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Who Killed the American Family? [PDF / Epub] ☉ Who Killed the American Family? ❤ Phyllis Schlafly – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk American families are the backbone of this nation The American family is the fundamental institution that provided the Founding Fathers with the emotional support and driving courage to face the tyran American families are the backbone of the American Epub Þ this nation The American family is the fundamental institution that provided the Founding Fathers with the emotional support and driving courage to face the tyrannical government that threatened their very existence The American family used to be the fundamental institution of our stable liberty loving and very successful society It is the essential building block of a free society with limited government In the last hundred years the American family has been attacked debased maligned slandered and vilified by every facet of society No family is safe from the official busybodies At Who Killed Epub / issue is a rebellion against any sort of moral code Who Killed the American Family reveals the concerted assault on the American nuclear family by many forces feminists judges lawmakers psychologists school districts college professors politicians offering incentives and seeking votes and opposed to the traditional American nuclear family each with its own raison d'etre for wanting to abolish it The wreckage of the American family leaves us with the inability to have limited government because government steps in to perform tasks formerly done by the nuclear family Veteran conservative activist and thought leader who lead the charge to Killed the American ePUB ☆ successfully defeat the Eual Rights Amendment in the s Phyllis Schlafly explains how changes in the law in court decisions in the culture in education and in entertainment have eroded the once precious institution Any one of these factors would not have been enough to impact our families but together they added up to a mighty force Schlafly not only exposes the tactical charge the Left has implemented but she offers hope and a plan for stopping anti marriage incentives and how to restore in our culture the sacred nature of the family unit.

  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Who Killed the American Family?
  • Phyllis Schlafly
  • English
  • 15 January 2014
  • 9781938067525

About the Author: Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly was an the American Epub Þ American constitutional lawyer conservative activist and author She was known for her staunch social and political conservatism her opposition to modern feminism and her successful campaign against the ratification of the Eual Rights Amendment in the s.

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  1. Arminius Arminius says:

    Who killed the American Family is an important social book that describes the tragedy that is happening in America today which is the breakdown of the nuclear American family The author Phyllis Schlafly maintains that this is America’s chief problem In her book she blames the combination of feminists the courts the media and the schools for this failure Feminists have diminished the man’s importance in society Their argument that women should pursue careers not motherhood has made many women succeed in business but unhappy when they become too old to have children And odd as it sounds most women look for a man who makes money than they do As women became successful they found it harder to find a man suitable This is why a study of happiness discovered that than half of American women are unhappy In addition and unfortunately though the feminists took up the cause for mothers pressuring the politicians to make laws unfavorable to men in divorce cases What has occurred now is that a judge can make the decision on children that use to be made solely by the parents And what often happens is that a man has to pay for the support of the children and ex wife at the same time he loses rights to his children The media has produced a study flow of men incompetence type shows A romantic comedy generally has an attractive very smart woman with a dim witted boyfriend It can be seen on current shows like “Modern Family” as well She pointed out that “Last Man Standing” has bucked the trend though She also pointed out that there is a simple step that almost guarantees the family will not wind up in poverty In order graduate high school get a job get married and finally have childrenSo what has this caused? Men no longer feel obligated to be the family’s breadwinner and many boys have turned to playing video games that teach them how to be killers sadists and mutilators Ms Shlaffly’s solutions are to abolish the “best interest of the child” standard She believes the law should reuire only parents to provide adeuate care Also to calculate child support on taxable income rather than what a judge thinks a man can earn In addition child support payments should be lowered if a man loses his job hospitalized sent to jail or sent overseas with the military And getting government out of divorces and child custody

  2. Lana Lana says:

    Very informative and thought provoking book on the factors affecting the decline of family life It was very well researched and full of references well written and offered solutions to make families stronger

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