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The Extraction List (The Extraction List, #1) ✤ The Extraction List (The Extraction List, #1) Download ➸ Author Renee N. Meland – When fifteen year old Riley Crane figures out her best friend Olivia is being abused at home she knows just who to turn to her mother Claire writer and spokesperson of President Gray's Parental Morali When fifteen year old Riley Crane figures out her best friend Olivia is being abused at home she knows just who to turn to her mother Claire writer and spokesperson of President Gray's Parental Morality Law Under this law Taskforce Officers remove children from their homes if their parents do not meet certain guidelines taking them to government run boarding schools where supervisors rehabilitate them turning them into productive members of The Extraction PDF \ society Or at least that is how it was supposed to work Now after a government official threatens to make Riley the law's latest victim Riley and Claire must rely on Cain Foley a gifted killer with a tongue as sharp as the knives he carries to get them out of America alive Though he slices through men's necks as if they are warm butter Riley can't seem to keep her cheeks from flushing every time he speaks But when they stumble upon a deserted boarding school Riley sees that escaping the country is only part of their problem Together Riley and Cain figure out that a killer can save a life and a mother can damn a nation.

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  1. Sandy Sandy says:

    I was sent a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewIn this book there is a law called the Parental Morality Law that was created by Riley's mother Claire after the death of her son Under this law the government has the right to take a child away from it's parents if they believe that the child is being neglected by it's parents The child is then sent away to a government run boarding school or that is what everyone is told Riley our main character is put on The Extraction List to be sent away and she ends up going on a journey to escape the Taskforce officers with her mother and Bo who is her mother's best friendboyfriend If you read the book you'll understand why I put boyfriend in uotations They meet Cain a killer who kills without hesitation and also helps them along the wayI really enjoyed this book It is easy to follow and it is engaging The premise of this book caught my attention and I'm glad that I decided to pick this book out I love how action packed this book is Since this is a fast paced book there were times where I wanted a certain scene or moment to last longer than it actually did but overall the pacing was nicely doneI did like the characters but I couldn't connect to or relate to any of them This is of a plot driven book rather than character driven Riley is a smart and strong character and even mature for her age I like the relationship that Riley has with her mother They're just not mother and daughter but they're like best friends too Cain is one of those characters that you just want to learn about Besides the fact that he's a murderer there's not that much we know about him There is some background information about Cain but I would like to know One thing that I found really interesting was the fact that romance played such a minor role in this book It was like Riley having a crush and finding Cain attractive but it didn't go further than that Don't get me wrong as much as I love romance in books I love how there is barely any romance in this book It's different from a typical YA book and I found it uite uniueIf you're interested in a fast paced action packed dystopian book definitely give this book a go

  2. S. Usher Evans S. Usher Evans says:

    First of all let me say that young adult dystopian books are not my usual genre Full confession I only read this book because the author and I have done some mutually beneficial marketing and I wanted to read and help her with an honest reviewBut holy crap Honestly What an awesomely written book Seriously I do not use that phrase lightly For not being my genre this book was an absolute pleasure to read well not a pleasure per say cause you know death and destruction and missing kids but you get my meaning From the get go there's a dead body in the foyer and we're running away with the protagonists from a mess the mother caused Think about all of the crazy nanny state paranoia conspiracy theories out there and jam it up to a thousand The government is now your parent and if your biological ones don't do right by you then the gub ment is going to take your baby away This is the brainchild of Riley's mom who in her grief at losing a son decided to go on a one woman mission to tell other parents how to raise their kids There's a beautiful irony in all of this the woman who kick started this mass removal of children suddenly has her own child in the cross hairs One of the things I absolutely loved about the way this book was written was how we were thrust into the current state and then had some flash backs to the past as it made sense The one uibble the ONE thing keeping me from giving this five stars which is a rare rating for me was that there were one or two parts where the back story was almostlazily written? That's a harsh phrasing but with so much expertly written it seemed a bit out of place for me The book itself seemed a little short but perhaps that is a reflection of me wanting from this author That being said this book is definitely highly recommended for any fans of action suspense and young adult writing I know the author is working on a preuel but I would absolutely wish for her to take this book into a series

