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Renegade Reject Renegade Sons MC #2 ❅ [KINDLE] ✾ Renegade Reject Renegade Sons MC #2 By Emily Minton ➞ – Special limited edition of Renegade Reject includes the novelette Renegade Wedding Join Kidd and Jenna as they tie the knot in true biker fashion Daisy “Little Flower” Anderson has lived her entir Special limited Renegade Sons Kindle × edition of Renegade Reject includes the novelette Renegade Wedding Join Kidd and Jenna as they tie the knot in true biker fashion Daisy “Little Flower” Anderson has lived her entire life on the sidelines of the Renegade Reject ePUB í Renegade Sons MC Her father is a member and her mother a club whore turned old lady Not wanting to follow their footsteps she chose a different path; one that keeps her close to the biker family she loves Reject Renegade Sons PDF È but out of the club Struggling to keep it together she never thought she would have anything of her own until she met Preach He is everything she swore she didn't want in life One night of passion leads to unexpected conseuences and she knows now than ever it’s time to move forward Garrett “Preach” Austin lived his life caught in his father’s iron fist He never thought he would want anything than freedom from his past until he met his “Little Flower” She shows him there is to life than pain Preach has a secret; one that forces him to choose between Daisy and his brothers Even though he loves Daisy the Renegade Sons are the only true family he has He knows he can’t have her yet he can’t let her go When Daisy moves on Preach realizes what he’s lost Can he prove that he’s the man for her or is he too late WARNING Renegade Reject contains adult situations some readers may find offensive This is a raw and gritty story involving explicit sex foul language violence and drug use Not intended for readers under .

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  1. Cristina Cristina says:

    Let me start off by saying I DID NOT FINISH THIS BOOK I couldn't take all the cheating from the hero and the stupidness of the heroine I stopped 23 into the book and went straight to the Epilogue So you can guess that I hated this book There was not one character I liked It was that bad Let's start with Garret shall we? He cheats on Daisy with her best friend Leah countless times As if that's not all Daisy continues to sleep with him Even after knowing and witnessing Garret and Leah together Eww “You know what? You’re right I don’t know why the hell I ever wasted my time with you You’re nothing but a stupid bitch” said by Garret to Daisy I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone unless you enjoy a drunk cheating hero and a stupid doormat heroine

  2. Glass Glass says:

    Full review posted on May 20th 2014 Fangirling scream That was how I reacted when I saw review copy in my inbox Younger sister failed to understand why I was so cheerful and hyped Told me that I looked like a fucking rainbow exploded in our living room and ordered me to tone it down My response lovingly staring into my Kindle and ignoring everyone around me Because Preach Under my fingertips Click click and there it was his story Back in March pressed with dire need for something smutty with bastards I love to hate I stumbled upon first Renegade Sons MC novel I loved it than I expected so I got excited when I saw that Preach was next Was it what I expected? Yes Even Renegade Reject is a typical biker romance it has typical elements and storyline you know what to expect There is violence name calling don't even let me start with sex feminists would have a blast with ripping it apart male and female roles hierarchy branding If you start thinking too hard about it you'll get mad but if you accept it as it is a modern fairy tale you might find yourself glued to the pages of book at 4 in the morning Story about Daisy and Preach started really good You get great character development everything is actually explained and not portrayed solely as a cliche One thing that I did mind was that some parts of the story were almost the same as in the previous novel I hope that authors will decide to surprise us in the next one and give us completely different story Warning There is a lot of drama Nothing unexpected but that last third of the novel was a little bit over the top Again if you accept Renegade Reject with all defining point of the genre that won't be a big problem for you Third book in the series Renegade Angel is about Timber and Tabby and it should be published later this year I can't waitReview from Way Too Hot BooksIf there are ARCs available I want one copy as soon as possible

