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  1. kathleen detherow kathleen detherow says:

    Great read Great read Is it a history book a romance or both? This book was a joy to read with the characters from our history books interspersed with the story of Hannah our heroine the least likely spy you will ever encounterHer passion for life our fledgling country and for family puts her in these circumstances but you will keep on reading for the love of two very different men as they vie for her heartIf you love historical fiction like the North and South series you will surely love this bookThis book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review

  2. Cayla Cayla says:

    I think from a historical perspective it's a fascinating book It flows very well I was somewhat concerned that the dialogue might be a bit too boring but it wasn't Hannah is a very determined woman Stubborn in her own right but has a fiery passion for the Patriot cause When members of her family are attacked and killed she sets out to find out who's behind it so she can plot her revenge While I don't agree with everything she did in the book I admire her courage and strength to see things throughJonathan strikes me as a man who loves his family but has been dealt an unfair hand A wife who betrayed him A sister that he knows is in danger A son he's barely seen And he's a doctor attending to wounded and dying soldiers while trying to make sense of it all It's an exhausting situation mentally as well as physically Like Hannah I believe he tries to find some uiet strength to keep him going but it's difficult While reading this book I couldn't help but think that both figures must have felt entirely alone too much in their respective situations A doctor dealing with all the demands of war and a spy trying to help the cause without putting too many lives including her own in danger Note There is some sex but I'm happy to say that the author doesn't saturate every page with sexual scenes or references because it would distract us from the historical events that unfolded during the war

  3. sandy sandy says:

    Not for me Good enough plot however this writer does not know the first thing about grammer A sentence is a complete thought The writer leaves jagged colors of words that make no sense throughout the pages This I hesitate to call it a book needs a good editing Words are missing or in the wrong place And my biggest pet peeve not completing the storyline within the pages Why spend so much time on the brother's story if you're not going to finish it The heroine's story isn't completed with the threat of the British destroying her newfound peace Good premise; poorly executed

  4. sheila m rudicel sheila m rudicel says:

    Romance and Mysterious EspionageI found these books to be very good and I enjoyed reading them They are well written and keeps you interested I offered to read these books to give a reviewI was in no way offered any thing to read these books Again I thought they were well written and I enjoyed the characters

  5. Phyllis Stinson Phyllis Stinson says:

    Great Historical StoryRevolutionary War murder meaness love betrayal spys cruelity insanity and romance are all part of this set of books It as very good

  6. Melonie Taylor Gore Melonie Taylor Gore says:

    II was so engrossed in this story and I think it did not end well Unless this is the first part of Journey for Hannah

  7. Eden Steffey Eden Steffey says:

    okI was excited to read this and found it to be a little confusing I wasn’t sure what was happening all the time Could have been better

  8. Beth Amy Beth Amy says:

    A real page turnerI started this thinking that over the next day or so I'd finish it I finished it in less than a day The action never stops If it seems to you're not paying attention or you haven't made the connection yet Be patient Keep reading It will all pick up speed once again like going from center to a gallop back forth a trot is too slow for this story Women have always done amazing things Every war they tended the wounded acted as spies ran households on next to nothing kept the spirits of those around them up in the face of backbreaking tragedy kept goingsometimes until they dropped And then they got back up again moved forward Men have one type of courage; women another Both are necessary in war in peace in good times bad Could you do something like this? Yes if the circumstances reuire it both men women have done will continue to do what seems impossible Whether it is your country or your family or something else humans endureThis book is about one such woman Think about the horrors with which she lived And yet she carried omI hope you find yourself as amazed inspired as I did This one is one I will eventually re read I don't do that often

  9. Patricia Patricia says:

    War takesI received this book free from one of the book sites I do not remember which one This is my honest and voluntary review Historically accurate and incredibly moving this book has all the components of a great book While many fictional books have been written about the American Revolution I have not read one so deeply involved in the spying done by our women Patriots Hannah her family were staunch Patriots When betrayed by one close to them most of her immediate family was wiped out With her brother Jonathan in the Continental army as a physician Hannah decides to visit her grandmother's home Now part of the spy network she searches for the information that will reveal who betrayed her family that which will aid in the Revolution This is a book depicts joys sorrows love hate betrayal revenge contentment It's a book I highly recommend believing that this author has managed to convey the true experiences of some of the bravest in history

  10. Crislee Crislee says:

    Close butI'm not sure if I chose this one or it was give for a review By the cover I can't imagine I'd have chosen it But I do love historical fiction And in that aspect it's fairly good But like too many series it just ends And I despise the character of Marcus Durham What a selfish jerk And from the terrible cover I assumed it was one of those sappy romance novels I just could not figure this one out I'd have loved it without that crappy love story bit that seems to be added for no good reason This was so close to being good but just fell a bit short The battles were well done though

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Winds of Betrayal Books 1 & 2 [BOOKS] ⚣ Winds of Betrayal Books 1 & 2 ⚡ Jerri Hines – THE CRY FOR FREEDOM Book One A rousing family saga for the fight for America's independence The winds of change brews over the colonies Tension against the crown is mounting daily In Williamsburg the THE CRY FOR FREEDOM Book One A rousing Betrayal books Kindle Ò family saga for the fight for America's independence The winds of change brews over the colonies Tension against the crown is mounting daily In Williamsburg the rebellion burns strong in the hearts of two siblings Jonathan Winds of PDF/EPUB ² and Hannah Corbett Spirited and headstrong Hannah finds herself thrust in the middle of a conspiracy when her father receives a strange package from Philadelphia Jonathan a physician for the Continental Army is torn between duty and family With war looming on the horizon the of Betrayal books eBook ✓ siblings soon discover there is a high price to be paid for the cry for freedom The Saga continues EMBRACE OF THE ENEMY Book Two It's a dangerous game you set to play Miss Corbett One that can have far worse than deadly conseuences In of Betrayal books 1 & PDF/EPUB or the midst of the struggle of America's bid for independence Hannah Corbett makes a fateful decision descending into a world of deceit Spurred by revenge she heads to New York setting in motion a dangerous game for which there is no return Searching desperately for the man who betrayed her family she faces the cold and brutal reality of the life of a spy Caught in a web of lies living with betrayal she is trapped She has nowhere to turn except to a man it would be treasonous to love setting duty and desire at war Her heart is ripped apart when she must choose between the man who risks his career and life to protect her and the only thing that has remained constant in her lifeher belief in her cause.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 434 pages
  • Winds of Betrayal Books 1 & 2
  • Jerri Hines
  • 20 January 2016