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Come Fly with Me Talon #1 ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Come Fly with Me Talon #1 Author Gigi Sedlmayer – This story book 2 Talon on the wing won a 5 Star review by Reader's Favorite Inspirational and Uplifting read for the young and the not so young Matica's predicament turns into her greatest gift It's This story book Talon on with Me PDF/EPUB Á the wing won a Star review by Reader's Favorite Inspirational and Uplifting read for the young and the not so young Matica's predicament turns into her greatest gift It's a different story than any other It's even uniue A magical fantasy An incredible combination of a young girl and her struggles and being in a spectacular place the Great Andean mountains Come Fly ePUB í The lives of the people in the village their interacting with one another and with the great amazing friendship between the girl and the mighty Andean condor Talon and having the most amazing adventures and near misses one after the other together Matica a small child who had a hard time finding acceptance with the Indians from her village fly's with Talon and has scores of adventures and near Fly with Me PDF/EPUB å misses But will it stop her from having the greatest fun No it will not Besides of being accepted now by the locals a love develops between Amos a local boy and herself as she overcomes her handicap and shows bravery and courageThis is a coming of age story where Matica is learning patience forgiveness and trust.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 187 pages
  • Come Fly with Me Talon #1
  • Gigi Sedlmayer
  • English
  • 25 October 2015

About the Author: Gigi Sedlmayer

Gisela Gigi Sedlmayer was born on with Me PDF/EPUB Á May in Potsdam a suburb of Berlin in GermanyHer family escaped to the West just before the infamous wall went up They moved around in Germany following where her dad got work That meant she had to change times schools In the end she never had friends again of fear she will lose them again Finally they settled in Come Fly ePUB í Munich where Gigi studied arch.

10 thoughts on “Come Fly with Me Talon #1

  1. Judi Hale Judi Hale says:

    Your heart immediately goes out to Matica Here she is a smart pretty little nine year old girl The keyword is little She is half the size of her five year old brother Not being able to grow like normal children is her handicap It causes the Indians in the village where her father is a teachermissionary to fear her and they shun herin her loneliness she befriends a pair of condors Condors are extremely ugly with a long skinny and bald neck attached to a cumbersome body and they feed on dead things But Matica sees them as beautiful strong graceful and kind They bond right away and Matica communicates with them and they understand what she says and she understands themAs the friendship develops the condors entrust her to care for their egg which Matica and her father helped them rescue from poachers the same poachers who had stolen their egg the year beforeShe nurtures the egg for several months keeping it warm and dry As the time nears for it to hatch she is hoping it will be on her tenth birthdayWhen the young one finally arrives Matica names him Talon The parents make freuent visits to help with their new son but they leave him with Matica to raise And what a full time job it is Messy at times but funThe Indians are warming up to her now and want to hear her stories about the condorsTalon grows rapidly and everyday is an adventure But he has a problem; he can't get airborne It looks like he will be a walking bird rather than a flying bird You will just have to read the book to find out what happens to him and the exciting events that take place and to find out if Maticas' dream will come true Highly recommend this book I'm off to read the second book now I 've got to know what happens next

  2. Stacy Stacy says:

    This is the story about a missionary family from Australia teaching the Indians in the mountains of Peru and in particular their daughter Matica Matica is 9 and was born with a growth disorder which makes her much smaller than she should be for her age She uestions her purpose here being so much smaller than everyone and the Indians make her existence no easier by teasing her because of it and having no friends She then befriends two condors Tamo and Tia and manages to save their lone egg from poachers Matica incubates the egg and hatches it raising the chick which she names Talon with the help of its parents The Indians come to be in awe of her for this In the end her small stature enables her to do what no one else would be able to doI enjoyed this book and think that it would be especially encouraging for children living with a disability uestioning their place in the world I would like to read the rest of the series and see where further adventures take MaticaI received this book in exchange for an honest review from the author thank you

  3. Vicki Vicki says:

    This book is so fun and really makes you appreciate the life of the condor The family of condors have accepted one small girl as their friend and this records that journey The story will delight children as well as adults I loved the intelligence of Tamo in particular The story takes place in a village in the Andes and the scenes and the activities of the family village and birds will charm you and entertain you

