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The Prey [Read] ➲ The Prey Author Tom Isbell – A hot debut trilogy and a riveting story of survival courage and romance in a future where creating a master civilization is the only thing prized no matter the method After the Omega the end of the e A hot debut trilogy and a riveting story of survival courage and romance in a future where creating a master civilization is the only thing prized no matter the method After the Omega the end of the end year old guys known as LTs discover their overseers are raising them not to be soldiers lieutenants as promised but to be sold as bait because of their Less Than status and hunted for sport They escape and join forces with a girls’ camp the Sisters who have been imprisoned and experimented on for the good of the Republic by a government eager to use twins in their dark research In their plight for freedom these heroes must find the best in themselves to fight against the worst in their enemies.

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  1. Giselle Giselle says:

    An Electronic Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for reviewAt first you’re left in the dark about lots of things No answers none whatsoever as to how or why the world became what it was until you get halfway through But I still didn’t really care about this post apocalyptic world There is something cruel about the predator and prey “game” They hunt people instead of animals for sport It’s bad enough to murder animals if you weren’t going to eat them to survive but killing human beings because they’re not set to their standards??? It’s sickening I couldn’t stand the fact that they were hunting people who were deemed by this society as “Less Than” The way they classify people in this futuristic post apocalyptic world is a little horrifying These are the forbidden categories Radiation Deformities Homosexuality Incompatible Skin Colour Political Dissidents Nonapproved Religious Affiliations Mentality Infirm I can’t even deal with any of that It makes them Less Than Less than a human being is anyone follows this So basically all the characters are people of colour which I vehemently applaud but the story just lacked character developmentI tried to get into this story but I just couldn’t So many short clipped sentence fragments way too much dialogue and instant love which became too nauseating to read And I just didn’t care what the reason behind this predator or prey game they had or the fact they’re experimenting on twinsGot 43% into it and couldn’t keep going I tried really but I couldn’t bring myself to finish thisRATING 15UOTESFlint means fire A knife means survivalLive today tears tomorrowI can make it on my own just as well as youI only beat up people if I have reason to I don't have a good reason to beat you upYou're not only less than normal you're less than humanIf you want to change something change it Yesterday was yesterday; today is today

  2. Lindsay Cummings Lindsay Cummings says:

    When I first saw the cover for THE PREY I knew I had to have this book As a lifelong reader I was introduced to stories very early In school my English teacher gave students the short story THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME The concept for THE PREY reminded me of that short story so I was hoping for a bit of a retelling of thatIt wasn't what I was hoping for but that didn't really matter I enjoyed THE PREY It's a fun book with alternating chapters and story lines that eventually come together as the pages unfoldThis book is SO spoilery so I'm not to give much of the plot away Fans of THE PROGRAM and THE HUNT will enjoy this one definitely think it's a good read for boys to pick upBasically this story is set in a futuristic America where there are militaristic camps set up in different areas One camp is strictly for sets of twin girls and they are operated on It's creepy it's strange and there's lots of uestions that readers will beg to have answered I really enjoyed Hope's point of view our female lead in THE PREY I thought her character was well doneAnother camp is home to teen guys that all have some sort of mutation illness or something that makes them different They believe they are training to become lieutenants basicallybut it's not all what it seemsAfter seeing something pretty creepy go down after some of the guys sneak out they realize that what they've been training their entire lives for isn't all that great It's actually pretty horrible TBHFun fast paced and enjoyable

  3. Amber Amber says:

    This was a pretty good audiobook that my mom borrowed from our local library that we listened to about these kids that are placed into these resettlement camps by a twisted government that is formed after a radiation blast and so they plan to escape from their oppressors who have made them prey It's a pretty good YA dystopian novel that I would consider a stand alone Def check it out

  4. Brooke (The Cover Contessa) Brooke (The Cover Contessa) says:

    I want to thank Harper Teen for sending me a copy of this book to read and give an honest review Receiving this book for free has in no way changed my opinion or reviewWhen this book arrived in the mail I was really excited to read it I haven't read a good dystopian in a while and the cover drew me right in So I had great hope that this story would draw me in and satiate my need for the genre Sadly it did not I really wanted to like this book I even read to the end of the book after contemplating not finishing it a few times in the hopes the plot of the story would make it a better read for me But it was just not meant to beI think my biggest issue with this book was not so much the story line as it had it's good points but how it was told It is written in alternating perspectives One is first person past tense the other third person present tense I really don't understand why it was told this way Usually third person is done because the author needs the reader to be able to see the character from their own perspective as opposed to seeing the character through their own eyes Yet seeing Hope this way did nothing for me It didn't make me like or dislike her It didn't make me feel like I knew her any better It just made me confused And having the male POV in first person past tense confused me Why was it done in past tense when Hope's POV is present tense? Throughout the entire time I read this bothered me and I could not put it out of my head and move past it to see any greatness in the story I also had great issue with many of the descriptors in this book Sure the author was trying to make us see certain things the lay of the landscape the color of someone's eyes or skin etc but it's all about telling us what things look like rather than showing usAnd in all honesty I didn't really understand the underlying plot The boys are raised for sport the girls are raised for experimentation but we are never given the background of why the world became this way or what the government is really trying to achieve with the camps they have established The world building is terribly lacking How did the camps come to be? Who decided to set them up? Also the government officials the reader is introduced to during the course of the book really lend nothing to the story They are just there to be evil and because the reader has no idea why they are in their positions or what is expected of them it's unclear what their role actually is in the storyCouple this with some unreasonable and unrealistic scenes where these rebellious teens armed only with arrows and darts and traveling by foot are able to fight off adult men toting large guns and riding on ATVs or in motorbikes And add in an insta love romance that seems to be going love triangle only to pull back and you get a story that is seriously flawedAnd I have to say all the characters were very flat I didn't get any distinct personality from them at all Even the way they are described didn't stick with me And the boys are supposed to be deformed in some way the main character has one leg shorter than the other yet they are able to overcome just about anything as if they have nothing wrong with them it's barely ever mentioned I felt no attachment to any of them had no empathy for them to make it out alive in any of the situations that they were put inDoes it have the potential to be good? I think so if the world building were done better the story line were tightened and the alternating points of view changed to be in the same tense I'm actually surprised after reading the ending that this is the first in a series I can honestly say that I will not be picking the next book up Dystopian lovers may or may not enjoy this book Unfortunately it just was not for me

