The Sculptor eBook Ê Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 488 pages
  • The Sculptor
  • Scott McCloud
  • English
  • 16 May 2016
  • 9781596435735

10 thoughts on “The Sculptor

  1. Jesse (JesseTheReader) Jesse (JesseTheReader) says:

    Completely blown away by this graphic novel The best graphic novel I've read all year and I've read some pretty great ones

  2. Wil Wheaton Wil Wheaton says:

    This book ripped out my heart and showed it to me Several times

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I had high hopes for this book since I loved Scott McCloud's Zot series and think Understanding Comics is brilliant But it was really disappointingMy main complaints1 It fails the Bechdel test Meg never talks with any other women2 Meg is totally a manic depressive pixie dream girl David falls in love with her on sight And then she becomes a madonna She never gets to be a person3 In the real world almost no straight women have a circle of friends consisting largely of their ex lovers all of whom get along just fine Either this is pure laziness on McCloud's part or Meg is far interesting than either David or McCloud recognizes And she'd be giving up far by moving away from the city to live with David in the suburbs than he would4 I'm not convinced that a sculptor who chooses to work in stone would find it a gift to be able to mold it like clay If David wanted to work in clay he'd have worked in clay damnitI give it 2 stars rather than 1 because I liked the drawings of the city and the people in it

  4. Nat Nat says:

    David Smith is giving his life for his art—literally Thanks to a deal with his death grand uncle Harry the young sculptor gets his childhood wish to sculpt anything he can imagine with his bare hands I just want to mention that the art in this was stunningly beautiful And not only that but Scott McCloud’s take on fate was very powerfulDeath gives our main character 200 days to live in exchange for the power to sculpt anything he can imagine But complications set in when David falls in love with Meg after knowing her for less than 10 minutes I actually found it really hard at first to feel for the main character he was very much the moody and brooding artist type with some serious anger issues And not in a compelling wayI kept reading with the hope that his character arc would be redeemed yet strangely enough his behaviour just seemed to go downhillEspecially when he threw himself into obsessing over a girl he knew for less than an hour HOW can you say ‘I love you’ to someone you literally know nothing about????? I’m truly astonished at this I mean I get that he’s feeling lonely and whatnot but seriously?? In love??? David was just a really cringe worthy guy that made me truly uncomfortable for a majority of the storyline especially with his anger issuesMaybe I would’ve liked David if we hadn’t been introduced to Meg because once he got infatuated with her I completely lost my enthusiasm Ugh Mr and Mrs Special Snow Flake Like what kind of heterosexual bullshit He’s self absorbed aggravating cynical and stubborn—I still for the life in me can't understand why Meg would want to be with someone like that Honestly I just kept reading after that to see if David would really die For that ending and the art I gave a full extra star because other than that this graphic novel didn’t leave a lasting impression Simply put the idea for The Sculptor was fantastic but I didn't care for the execution Note I'm an Affiliate If you're interested in buying The Sculptor just click on the image below to go through my link I'll make a small commission This review and can be found on my blog

  5. Scotto Moore Scotto Moore says:

    this book is maddening on the one hand its handling of artistic frustration and the desire to excel as an artist is intelligent and well considered but on the other hand this story is just another in a long line of loser male protagonist is rescued by manic pixie dream girl stories literally dream girl is initially presented as an actual angel sweeping down from heaven male protagonist professes to dream girl i love you after having had a grand total of one full conversation with her; their relationship unfolds as predictably and unrealistically from there as you might imagine meh it's still worth a look if you can stomach that relationship as the driver for 75% of the story's action because the book does bounce off some very intriguing depictions of the protagonist's struggle to best utilize his new found artistic powers i wish we spent a lot time on that side of the tale to be honest

