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  1. Nikki Malan Nikki Malan says:

    And I love herSerenade Series BK3 by Abby ReynoldsWe are at the last installment of the book about Prudence and Cash And I must admit I am thrilled it is finally over I like this story but found that it dragged on forever Yes there were some awesome moments but I found sometime the sex was just too much – almost like a page filler and the story could have been stronger especially since we have outside influence with regards to Sharon and Gavin However saying that I did enjoy the series but my honest opinion was it could have been wrapped up in two books and the third was a bit of an overkill I think a lot of authors are making the mistake of overstretching the story to create books – don’t do this it just infuriates the reader Having said that I am glad that we Finally got the HEAReviewed for Hot books and Sassy Girls book blog

  2. Kirstie Kirstie says:

    With the existing connection between Prue and Cash they decide that they should get married They agree to renew their original agreement and to continue it long enough to allow Prue to stay in the States While each believe that this agreement is what both want they both keep the truth held tight and close to their hearts thinking the other is not interested in anything Cash's family embrace Prue and are not blind to the very real connection between them both Cash does not deny it but refuses to believe that Prue is doing nothing but act to keep up appearances for her permanencyJumping through legal hoops they both do all they can to ensure all those close to them believe that they are really in love and the prospective marriage is very real The only people that cannot see it is both Prue and CashThings are going to plan until an ex of Cash's is determined to ruin it all so she can her claws back in to him and Prue's band mates refuse to support her and the sham marriage especially after she left them to get a solo careerCan Prue and Cash make it to the wedding day damage free Can the facade continue to play through The real uestion is when will they both admit to each other that they both truly love each otherAn awesome wind up of Prue and Cash's story Lots of ups and downs stress and drama Doors need closing and pasts put to rest Beautifully written story that had me continually rooting for team PrueCash all the wayMs Reynolds my dear you have won my heart

  3. Pam Pam says:

    And I Love Her is by Abby Reynolds It is book 3 in the Serenade series It is set in Hollywood and in London Prudence Clearwater has agreed to marry Cash Matthews in order to stay in the United States Since they had once been an item it would seem natural to the Immigration officials than if she married her agent She has loved Cash since she met him can she pretend to love him and keep him from knowing she really does love him Can she make peace with her band which had gone back to London before being discovered Can she make peace with her parents or does she want to Cash Matthews jumps at the chance to marry Prudence no matter what the circumstances He just has to remember to keep his heart under control She can’t know he loves her until or if she loves him back Luckily his job as a producer allows him to be able to take time off to take her to London to face her family and friends Can he stand being close to her and still keep his heart under control What happens if she never loves him Once you start reading this series it is hard not to keep reading them You want to make sure every character is happy in the end Can that really happen

  4. Christina OW Christina OW says:

    Finally We had the beginning in Under My Thumb the middle in Light My Fire and now finaly the end of this turbulent love story in And I Love Her She made up for the lack of sex in Book#2 with this one Can someone say hotIt's amazing how two people could be so out of tune with each other especially when they are havinf sex like all the time How fear could hold someone hostage that they won't risk confessing their love to the other adn yet love is risk This story was charming sweet emotional and full of surprises in the form of an ex wife ex boyfriend and abandoned friends Even Jeremy Pru's brother had a bigger role in this story than the other two I'm looking forward to his story Pru and Cash finally have their happily ever after in this book and I must say I was glad they didn't reeveal their love for each other until their wedding day they were forced to marry so that Pru didn't get deported ending her music career it was the right momentThe Serenade series is a definite read and I would advice to get all 3 books and read them back to back it's like one novel released in 3 parts

  5. Bennita Bennita says:

    So this book picks up right where the last left off Pru and Cash have a fake engagement Once married they will remain that way for a year and then divorce so Pru can stay in the country and live out her dream of being a famous singer Both Pru and Cash love each other but won't admit it because they are afraid of being hurt by each other The majority of the book was claimed by misunderstandings which became frustrating If they would have told one another their feelings for each other the story would have been over by chapter three Now that being said I still fell in love with the characters Their story was still beautiful and I learned so much about them in this installment Pru and Cash discovered each other's strengths and weaknesses and when one fell the other was there to pick them I did feel some of their conflicts involving secondary characters was resolved too easily at the very end but those secondary characters definitely made the story engaging Good story I just wish the main conflict wasn't a misunderstanding I wanted to scream at the Hh then entire book

