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Commander's Spitfire ➮ [Read] ➪ Commander's Spitfire By Bellann Summer ➺ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Romance MM spanking HEA Welcome to the world of Rescue for Hire Meet the team members that make up a company that form a family of heroesFor a year computer ex Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Romance MM spanking HEA Welcome to the world of Rescue for Hire Meet the team members that make up a company that form a family of heroesFor a year computer expert Tony Grayson was another man’s dirty little secret After months of pain from a huge betrayal he can finally breathe again and sees a glimmer of a futureA rescue goes wrong bringing the boss’s brother Shane Miller into Tony’s life As far as big dominating and possessive Shane is concerned the gorgeous Italian is his Now he just has to lead the team for his brother fix all the family drama and put the pieces of Tony’s heart back togetherThings finally get smoothed out only to have his ex call wanting Tony back Tony’s decision could change lives and careers Can the foundation Shane has laid for their relationship be strong enough to keep Tony The dynamics between a hard edged bad boy and a hot tempered vulnerable yet gorgeous computer nerd heat up the sheetsA Siren Erotic Romance.

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  • 89 pages
  • Commander's Spitfire
  • Bellann Summer
  • English
  • 13 August 2016

About the Author: Bellann Summer

Bellann Summer lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband and children surrounded by lakes and woods In the summer Bellann enjoys fishing camping gardening and growing flowers Autumn is spent out in the woods exploring the beautiful colors and nature at its finest In the winter there is ice fishing snowmobiling and sitting in front of the wood fireplace She has always loved to read and.

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  1. Yeochingyu Yeochingyu says:

    that was cuteFluffyand HOT Tony is all muscles and brainsShane is a rock Commanding dominating and hotShane's story is so tragic there was some of the HOT bear and his pup action 3 3big decisions and big changes for the rescue for hire team in this one

  2. Denise H. Denise H. says:

    Book 5 and I think there is nine in this Rescue for Hire series Next is Rescue for Hire West Here we have Cade and Jack injured during a dangerous rescue Both are in the hospital when Shane Cade's brother gets to town The team is assembled to do whatever they can to help These tough guys are different because they work in the dangerous jobs and do exciting rescues Shane spots Tony right away and knows he is the one Shane takes command and things go well until Jack's parents arrive Jack's mom is a shrew and she set up the break up of Tyler Jack's brother the MLB player and Tony Tony has been devastated Shane takes Tony with Treble and Damian to confront her Tony had to be the dirty secret for Tyler and with Shane he's openly cared for and loved Shane is a Commander in every sense of the word Plans are being made to transfer the injured home when a train derailment puts a stop to everything the town included The team must respond and they do During this time Shane and Tony are sharing a room getting to know each other having awesome sex and forming their relationship Shane is wonderful for Tony and Tony is perfect for him Deep thought filled richly woven characters are in every story so I recommend reading them in order but they could stand alone A lot happens in this short story so be ready for rescues understanding secrets revealed acceptance closure and new found true love This series is full of action and excitement the stories are short maybe 1 12 hours each with bad guys rescues and they're fun to read Highly recommend ENJOY

  3. Christy Christy says:

    'Commander's Spitfire' is book five in Bellann Summer's 'Rescue for Hire' series Seeing how the previous book ended with Cade doing a cliff rescue while contemplating the possibility of hiring new blood for the company as the original team have mostly found partners and started families and then Cade falling when an earthuake hits well my heart was in my throat The original five members of the company hold a special place in my heart and I just need to see Tony happy and settled before anything else can happenTony has spent the past year having a secret relationship with Pip's Jack's partner older brother Tyler a professional baseball player Tony really thought Tyler was the one and the breakup and significant betrayal four months ago has left Tony with heartache Now Cade and Jack were injured pretty badly during a rescue and the whole team is back waiting in a hospital for news The past few years have seen many members of their team getting injured which is another reason Cade was having the thoughts he was before the earthuake struckThe team is stunned when Shane Cade's younger brother shows up at the hospital None of them even knew Cade had a brother Shane has recently retired from his position as commander of a CIA covert ops team and is returning to the private sector Cade had actually contacted him a while back about coming to work for Rescue for Hire and helping Cade decide the direction the company should go in Now Shane is here ready to step in and he's found himself caught by gorgeous Italian TonyIt stands to reason that this team can't even be allowed to watch over their injured friends without some cataclysmic emergency happening nearby to which they get pulled to help with It's nice when they can all go home and get back to their lives I'll admit to being a little worried when Cade had the meeting where everyone helped to decide the future of Rescue for Hire but all went well and I'm happy with the direction the author is going inLoved the ending It was a great way to showcase these five original members of the company A great addition to the series that I enjoyed immenselyNOTE This book was provided by Siren Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  4. Morgan Skye Morgan Skye says:

