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The Inquisition in Hollywood: Politics in the Film Community, 1930-60 Read The Inquisition In Hollywood Politics In The Film Community, 1930 60 Author Larry Ceplair Horsebackridinggeorgia.us Examines The Suppression Of Radical Political Activity In The Film Industry From The Days Of The Great Depression Through The Tumultuous House Un American Activities Commission Era To The Waning Days Of The Infamous Blacklist This Book Traces The History Of Political Struggle In Hollywood Back To The Formation Of The Screen Writers Guild In 1933.

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    I found that this book bogged down in several places, but that could well be because my interest in it was only tangential I am doing a study of Ayn Rand, and I was interested in what the atmosphere in Hollywood was like in the 30s when she was a screenwriter So to some extent, I wasn t particularly interested in what most probably would consider the meat of the book the trials that started in 1947 and the ensuing blacklist Nevertheless I found myself drawn into the story in a way that I didn t expect The reader should definitely not skip the preface to the 1983 found ...

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    Un saggio po noiosetto e tecnico, oltre al fatto che pur essendo un libro che vuole affrontare la tematica del comunismo a Hollywood la prende un po troppo alla larga partendo dagli anni 30 e dall avvento del sonoro nel cinema americano.

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    This book goes into way too much detail Its chapters are way too long often 40 50 pages and it tries to tell you too much It s a great resource and has a lot of information, but makes for very bad pleasure reading.

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    Lot of facts make it somewhat dry Good overall history and prelude to the red baiting blacklist time in Hollywood of late 40s and early 50s I have owned this over ten years and finally read it