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Amari [Download] ➸ Amari Author Steven Atwood – Amari Prokop murdered her first victim at age eightShe acuired her own starship at twenty fourShe started smuggling people from Earth to the freedom on Europa for a price but found that blackmail and Amari Prokop murdered her first victim at age eightShe acuired her own starship at twenty fourShe started smuggling people from Earth to the freedom on Europa for a price but found that blackmail and murder paid much better All that wealth should have made her happy But it didn't nothing could fill that void she felt She had to get out and start overNow on her last job all she has to do was kidnap Cloee Thompson from a government transport ship and hold her until Amari's employer was ready to take her The promise of a pardon from the United Nations was too good to pass up It was the only way to leave that life behindColin Ross was an Interplanetary Space Security Force ISSF agent handpicked by the United Nations to recapture the mysterious terrorist Cloee Thompson and stop Amari dead or alive With his partner Marlie they began the chase across the starsCan Amari escape Colin and the ISSF Will she get her freedom Who will steal Amari's heart Why is Cloee Thompson so important Who is pulling the strings and whyAmari can found in the following Science Fiction Categories Adventure Dystopian Space Opera Young Adult and Romance.

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    A rollickingly good sci fi novel with great characters and a fast smooth flowing storyline There is never a dull moment and the unexpected turns keep the story fresh I enjoyed Steven’s writing his character development is particularly strong and the settings are vividly created leading to a total immersion within the world Space pirates – what’s not to love Excellent read

  2. Lara Lara says:

    This looked like a really interesting sci fi adventure It turned out to be like a B movie sci fi adventure instead Amari is a pirate who is looking to get out of the field But her last job is different from the rest and she ends up getting involved in a much broader set of eventsMy main problems with the book started early on when the action seemed cartoonish and the characters like caricatures I wondered if I was supposed to laugh although it wasn't really funny It was also interesting that Christians were the only religious group persecuted and they were all good and sweet and not at all very normal In my experience Christians are like everyone else The ones who are least likely to be so violent are some of the Buddhists And where were the other religions of the world that vastly outnumber Christians anyway? Apparently they just disappeared And that leads me to another problem with the book sloppy world building The author gives the story of UN takeover three separate times in the first half of the book Often with almost the same words There wasn't much detail provided either Characters rarely had any thoughts for themselves they just do as they're told There is a lack of depth to the understanding of the situation Building upon that the motivations of characters had simplistic motivations with little or no nuance or depth Some actions didn't make sense If Amari wants out so badly and is so rich then why does she need the money from another job? Why does Amari live such a simple lifestyle when she is richer than just about anyone alive? And why does she care about getting a pardon? Also the identity of Chloee's father was obvious form the time she first mentioned him Overall the cardboard nature of the characters including the obvious allusions to Jesus in Chloee's situation kept me from really caring for any of them they weren't terrible and were sometimes entertaining But they were flat and predictable Well except for Chloee's willingness to kill everyone in sight when she wanted to get away despite her constant begging to not kill anyone she doesn't seem to feel any remorse for her actions I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  3. Katrina Cope Katrina Cope says:

    I really enjoyed this fast paced book full of twisted plots and suspense and a touch of romanceThe characters were well depicted and you felt each ones plight Right from the start I connected with Amari and her struggles finish up in this twisted world of space piracy and start a new uieter life with the love of her lifeA great mix of kidnapping government conspiracy space pirates romance in a science fiction dystopian society An enticing read for Sci FiDystopian enthusiasts

