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Peace is an Offering [Epub] ❧ Peace is an Offering By Annette LeBox – A warm comforting poem about finding peace in a community of neighbors Peace is an offeringA muffin or a peachA birthday invitationA trip to the beachJoin this group of neighborhood children as they f A warm comforting poem about finding peace in a community of neighbors Peace is an OfferingA muffin or a peachA birthday invitationA trip to the beachJoin this group of neighborhood children as they find love in everyday things—in sunlight shining through the leaves and Peace is PDF \ cookies shared with friends—and learn that peace is all around if you just look for it With rhyming verse and soft illustrations this book will help families and teachers look for the light moments when tragedy strikes and remind readers of the calm and happiness they find in their own community every day.

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  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    Peace is an offering A muffin or peach A birthday invitation A trip to the beach Peace is gratitude for simple things Light through a leaf a dragonfly's wings A kiss on the cheek raindrops and dew A walk in the park a bowl of hot stew So begins Annette LeBox's poetic picture book meditation on the subject of peace whether that be living a peaceful life personally maintaining peace with friends and acuaintances or finding peace after tragedyPeace Is an Offering is a sweet thoughtful book one which explores the idea of peace from a variety of perspectives I appreciated that multiple ideas of peace as an experience as a practice were addressed and that the idea of peace as something you can build through thoughtfulness and kindness was highlighted throughout There is one scene which clearly references the events of 911 the text speaks of the rubble of a fallen tower while the artwork depicts a mother and two children sitting on a park bench looking at the Brooklyn Bridge which I found very moving The artwork by Stephanie Graegin is colorful and appealing depicting a diverse range of children and adults all interacting in a peaceful way Recommended to anyone looking for children's stories that address the theme of peace how to live peacefully and how to pursue a sense of peace within oneself

  2. paula paula says:

    Peace is holding on to anotherPeace is the words you say to a brother'Will you stay with me?Will you be my friend?Will you listen to my story till the very end?'Peace is a joining not a pulling apartIt's the courage to bear a wounded heartIt's a safe place to liveIt's the freedom from fearI saw a huge sign outside Mercy High School here in Balti yesterday that said I promise to listen to your story with the hashtag ONEBALTIMORE and I feel like that is the answerHere in Balti most rich and even middle class people have little contact with poor people Suburbanites whine on Facebook about their sports consumption being inconvenienced while young men downtown SCREAM to make their stories heard We've been dealing with media who already have a story that they want to tell and we've seen Baltians correcting them again and again And now that charges have been brought against the police officers charged with protecting the safety of our city I am afraid that and people are going to stop up their ears and refuse to hear the other side of the story I promise to listen to your story it is both the most and the least that we should expect from each other

  3. Melissa Neufer Melissa Neufer says:

    This is an absolute beautiful book It's simple yet very touching Kids and adults alike can read this book and have them make them feel at peace just by reading it It teaches that peace can be as simple and easy as being kind to one another Peace can be found in a darkest of times It certainly got me in the feels Beautiful BEAUTIFUL book

  4. Vikki VanSickle Vikki VanSickle says:

    A beautiful book that uses clean evocative language to evoke various feelings of peace Would sit nicely alongside THE UIET BOOK

  5. Tasha Tasha says:

    This picture book explores the concept of peace It begins with simple examples ones that are found every day like trips to the beach or giving someone a muffin Peace is also mentioned as being gratitude for simple things in life and the book goes on to elaborate those with kisses walks and food The book transitions into uestions about support and peace asking about staying together drying tears and listening to stories It then moves to places you can find peace whether that is with family or even in the wake of a tragedy or a loss It finishes with a few ideas of how children can create peace themselves by doing things like walking away from a fight or comforting a friendLeBox does so much than a list of peaceful ideas here Instead she moves from one stage to the next showing not only what peace is but how it can be created and strengthened Readers will appreciate the focus on small and everyday things that either are peaceful or bring peace Because of that focus children will not only understand peace as a larger concept from this book but feel empowered to create it themselvesGraegin’s pencil watercolor and digital illustrations have children and families from various backgrounds mixed together Readers can follow the boy with the cast on his arm from the very first page through the book While he may not appear on all of the pages he creates a feel of a larger story happening as peace is exploredA strong and interesting look at peace and the way its created this book is both inspiring and peaceful Appropriate for ages 3 5

  6. Carrie Carrie says:

    Disclaimer I was sent a copy of this book by the author for an honest reviewI've always enjoyed Annette's writing and this simple children's book is an example of something everyone should read The message is simple yet holds so much Today's world is chaotic and intense There is knowledge and information pummeling us daily The beauty found in simple pleasures a muffin or a peach is lost in a society that puts value on expensive toys like iPhones and designer clothingAnyone can relate to this poem The language is easy for a child to understand but the message is one for both children and adults And the illustrations were beautiful

  7. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Written in English and Spanish this is a mindful lesson on how simple it is to live peacefully with nature humanity oneself Children of innocence purity being the givers they naturally are If we all were but to practice these easy actions just imagineWritten after and with a bowed head to 911 it gives homage and brings up bullying compassion to loneliness diversity and so much in light lines charming illustrations and love

  8. Linda Linda says:

    Gorgeous illustrations of each poemsentence along with sweet little poems show numerous ways in verse of gathering peace Here are some favorite lines So offer a cookie Walk away from a fight Comfort a friendThrough the long dark night Each page shows a scene with children sometimes with a parent It's a calming book one to read with a big sigh

  9. Kate Hastings Kate Hastings says:

    Grades K 5 What is happiness? This simple picture book looks at the many ways we can help ourselves and others find peace through generosity thankfulness kindness companionship noticing trust laughter and supportThere is a nod to 9 11 2001 and mourning and facing fear and sadness together and how peace helps hope and happiness live Simple and beautiful message

  10. E E says:

    Yet another book I wish everyone could read at least once It's uiet gentle and carries a beautiful message without beating you over the head Illustrations are filled with love and sweet detailsI'll probably buy a copy to own at some point

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