  3. Kellie Maddox-Ward Kellie Maddox-Ward says:

    I'm going to give you a number 742 that's how many times I wanted to give a Preach a high fiveIn the faceWith a Chair He infuriated me the whole way through ok so not THE WHOLE WAY I did fall for him at the start Just like Dawn and Emily wanted me too But then HELLO ASSHOLE I knew it was going to happen It was like a car accident waiting to happen and it did and it still crushed my poor little heart as well as Daisy's I'm super happy that there is no 10000 jump in years in this book hehe ok so 6 I exaggerated I felt it gave Daisy time to grow up She was an awesome character Yes she was naive but damn she had character and back bone Not as big as backbone as Ice but it was still there If you have seen the book trailer that goes with this book you know what happens so I am just going to keep this really short and sweet I really liked this book I hated HATED parts of it Sex was great at times I liked growing along with the characters whether it be our Hero Preach and heroine Daisy or hanging out with Ice and Kidd and Maker etc just the whole familyBut I loved that unicorns and cupcakes became BFF's and gave me a rainbow Happy Ever After Damn am I intrigued about the next book now

  4. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    3 StarsThis was a uick drama filled read and I enjoyed itHOWEVERThere was just a little too much needless cheating on the part of the lead male character that I just thought was uncalled for and frankly unforgivable This is not a spoiler by the way this is made plainly evident in book one Somehow the author managed to make him still likeable to me a fucking unexplainable miracle honestly because this is typically a hard limit for mealthough my tastes seem to be changing a lot recently but stilljust a little much in an already somewhat repetitive disjointed MC drama Otherwise I still liked it and will probably read the next one Because I am a glutton for punishment

  5. London London says:

    Title Renegade Reject Renegade Sons MC #2 Series YesAuthor Emily Minton Release Date May 10 2014Rating 1 starPOV DualHEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler

  6. Carol (StarAngel& Carol (StarAngel& says:

    Book – Renegade Reject Renegade Sons MC #2Author – Emily Minton Dawn MartensPublication Date – May 10 2014Type – No Cliffhanger SeriesGenre – RomanceRating – 4 out of 5 StarsComplimentary Copy provided by Author Blog Tour in exchange for an honest reviewReviewSo I was offered a chance to read this book and remembered all the controversy with the 1st book “Renegade Lady” and I jumped at the chance and lucky for meI was also given a copy of the 1st onenow I believed that I have read every possible MC book scenario out therebut you know what? This book was ‘off the wall’ fantastic and I couldn’t wait to get to the next page and then the next page but by the time I made it to the endthere was one important thought I was experiencing and that wasMORE  I didn’t want it to end – I wanted in the life of Daisy Preach Kidd Ice SkittlesI think I have found a new MC series that I will be addicted to and praying for each new releaseRecapWe met Daisy and Preach in the first book and knew that things were strained between the two of them  So now we get the inside scoop of why this isDaisy has always been attracted to Preach and vice versa but things happen to break them apart and keep them struggling to continue with life without the love of their lives  As much as Preach keeps messing up with trying to get Daisy back he just doesn’t learn that inside of his tough exterior he is worthy of her  The he tries to get Daisy out of his lifethe he battles with the feelings that won’t go awayDaisy has her own problems she must deal with and Preach is at the top of them – he is constantly there every time she turns around and he continues to do and say things that tear her apart from the inside out When Preach finally hits rock bottom and knows the only way to get his Little Flower back is to grow up clean up his act and show Daisy just how much she means to himwill he be able to be the man she needs?For reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  7. Wendy Wendy says:

    25 3 stars review to come There was a lot of cheatingnormally I can get over shit like that but it happend than once and with the heroines best friend well former best friend that is He was such a fucking douchebagsure he tried to redeem himself but damn what an assholeI know Kidd from book 1 fucked around a lot but at least he never ever cheated He made some terrible mistakes but it wasn't anywere naar as bad a what Preacher did I can forgive cheating when there is some major groveling and when you can see the love between the hero and heroine I didn't see that here I mean he was fucking the bitch while the heroine was in the same roomeven after everything that happend and then he just kept doing itasking the heroine what her problem was ???Douchebag I liked Kidd book 1 I fucking hated Preacher