  6. Ashley Ashley says:

    You have to read Under My Thumb and Light My Fire before reading this novel Pru and Cash both love each other but are scared to tell each other It starts with them both trying to avoid telling each other now they really feel because they are scared to lose the other one Not only are they battling their feelings but there are others who are trying to prevent this marriage Immigration is trying to stop it Cash 's ex wife wants him back and Gavin still wants to be with her Will they get married and stop being so stubbornHer band mates make a couple of appearances as well in this storyWe learn about her family and how horrible they really are towards her We learn about her brother Jeremy and I would love to see a story about himThese 3 novels are wonderful There is sex heartbreak jealousy friendships new and old career change and best of all loveI also wonder if Dean could have a possible future as well

  7. Christina Montminy Christina Montminy says:

    very good book had my stomach in knots uite a few times when I thought things where going to change drastically Prudence Cash are supposed to marry to keep her in the country with the agreement that they will divorce after a yr neither one wants to do that but neither one wants to admit their true feelings either Cash's ex wife comes back into the picture with blackmail on her mind Prudence's friends aren't happy that she has made it without them Gavin is threatening to blow the hole thing out of the water the immigration investigator is following them everywhere even to the engagement party Cash's family throws for them Showing up on their wedding day to arrest them is the final touch Do they make down the aisle do they get their HEA Does Prudence get to keep her singing career she just started Looking forward to reading the 4th installment on Jeremy her brother

  8. Crystal Crystal says:

    This book series was a very ecstatic surprise I normally do not read books with less than 50 reviews but I am glad that I took the chance Under My Thumb book #1 the characters come together Light my Fire book #2 is their time apart from each other each longing to be together And I Love Her book #3 the characters come back together with another interesting nontraditional arrangement We learn about Prudence’s past that leads to her further dependence on Cash We also learn about Cash’s past relationship I would have defiantly preferred books #2 and book #3 to be combined Even though this book continued where book #2 left off I don’t feel that book #2 had enough story line to split as its own story Excellent first series for this Indie Author

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    The third book in the series shows so many emotions from Cash and Pru that it was easy to read this book from start to finish in one setting Although at times I just wanted to scream at both of the lead characters it did make a little bit of sense after knowing both of their histories We even got to learn a little bit about Pru's brother Jeremy I have been in love with this series from the first book and this one is no different Abby Reynolds definitely brings her characters to life and their problems make you feel for both of them I'm excited to read Jeremy's story because he is so much of a mystery

  10. Elaine Easton Elaine Easton says:

    I really loved this series I can see how and why they both would think the other did love them when u think back to their first arrangement and how they both said they didnt want love or anything serious you'll get scared to say how u truly feel but I loved Jeremy he was great and did it at the right time to push cash to speak the truth yes I agree they both should of said it sooner but hey better late then never right lol great book and can't wait for from Abby

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And I Love Her (Serenade Series #3) [EPUB] ✹ And I Love Her (Serenade Series #3) By Abby Reynolds – Now that Cash and Prudence have decided to get married they must push through the obstacles together Everyone must believe they are madly in love but convincing them shouldn't be too hard Still unawar Now that Cash and Prudence have decided to get married they must push through the obstacles together Everyone must believe they are madly in love but convincing them shouldn't be too hard Still unaware of the true affection of the other person And I Epub / Cash and Prudence try to tell each other the truth but they continue to be thwarted by unsuspecting road blocks They venture to London to tell Prudence's family about the marriage and Cash seems first hand what Prudence has endured Instead of pushing Cash away because of her embarrassment and grief she pulls him closer Somehow they fall in love than they ever did But disaster strikes again When Gavin realizes the truth of their scam he refuses to help Instead he makes sinister demandsCash and Prudence stick to their guns and stay together as a team But when Cash's ex comes forward with irrefutable evidence to keep them apart they aren't sure what to do It would be easier to break up and call off the marriage but neither one of them wants to So what do they do.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 196 pages
  • And I Love Her (Serenade Series #3)
  • Abby Reynolds
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  • 06 May 2014

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Unable to sit still or focus on a single task I learned at a young age that I was meant to do something that put my entire mind to use I was always a mimic and did impressions of people in odd And I Epub / places And thats how my stories beganBut being a great storyteller doesnt mean much when you dont have any listeners Ive been very fortunate to have a fan base that supports my work and encourages m.