  4. Victoria Siczak Victoria Siczak says:

    Talon Come fly with me is a fascinating and adventurous tale of love hope and the enduring human spirit Nine year old Matica is very small in stature and unaccepted by Native Indians in a small village in Peru In search of friendship she forms a kindred bondage with a family of condors and endeavors to protect their one egg from poachers as she becomes part of their intricate family Through this relationship the villagers who teased and shunned her come to respect and revere her unwavering spiritA wonderfully written and inspirational tale of love friendship and acceptance for every creature upon the earth no matter their appearance or nature Highly recommended for all ages I was as enthralled as my grandchildren while reading to them

  5. Nancy Nancy says:

    This is an excellent book and I would highly recommend it to any one who wants an excellent read I look forward to reading of this author's work

  6. Paul Day Paul Day says:

    Well where to start I had picked this book up and put it down again many times unable to finish it mainly because I kept getting interrupted or to my shame I found I had other things to do I had promised the author a review but wanted to do it justice as this book demands it So I picked it up again having read through uickly once and this time took my time absorbing each chapter of this remarkable story and allowing it to soak into my soul And what a journey this wasThis is in many ways a story about a young girl too small for her age and too different to be like everyone else But it is also a story about courage and inner strength and about one girl’s love for life and the animals around herHigh up in the Peruvian mountains and hills on a vast plateau Matica forms a bond with two Condors Tamo and Tima She observes them from a distance at first as she and her brother Aikon search for the carcasses of small dead animals to feed these majestic birds with But it is in a special place Matica calls Ramah that she gets close enough to the birds to finally be able to make contact She eventually gains their trust and learns that she has the ability to understand their body language; even what they are thinkingTo her family Matica is a girl desperate for friendship and to the villagers she is an oddity someone to be feared and even shunned But to these two birds Matica is their only close contact with humans that is except for the poachers who are desperate to steal the eggs from the endangered Condors When the poachers almost succeed Matica with her father Crayn’s help finds herself in a desperate race against time to protect the birds and their unborn young So begins a tremendous story of courage love family and a beautiful friendship culminating in some uite extraordinary scenes in the bookThere are moments in this book where I thought it a myth brought to life by beautifully crafted narrative full of believable dialogue But there are other moments I thought this story was an environmental book as well a cautionary tale perhaps aimed at reminding us all of the fragility of our eco systems and the horrible way some people treat our animals on this planet In this respect Matica is not only a courageous hero but an environmental warrior who is willing to risk it all to protect the creatures she has come to love even referring to as familyThe book culminates in some extraordinary scenes one of which near the end of the book I guarantee will leave the reader breathless This is by no means just a story for children or young adults but a story for adults who also love adventure just as much With its short punchy chapters and its uniue dialogue driven narrative style this book is easy to read and understand It is such a uniue story I cannot even begin to compare it to anything else It is not just a adventure nor is it merely a story that everyone will love It is than that It is an important book that teaches us respect for our wildlife and especially those endangered by our own stupidityThis is also a coming of age and has some real life lessons to teach us about our own limitations and that we should never let those limitations dictate our path through life rather embrace them and put those apparently negative aspects to positive useMatica’s story invites the reader to see the world as she does through the eyes of a little girl with a big heart and great challenges she must overcome But when she does overcome she takes everyone her family her village and the reader along for this joyous and addictive rideI bought a copy of this book on my Kindle AppPaul G Day is author of The Black Fairy The Dragonfly Children of Mars Star Child The Cosmic Birth and Kipp The KidPlease visit his home page at

