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  1. Lisa A Lisa A says:

    I loved Jonathan and LeeAnn's love story This book had me smiling as I was reading it I thought they had amazing chemistry and their playful banter and sarcasm just made me smile I was thrilled the character from Melanie Codina's first series made a couple of guest appearances since Jonathan is Gillian's son I wasn't expecting a new series I thought it would be a continuation of the Real Love Series so happy we are getting this series I love all the characters Mari is so much like Alli they have to meet in one book Jonathan is an amazing book boyfriend Okay they had some problems communicating at the end but it worked out He is a lot like Jake his stepdad and his mom I really hope we get soon I really would like of LeeAnn and Jonathan also of Mari Robby and Madison

  2. Emma Edwards Emma Edwards says:

    Assumptions this is definitely the right title for this book everyone makes assumptions throughout their lifetime ok sometimes these are good but sometimes they can be bad or misguided assumptions but we are all guilty of doing it aren't weSo this book is Jonathan and Leeanns story hopefully you would have already read Melanie's other work The Real Love Series so you will have some insight to these characters Jonathan's family and background and some of it comes up through this book although they are a different series they do link together and I highly recommend Jonathan is Gillian's son he has had to deal with plenty of heartache at the hands of his own father and the treatment of his mother with a tattered relationship with his dad and a strong love for his mother he knows the importance of family happiness and faithfulness he has had meaningless sex in the past but when you only get brief gratification from such acts it slowly becomes boring he is a young hot guy fit healthy with a prosperous future ahead of him with his athletic ability being what it is he has a bright future a moment in time a manoeuvre during a game could cost him all he knows and all he has worked for fearing the worst but hoping for the best he dives into his treatment and begins his recovery only begin the next journey of his life and futureLeeanns is a physical therapist she takes pride and great interest in what she does attending sporting events never did she expect for one of these events make her eyes watching something or someone that would change her forever break all of her rules and set her a new path in life after witnessing someone suffer an injury during a game she never expected to be seeing him again sitting in her office as her new patient an instant attraction is felt between the two of them things run easy and smoothly between them but this can only last for so longWhen you assume things that are wrong they can lead you to act in a certain way time and time again this can be done but can it be fixed before it's too lateThese two have their own insecurities that they need to overcome one in fear of being cheated on because they fear they aren't enough and the other in fear of being accused of cheating and being seen to be the exact person they strive not too recipe for disaster with the hep of friends and family can these two find their way in life before it's too late and too many mistakes are madeAlso must say I love Mari wanting to see her and Allie team up for sure and hoping to find out regarding Mari and Robby ;Highly recommended read for all an overall great feel good read

  3. Paige T Paige T says:

    I absolutely loved Jonathan He's a hot soccer player but is also super sweet and loves his family He also melts your heart with his interactions with his little sisterI thought Lee was a pretty great character but there were a few things she did I wasn't a fan of view spoilerI didn't like how she kept jumping to conclusions The fact that Jonathan put a password on his phone shouldn't have her thinking the worst but thinking he's just being smart but not allowing anyone to get into his phone I also didn't think much of her for just walking away when she saw another girl going inside Jonathan's apartment She thought the worst and didn't even confront him or give him a chance to explain himself hide spoiler

  4. RJ RJ says:

    I'm kinda mad at myself for jumping straight into this book before finding out if it's a standalone or not I have now added the second book here on GR but I thought this was a standalone when I read it and I hate finishing a book only to find out that it's incomplete I highly enjoyed the book itself though I absolutely loved Lee and Jonathan's banter throughout the book and I just loved the strong friendship and family bonds both of these characters had Most of the book was relatively angst free and I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop Jonathan was an almost perfect hero and I loved watching him chase LeeIt seems like 75% of the book was angst free because it was all saved for the end The cliche misunderstanding and the drawn out angst is what brought this from 5 to 3 stars I was loving these characters and then all of a sudden I'm frustrated and angry with them They didn't do anything unforgivable but it was just unnecessary drama that I could have done without I was ready to add this book to my favorites list until that drama happened and then learning this wasn't a standalone further aggravated me Maybe if the second one was already out I would've felt differently but now I'm not sure if I want to continue and chance something like this happening again Note to my future self bc I will most likely forget the small details in this book by tomorrowview spoilerAvoid Madison's book if what I'm thinking actually happened in this book Yeah I'll be super vague like that Lol hide spoiler