  4. Rebecca Gransden Rebecca Gransden says:

    Amari is a great ride Fun and fast adventure set against the back drop of space and intergalactic conspiracy There is a pulpy feel to modern themes of the distrust of those in authority and a society under constant observation Here is the age old story of heroes and villains painted in stark shades of grey Terrorist or freedom fighter? Does it matter amidst all the swashbuckling? Our main protagonist is Amari a ruthless space pirate To say this woman has issues is an understatement She is a fully drawn and interesting focus for the story and it is our introduction to her at a crossroads in her life which anchors the story She has enough depth to keep the reader's attention as the plot plays out and by the end uite curious as to where the character will go next The only potential misstep from my point of view was the character of Chloe Chloe is of deep religious faith caught up in a world where others control her fate Her connection with Amari has a profound effect on both of them I was concerned that the narrative was going to turn into one of ' faith will set you free' but this was kept to an acceptable level This is just a matter of personal taste of course This is an enjoyable adventure with a classic space setting and characters you don't mind spending time with There are efforts to bring in themes which reflect modern anxieties and to flesh out what could easily have been the over familiar The action is clearly described and there are some novel ideas Old fashioned but with enough twists to keep the attention SuperfunI received this book through a giveaway from Goodreads First Reads but all opinions are my own

  5. Janice Spina Janice Spina says:

    Amari is a sci fi futuristic thriller that combines a gamut of emotions and some of the seven deadly sins along with plenty of violent killings with modern guns and ammunition that can evaporate flesh Earth is only one of the planets now inhabited by humankind and the ruler is one person who is ruthless greedy deceitful and dangerous to allAmari the protagonist is a pirate who was brought into this life when at age six her parents were killed and she was adopted by the person who murdered them a pirate She learns to be a merciless killer and steals valuable ore from the government and sells it to others to build up her wealth She is enlisted by the government to capture and bring a dangerous criminal named Chloee a computer hacker to justice After Amari meets Chloee she finds herself tormented by what she has done in her past and begins to doubt herself When she learns that she is being hunted by the same government that hired her she decides to use her skills toward doing good for othersThis was an action packed fast paced thriller that kept my interest right to the end The only negatives were the many editing issues missing words and inconsistent verb tenses It could use a good editing to polish it up I gave it five stars because it was an enjoyable read It would get three and a half for editing

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    Amari By Steven AtwoodAmari is a science fiction dystopian future space adventure where the UN took over the running of the known universe after the GFC They became power hungry tyrants that basically became thought police They shipped people off to Mars to be “Re educated” in the mines and others who escaped colonised Europa and beyond creating places ripe for piracy and black market trading I think I was hoping for Firefly and was sorely disappointed I also thought I could read around the religious aspects of the book but couldn’t The idea that all the religious people were calm and righteous and all those against religion were cruel callous and fear their own death than anything else really grated on me Mainly because I read science fiction because it reflects the world uite well and I don’t see this as the way the world is Simple being religious does not suddenly make you a perfect person as it seemed to do in this storyThe further you go in the book the grammatical errors there are which slows down the reading process dramatically If religion is the saviour of you world and you like science fiction with that flavour this would be a great book for you but not meI received this book from Library Thing’s Members Giveaways

  7. Deborah Deborah says:

    Very good book I'll need to find the next one to see what happens Great characterization and descriptive ability from the writer Steven Atwood is very skilled at presenting a good read that leaves you wanting Well definitely look for books by this author I like his writing style and attention to detail If you like dystopian mixed with sci fi this is the book that combines them seamlessly Highly recommend

  8. Jacquel Jacquel says:

    received a free copy of this book from StoryCartel in exchange for an honest review I love the mix of dystopia and science fiction and it is a work of fiction worthy to be called a 'classic' some day The heroine isn't afraid to fight for freedom and she will get what she wants even if she has to kill people in order to get it Please read this book

  9. S.S. Buro S.S. Buro says:

    This book grabbed me The characters were well developed and Amari Prokop was amazing I love the author's style of writing it held my attention until 3am a few times The story came to life and I felt as though I were experiencing scenes first hand Well written well told well done

  10. Celesta Thiessen Celesta Thiessen says:

    Liked it a lot A good clean space opera adventure I liked the characters and the story line I'd be open to reading from this author in the future

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