  3. Shannon Rogers Shannon Rogers says:

    As soon as I read the summary for this book I knew I wanted to read the book I love dystopians and I love the idea of someone's good intentions going wrong and creating something that they never intended to create That is the case with Riley's mother Acting out of a desire to protect kids she wrote a law that was meant to save kids in bad parental situations but as is the case with a lot of well intentioned ideas the government took things too farextracting kids from good families because of small silly things like unpaid parking tickets or other nonsense And then Riley herself the daughter of the law's creator suddenly finds herself on the listI loved the concept behind this story and really enjoyed the suspense of their chase to leave town and get Riley to safety by hiring Cain Foley a young man gifted in getting the extracted and their families out of town and to a safe zone The book takes Riley her mom and uasi boyfriend on the run from beginning to end I love uest or journey type books especially ones like this where there are people chasing and they have to run fast to stay ahead Naturally there were some near misses some fights and lots of danger This was definitely a fast paced story that kept you reading and very interestedI liked the characters in this book I had a special feeling for Riley's mother because you could clearly see the struggle she's going through to know that no manner how good her intentions were she is the cause of all this I felt a deep sympathy for her I liked Riley as well but there were times that I had to stop and remind myself that she was 15 She acted much much younger through most of the book to the point where I actually had to flip back to the beginning to find out how old she was because her actions reactions and just the way she presented herself was much younger than a fifteen year old girlMy favorite part of the story was Cain though This was a truly interesting and dynamic character who leaped off the page from the moment you meet him He's strong a fighter woah is he a fighter but sensitive at the same time In one moment he could fight off half a dozen dangerous men and in the next he could turn around and show such a depth of sweetness in nature that he was truly compellingMy favorite part of the story is when Cain begins to teach Riley how to take care of herself These parts of the story the friendship that develops was very interesting to read At this point Riley begins to show a little of a grown up version of herself and I began to like her a lot This book especially toward the end was filled with some twists and turns one I kind of saw coming the others however were shocking The author did a very good job with this and it definitely left me wanting to read Although there was no romance in this book I am really eager to check out book two to find out if something might develop The book definitely held my interest though and I'll be looking for book two A good read with suspense and intrigue

  4. Kelsey Wheeler Kelsey Wheeler says:

    As soon as I read the synopsis I was excited to read this book I love the Dystopian genres I immediately fell in love with Cain He is hands down my favorite character of the book I really enjoyed all the characters though and thought they were really well developed The story is pretty fast paced and gets right down to the order of business from the first chapter The ending of the first chapter got me After finishing the book I am still thinking back on that moment and smiling I really enjoyed Renee's writing style as well I recommend this book to fans of DivergentThe Hunger GamesThe Maze Runner and even though it isn't as Supernatural as Angelfall it reminded me of that book Also if you've seen the new movie The Thinning or the movie The Road I think you would also like this book Even if you don't fancy any of those things I recommend that you still give this book a try It's a super fast read packed with so much and I promise you won't regret itFull Review on my blog at

  5. Fran Fran says:

    This is book 1 of a trilogy that seems to follow in the footsteps of many others Like most dystopian societies it starts with good intentions and uickly goes wrong It starts with a desire to help How many times have you seen kids and parents and thought that some people shouldn't have kids? People that abuse the system do drugs get drunk every night It seems like the obvious answer is to take those children and give them a better home Adoption fostering we have these things now but its never enough So the government steps in with boarding schoolsThe plan is to give them education a place to grow and heal from their emotional scars But like most things the government gets involved with in dystopian novels it goes awry Soo any parent accused of shoplifting when they were still kids themselves are not fit to have kids People that get a speeding or parking ticket People that lost their jobs when the economy crashed Single parents having only one parent is not stable enoughWith a crashed economy because every company left moved overseas the boarding schools cannot keep up So they make a plan to raise money And the good intentions of one mother who lost a son to a gang initiation creates something the government uses and abuses It makes for an emotional read that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you realize there is no right or wrong The road to hell is paved with good intentions So many good intentions but like many things that gain traction it ends up used for nefarious purposes I couldn't tell who was good or bad in the end Everyone was a little of both I suppose The government trying to keep the country alive through terrible means betrayal for love killing for survival You cannot honestly say what is good and what is evil It is all subjective Which makes this an interesting readNow the flow of the book was a little off In the beginning it was a bit choppy while going from present to past and back again It does smooth out though and trusts me it's worth sticking with it The author is obviously one that will get better with every sentence she writes sucking you in and I cannot wait to read the 2nd book in this series

  6. Barbara J Maich Barbara J Maich says:

    A great novel The extraction lisyI was unable to put this thriller down The government has gone awry a young mother worried about the children that were not being cared for abused or neglected She wrote a declaration intent on taking those children and placing them in a nice facility where there would be no abuse The president put her on every talk show to explain the new bill Unbeknownst to her the government in need of money made changes in her policy To save her daughter she had to go on the run and fine a safe place for them both Lots of twists and turns Great novel

  7. Fiona Chislett Fiona Chislett says:

    This book is like a black hole and it’s gravitational pull constantly drags you back Really enjoyed the diversity in the characters and found that the storyline was packed to the rim with suspenseful drama with than a few unexpected hits in the emotional department

  8. Libra Libra says:

    I will be back for from this seriesThis is the first I've read from this author so I didn't know what to expect This blew my mind I couldn't put it down and I can't wait to read the next book in the series

  9. Valerie Morelli Valerie Morelli says:

    Not a type book I would normally read but I really enjoyed it In our current political environment it made you think about how good intentions could go so wrong and how not speaking up could have such serious conseuences

  10. Natasa Natasa says:

    Not my cup of teaprobably because it's mostly YA

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