  8. A.C. Bextor A.C. Bextor says:

    Let me preface my review by saying that although I loved book one I loved book two with intensity I’m a sucker for angst and complication – this book has that in spadesPossible SpoilersComing from a family of dysfunction and violence Preach is led on a path to find a new beginning finding it with the Renegade MC Once he reaches his place of acceptance and belonging now enter a sweet young and caring Daisy I love Daisy She’s the soft and sweet to Ice’s hard and crazy Their friendship is relived in book two During the story Daisy finds herself loving a man that can’t love her back in the way she demands Her personal growth throughout the book was evident making you want to cheer her on as she struggles to find her inner strengthPreach throughout the book was an idiot and at times I actually said out loud to no one “Whhhhaat? Nooooo Preach you’re a dumbass” Seriously idiot of epic proportions My allegiance never left Daisy’s corner Ultimately though he wins the reader over with his soft and tender love that he has only for her“I told you when we were at the Lords’ compound that you were going to be claimed by a brother I just didn’t tell you that the brother would be me” He loves her with intensity this never wavered even through his ridiculous and tormenting behavior “You’re delicate beautiful and precious Even if your name wasn’t Daisy” The antagonists Leah and Lulu hopefully find themselves in eternal hell for their attempts to jeopardize Preach and Daisy I hated both and I’m looking forward to enjoying their eventual demise Fingers crossedThis book truly has it all Love angst anger violence and the concluding happily ever after

  9. ✿ ✿ says:

    Renegade Reject was just as hot and frustrating as book one Renegade Lady You have your hot biker man and his innocent love interest Garrett Preach Austin and his Daisy or Little Flower a love so pure so innocentwell started in humble beginnings that is for a MC book Then one act of lust f#cks it all up leading to years apart and heartacheWill these two find a way back to each other? Will Preacher sacrifice the only real family he's ever had? Will Daisy risk the heartache once ? Or will Preach and Daisy feel the pangs of hurt and rejection once again? My thoughts For those of you who loved Renegade Lady then you'll love this one as well Renegade Reject has the same type of feeling as Kidd and Jenna “Ice”'s story really except there's no selling a girl to be another MC member's old lady no raping and no warring between MC clubsThere is however CHEATING for those of you who find that as a hard limit Normally it is for me but I didn't find it as bad and kind of braced myself for something like that after book one and you could just tell by the way the story was unfoldingYou will hate two particular characters in this you will want to bash Preach in the head for being such a douche and complete dumba# and you willy get annoyed with Daisy from time to time but over all I think you will like this seuel in the Renegade Sons Series just as much as KiddxJenna's storyFor me though there was one thing or acts towards that kind of left me feeling unsettled and unhappy I mean I did see this coming to them and will say that it was really justice served BUT I do not condone violent acts towards women no matter how much of a b#ch they are I could see them 1being exiled out of town 2get a slap or two 3or even jail for one in particular but I think what happened in here was a bit much no matter the circumstances But that's just my opinion really I'm sure others will disagree and say that they got what they deservedIn a positive light though we do learn the back story of Daisy's grandmother grandfather and Uncle Holt triangle which was pretty interesting And we see Timber going to finally get bitten by the love bugSopack yourselves for a gritty grueling and steamy roller coaster This one is about to be riotI hope that Reese's story is after Timber and then Chipper hey he needs a chance to love again and would love a small novella or cameos of MakerxBrenda in the future books I was so happy for them to finally get their HEAAll in all a good decent read that won't disappoint I received an ARC via the authors in exchange for an honest review Thank you

  10. Stephanie* Stephanie* says:

    DNF 67% I loved the hero at first then I hated him Did a lot of skimming after the hatred started and just couldn't deal with his douchery any longer I don't even think douchery is a word but for some reason it fits

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