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Jesus on Trial ❴PDF❵ ✅ Jesus on Trial Author David Limbaugh – New York Times BestsellerIn Jesus on Trial David Limbaugh applies his lifetime of legal experience to a uniue new undertaking making a case for the gospels as hard evidence of the life and work of Jes New York Times BestsellerIn Jesus on Trial David Limbaugh applies his lifetime of legal experience to a uniue new undertaking making a case for the gospels as hard Jesus on PDF/EPUB ² evidence of the life and work of Jesus Christ Limbaugh a practicing attorney and former professor of law approaches the canonical gospels with the same level of scrutiny he would apply to any legal document and asks all the necessary uestions about the story of Jesus told through Matthew Mark Luke and John His analysis of the texts becomes profoundly personal as he reflects on his own spiritual and intellectual odyssey from determined skeptic to devout Christian Ultimately Limbaugh concludes that the words Christians have treasured for centuries stand up to his exhaustive enuiry—including his examination of historical and religious evidence beyond the gospels—and thereby affirms Christian faith spirituality and tradition.

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  1. Andy Doyle Andy Doyle says:

    A really great read David Limbaugh writes not as a lawyer but as a person discussing his own personal faith journey Mr Limbaugh was once a non believer He uses that experience to talk to both the faithful reader and the skeptic As Mr Limbaugh points out Christians are charged with sharing the Word Mr Limbaugh discusses some of his own stumbling blocks and provides the evidence that convinced him This book is a good read for both faithful and skeptic alike Evidence for the truth of the Bible and Christ's death and resurrection are included This should be on everyone's reading list

  2. Dkovlak Dkovlak says:

    The author does an excellent job of proving the existence of God and His Plan of Salvation through believing in Jesus Christ Because he is a lawyer he does this very carefully and methodically He leaves no stone unturned Thus the title JESUS ON TRIAL Another great book is THE CASE FOR CHRIST written by Lee Strobel Lee was an investigative reporter setting out to prove God did not exist and Jesus was not our Savior In the process he proved to himself just the opposite Both men considered themselves Atheists before they found the truth of God and His plan of salvation which is available to all who believe

  3. Gary Beauregard Bottomley Gary Beauregard Bottomley says:

    The author starts with the major premise that the bible is the inerrant word of God The bible tells us that in multiple places therefore we know it's true He'll go on to tell the reader we are born with sin and the only way to overcome that is through belief in Jesus Paradoxes within scripture are only because of lack of faith The holy we become the we realize how unholy we were Faith leads to justification and salvation He uotes a lot of scripture to prove his points Prophecy is perfect and the Old Testament prophesied Jesus The ressurection is true and proves the divinity of Christ He'll argue that God has a plan for all of us The story of Joseph and his brothers illustrates how God has a perfect plan for us Moses in the desert demonstrates God's wisdom and shows us why we should rest on the sabbath Obedience is part of God's plan Free will is a gift from God and that proves the truths in the bible Christianity must be true because it's the only religion that uses grace from God to save us from our sin which we are all born with and we must be born again in order to be savedHe uses Kierkaard to defend his point on the value of reason for our faith He probably shouldn't because Kierkegaard would argue faith isn't necessary because it's correct but faith is necessary because it keeps us balanced The author does comment on my favorite book of the bible Ecclesiasties but he says almost certainly it was written by Solomon There is not much to recommend in this book except for those who do believe in the authors major premise He has no doubt in his certainties but makes weak arguments in support of his major premise

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    David Limbaugh begins by explaining that he was not a Christian when he first began exploring the Bible and the claims of Christ and he begins the book by relating his spiritual journey what some of his doubts were etc I really enjoyed reading that part of the book and I felt it helped the reader understand where he is coming from There was one problem I had with Mr Limbaugh's presentation after that however The chapter subjects were not arranged in the order that seemed most logical to this reader's mind He begins with the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and the proof found within and then moves to Archeological proof and other outside sources It seems to me that skeptics who are searching for truth might reject his premise until he has proven the Bible's reliability with other evidence I would have flip flopped much of the book for that reason He does in the long run do an excellent job defending the faith

