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Lightning Strike (Saga of the Skolian Empire #2, part 1 of 2) PDF Lightning Strike Saga Of The Skolian Empire 2, Part 1 Of 2 Author Catherine Asaro Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Tina Pulivok Is Returning Home One Night To Her Tough Los Angeles Neighborhood When She Is Saved From Local Thugs By A Man Who Seems Lost An Understatement, As He And His Advanced Jag Ship Arrived From A Distant Galaxy, A Different Timeline And An Alternate Universe As Tina Struggles To Understand Althor, This Strange, Attractive Man With Golden, Metallic Looking Skin And Other Variations From Earth Humans She And Althor Find Themselves The Targets Of A Manhunt By Police And By The Military, Who Have Captured The Damaged Starship From Memories Of Her Childhood In A Mayan Village, To The Streets Of Los Angeles, To A Military Base And A Chance To Reach The Stars, Tina Comes Alive As An Astute, Sympathetic Narrator, Facing Life And Tough Choices With Courage, Wit And Compassion Part Of Asaro S Highly Acclaimed Skolian Empire Ruby Dynasty Series Which SF Chronicle Called One Of The Major Series In The Genre, Which Booklist Found In Many Ways As Compelling As Dune, If Not So , LIGHTNING STRIKE, Book I Is An Expanded And Revised Version Along With LIGHTNING STRIKE, Book II Of Her Novel CATCH THE LIGHTNING.

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    This extensively revised version of Catch the Lightning is well worth the read even if you ve already read the original I didn t leave myself a review to tell me why I rated the original three stars, but obviously I feel quite differently about this version Once I started, I couldn t put it down so in trying to guess what s changed I don t have a copy of the original , I d say the narrative flow is likely much tighter than it used to be This book has everything I love about the Skolia novels in general space opera with r...

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    I really want to get part 2 I went to Toronto s gigantic science fiction bookstore.They can t find anything about it It says on .com that the book is called Lightning Strike part 2 Does anyone know how I can get ahold of book 2

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    Loved this rewrite But now I am jonesing for part two Anyone know when it will be published

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    Loved it, trying to find part 2.

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    Lightning Strike 2014 263 pages by Catherine Asaro.In the Skolian universe some starfaring race took people from Earth several thousand years ago and settled them on Raylicon The colonists discovered spaceflight and settled several planets before their genetics inbreeding caused a fall back into a non technological age Civilization made a comeback Meanwhile Earth discovered space travel and the Allied worlds made contact Althor is on his way to Earth where his mother is getting an award His ship is damaged and he arrives in 1987 Los Angeles, on an alternate Earth Tina s mother, Manuela, is a Mayan who got pregnant when she was a teenager The father left before Tina was born and years later they left to go looking for the father Tina ended up in LA with her cousin, recently killed in gang violence She works as a waitress and one day on her way home from work she meets the newly arrived Althor They talk for a while and then she goes on her way As she gets to her apartment she is accosted by Nug, the gang leader that killed her cousin, and just as it looked like she was in a desperate situation Althor steps in and helps her Althor s damaged ship loses it s shroud a...

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    Fun read, and way less disruptive Earth setting than in Diamond Star, IMO But why isn t the second half out yet It was supposed to be out almost 4 years ago

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    Lightning Strike by Catherine Asaro is an updated version of Catch the Lightning which is one of my favorite books in the Asaro s Skolian series The earlier edition was weighed down by too much explanation of confusing politics No This story retains the good parts, the vivid setting, the interesting characters, and best of all the bizarre but tender love scenes But now the prose is much tighter and the plot sound and compact This magnificently blends the techiness of science f...

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    The latest installment in Asaro s Skolian Empire Ruby Dynasty series is an updated version of Catch the Lightning This prequel epitomizes sciFi meets romance Warning this is part one of a two part story.

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    Read the original but long enough ago that I only remembered one scene and most of it felt new loved it than I remember loving the original.

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