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    One Eyed Jacks should be right at the top of every bestseller list It s that good Smith created an absolutely breathtaking novel that slowly builds in tension from beginning to end I really liked how it began at such a slow pace and how each of the characters developed.It s Toronto and the nearby farmland in the late fifties and Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley are the biggest stars anyone s heard of and everyone wants to know who is going to be the next heavyweight champion of the world Two washed up and dead broke old boxers, one Canadian Tommy Cochrane and one a Black man from Missouri T Bone , leave their old De Soto to rust when it stops and hitchhike their way north It s where Tommy s old family farm is that is if he can ever get the dough to buy it before his brother in law puts it up for auction.Of course, it wouldn t be dramatic if the old boxer didn t get a chance for one last fight against an up and comer, a bruiser with no brains but his eye on a pathway to Madison Square Garden and the championship belt And of course the story wouldn t be complete without Ma...

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    Tommy Cochrane, washed up boxer, returns to his small Ontario hometown with his friend T Bone Pike, another fighter Cochrane discovers his family farm is about to be sold unless he can come up with five thousand dollars in a couple of weeks Lee Charles, Tommy ...

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    One Eyed Jacks took me back to the nights of my youth watching old black and white movies on the t.v Lots of good character development and a good old fashioned bad guy good guy match up over Lee, the hottest woman I ve read to life in a long time A little bit film no...

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    A hilarious book of country hicks, city slickers, bad sex, crazy relationships, and bizarre quests I found Brad Smith to be a surprisingly satisfying writerespecially as I m not usually drawn to the subject matter with which he fills his novels.

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    I have never ready anything by Brad Smith before He was recommended by my friend and fellow author, Patricia Caviglia I thoroughly enjoyed his writing The story was fast paced with colourful characters, excellent dialogue and an unpredictable ending I ll be reading by him

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    I am a big fan of Brad Smith He always has interesting characters This story is about an ex boxer, gambling and a great dilema for the hero The bonus is it takes place in Toronto Great Canadian book

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    Someone from my home town gave me this book to read because the author grew up in the neighbourhood I thought big deal When I started to read the book I was pleasantly surprised It was a really good read

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    An entertaining and artful re working of Steinbeck s Of Mice Men.

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    Loved reading about the seedy side of Toronto in the 50s Great characters

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    A very fine noir novel of the black and white film fedora school Hits all the right notes snappy dialog, memorable characters, and a hero to pull for.

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One-Eyed Jacks Reading One Eyed Jacks Author Brad Smith Capitalsoftworks.co.uk It S 1959 Tommy Cochrane, 35, Is A Washed Up Heavyweight Contender Whose Health Has Forced Him To Hang Up His Gloves For Good In Desperate Need To Raise The Five Grand He Needs To Buy Back His Family S Farm, Tommy And His Boxing Buddy T Bone Head For The Underworld Of Toronto The Good In Search Of Quick Money.Tommy And T Bone Encounter A City Of Taverns, Pool Halls, Boxing Clubs And Nightclubs, Peopled By Gamblers, Con Men, Small Time Hoods With Big Ambitions, Fight Promoters And Tommy S Ex Girlfriend, Lee, The Torch Singer.One Eyed Jacks Is A Fast Paced Story Of Money And Guns, Good Guys And Bad Guys, And Double And Triple Crosses Praise For One Eyed Jacks A Rollicking Blast From The Past Stewart Brown, Hamilton Spectator Few Canadian Writers Seem To Be Able To Deal With The Subject Of The Criminal And Semi Criminal Underclass Of Our Big Cities With Any Authority Brad Smith Does Have This Authority His Plot Is A Good One, And Has The Same Suspense As A Whodunit Toronto Star An Absorbing Story Of Toronto In The Fifties With Some Good Sex, Bad Beatings, Stupid Thefts, And Senseless Killings But It S Also A Good Novel About Friendship That Gets Closer To The Spirit Of Charles Dickens Than A Lot Of Mainstream Middlebrow Doodling Brad Smith Reminds Us, As Good Novelists Always Do, That Two Hearts Can Beat As One The Globe And Mail A Masterful Work, Crammed With Vividly Colorful Characters Kerry Doole