  7. Eishinas Eishinas says:

    Flight of Love'Talon Come Fly with Me' by writer Gigi Sedlmayer is simply an awesome tale about a girl Matica who lives in Peru with her missionary parents Mira mother and Crayn father and loving four year old brother Aikon amongst the Indian tribeLife is tough for Matica since she suffers from a medical problem that prevents her body from growing to its normal size this results in non acceptance from Indians of Matica into their tribe They consider Matica to be under influence of some evil spirit and do not allow their children to be friends with MaticaMaticas loneliness makes her turn to nature for help and she makes friends with two majestic birds 'Condors' Tima and Tamo She strives to save these huge endangered species and their eggs from poachersAuthor Gigi Sedlmayer has done a wonderful job by catching each and every detail of nature landscape and scenic beauty in every chapter of her book This novel is full of information about Condors their size habitat and eating habit and much for those who don't know anything or very little about such majestic endangered species of vultureI could feel each and every emotion faced by writers characters their conversation and behaviour was so natural that the novel kept me engaged for hours together at a stretch I am sure this book will be inspirational for all youngsters who will get a lot to learn from Matica her challenges and her strong character and also this novel will be very informative for adults who will get abundance of knowledge about CondorsI highly recommend this wonderful book to all age groups as it is a perfect balance of emotions nature knowledge and relationships A must read

  8. Uvi Poznansky Uvi Poznansky says:

    This story opens directly into a dialog between Matica and her brother just as if you happened to pass by them and catch the sound of their voice and a glimpse of her crawling on the ground to search for a worm to feed Tamo Despite her predicament—a nine year old girl trapped in the body of a two year old toddler—the way she looks is endearing “Her long wavy sandy blond hair fell over her face so she brushed it behind her ears” and to anyone who experienced isolation the way she feels is moving I wish I could have a friend like Emilio Oh well at least I have Tamo but he’s a bird not a human”In this children’s book the author Gigi Sedimayer gives us language that is rich and the sound of it is fascinating “The hens fluffed ruffled and puffed up their feathers then ran away loudly clucking and flapping their wings” Her deep knowledge about the life of condors enriches the story and is imparted with a light touch “Two months later Talon was now ten months old and fully grown though he still had his brownish geey coat of feathers” The connection between the growing condor Talon and little Matica is an intimate one “Matical lay on him wondering what to do next Should I slide down? Is Talon OK now? Is he calm?”Talon Come Fly With Me is about taking flight overcoming your predicament and forming bonds that free you—“To grow—or not to grow as it is with me”Five stars

  9. Sandra Novello Sandra Novello says:

    A beautiful story about friendshipsThis is a story about a girl called Matica who has moved with her family from Australia to a remote village called Pucara in Peru Matica finds it difficult to make friends as she looks different to the children in the village and also because of her short stature Feeling lonely she discovers a wonderful place in the forest where a couple of Condor birds live The she learns about the Condors the she wants to become their friends She brings them food and shows them not to be afraid of her Slowly as the male Condor Tamo gains confidence and flies down and befriends her Over time she understands him and is able to communicate to both of them and saves their egg from poachers To protect the egg from being poached again she cares for it until it is hatched in her bedroom and raises the hatchling with the help of the condor parents Tamo and Tima She names the young condor Talon and develops a beautiful lasting relationship with all three and the people from the village who learn about the birds they have always feared In turn the village people see her in a new light as a very special person and their friend A beautiful story about friendships between people and natureA great story for all ages I was given an e copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

  10. Dan Fletcher Dan Fletcher says:

    The magical world of MaticaThis is an inspirational story beautifully told of hope compassion and acceptance Matica’s relationships with her family and alienation by the local villagers are portrayed with a deep understanding of the human condition The description of wildlife scenery and Peruvian culture are excellent and show the author’s empathy with both the country and peopleOn top of being an outsider in a closed community Matica suffers from a growth deficiency that causes the other kids to single her out for ridicule The ostracized Matica befriends a male condor Tamo and slowly earns his trust Impoverished poachers are after the highly prized condor eggs and Matica makes it her duty to protect them Her bond with the condors finally earns the villagers respect and acceptance when Matica defends them from the poachers Matica lovingly looks after the condor egg and then nurtures the hatchling naming it Talon I don’t want to spoil the story for younger readers but that’s when the real magic happens and Matica realizes that she is specialPassed TALON COME FLY WITH ME on to my 12yr old daughter to read; I know she will love the story and the important message it delivers of wildlife conservation If only people were as caring and compassionate as the wonderful Matica

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