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    Originally reviewed on LauraofLurkingStrong language Yes, mainly mildDrugs NoneViolence YesSexual content negligible, impliedI received a copy of this story free in return for an unbiased reviewThis is the second volume of Twisted Endings You can read my review of the first volume here, but it is not necessary to have read that before reading this.Bed bug conundrum 3.5 5This had a good set up, showing the stress the main character was under, very believable It built at a good pace I did think in the pay off scene, however, that it was lacking a bit in emotion and the use of show don t tell.Perhaps not the best starting story out of this selection, but not a bad read overall.Mama s cherry pie 4 5The first person voice of this story, right from the first line was very engaging, and drew you straight in I would have said however, that the POV was little over half her age from the speech This wasn t necessarily a bad thing however, it added to her innocence There were lots of red herrings in this as to what would happen I enjoyed it and felt it was a surprising and strong ending.Panhandled 4 5A tale of two soldiers, one current, one veteran, with a suggestion of ptsd from their early actions This kept a military theme with short, snappy sentences There was a limit to overt emotion, but this felt right for the case.The end was heart wrenching ...

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    This is a fun book and a quick read something I really appreciate when I just need a quick diversion The author does as promised by the title Each story has a twisted ending, and each does indeed describe an act of vengeance I really enjoyed reading this book.Note I received an advance co...

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a well written short story Like the title says it has a twisted ending and a great lead up to it.

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    This book as a whole, as well as the stories themselves, rate as a solid 3.5 stars However, I see potential in these stories to become 5 star quality Twisted Endings 1 5 Acts of Vengeance by Timothy D McLendon, is a collection of 5 short stories It is classified in the horror genre.Maybe I am just too jaded from reading horror fiction for years, but I found this book very tame Now, that isn t always a bad thing I see many reviews in the horror section of people claiming things need to be tame In my opinion, when you go into any horror section, you need to be ready to get something that is downright horrific and disturbing, in every sense Since some people can t handle even mild forms of this, I think this book fills that gap of a tame horror book, if that is even a thing.Each story had it s own problems and successes However, there were things that all the stories shared, to some extent To me, every story felt rushed Some so than others On the other hand, they all seemed crowded with needless descriptive details Maybe giving less description of everything would allow for the story to unfold just a bit , without the feeling of being rushed These are short stories, so there isn t a lot of space to cram in descriptive details as well as letting the story develope at a natural pace However, making any of these stories longer could also serve to allow for the story to develop The Bedbug Conundrum My first issue is with the word bedbug That is not one word, but tw...

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    Suspense ,,,SurpriseA good collection, some stories tying together Afterword explaining the next group will tie in to some of these which will bring some extra suspense Well written, unique style, great endings ,...

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