    To sum up the first four books each can be readlistened to as a stand alone but the characters in the preceding books make entrances in the following books Cade Miller brother to Shane has a company he created called Rescue For Hire It’s dedicated to saving people in natural disasters and finding lost people etc Each member of the team is highly skilled in one particular area and together there is nothing they can’t do Like the A Team In each of the previous books one team member – very alpha male – finds his life partner They always know immediately that the man they’ve met is their “forever guy” at first meeting and the bulk of the book is their conuest of said man They also have some rescues to perform and at least once a book one of the partners ends up in mortal dangerShane is an ex military man who has come to help Cade with his company now that he’s become of a family guy and wants less field time Shane meets Tony – already a member – whose had his heart smashed by a closeted pro baseball player and brother to another team member’s partner Tony doesn’t want to get involved again so soon after breaking up with his ball player – so he resists – but it’s futile These books are delicious fun The men are unapologetically Alpha and it totally works Tony – who is no slouch himself loves to be dominated and controlled and feels safe when someone takes over He just has to let go firstIn the Audio format you get the bonus of having Darcy Stark for a narrator He does each voice differently – giving each character a greater depth and giving the listener another perception and way to experience the character In this case the man who steals the show is Shane Oooo La La Shane’s voice is panty melting It is deep and sensuous and controlling and masterful and Okay – you get the idea Tony has a vague Italian heritage accent – punk assed and spunky Together – totally steamyI’m not so much into the spanking thing myself but Shane makes it hotI highly recommend this series in book or audio format for fans of unapologetic Alpha males who control each and every situation but have a warm and gooey center for their life partnerIt’s a wonderful series and I recommend reading them listening to them in order to get the most from the series

  5. multitaskingmomma multitaskingmomma says:

    Original Blog Post fifth and maybe last? installment to the Rescue For Hire series by Bellann Summer is my favorite of the whole lot This made me say 'awwwww shucks' then made me sigh and then smile and just feel good all over This is Tony's story That team member who was mentioned in every single installment We knew his affair with Pip's brother was the hot and cold kind that was painful to read at times especially when the rest of the team members and their partners would discuss his situation privately amongst themselves I guess we all readers knew his was a sobstory and we all just wanted him to have his happily ever after like all the rest of the team I guess it is just fitting that after all the other members have had their say this series may just be ending with Tony and ShaneShane comes in as a surprise to everyone but we all knew Cade had a brother He retires from his government job and is revealed to be that commander Treble had respected and maybe feared way back when he was under Shane's team Shane is the usual alpha type commander and was a typical male but I loved that he had his own weakness to share Tony's and Shane's story is a simple one and uite follows the formula for this series I don't know though but somehow their story held meaning for me Maybe because their story also adds the needed closure to the uestions left unanswered since this all began We met Cade and Bret and yet we only saw the surface character of Cade With this installment all is left on the table and maybe it was simple but still well done So yes this is my favorite of the lot and with that epilogue I just got the goofy smile on That goofy smile that never appeared throughout this series finally made its way on my face and well still smiling here Note That train derailment situation was uite a scary situation and I had read and seen events like that on CNN and was left to wonder how the people and their animals made it through Bellann Summer had stated this was a real experience she placed into text and maybe this made the story real than just simple fiction for me

  6. Phaney Phaney says:

    Well that was a little oddTo start with the names in this one are a bit of a mess switched around by accident at times It’s especially bad when people in the story go along with the mistake and react to it as the new truthThe writing overall leaves much to be desired even compared to the previous book or twoAs for the actual story well Shane’s really not the type of guy I likeHe had learned early on to make snap judgments never hesitate and always dominateAnd this is a good thing how? I mean I understand how an attitude like that might be an asset in the military but it just doesn’t strike me as a good method for interacting with people in daily life Respect you know? Respect for what other people want plus an awareness that one’s snap judgments can be as fallible as the next person’s BlahTony seems to have a few things right when it comes to his complaints about Shane However he doesn’t really follow up to them because apparently I was going to say he likes being dominated but I’m not actually so sure of that He certainly likes being important to someone and to have his perfect romantic forever but it seems to me that allowing Shane to manhandle him – physically and otherwise – might be a rather steep price to pay for those thingsWell it’s this series’ thing Bottoms always love to submit and regardless of size are always the smaller partner; tops are dominant in and out of bed and love to control their partners’ lives for the best of course Add hurtcomfort and for most lugging smaller people around to the mix and you have this very naive seriesCase in point on the subject of naivety anyway My previous uestion regarding Jack’s wealth is answered in this volume They’re all fantastically rich Obviously not from mere rescue work but ingenious ongoing investments Okay then I will just point out that Jack in his book did consider that he’d have to go back to work soon since he was now his family’s sole provider – while in this book Tony explains that all of them can afford whatever they want without ever working again Ah wellA curse upon me for even remembering such little details It’s what in general makes series like this one so difficult to read Characters either go back and forth on what they thinkfeelwant retroactively or they repeat the same information over and over But I digress wildly thinking of many other series in this context I don’t want to make it sound as though this particular one is worse than many othersBut I went way off track here One of the good things about this particular story has to be that despite the usual head over heels speed of the relationship start much of the sex is delayed for a while Of course the author then makes up for it by shoving two scenes for two different couples into one of the last chapters That felt a little offAnd then we get an at the same time detailed and summed up ending for the entire series jumping ahead a good decade or slightly less view spoilerAlmost everyone has kids now the structure of the company changed and everything’s just perfect hide spoiler

  7. Candice Candice says:

    I wished something would have happened with the exI felt like this story dealt with so much rather than Shane and Tony They had the accident derailment the company Shane and Tony and then the Epi I wanted of Shane and Tony I needed that I felt like I didn't get to know them and I was bummed because I really liked Shane

  8. Isha Isha says:

    Good addition loved the epilogue

  9. Simone Simone says:

    35 stars

  10. Shawnie Nicole Shawnie Nicole says:

    3 12 starsShane was rather pushy and Tony a doormat at some points but I guess it worked for them

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