  5. Yanilsa Yanilsa says:

    First of all let's start with SOCCER PLAYERS I REPEAT SOCCER PLAYERSsigh let's continue our regularly scheduled programming Let's continuea sports book that actually KNOWS the sport and I am SOLD The times the book touches on the sport you can just tell Melanie knows what she's talking about Half the time they author will lose me from trying too hard to convey something that they clearly know nothing aboutI liked this book A LOTThe characters were super adorable Leeann was such a rule follower and she never deviated from her plan I liked that Leeann had already started her chosen career She really tried to fight it but the attraction she felt for super sexy soccer guy was just too much to resist Her struggle to NOT give into him was palpable Jonathanlesigh Super sexy soccer guy This guy was a complete dream The things he would say to Leeann OMG Where was he when I was NOT married and with FIVE kids Some girls have all the damn LUCKThis book is the perfect combination of sweet sexy romantic and just the right amount of angst It was just a super enjoyable read And honestly I didnt roll my eyes ONCE at any cliches which is my guideline for 4 starsThis is a perfect weekend read or Thanksgiving break read I highly recommend it

  6. Hope Sheesley Hope Sheesley says:

    I have been counting down the days before I could get my hands on 'Assumptions' for a while now because I was so excited for another book by the super talented Melanie Codina I just finished it and I am drowning in the amount of feels that I have I fell in love with the Baxter family in 'The Real Love' series of books This book is a spinoff of that series and focuses on Jonathan one of the children of Gillian and Logan who we meet in the first book The relationship between Jonathan and Lee was absolute perfection it developed at just the right pace and never felt rushed or drawn out One reason I love Melanie's books is because they always feel so relatable and in no part of them do you read it and think 'nope that would never happen' because she writes REAL characters who you can truly relate to on so many levels They are flawed they are inappropriate at times they are funny they know how to love deeply and most of all they are loyal and fiercely protective over those they love I will admit to having high expectations because I am a HUGE fan of hers and I am so happy to say that she exceeded them and left me with a feeling of contentment after finishing this bookand on pins and needles waiting for Logan's story and anyone who has read this series knows we should all be angry with him but Melanie has made us fall for him too and that is true talent Melanie has a way of incorporating humor into her books that I love This was a conversation between two of Lee's girlfriendsThey aren't ginormous; they just look that way because I have a tiny waist Angie snorted shaking her head Yeah and my ass only looks this big because I carry a tiny purse And this comment made by Lee's mom and best friend this one had me laughing out loud and my kids asking what was going on lolGeez Mari you look like you're having an orgasm over there And there are no orgasms at the breakfast table It's a hard rule There were so many times that I found myself laughing out loud smiling from ear to ear getting butterflies in my stomach from anticipation and having tears rolling down my face either from happiness or sadness So many emotions and so much talent by this amazing author I don't usually beg but I'm begging you to go and pick up this book because I truly feel that it is one that you do NOT want to miss out on

  7. Miranda Miranda says:

    This book completely blew me away Melanie Codina sure knows how to write a beautiful romance The relationship between Jonathan and Lee was perfectly developed and it didn't happen too uickly or too slowly Jonathan and Lee had scenes of pure wittiness which had me laughing out loud There were also scenes at made me swoon and scenes that made me feel like I was almost sweating due to the passion Their relationship had a perfect balance of everything which made reading this story so enjoyable At first I thought their relationship seemed too perfect but I was glad to see some real issues thrown into the relationship It made the book seem realistic and believable You called me your boyfriend his raspy voice stroked my skin lighting the nerves in its wake I couldn't find my voice to respond; it had abandoned me So I nodded as best I could with his hand holding my head in place and the minimal space between us He smiled a sexy smile drawing my attention from his eyesThat makes you my girlfriend then This time his voice was even lower Huskier Sexier It wasn't a uestionhe seemed to be stating a fact Like he was talking to himself Nonetheless I responded with another lame headshake His sexy smile got bigger and I felt the hand in my hair get tighter as he used his grip to slightly tilt my headThat means I can kiss you whenever I want Again he wasn't asking he was statingI also loved the fact that the book would switch between Lee's point of view and Jonathan's It made the book enjoyable and I liked being able to learn about each character through their point of view The friends and family of both Lee and Jonathan were lovable and only added to the book; those scenes did not take away from the book Sometimes Lee's best friend Mari would get on my nerves but she was still likeable Overall I loved everything about this book It was fantastic I seriously recommend it to everyone especially to those who love new adult romances This book was amazing and I hope Melanie Codina will write books with these characters 5 5 FangsCliffhanger NoMrsDaemonMrsLeif's Two Fangs About ItFacebook

