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Proud Shoes ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Proud Shoes Author Pauli Murray – First published in 1956 Proud Shoes is the remarkable true story of slavery survival and miscegenation in the South from the pre Civil War era through the Reconstruction Written by Pauli Murray the le First published in Proud Shoes is the remarkable true story of slavery survival and miscegenation in the South from the pre Civil War era through the Reconstruction Written by Pauli Murray the legendary civil rights activist and one of the founders of NOW Proud Shoes chronicles the lives of Murray's maternal grandparents From the birth of her grandmother Cornelia Smith daughter of a slave whose beauty incited the master's sons to near murder to the story of her grandfather Robert Fitzgerald whose free black father married a white woman in Proud Shoes offers a revealing glimpse of our nation's history.

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  1. Karen Karen says:

    Dr Pauli Murray was my father's first cousin so it was amazing to learn much of my family's history through her writing Although I never knew her she was an amazing woman and I'm so proud of the shoes she wore

  2. Emma Deplores Censorship Emma Deplores Censorship says:

    Pauli Murray mural in her hometown of Durham North CarolinaThis book is a hidden gem the biography of a mixed race family around the time of the Civil War It was published well before its time – in 1956 there wasn’t much interest in African American family sagas – but it is well written and fascinating in part because this isn’t a commonly told story Murray was a fascinating character in her own right – a prominent civil rights and women’s rights activist a lawyer and finally a priest genderueer long before people knew what that was – but here she focuses on her family history which is fascinating in its own right The book is chiefly about her maternal grandfather who grew up free in the North joined one of the first black regiments to fight in the Civil War despite the fact that he was already going blind from an injury and went south after the war to educate freed slaves in the face of white opposition Murray’s grandmother’s story is uite different she grew up a slave though she didn’t feel like one being the daughter of a son of the house and mostly treated as such Murray’s mother’s family would likely be seen as white today though by the conventions of the time they were black no matter what they looked like All this is mixed in with Murray’s memories of being raised by her grandparents in the early 20th centuryOverall I really enjoyed this biographyhistorymemoir and found it to be absorbing reading though somewhat slow going It is a good story and provides a little known perspective on a well known time in American history; unlike many books which approach the time period through fiction this one is based on family stories and documents and on historical research and is complex and authentic for it I am definitely interested in reading about Murray and her family

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I am so glad to have read Proud Shoes Pauli Murray came from a fascinating family Their story sheds light on so many aspects of race in American history pre and post Civil War race relations tensions in boarder states passing for white family life for slaves complex emotions surrounding children born of masters raping slaves and high hopes following the Civil War fading with the advent of Jim Crow laws just to name a few The fact that much of it is set in Durham my home town within a mile or two of where my husband and I bought our first house and across the street from where my grandparents are buried only hightened the fascination for me Even without the local connections our book club agreed Proud Shoes should be reuired reading for Americans it really is that rich powerful and informative I was telling my Dad about it recently and he recalled being on a panel with Pauli Murray a couple of years before her death but he has never read the book He is getting it for Christmas I give it a 4 only because it was a little hard for me to slog through the Civil War military history but that is a function of my knowledge base and interest level not of the book itself I would highly recommend it

  4. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This book is mainly about the lives of the author's maternal grandparents Murray does a wonderful job of weaving together her family's stories with extensive research to corroborate them and of the time period in general It has accounts of her great grandparents in the 1830s and 40s and moves through the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era It gave me a great sense of the time period in the locations described

  5. Chet Makoski Chet Makoski says:

    This remarkable story is largely set in Chapel Hill and Hillsborough where I now live I gained profound insights into black family life as slaves and free persons prior to the civil war during that war and afterwards during reconstruction and into the mid 20th century Pauli Murray was a brilliant writer story teller and a scholarly researcher uncovering her own family history I love this book honor this woman and greatly admire her family for helping forge the America that I am confident this country is destined to become

  6. Thor Thor says:

    This is an absolutely fascinating family history thoroughly researched and presented with great skill The time is a few decades after the Civil War in the early 1900's It's mostly the story of Murray's grandmother who had been a slave and a mistress of the household at the same time and her grandfather a scholar and teacher and Civil War veteran These are persons of very high character and they are on a life long mission to overcome the bizarre racism of those times and even todayTo make things even fun the locale where Pauli grew up with her grandparents is in Durham right next to the Maplewood cemetary My great grandfather had been laid to rest there some time before And by now uite a few relatives have joined him as neighbors to Pauli Murray's childhood homeThis is truly a great book It came out in 1956 at which time nobody paid it much attention Now it is cast as part of the genre of black women overcoming stuff but it's way beyond that

  7. Chalida Chalida says:

    This was a powerful book that gives you a different lens of Civil Rights history and told from the eyes of Pauli Murray recounting her great grandparents' histories Published in 1956 Murray has really interesting stories of race and the very mixed history of her family and many others which was the norm and not divided into these concepts of purely black and white The second half of the book focuses on her grandfather's desperation to prove himself by fighting in the Civil War and it gets very tedious but the first half is super interesting and deepens my understanding of families during this period

  8. Suzy Suzy says:

    Pauli Murray was one of the many unsung heroes of the Civil Rights Movement and this is her memoir

  9. Tracy Triggs matthews Tracy Triggs matthews says:

    Loved this book It's a great history of racism

  10. Kevin Kevin says:

    A memoir of Pauli Murray's grandparents from slavery to Jim Crow Especially powerful reading about her grandfather fighting in the Civil War and then going south to teach former slaves

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