  5. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and EdelweissAfter reading the negative reviews for this book on Goodreads I nearly didn’t read it but I’m so glad I did because I really enjoyed itI liked the characters in this book Book always tried to help other people Hope always looked out for her sister and Cat hid a heart of gold under that rough exteriorThe storyline in this was good and there was plenty of information for me to not feel confused Admittedly we weren’t immediately told everything about what had happened but I was glad of that because I didn’t want info dumps instead we found out what had happened as we went along and I appreciated thatThis book had lots of action and excitement and I really liked it I might be a bit of an adrenalin junkie I’ve discovered so the constant danger and desperation not to mention the escaping and battles etc was enough to keep me happy and interested At points I really didn’t want to put this downThere was a touch of romance in this but not a lot What we did get was pretty sweet though and I liked itThe ending to this was good even if the onward plan was a little risky I really enjoyed this book though and I can’t wait to read the seuelOverall; really good dystopian adventure8 out of 10

  6. (;Missy.Lala;) (;Missy.Lala;) says:

    I can tell why this book has low ratings So let me start a list 1 There's mispronunciation and the grammar is pretty bad and needs to be fixed2 The wording of the story makes the readers not want to continue to read3 Most of the characters in the story are barely mentioned4 No background information on the camps are mentioned So the audience doesn't know how the camps and the world came to be5 Not at all like Maze runner and Hunger Games the only reason why it was compared to them was because this story was a survival type and dystopian and the maze runner and hunger games are the most common and popular topics in the category and was decided to be compared to them But in my opinion this is a mixture of The Program and delirium Which are 2 series' that are not on my too lists But maybe soon they wil be when I have a chance to read the whole series Hmmm 6 The characters are barely developed but then again it's only the first one and supposedly in the seuel they go on a bigger exploration and hopefully the characters and background information are mentioned there Anyway This book had the potential and the originality to make it popular and far it's just the way it was written didn't really do the book justice I liked it And I got an ARC so maybe the story will be modified alittle bit since I got it 3 months before the publication date So let's hope xD Oh and before I forget this story has lots of action adventure romance built but barely and horrible people that will frustrate you and constantly you would want to throw the book out the window So yeah this book isn't for everybody if you liked The Program and Delirium trilogy you'll probably like this one

  7. Anatea Oroz Anatea Oroz says:

    Everything Blythe said is trueThis writing horribleDNF at 7% It's a record for me

  8. Annette Annette says:

    The Prey was full of suspense and great action but the ending really fizzled for meThis is a book about children after a radiation disaster There are very few adults at least that we know of All the children are in camps for orphans Some camps are nicer than others Some camps aren't what they seem to beHope and Faith are twins and they've been running and hiding for years with their father to keep away from the brown shirts After their father dies they are captured and taken to a camp for girls It soon becomes obvious that this camp is doing medical experiments on these children and the prized children are twinsBook is in a camp for boys He thinks he's in training to be a soldier they call them LTs for Lieutenant right? He finds out that LT really stands for less thans All of the boys in the camp are deformed or deemed inferior in some way and their future is far bleak than they thinkBook finds out the truth because of Cat a boy who is captured and brought into the camp It isn't clear where Cat came from but he knows a lot about what is really going on Cat escapes but comes back to help some of the other boys escapeBook has met Hope realizes her horrible situation and won't leave without rescuing the Sisters as they are calledThe Prey is action packed The way is not easy for these kids constantly being pursued and running towards an unknown target The pace is relentless and at times it almost seems too easy for them to get food and recover from their injuries But those details would slow down the paceThere is a hint at a love triangle between the three main characters which is soon resolved thankfully I really don't think it's needed hereWe don't have any idea what is going on in the outside world or even the motivations of the adults at the camp We get hints but it is clear that needs to be explained in future installments of this story And that's OKWhat really didn't gel with me was the ending Without giving away spoilers I don't see why the group didn't at least investigate where they were before making the decision they did That didn't make sense Why would you decide to take all those risks when you don't even know what the reward will be or if there IS a reward It wouldn't have hurt them to explore a bit before rushing offI'm ready for the next book in the Hatchery series I love a plot driven adventure book and I'm always looking for new exciting books to recommend to my students The Prey will be on the list

  9. Debbie Narh Debbie Narh says:

    I am far too lazy to actually explain what's wrong with this book while reading only 8% of it So if you really wanna know go read Blythe's or Gillian's review

  10. Abbie Abbie says:

    I received a copy from Netgalley In exchange for an honest reviewI liked most of the characters in this but Hope especially She tried her best to look out for her sister even if it meant suffering herself The storyline was interesting and the pace was fine I liked the action and the lack of info dumps was greatI'll definately be reading the second book in the future

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