  6. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    David Smith is a New York sculptor who’s in a bad way he’s broke and his patron’s dropped him He meets Death in the form of his dead uncle Harry and makes a deal David’s life in exchange for the ability to sculpt anything with his bare hands in any material for 200 days David is literally giving his life to his art Then David falls for Meg an actor and tries to undo his pledgeThe Sculptor was one of the most pretentious self important twee annoying and bloated comics I’ve ever had the displeasure to read I’m baffled that this is getting rave reviews because there’s nothing here to warrant thatDavid Smith a bland name for a bland person is a complete narcissistic tosspot A whiny immature dick with pathetic ideals who can’t get his head out of his bumhole and join the rest of us in reality Sculpting is everything man if I can’t make art I don’t wanna live Etc He lives off other people’s money and rants about how everyone in the New York art scene is a hack except him This is what passes for a “grown up” these days? He is the most punchable comics character I’ve come across in some time – and I’ve recently read comics featuring racists and rapistsJoining David on his oh so precious uest to produce art is Meg the generic manic pixie dream girl who floats around NYC dressed as an angel performing in the street because reality can be magical toooooo Later she’ll do Shakespeare in the park because arrrt is niiice and Shakespeare is like awesome They fall in love and about 400 pages of this interminable 500 page book is devoted to the two making the googly eyes at one another Make that two completely punchable charactersSo that’s the book David sculpts “edgy” stuff out of everyday materials – lampposts the pavement the sides of buildings – because his hands are magic now and then he and Meg go through the usual stereotypical romance drivel It’s superficial unconvincing and utterly phony Cliches abound the tortured artist cliche the deal for his lifesoul with a supernatural entity cliche playing chess with death cliche The uestion is why is this 500 pages long? It’s such a simple tale that did not need to be this lengthy Did we need extra long seuences about being Jewish? Did we need to hear about the intrigues of David’s art dealer’s love life? Did we need to see David and Meg’s ridiculous courtship when we know they’ll hook up? When it’s not unnecessary it’s predictable and it adds up to nothing special It’s long because “important” books are long and that’s all Sure the art is pretty and I suppose it’s an accurate representation of the intensity the urge to create can be Like his most famous book Understanding Comics McCloud can tell a story through pictures well But the story is so full of vapid melodrama and po faced claptrap that it doesn’t read like it was written by an experienced cartoonist in his 50s and like an art student who hasn’t had to face any real challenges yet I mean how simplistic is the view that you can either have a good life or make good art you CAN have both many great artists have managed it And this idea that jobs aren’t for real artists is nonsense You know TS Eliot worked in a bank when he wrote The Wasteland? It’s such a douchey overtly arty book I kept wanting to see David and Meg get twatted instead of succeed It reads like the lamest indie movie – think Garden State level insipidness Understanding the technical side to comics is one thing; having a story worth telling is another The Sculptor is a storytelling disaster because McCloud doesn’t come up with anything original and isn’t a good enough writer to delve beneath the surface to find anything of substanceThe worst part about the manic pixie dream girl scenario is that the female character never really becomes a character – she’s there to act as a catalyst of real change in the male character’s life Without going into spoilers after reading this if you’re not familiar with it look up Gail Simone’s “Women in Refrigerators” theory – it’s shocking that McCloud would utilise something this hackneyed and clueless in his “important” comicThe Sculptor proves indie comics can be just as shallow childish and rote as anything starring superheroes

