to help and hinder Frankie don t stand a chance when she arrives in town Neither does her new partner, the gruff but loveable and seriously sexy FBI profiler, Dr Sean Collins who becomes ...

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    Excellent The chemistry between Frankie and Sean sizzles The action keeps you on the edge of your seat I didn t want to put this book down I look forward to books in this series I was given this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Special Agent Francesca (Undercover FBI #1) Reading Special Agent Francesca Undercover FBI 1 Mimi Barbour Oknalubliniec.eu An Introvert, Special Agent Francesca Moves To Las Vegas To Escape Her Powerful, Domineering Mother On Arrival, Multiple Obstacles Challenge Her She Needs To Approach A Father She S Never Met, A Man Who Doesn T Even Know She Exists Then She Must Play The Role Of A Loving Fianc E With A Stranger One Who Makes Her Question Every Unexpected Emotion He Provokes Craving The Chance For Real Undercover Work, She Grabs The Opportunity To Be Involved In Cleaning Up Gang Corruption In A Nasty Neighborhood When She Poses As The New Owner Of A Hotel, The Deadly Dangerous Situation Ramps Up And She S Forced To Fight Her Way From One Conflict To The Next.Sean Collins, Psychiatrist And LVPD Profiler, Has Never Known Anyone Like Francesca Donovan From First Sight, He Believes Her To Be A Screwball But Her Beauty And Maddening Personality Attracts Him Despite Her Prickly Disposition, Which Gets Them Into A Load Of Trouble, Her Rotten Driving Skills And Her Constant Battles, He S Hooked Once He S Roped Into A Mock Engagement With Her, His Desire To Make It Real Takes Precedence Over Everything Else In His World.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 243 pages
  • Special Agent Francesca (Undercover FBI #1)
  • Mimi Barbour
  • English
  • 22 May 2018

About the Author: Mimi Barbour

Mimi is an incredibly busy NYT and USA Today award winning, best selling author who has seven series to her credit The Vicarage Bench Series Spirit Time Travel tales that have a surprising twist The Angels with Attitude Series Angels Love Romance The Elvis Series Make an Elvis song a book Vegas Series 6 books full of romantic suspense, humor and gritty conflicts and the fast pac