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Suck Me Dry Collectors Edition [Ebook] ➠ Suck Me Dry Collectors Edition Author Dyphia Blount – This is the full book of the Suck Me Dry Flash Fiction Series It contains all four parts in its entirety Synopis Tiffany has been with her loving fiancee Amari since she was fifteen years old He was h This is the full book Dry Collectors PDF/EPUB Ä of the Suck Me Dry Flash Fiction Series It contains all four parts in its entirety Synopis Tiffany has been with her loving fiancee Amari since she was fifteen years old He was her first and Suck Me Kindle - will be her last if she doesn't have some type of fun before they get married next year The college life has done nothing but torment her of everything she's missing sexually because Amari is an old fashion lover When he leaves Me Dry Collectors MOBI ñ for a weekend business trip Tiffany decides to let her hair down and fulfill those sexual desiresfantasies Little does Tiffany know her desires will also bring secret crushes to surface and this very well may be the weekend secret to take to her grave.

10 thoughts on “Suck Me Dry Collectors Edition

  1. S S says:

    Not BadThis is a good book had a bit of a twist but all in all it's decent I love the message at the end to aways take care of home because someone's else is always willing to

  2. Cleveland Chambers Cleveland Chambers says:

    Pretty Decent ReadThis book is a pretty decent read The sex scenes are okay A little unrealistic at times but still entertaining

  3. Stephanie Wiley Stephanie Wiley says:

    OH MYI believe this is the most enjoyable erotic story I ever read I have always shied away from this genre because I did not think there was actually a story line but after reading this novel I was proven wrong oh so wrongThis story had so many twists and turns and just when I thought it was going to go one way the author took the story in the other direction My girl did her thing and I wait patiently to find out what happens after the sex session with the would be married couple and her best friend along with his brotherBe still my heart

  4. Anna Johnson Anna Johnson says:

    All I can say is where has this author been hiding? I love a good readsome good sex scenes is a bonus I think Tiffany and Amari should have went to counseling together if they couldn't come to a conclusion At least talk it out firstthat's the best way to communicate I would have gone ballistic if I walked in on my mate engaging in a threesomeespecially with my sibling but Amari joined in Can't wait to read of your work

  5. Nikki Nikki says:

    Dyphia Blount I Love your books I am a huge fan of Your work Of anyone has not read anything by this Author Your missing outI will not go into details and gove the book away Just know that it will keep you wanting A must read and add to the book clubs must read list Nicki WilliamsSOUTH SIDE DIVA

  6. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    WowThis was a good read Very sexy Charles was a beastmade me want him If you are looking for something adventurous and sexy to read this is the book for you I would recommend this book

  7. Angela Angela says:

    Title fits the storyThe story line is on point to reality The ending is very surprisingly but WHAT AN ENDING Now I'm looking to purchase the recommended book

  8. Sephora West Sephora West says:

    Suck Me DryGreat read had me wanting Can't wait to read of your work Will definitely recommend this to my friends

  9. Sassha Reads❤️❤️ Sassha Reads❤️❤️ says:

    WoooooooooooooooooWI don't understand how people try to deny their sexual desires in their relationships and expect them to work Amari disregarded Tiffany's sexual desires until a sex therapist opens him up to a new way of thinking

  10. roxan barber roxan barber says:

    Super interesting This short story kept me interested the entire read Very true ending We are human creatures living in the same world don't pass judgement for it may be you that's being judged

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