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    Science fiction pulp or sweaty nightmare made real A tense and often inexplicable fever dream You be the judge Seeklight is about the son of a so called traitor, his flight across a curiously lifeless colony full of curiously lifeless humans, his slow movement into understanding of his purpose and his powers It has clones fake angels screamingly murderous robots it also has a female character who in any other novel would be a romantic interest, but in this one is just as mindlessly, frustratingly, monomaniacally small minded as every other character It has a low key, downbeat tone and a style that manages to be simultaneously sinuous, hypnotic, and blandly prosaic It has a kind of theme HUMANS ARE FUCKING MISERABLE BUGS They are not worth the effort of saving downward is their natural trajectory.Jeter is not interested in making you happy and he is not interested in letting you understand the nuances of the human condition He wants you to know about entropy, about the inherent piggishness of human nature, about quests that go nowhere, and answers that deliver questions that have no answer He wants you to understand there is actually no hope I hate that message and I didn t particularly like this book But I also really respected it, its choices and its insularity and its bleak and rather pure logic Color me impressed Alienated and saddened, but impressed.This is Jeter s first published novel Appare...

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    I was supposed to be reading a different Jeter book for a group read, but ended up reading this instead I bought a lot of signed Jeter paperbacks on EBay last year, so I have quite a few to read This was excellent for a first novel It definitely kept my interest There was a great twist at the end I wasn t expecting My one complaint is the minor info dump near the end of the book I suspect it was there to shorten the book to keep it within a manageable length for Laser Books I think my favorite part of the book was the creepy mechanical priests who managed the colony Some go mad and you can never know what they might do Definitely a nod to PKD, though I m not sure if Jeter was friends with him this early on My main interest in Jeter s work came out of his friendship with Philip K Dick It s kind of cool his early books came out as paperback originals just like PKD s and Laser is a pretty oddball publisher for his first two I m ...

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    Not as good as this author s later work, but worth reading.Kind of a hero s journey story It felt like he didn t quite know how to end it.I think I might have read this 35 or 40 years ago A fewelements seemed familiar, but for the most part it s as thoughI read it for the first time this week.

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Seeklight Seeklight Kindle Epub Author K.W Jeter Thomashillier.co.uk This Is Jeter S First Published Novel An Early Cyberpunk Work, Seeklight Is The Story Of A Quest For Identity By Daenek, Scion Of An Assassinated Thane, Or Clan Leader The Action Occurs During Some Future Time On An Earth Like Seed Planet, To Which Human Genetic Material, Or Seed, Was Transported While Shepherded And Nurtured By Protective Robots.Cover Art Kelly Freas