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My Sexy Stepdaughter A Stepdad Compulsively Checks The Mail Looking For Work Related Mail And Finds Something Addressed Simply To His Last Name He Finds Surprising Mail Intended For His Stepdaughter And As She Comes Home She Realizes That She S Already Started Seducing Him Even Before She Arrived EXCERPT I Reached Up And Slid The Straps Off Of Her Shoulders And The Bra Fell To The Floor With Barely A Sound She Was Now Totally Naked, Looking Up At Me, Standing Inches From Me, And I Grabbed Her Body And Held It Close To Mine She Kissed Me, Deeply, Reaching Up And Running Her Fingers Through The Hair On The Back Of My Head Her Hips Pressed Firmly Into Mine And My Hard Cock Was Poking Her Through My Pants I Let My Hands Slide Up And Down Her Naked Body, Her Skin Was Stunningly Soft My Hands Slid Down The Sexy Curve Of Her Back And Firmly Cupped Her Bare Buttocks We Moaned At That, Kissing , Our Tongues Dancing Around Each Other S Mouths She Broke The Kiss And Stepped Away From Me, Heading To The Living Room.

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