  7. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    102118 Three people in the last year have read this review and asked me if I was all right in my head given how wrong I was in my review You know this happens that we disagree and like snowflakes we sometimes disagree wait is that a mixed metaphor? My initial response was clearly somewhat affected by hearing McCloud on his book tour for the book being impressed by his presentation and also affected by my having used his classic Understanding Comics in my graphic novels and comics classes year after year I had never read anything in fiction from McCloud that I liked and he had labored for years to make this One Great Novel so I was sympathetic But not on the basis of a through re reading but looking it through for an hour or so I write this revision of my review wondering now if I really ever liked this book as much as I said I did Not many people talk about it now at all though at a glance several of my Goodreads friends liked it a lot But it feels like it didn't have the legs I thought it would have Great art less great story21415 My original review now somewhat amended upon reflectionThis is a Big Event in the Year in Comics without uestion And I am not sure of how I feel about all aspects of it but wth let me just share some first thoughts I should say I was present last Friday night at McCloud's Chicago Humanities Festival presentation at the Chicago Art Institute where I got my copy and I loved his talk his honesty and the glimpse he shared into the hard and obsessive work he put into the process of making this 488 page brick of a book a serious effort by one of the masters of comics theory I went with a lot of students and former students and didn't have the chance to talk with them or him afterwards but it was clear that many of us were excited to read the bookWhy? Because Scott McCloud wrote Understanding Comics and Making Comics the essential guides that all teachers and artists rely on just plain classics the best stuff on the topics available without controversy He also did among other things Zot which I never really got into so I was suspicious he was better at teaching about comics than making them himself I mean you need a story Does he have one? Then I knew this was labeled a romance which gave me pause; not my fave genre Though I also knew this story was about art making duh from the title which I liked and I like meta stuff allegories of art making And then in his presentation he made it clear about 80% of the portrayal of Meg is based on his wife and 40% of his portrayal of artists David Smith is based on him so there is this MausBlankets memoir aspect to this Big Book which I admit I am a bit of a sucker for And now having read it I also see this is a view of art and relationships that shows the flays and challenges of these endeavors though as a romance does make it finally look like the endeavors are potentially happy ones McCloud admits he has had difficulties with social skills and particularly with relating to women but in this love story he makes it clear in the presentation and in the book that he an David Smith struggle mightily with intense self obsessions AND are also deeply committed to the unstable and loving persons who are their wives He's got his issues she's got hers and they are largely annoying throughout but David Smith is especially annoying for much of the book as a narcissistic self absorbed artist who prefers art to love Many great artist biographies bear similarities like Picasso a genius artist and world class jerk but Smith is not even close to being a great artist David Smith is a self centered fame obsessed artist who would give up his life for his art and makes a dramatic and romantic of another kind deal with Death in the form of his dead Grand Uncle Marty that gives him some artistic superpowers within a time constraint for doing that art but he does over time finally manage to balance his obsession with fameart with his love for and commitment to his wife in my view The Faustian deal is sort of a cliche and maybe especially for artists and Meg is a kind of ethereally unreal crazy cool theater girl that everyone seems to fall for another kind of cliche but in the end I lean to giving him some sweetness points for honoring the spirit of his wife in and through and possibly above his art In a way this is a love letter to McCloud's wife and their important creation of a family and if that is too sappy and cliched for some I get it but I ultimately still found it moving in places in spite of these potential limitations McCloud as tortured artist saved by love? That's the story So you've heard that one okay But is it just meh? I don't think so I mean he calls it a romance so I think you gotta give him his due for working within a genre But in looking at it again I am not convinced it is entirely successful Neither Smith nor his wife are all that memorableI said I was skeptical about his being able to tell a story in comics a real story given that fact that for twenty years he has essentially been known as a comics theory genius But the art here is breathtaking on every level and in it he's putting on a clinic of art making in his story about art making And the finish set up only in part by the Deal still manages a couple surprises a couple twists I liked it uite a bit It's ultimately a meditation on time and making use of the limited number of days we are alive to live the best life possible I gave it 5 stars on first reading and now 2 12 years later maybe informed by time and distance from it and wider reading in graphic novels think it is maybe a 25 star story with a 5 star art credit

  8. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    WOW this took a dark twist I was not expecting I'm just a huge fan of graphic novels that are LONG because it's so nice to see character growth and to have time to explore bigger plot arcs and intricacies that are lost on you in littler series or shorter stand alones This stands alongside Blankets as one of my new favs even though I didn't find myself going WOW at the end of this one The art and dialogue and everything was just mediocre but it's the characters and the story that really drove this home for me Although the weird sculptor powers in exchange for death was pretty weird and it was executed strangely and unclearly I loved how this book showed so vividly the topics of failure and frustration and poverty and overcoming hardship and it was especially enlightening about the art community and the struggles that upcoming artists face every day It was definitely a graphic novel that I connected with but there were just some plotting issues that dragged this down for me because of the strangeness of it like I said

  9. Lindsey Rey Lindsey Rey says:

    Wowdamnjust wow

  10. First Second Books First Second Books says:

    We're so proud to have published this graphic novelScott McCloud is one of the most thoughtful people in the comics industry we know he literally wrote the book on comics after all And with THE SCULPTOR he takes all that knowledge abotu how comics works and fuses it seamlessly into a wonderful engaging magical narrativeYou guys should definitely check this one out

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The Sculptor➵ [Reading] ➷ The Sculptor By Scott McCloud ➪ – David Smith is giving his life for his art—literally Thanks to a deal with Death the young sculptor gets his childhood wish to sculpt anything he can imagine with his bare hands But now that he only David Smith is giving his life for his art—literally Thanks to a deal with Death the young sculptor gets his childhood wish to sculpt anything he can imagine with his bare hands But now that he only has days to live deciding  what  to create is harder than he thought and discovering the love of his life at the th hour isn't making it any easier This is a story of desire taken to the edge of reason and beyond; of the frantic clumsy dance steps of young love; and a gorgeous street level portrait of the world's greatest city It's about the small warm human moments of everyday lifeand the great surging forces that lie just under the surface Scott McCloud wrote the book on how comics work; now he vaults into great fiction with a breathtaking funny and unforgettable new work.

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