  8. Twinsie Talk Angie J Twinsie Talk Angie J says:

    I beta read this book for the awesome authorOk if you have read the Real Love Series you met Jonathan in book 1 He is Gillian and Logan’s son who really really REALLY hates his dad for what he did to Gillian Now if you didn’t read this book or the books in that series it is ok You will find out in the novel what Logan does to make his son hate him HOWEVER if you haven’t you will get to meet the CRAZY BaxterMicheals family and run to purchases those book as wellSo Jonathan is the resident Soccer STUD who gets sidelined after an accidentHey look Melanie I did a sports type metaphor His hottie therapist is none other than our resident “not gonna ever fall in the trap of love” Lee The two hit it off and the sexual chemistry is soooo good I love that they hide the sexual banter behind saladsI have never wanted to eat a salad so bad in my entire life LOLWhen Lee finally gets the nerve to ask Jonathan out to the clubholy heckhawtness I will never hear Dark Horse again without thinking of that scene wipes brow So Lee and Jonathan fall into a familiar and comfortable dare I say relationship Yes friends they do But then Jonathan has to go back to school See he was only here for therapy from his sports injury and then he has to leaveSo the drama begins when Lee is accused of some things at work and then she finds out she may have another situation on her hands So who can make her feel better Jonathan So she runs to seek shelter to find himwithuivery lip another GASP No JonathanI loved Gillian and Mari in this book However I kinda fell in love with Logan after his big spiel to Jonathan about “getting his head outta his you know what”I cannot wait for from these two and I am excited to read about Logan in Melanie’s other series Really you can’t for wrong with either series She is THAT good

  9. Moon Love Moon Love says:

    I really liked the premise of the book and was hoping to enjoy the book as much and I did I have soft spot for soccer players bad boys and good girls but not necessarily in that order I was surprised because the story wasn't exactly what I was expecting but something sweeterLeeann likes to be called Lee and she's happy and comfortable with who she is She loves her job her friends her mom and doesn't really trust guys I liked her attitude when it came to life She was serious but joyous and fun at the same time I liked how Jonathon was confident but not the bad boy I was expecting He was of a man who knew he wanted something substantial than a one night stand The two of them together were very sweet I liked how their courtship was slow and so cute Ella was adorable I loved how involved Leeann's friends and Jonathon's family were in their relationshipI was a little taken aback by the lack of drama and then the sudden introduction of it at the end It felt like everything was so great until all of a sudden it wasn't I am looking forward to perhaps Mari and Robby's story I do hope they have a future together Either way Melanie Codina is one author to watch out for

  10. beth myrick beth myrick says:

    I really liked this onestorylineloved the fated to meet idea I also liked the immediate attraction and the slow build the story never felt rushed it never slowed down to make me lose interestcharactersI fortunately liked both characters I have to admit I got annoyed but I wasn't annoyed enough to give up on themdramaangstyes I saw it coming it was okay though because I just really like this writer's style I drooled my eyes and waited to see how it would all play outbring on the annoyancefinish with the HEAwhich I'm supposing is an HEA for now or a whole new couple for book two either way I'm sure I'll read it writingevenly spread action real characters who are presented through first person POVMay favorite not overly done drama even though it was predictable and has been done before it was bearable thankfully the uality of the writing carried me through til the endeven though it may not be bestselling material it is still a really great read it's definitely one you won't regret it entertaining enough to give up a lazy day to

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Assumptions (Assumed Expectations, #1) [Epub] ➟ Assumptions (Assumed Expectations, #1) ➤ Melanie Codina – What happens when a girl set on playing by the rules finds a guy worth breaking them forLeeann Bradley is a college graduate who has achieved many of her personal goals all because she follows the rul What happens when a girl set on playing by the rules finds a guy worth breaking them forLeeann Bradley is a college graduate who has achieved many of her personal goals all because she follows the rules she’s set for herself It’s simple you work hard enjoy life surround yourself with friends and family avoid jumping to conclusions and oh yeah don’t date college athletes These rules have worked well and taken her down the path she wants in life So what’s a girl to do when temptation in the form of a sexy college soccer player is placed right in the middle of that path Deciding when to break the rules has never been easier for Leeann But when assumptions are made and than just the rules are broken will she be able to find her way down that path again And what happens when it’s no longer the path she’s meant to takeUntil now Jonathan Baxter had one primary focus in his life soccer All decisions made have been based on how it could affect his ability to play soccer His grades his choice of college any type of extracurricular activities were all carefully assessed All of it has made playing college soccer possible But when an injury sidelines him for the foreseeable future and jeopardizes his dreams he has to work even harder than before Rehabilitating his injury becomes his primary objective Until he meets Leeann a physical therapy assistant whose touch has the ability to make him lose focus She has him thinking there could in his life—in his future—than just soccer So what’s Jonathan to do when Leeann assumes he’s just like every other jock out there He has to prove her assumptions wrong.

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  • Assumptions (Assumed Expectations, #1)
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About the Author: Melanie Codina

Melanie is an amazing mother of four an awesome and tolerant wife to one and nurse to many If you dont believe her just ask anyone in her family they know what to say She is also a devoted chauffer the keeper of missing socks a genius according to a six year old the coolest soccer uniform coordinator according to a twelve year old and the best damn mac n cheese with cut up hot dog maker.