  5. Michael O& Michael O& says:

    This book is a very readable defense of Christianity and its foundational beliefs More than just a work on apologetics Limbaugh goes through his own journey from unbelief and skepticism to faith in Jesus Christ and in the process addresses the roadblocks he encountered along the way Mr Limbaugh does a great job addressing common arguments of the New Atheist and postmodern movements that have been in vogue lately and exposes their own logical inconsistencies and fallacies He also addresses higher criticism of the Bible and Darwinism and how the Biblical narrative form a rational logical explanation for the cosmos than do the critics from these creeds

  6. Chuck Engelhardt Chuck Engelhardt says:

    I cannot help but compare David Limbaugh’s book with Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ Jesus on Trial receives a lower score not for content but for organization David Limbaugh expresses his desire that this book reach skeptics but his insistence on placing the scriptural arguments at the beginning of the book is counterproductive to that end As a believer I understand the desire to go to the Word of God first and foremost Limbaugh’s testimony indicates that he personally was convinced of the biblical truths by what scripture said than the scientific and statistical proofs That may be so and I rejoice in that; unfortunately Limbaugh spends the first half of the book applying a heavy handed “the bible says this” approach that is likely to put off skeptics who don’t accept that the Bible is a reliable source to begin with Eventually Limbaugh does get to proofs that the Bible is a reliable document but my bet is that only the most disciplined readers get that far and he’s lost the most critical segment of his target audience This is where I believe Lee Strobel did a far better job He established first the reliability of the Bible and then used the proof textsThe actual information in Jesus on Trial is generally the same information included in most Christian Apologetic books David Limbaugh has his own style and the reflection of what had the most influence on his journey makes the book uniue so it’s not really “just of the same” There are some places where either there was new material or old material presented in a new way that provided greater understanding for me Although I wasn’t pleased with the organization reading Jesus on Trial was a positive experienceThe one place where David Limbaugh truly excelled was in the conclusion of the book His presentation of the Gospel and his personal testimony were exceptionalMy recommendation; pick up the book and start reading about Chapter 7 or 8 then go back and check out what might specifically interest you in the first half of the book

  7. Brady Brady says:

    I will echo the author's sentiments when he talked about why he wrote the book He basically said that there are so many different types of people out there that maybe his book on apologetics would speak to them whereas other books may not Fair enough But I felt a bit thrown off from the start The title implies that there would be some logical straightforward approach to defending the faith much as a lawyer would use Yet nothing of the sort ever occurred My rating largely stems from the lack of structure and style of this book rather than its content Content wise I found it largely overlaps with Geisler's I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist He also cites extensively from other apologists many whom I've also read As far as content goes I did see a lot of repetition but the sections on prophecy fulfillment and archaeology were expanded than other texts which I enjoyed While I agree with most of the author's content I rated the book overall a bit lower because it is nothing new and does not follow a logical legal framed structure as advertised in the title But for some like the author said it may be their first introduction to apologetics and could end up being life changing

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    A difficult read Not because the content is hard to understand but the way it is organized and the amount of topics covered briefly make it hard to keep reading The author uses a lot of Bible passages throughout but waits until chapters 7 10 to show that the Bible is reliable The reliability of the Bible should have been established first to bring some authority to the topics explained by the Bible One chapter felt like a paraphrase of a complete book by someone else This was a good attempt by someone who claims to not be an expert apologist himself but he uotes some great apologists so it is good for the bibliography

  9. Marco G Marco G says:

    Very dense collection of arguments for the truth of the Bible I'd recommend to anyone that has a deep commitment to wanting to understand and get closer to the Bible It is not something I would call light reading although the author has a good writing style that is easy to read I wouldn't call this summer reading but I personally want to read about the Bible and increase my knowledge to enhance my spirituality going forward

  10. Alan Alan says:

    A very thought provoking and compelling look at the proof that Christianity is to be taken seriously His excellent use of scripture and researched fact and archeology shows how the greatest story ever told can be articulated and understood Read this if you will not read the Bible He does not shy away from the controversies or doubters but methodically lays out the case for you to make your own decision Excellent reference

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